GH Update Friday 7/30/10

General Hospital Update Friday 7/30/10


Written by Jamila
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis and Sonny are upset that Warren Bauer pulled a gun on their daughter, but hope that now Kristina realizes who the enemy really is and won't be angry with Sonny any longer. Sonny is even willing to go back to the therapist in order to be the best father he can be and not disappoint Kristina again.

Lucky finds Jane Morgan dead inside a hospital room. He rushes and fills Nikolas and Elizabeth in on the new developments. Back at Jasonís penthouse, Dante reveals that Franco isnít dead and while Jason and Dante rehash what happened in LA, Sam gets a call from Kristina, who after talking with Michael about their relationship with Sonny, needs someone to talk to.

Johnny visits Ethan in the hospital and he tells him he is a fool for breaking things off with Olivia.

Jax and Carly spend time as a family with Morgan and the new baby. In addition, Jax recaps his experience with Skye in the form of a pirate adventure tale for the children. Carly acts jealous.

Kristina fills in Sam about what happened at the hospital. Sam tells Kristina her grudge against her father reminds her of the grudge Sonny has/had with Mike.

At PCPD, Lucky fills in Dante about Jane Morgan and baby Aiden's disappearance. Dante tells Lucky that Franco isnít dead. They both hash out the possibility that a baby was Francoís target after all. Michael goes to the penthouse hoping to say goodbye to Jason before he is taken back to Pentonville. Once Jason fills him in on Francoís ďun-deathĒ, Michael confesses about the work crew fight that allowed him to be at the hospital during Warren Bauerís shooting spree.

Michael tells Jason he hated being at the hospital but Jason interrupts and confesses that he saw a video of Carter. Seeing the emotional look on Michaelís face, Jason continued to explain that Franco sent Carter after Michael and apologized for being the reason that Carter came after him. Jason tells Michael that he has to move on from what happened in prison and find a way to move past the anger and live his life. Michael asks Jason to help him focus his anger.  

Sonny bumps into Claire at the MetroCourt and Claire repeats her stance that she just wants a baby with Sonny and nothing more. Olivia overhears this and after urging from Claire, shares her thoughts about the subject. She tells Claire all the wrong things Sonny brings to the table and Clair remains firm in her belief of just wanting Sonny's DNA.

Later, Kristina visits Ethan in the hospital and they hang out and play cards.

Alexis meets up with Sam for lunch and discuss Kristinaís grudge with Sonny.

Back at the MetroCourt, Sonny flirts with Claire while Johnny and Olivia talk. 

Lucky gets the details from Dante and Jason over at Jasonís penthouse.

Meanwhile, Franco shows up at his motherís house with Aiden, gives the baby to his mother, and tells her it is her chance to have a better son and confesses that he will never be the son she deserves. She reveals that he was misunderstood as a child and believes that he must be in some kind of trouble again. Franco admits he may have to go away for a while.

Jax and Carly enjoy family time and discus their relationship. Carly asks Jax if he slept with Skye.

Sonny propositions Claire and Johnny interrupts with news of having evidence of Sonny landing illegal shipments and offers to give the evidence to Claire.

Franco tells his mother he got the baby through a legal adoption and hands her some paperwork. Francoís mother is suspicious but confirms that she left Woodstock discreetly. Franco tells her the baby is hers if she wants it.

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