GH Update Wednesday 7/28/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/28/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Robin is walking through the hospital lobby, coffee cup in hand. Robin hands the cup to Patrick. Robin comments that Aiden hasn’t been located. Robin is grateful that Mac pulled through. Patrick mentions that Matt gets all the credit. Robin and Patrick agree that Mac is a hero for stopping Warren Bauer. Robin suggests meeting for breakfast later. Robin kisses Patrick. Robin walks away. Lisa shows up unannounced. Lisa starts drinking from Patrick’s coffee cup. Patrick offers to give Lisa some change to buy coffee in the vending machine. Lisa tries to flirt with Patrick but he’s not interested. Patrick reiterates that their one-night-stand was a mistake. Lisa bats her eyelashes at Patrick. Patrick gets paged so he leaves the nurses’ station. Lisa continues to drink Patrick’s coffee.

Elizabeth is sitting in her hospital bed. Nikolas returns to say that Aiden hasn’t been found. Nikolas wishes that Liz would stay in bed. Both wonder why Jason had to kill Franco. Lucky shows up to update them. Lucky thinks that Jane Morgan might have removed Aiden’s ankle monitor. Nikolas suggests offering a reward to speed up the search. Lucky is against the idea. Steven enters the room. Elizabeth begs Steven to help them. Steven reminds Liz that the hospital is being checked. Steven wants to lift the lockdown which infuriates Elizabeth. Steven says that Mercy Hospital is swamped right now. Steven asks for a deadline but Lucky can’t give him one. Steven looks to Liz for a “compromise”. Lucky agrees to allow limited entry for medical personnel. Elizabeth starts bawling. Steven promises that Aiden will be found. Lucky senses that they are missing an important clue.

Jason and Dante return to the penthouse. Sam hugs Jason. Jason announces that Franco is dead. Sam is relieved but knows that Jason will be returning to prison. Dante agrees to let Jason and Sam have a short visit before going to Pentonville. Dante says that he’ll be back at 5:00 to pick up Jason. After Dante leaves, Sam admits that she hates having to say goodbye to Jason. Jason feels the same way. Jason goes over Franco’s art exhibit at the L.A. museum. Sam listens as Jason recounts the creepy set-up. Sam is glad that Franco is dead. However, Sam and Jason wonder why Franco jumped off the roof. Sam refuses to talk about Franco anymore. Sam wants to savor her last hours with Jason. Spinelli runs down the stairs. Spinelli is surprised to see Jason. Spinelli has a solution to Jason’s problem. Spinelli explains that he can disable Jason’s ankle monitor, allowing him to go on the run. Sam is happy. Sam figures that disabling the monitor can cause a diversion for her and Jason to leave Port Charles. Sam hugs Spinelli. They go over the arrangements, like passports and money. Spinelli has everything covered. Spinelli admits that he’ll miss Jason and Sam. Jason is silent. Sam thanks Spinelli for his help. Jason pipes in that he’s not leaving. Sam can’t believe it. Jason doesn’t want to leave his loved ones. Sam wants to talk to Jason in private. Sam argues that Jason made a lot of sacrifices to protect Michael. Sam feels that the best solution is for Jason to go on the run. Jason asks Sam to move on without him. Sam starts to cry. Sam knows that Jason will end up spending more than five years in Pentonville. Sam cries out that she “wants a life” with Jason. Sam tries to persuade Jason to leave town.

Dante returns to the loft. Lulu is in bed. Lulu wakes up from a dream about Dante. Lulu tells Dante that she loves him. They joke back and forth. After making love, Dante asks Lulu why she came to Los Angeles. Lulu mentions that she was “worried” about Dante. Dante doesn’t want Lulu to take chances like that again. Lulu is relieved that Franco’s dead. Ronnie barges in without knocking. Dante wants to know why Ronnie didn’t call beforehand. Ronnie asks Dante why Jason isn’t back in prison. Dante explains that he’ll be picking up Jason at 5:00. Ronnie figures that Dante is protecting Jason so he can flee the country. Dante laughs in response. Ronnie believes that Dante would do anything to defend and protect Sonny. Dante asks Ronnie to leave. After Ronnie departs, Dante suggests breakfast to Lulu. Lulu is worried that Jason will run.

In the hospital conference room, Michael is having a bad dream about Carter. Michael wakes up. Carly is staring at him. Carly reassures Michael that everything is okay. Carly inquires about Michael’s nightmare. Michael has a lot of bad memories. Carly apologizes for Michael’s stint in Pentonville. Michael admits that the hospital lockdown reminds him of being in prison. Michael says that he will obey the judge’s rules because he doesn’t want to go back to Pentonville. Carly admits that she spent some time in a psych hospital. Carly says that she eventually got over it. Michael says that he acts like a “whiny kid”. Before Carly can respond, Kristina enters the room. Kristina announces that Ethan is having tests done. Carly leaves so the two can be alone. Michael thinks that Kristina needs some sleep. Kristina confides that she can’t because of her horrible nightmares. Michael tells Kristina that she can call him anytime to talk. Kristina appreciates the nice gesture. Carly returns. Kristina goes to check on Ethan. Carly mentions her call home to check on Morgan and Josslyn. Someone from the hotel calls Carly. Carly wishes that Jax would check his messages. Carly refuses to move on from her marriage.

At Kelly’s, Brook Lynn and Mike are talking about cinnamon buns. Mike mentions that the recipe is borrowed from Brook Lynn’s family. Brook Lynn says that her grandparents are in Lake George right now. Johnny walks in and approaches the counter. Johnny says hi to Brook Lynn. Johnny asks Mike for some pancakes but he refuses to serve him. Mike brings up the situation with Johnny and Kristina. Johnny walks out. Brook Lynn follows Johnny outside. Brook Lynn thanks Johnny for the boat ride. Brook Lynn offers to share some of her food. They sit down at a table. Brook Lynn asks why Johnny loathes Sonny. Johnny recounts when Kate Howard got shot at her wedding to Sonny. Johnny says that Sonny blamed him for the shooting so he put him in a padded cell. Johnny says that Claudia wanted revenge so a hit was put out on Sonny but Michael was shot instead. Brook Lynn realizes why Johnny has a vendetta against Sonny. Brook Lynn is puzzled as to why Claudia married Sonny. Johnny compares his father to Sonny. Johnny wants to make sure that Sonny pays for what he did to Claudia. Johnny wonders why Brook Lynn hasn’t left. Brook Lynn says that she won’t try to change Johnny’s thoughts toward Sonny. Dante walks by. Dante wonders why Brook Lynn is eating with Johnny. Dante figures that Johnny is through with Olivia. Dante comments that Brook Lynn is “off-limits”. Johnny asks why Dante is so bothered.

At the nurses’ station, Steven addresses the hospital staff. Steven commends their great efforts. People wonder why the hospital lockdown hasn’t been lifted. In private, Robin tells Patrick that she’s concerned about Nikolas and Elizabeth. Robin says that Emma is doing fine. Robin brings up the new song Emma learned. Patrick admits that the “happy puppy song” was something he and Emma made up when Robin was in Africa. Robin feels “blessed”. Robin tells Patrick that she loves him and vice versa. After kissing, a nurse walks up to Patrick and says he needs to check on a patient. Nearby, Steven asks Lucky if the chances are good that Aiden will be found alive. Lucky and Steven wonder what instructions Franco left for his accomplice. Lucky goes to check on a lead. Lucky finds Aiden’s ankle bracelet in the nursery. Lucky has a hunch that Jane Morgan left before the lockdown.

Nikolas finds Elizabeth climbing out of bed. Nikolas wants Liz to stay in her room. Steven returns. Elizabeth is angry that the nursery wasn’t safe. Elizabeth blames Steven for Aiden’s kidnapping.

Patrick enters the hospital room to check on the patient. Lisa is hiding under some covers, wearing only a bra and panties. Patrick demands that Lisa put on her clothes. Lisa wants to have sex with Patrick. Lisa promises to be “discreet”. Patrick refuses to have sex. Lisa slaps Patrick in response. Lisa warns that Patrick can’t trash their relationship.

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