GH Update Monday 7/26/10

General Hospital Update Monday 7/26/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

“Mad Mad World” plays in the background as Francophrenia begins. A man addresses the crowd. Jason is following Franco up a flight of stairs. Dante and Lulu wonder what happened to Jason. Someone points up at the roof. Franco yells to Jason . His exact words are “don’t kill me … I know where the baby is”. Franco falls from the roof. Everyone screams. Dante and Lulu find a man lying on the ground surrounded by a pool of blood. Dante looks up at the roof where Jason is standing. Dante and Lulu stare accusingly at Jason. The crowd begins to clap since they assume it is just performance art. Jason walks up to Dante. Dante can’t believe that Jason killed Franco. Jason says that he never touched Franco. Dante blurts out that Elizabeth’s baby is missing from the hospital. A cameraman zooms in on Jason. Jason covers the camera lens with his hand. Afterwards, Jason is handcuffed by the police. Dante wants to transfer Jason to New York. The cops wants Jason booked in Los Angeles. Dante demands to have Jason sent back to Pentonville. Dante takes off his jacket. Dante threatens to call the FBI. The cops agree to uncuff Jason. Dante signs a release form. After the cops vacate, Dante turns around to see Jason aiming a gun at him.

From the hospital, Elizabeth, Nikolas, and Lucky are watching Franco’s fall from the rooftop. Lucky thinks that it could be fake. Nikolas doesn’t want Liz to panic. Lucky hopes that Aiden is still at the hospital. They agree that Franco must have an accomplice. Elizabeth logs into a hospital computer. Nikolas thanks Lucky for helping. Nikolas knows that Lucky feels awkward about the baby situation. Elizabeth searches the hospital database, looking for something out of the ordinary. Lucky thinks that the name Jane Morgan is suspicious.

Sonny is in his office making a business call to Bernie. Diane walks in. Diane brings up Sonny’s strange e-mails regarding Michael’s community service. Sonny says that Michael needs to help out at the hospital. Sonny informs Diane that Michael got hurt on the job. Diane asks if Michael’s okay. Sonny brings up Michael’s fight with one of the road work crew, as well as burning his hand on the equipment. Sonny wonders if he should stay out of it. Max comes through the door holding some shopping bags. Diane asks Sonny if she can peek in the bag. Diane notices that Sonny has purchased a laptop. Diane figures it is for Kristina. Sonny stays quiet. Diane realizes that Sonny bought it for Claire. Diane reminds Sonny that Claire wants him in prison. Diane says that Claire’s reputation will be dependent on Franco’s capture. Sonny feels that Jason would never kill Dante. Diane says that Dante sent Michael to Pentonville. Sonny thinks that Diane is crazy. Sonny asks Diane if she wants to bump up her attorney fees. Diane warns Sonny that getting involved with Claire is not a good idea. After Diane and Max leave, Sonny gets a phone call from Carly. Carly relays what happened with Warren Bauer. Sonny can’t believe that Warren is dead. Sonny asks to speak to Kristina. Michael ends up talking to Sonny because Kristina is upset. Sonny compliments Michael for keeping an eye on Kristina. Sonny plans on heading over to the hospital but Michael tells him about the lockdown. After the phone call, Kristina recounts what happened to Carly. Kristina says that Warren Bauer would have hit her if Michael hadn’t intervened. Kristina says that Michael saved her life. Kristina blames herself for Warren’s actions. Michael says that Warren is to blame. Kristina wonders how Michael can remain calm at a time like this. Michael admits that he’s more composed since spending time in prison. Kristina knows that Alexis will freak out. Carly says that Sonny and Alexis are “grateful” that Kristina is alive.

Mac‘s surgery begins. Matt thanks Patrick for assisting him with the operation. Matt’s goal is to locate the two bullets. After finding the first bullet, Matt comments that the second is near Mac’s spine. Matt hopes that Mac doesn’t end up paralyzed. Patrick reassures Matt that the surgery will be a success.

Robin and Maxie patiently wait in the hospital lobby. Maxie senses that something is wrong. Robin doesn’t want to overanalyze the situation. Robin confesses that she became a doctor because of Mac. Maxie is surprised since she assumed Stone was the reason. Robin admits that Mac didn’t want her dating Stone. Maxie is thankful that Mac believes in her. Both agree that Mac needs to pull through. Maxie tells Robin that they need to be positive. Robin comments that the hospital is too quiet. Maxie dwells on the what-ifs. Maxie wishes that Robin would check in on Mac. Robin doesn’t want to interrupt the operation. Lisa walks by and tells Robin about Ethan’s successful surgery. Lisa inquires about Mac. Lisa offers to scrub in on the operation but Maxie tells her no. Maxie warns Lisa to stay away from Patrick. Lisa walks away. Robin asks Maxie if something happened while she was gone. Maxie says that Lisa has her eye on Patrick. Robin admits that she and Lisa had a chat over Patrick. Maxie knows that Lisa has made a lot of innuendos about her and Patrick. Robin believes that Patrick would never cheat. Maxie brings up the point that Mac got Robin to marry Patrick. Matt and Patrick walk into the lobby. Matt announces that he found the two bullets. Patrick says that the surgery was a success, thanks to Matt. Robin hugs Patrick. Maxie smiles at Matt. Maxie pulls Matt into the supply closet. Maxie thanks Matt for saving Mac, then kisses him.

Maya is sitting by Ethan’s bedside. Steven tells Maya that the bullet hit Ethan’s carotid artery. Steven is amazed that Ethan survived. Steven wishes that Maya wasn’t so hard on herself. Steven asks Maya to keep an eye on Ethan’s vitals. Ethan wakes up after Steven leaves. Maya apologizes to Ethan. Ethan wonders why Maya is sorry. Ethan takes off his oxygen mask. Maya asks Ethan how many fingers she’s holding up. Ethan makes a joke of it. Maya asks Ethan if he remembers what happened. Ethan recalls hearing Kristina’s screams and Warren having a gun. Maya mentions that both Ethan and Mac got shot. Maya says that Ethan almost died. Ethan wants to celebrate somehow. Maya blurts out that this is her fault. Maya explains that she froze when Ethan got shot. Ethan realizes that the same thing happened with Maya and her ex. Maya says that Steven needed Olivia’s help. Ethan doesn’t want Maya to blame herself.

In the hospital lobby, Steven runs into Olivia. Olivia inquires about Ethan’s condition. Steven thanks Olivia for her help with Ethan. Steven hands a bottled water to Olivia. Olivia knows that Steven’s freaking out since he’s Elizabeth’s brother. Steven worries that he didn’t lock down the hospital soon enough. Olivia praises Steven on his decision making. Steven reminds Olivia that she was awesome today. Olivia suggests that Steven buy her a drink sometime. Steven agrees to the offer.

On the pier, Max is giving Diane a foot massage. Claire walks by. Diane assumes that she’s on her way to meet Sonny. Diane rambles on about Sonny’s history with women. Diane warns Claire that Sonny will lavish her with all sorts of gifts. Claire thinks that Diane should be a romance novelist. Diane says that Sonny’s charms are irresistible. Diane speaks of her fondness for Max. Diane reminds Claire to use birth control.

Alexis shows up at Sonny’s office. Sonny relays the bad news. Alexis is worried about Kristina’s safety. Sonny goes over what happened at the hospital – the lockdown involving Aiden Cassadine, as well as Warren’s rampage. Sonny says that Michael saved Kristina’s life. Alexis takes deep breaths before mumbling out that she almost got Kristina killed. Alexis blames herself. Alexis starts to cry about Mac. Sonny insists that Warren is to blame. Alexis regrets not moving Molly and Kristina out of Port Charles. Alexis feels that she failed as a parent. Alexis sobs. Sonny hugs Alexis just as Claire walks in.

At the hospital, Lucky makes some calls. Lucky tells Nik and Liz that Jane Morgan is new to Port Charles. Lucky says that there are no leads. They figure that this new hospital employee is Franco’s accomplice. Lucky suggests paging Jane Morgan. Jane doesn’t answer the page. Elizabeth is freaking out. Lucky points out that Aiden’s ankle monitor hasn’t went off. Elizabeth senses that Jane was able to get Aiden out of the hospital.

Robin checks in on Mac, who is hooked up to a ventilator. Robin hopes that her uncle never scares her again like this. Robin says that she and Maxie “need” Mac. Robin kisses Mac’s hand.

At the nurses’ station, Patrick tells a nurse that he’ll check in on Mac later. Lisa walks by. Lisa talks about Ethan’s surgery. Lisa informs Patrick that she and Robin talked about him. Lisa wants to come clean about her “relationship” with Patrick. Patrick thinks that Lisa is crazy.

Jason tells Dante that he is to blame for sending Michael to Pentonville. Dante begs Jason not to shoot. Jason is outraged that Michael was in prison. Jason hopes that what happened to Michael won’t ruin his life. Jason wonders why he shouldn’t shoot Dante. Dante says that Jason has two options: go to prison or go on the run. Jason wants Dante to pay. Dante knows that Michael will suffer if Jason shoots him. Dante urges Jason to stop this vicious cycle. Dante reminds Jason that shooting him will not help Michael.

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