GH Update Tuesday 7/27/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/27/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In Barcelona, Jax is getting ready for his meeting with Fernanda, Lorenzo Alcazar’s accountant. Jax and Skye agree that he’ll cause a diversion while she accesses Alcazar’s accounts. Jax knows that Carly wouldn’t like him helping Skye. Skye thanks Jax for his help. Jax puts on his jacket. Skye confides that she bought a designer purse identical to Fernanda’s. There is a knock on the door. It’s Fernanda. Skye and Jax stage a spat in front of Fernanda who rolls her eyes. Before she leaves, Skye switches purses. Fernanda thinks that Skye is jealous. Fernanda admits to Jax that she did research on him. Fernanda brings up Jax’s money laundering charge from years ago. Jax says that he was helping his brother Jerry at the time. Fernanda wants to check her purse but Jax suggests having some champagne. Jax proposes a toast. Both agree that Spain is beautiful. Fernanda stares seductively at Jax. She wants to finish their business meeting. Jax wants to get a drink at a bar. Fernanda quickly agrees to the offer. She leaves her purse in the room. When they return, Fernanda comments that Jax is a great dancer. Fernanda makes innuendos about what to do next. Jax turns on some music.

Skye is in Fernanda’s office, with the lights off. Skye types in Alcazar’s account number. Skye uses “Sophie” as Lorenzo’s password. After access has been confirmed, the office door opens. A security guard starts speaking in Spanish. Skye asks the man if he speaks English. The guard accuses Skye of breaking in. Skye starts sobbing about her daughter. Skye says that Lorenzo would have wanted Lila Rae to be provided for. Skye asks the guard to help her. Skye shows him a picture of Lila Rae. The guard says that Skye’s daughter is beautiful. Skye begs the guard to stay quiet. The guard warns that Skye better be gone before he returns. Skye finishes up on the computer after the man leaves.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Lisa that they are not in a relationship. Lisa points out her “history” with Patrick. Patrick reminds Lisa that they are just friends. Lisa brings up Patrick’s jealousy concerning her relationship with Steven. Lisa reminds Patrick that he wanted to have sex. Robin intervenes. Robin figures that Lisa and Patrick are talking about sex. Robin tells Patrick that she is through with Lisa’s games. Robin is tired of being reminded about Patrick’s former cheating ways. Lisa glares at Patrick. Patrick tries to speak but Robin asks him to stay quiet. Robin makes it clear that Lisa’s game is over. Robin says that she liked Lisa in the beginning but over time, she’s become an “obvious cliché”. Robin defends Patrick. Robin asserts that Patrick would never cheat on her. Lisa is irritated. Lisa jokes that Patrick is a lucky man to be married to Robin. Lisa storms out of the lobby. Robin tells Patrick that Lisa is nuts.

In the hospital supply closet, Maxie kisses Matt. Matt pulls away. Maxie doesn’t want to talk. Maxie and Matt share a kiss. Afterwards, Maxie paces the hospital floor. Michael asks Maxie if she’s alright. Maxie is tense about something. Maxie rambles on about sleeping with the wrong guys. Michael cringes at the topic of conversation. Maxie divulges that she slept with Franco. Michael recalls when Carter tried choking him. Michael yells at Maxie to stop talking. Michael apologizes to Maxie. Maxie knows that Michael is rattled because of the hospital shootings. Maxie apologizes for rambling on about her sex life. Michael mentions that Mac saved his life when he shot Warren. Maxie blurts out that she slept with Matt. Maxie doesn’t regret it but wonders if she did the right thing. Maxie asks Michael if it’s wrong to sleep with someone out of “gratitude”. Michael thinks that Maxie needs to stop analyzing everything. Maxie thanks Michael for listening. Maxie plans on visiting Mac.

Claire shows up at Sonny’s office. Claire walks in on Sonny consoling Alexis. Claire apologizes for intruding. Alexis admits that she’s upset about Kristina. Sonny asks Claire to stay. Sonny and Alexis update Claire on Warren’s rampage at the hospital, where he shot Mac and Ethan. Claire admits that Warren left a lot of urgent voicemail messages at her work. Claire wonders why she didn’t notice that Warren was so unstable. Sonny doesn’t want to dwell on it. Claire asks Alexis if she’s okay. Alexis blurts out that she’s used to this. Alexis thinks it is ironic that Kristina’s life was in danger for something she did, not Sonny. Sonny can’t believe that Alexis is defending him. Claire brings up Sonny’s dangerous lifestyle. Alexis senses tension brewing so she quickly leaves the office. Sonny checks his phone for messages.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Nikolas wait for word regarding Aiden. Elizabeth is worried that too much time has gone by. Nikolas thinks that Jane Morgan took Aiden. Steven walks up to them. Steven says he talked to the neonatal personnel, and they confirmed that Jane was at the hospital. Steven informs Liz and Nik that Warren Bauer shot Mac and Ethan. Steven says that both men are alive. Nikolas asks Elizabeth if she needs anything. Elizabeth is beyond scared. Liz senses that Aiden won’t be located in time. Nikolas stresses that they need to remain positive. Elizabeth brings up Shirley and her sudden death. Steven returns to say that there were no red flags found in Jane Morgan’s file. Nevertheless, Liz believes that Jane is working with Franco. Since the ankle monitor hasn’t went off, Nikolas figures the baby is still at GH. Elizabeth wonders if Aiden is dead.

Ethan wakes up in his hospital bed. Maya is by his side. Maya still blames herself for freezing after Ethan got shot. Ethan wishes that Maya would stop beating herself up over this. Carly, Kristina, and Michael enter the room. Kristina inquires about Ethan’s health. Ethan says he has a sore throat but is otherwise okay. Carly comments that Ethan is being positive about this. Kristina apologizes for Warren’s rampage. Ethan jokes that Kristina and Maya both blame themselves for his shooting. Carly points out that the person responsible is Warren Bauer. Carly suggests returning to the conference room until the lockdown is over. Kristina wants to stay by Ethan’s side. Maya leaves the room to go back to work. Alone, Kristina tells Ethan that she’s glad that he is alive. Ethan smiles at Kristina.

Liz returns to her hospital room. Nikolas promises to update her about Aiden. Elizabeth senses that Shirley’s spirit is still in the hospital. Elizabeth starts crying. Elizabeth wonders if she’s being “punished” for wanting Lucky to be the father. Elizabeth falls asleep. Nikolas tells Liz that he loves her.

Maxie visits Mac in his hospital room. It is very quiet until Mac wakes up. Maxie reassures Mac that he’ll be okay, thanks to Matt. Matt walks in. Mac falls asleep. Maxie tells Matt that she owes him.

Near the nurses’ station, Robin tells Patrick that she’s sorry about confronting Lisa. Patrick doesn’t blame Robin for defending herself. Robin wishes that Lisa would stay out of their business. Robin and Patrick kiss. Lisa lurks nearby.

In Barcelona, Jax and Fernanda are talking. Jax looks at his watch. Fernanda brings up Carly. Jax admits that Carly cheated on him. Fernanda doesn’t understand why Jax is flirting with her if he has a mistress (Skye). Fernanda implies that she and Jax should sleep together. Skye walks in. Skye wants Fernanda to leave immediately. Skye sets the purse on the chair. Jax doesn’t want to fight with Skye. Jax asks Fernanda to leave. Fernanda is disappointed. After Fernanda leaves, Skye tells Jax that she was able to transfer the money into her account. Skye kisses Jax.

From the hospital conference room, Carly leaves a voicemail message for Jax. Michael notices that Carly is bummed. Carly confides that she misses Jax. Carly says that Jax kept her “balanced”. Michael suggests that Carly and Jax get back together. Carly thinks that her problems with Jax won’t go away. Michael brings up Jax’s hatred of Sonny. Michael suggests that Carly has two options: divorce Jax or win him back.

In the office, Claire informs Sonny that she needs something from him. Sonny assumes that Claire wants to sleep with him. Claire announces her plans to have a baby. Sonny laughs at the idea. Claire’s plan is for Sonny to be the “sperm donor”. Claire says that Sonny would be good father material if he wasn’t in the mob. Sonny wants to sleep with Claire but refuses to have any more children. Sonny gives a present to Claire. Claire isn’t interested in the electronic gadget. Since Sonny won’t agree to the deal, Claire storms out. Sonny yells that Claire will be back.

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