GH Update Wednesday 7/21/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/21/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Jason and Dante walk into a Los Angeles art gallery. They look at a room filled with abstract paintings. Jason notices a miniature model displayed in the middle of the room. Jason and Dante realize that Franco is reenacting different areas of Port Charles. Jason stares at a small Plexiglass box which is part of the model. Will, the gallery owner, walks in the room. Dante inquires about the scale model. Will explains that the artist will be staging exhibits outside. Jason lets slip that Franco is a serial killer. Will insists that Franco isn’t a murderer. Will rambles on about art and how Franco’s pieces focus on “beauty and horror”. Dante realizes that Will only cares about making money. Will says that Franco’s exhibits will mimic the scale model. Jason wants to know where Franco is storing the installations. Will won’t say. Jason introduces himself to Will. Will says that Franco has a message for Jason. Will would love to represent Jason as an artist. Will tells Jason that Franco believes he is the “one true artist”. Dante swears that it would be a mistake if Jason and Franco shared exhibits. Jason asks Will where the installations are being stored.

At the hospital, Michael tells Sonny that he doesn’t want to talk about the fight he had with a road work crew member. Sonny won’t let it go. Michael admits that he was harassed due to the fact that he’s Sonny’s son. Michael has a flashback of being choked by Carter. Michael begs Sonny to leave it alone. Sonny refuses to give up on Michael. Sonny suggests making some calls so Michael doesn’t have to do road work anymore. Michael acknowledges that he likes doing road work and being outside. Michael adds that anything beats being in Pentonville. Sonny walks away and heads toward the elevator. Sonny runs into Kristina who has sprained her ankle. Sonny relays that Michael burnt his hand during his community service. Kristina asks if Michael is okay. Sonny wants to stay behind and wait for Kristina. Kristina insists that she can do this herself. Sonny asks Kristina to call him when her doctor’s visit is over.

Elizabeth and Nikolas pace the nursery because they can’t locate Aiden. Steven walks in. Nikolas asks Steven where Aiden is. Steven checks the computer database but Aiden hasn’t been released. Elizabeth figures that Aiden is still somewhere in the hospital because his monitor didn’t go off. Nikolas demands to speak to the nursing supervisor. Nikolas assumes that Helena took Aiden. Elizabeth refuses to believe the worst. Lucky walks in. Lucky is shocked to find out that Aiden is the one missing. Nikolas is freaking out. Nikolas is confident that Helena’s to blame. Nikolas wants an APB put out on Helena.

Brook Lynn and Johnny sit down at the beach. Brook Lynn comments that Johnny nearly missed hitting a freighter. Johnny laughs in response. Brook Lynn likes that Johnny has a dangerous streak. Brook Lynn and Johnny talk about Port Charles. Brook Lynn reminisces about her childhood in Bensonhurst. Brook Lynn mentions that her parents are out of the country. Johnny cringes when Brook Lynn says that Olivia was like a mom to her. Brook Lynn recalls block parties. Johnny speaks of his years with Claudia. Johnny remembers a time when Claudia stole the family car to go joyriding. Johnny confides that Claudia was the only one who really cared about him. Brook Lynn doesn’t know how to read Johnny. Brook Lynn wonders why Johnny is with Olivia. Johnny insists that he still loves Olivia. Brook Lynn figures that Johnny is really lonely. Brook Lynn leans over and kisses Johnny.

Robin stops Helena in the hospital hallway. Robin senses that Helena is acting strangely.

Carly listens as Lisa and Patrick talk about their one-night-stand. Carly can’t believe what she’s hearing. Lisa wants to sleep with Patrick again. Patrick makes it clear that they made a “mistake”. Carly is leaving the break room when Robin shows up unannounced. Robin wonders what Carly is doing there. Robin wonders why Carly didn’t have Patrick paged. Lisa and Patrick walk out of the locker room. Patrick stares at Carly and Robin. Robin asks if something’s wrong. Lisa pipes in that she and Patrick were arguing about Shirley’s surgery. Patrick has no clue why Carly is present. Carly insists that she needs Patrick’s professional opinion about something. Patrick and Carly leave the room. Robin asks Lisa why she was really fighting with Patrick.

Warren Bauer walks up to Epiphany and demands to have Kristina’s medical records released. Epiphany says that Warren needs a court order. Warren presents the needed documents. However, Epiphany points out that Warren has to speak to the medical board first. Warren is irritated because Epiphany won’t back down. Warren figures that Sonny got to Epiphany. Warren badmouths Kristina. Olivia overhears and rushes into the hospital room. Olivia confronts Warren about his behavior. Olivia states that Kristina is her son’s sister. Warren isn’t impressed. In fact, Warren won’t stop talking about Kristina. Olivia accuses Kiefer of abusing Kristina. Warren blames Kristina for getting Kiefer killed. Warren threatens to sue the hospital for obstruction of justice. After Warren storms out, Olivia and Epiphany speak briefly. Epiphany throws the court order in the trash can.

The hospital is locked down. Lucky makes it clear that no one can leave or enter the building. Lucky advises Liz to go back to her hospital room. Elizabeth refuses to comply. Elizabeth wants to look for Aiden. Lucky says that Liz needs to be cleared as a suspect. Elizabeth is outraged that Lucky would accuse her of kidnapping Aiden. Lucky reassures Liz that it’s only police procedure. Lucky leaves the room. Elizabeth starts packing her suitcase. Elizabeth wants to talk to a nurse. Nikolas thinks it is best for Elizabeth to stay in the room. Elizabeth feels hopeless.

Helena tries to leave the hospital but the door is locked. Helena is annoyed. Helena gets an orderly to open up the doors but Lucky is walking by. Lucky accuses Helena of taking Aiden. Helena looks genuinely confused.

Maxie hurries into a hospital room, not knowing that it’s being occupied by Shirley. Maxie says that she’s looking for Matt. Maxie and Shirley talk about the lockdown. Maxie hopes that the baby is found soon. Shirley wants to chit-chat. Maxie mentions that she works at Crimson. Shirley is excited to talk about her jewelry. Maxie checks her phone messages. Maxie speaks fondly of Kate. Maxie admits that Shirley’s jewelry is “awful”. Maxie rambles on about her disastrous love life. Maxie is surprised that Shirley is intently listening. Shirley advises Maxie to find out what she really wants. Shirley falls asleep but quickly wakes up. Shirley apologizes for napping. Shirley recounts her dream to Maxie. Shirley says that she had a dream about waiting for a train’s arrival. Shirley adds that it was “trance-like”. Shirley senses that she is going to be dying soon. Maxie talks about working for Kate. Maxie tells Shirley that her dream could have symbolized something else. Shirley asks Maxie for a favor. Shirley wants to see Elizabeth. Maxie is reluctant to go against the rules. Finally, Maxie agrees to help. Maxie leaves the room to get some assistance.

In a hospital room, Warren is making a phone call. Kristina enters the room. Warren closes the door. Warren demands to have Kristina sign the medical release papers. Warren brings up receiving Kiefer’s freshman orientation papers in the mail. Warren says that he doesn’t blame Kristina for Alexis running Kiefer down. Warren thinks that Kristina lied about Kiefer’s involvement in the abuse. Kristina stands up to Warren. Kristina says that Kiefer was beaten by Warren. Warren figures that the real abuser was Ethan. Kristina won’t back down. Kristina realizes that Warren made Kiefer convince her to keep quiet about him. Warren starts to cry. Warren points a finger at Kristina. Warren warns that Kristina will pay.

In the hospital lobby, Michael and Olivia sit down next to each other. Olivia inquires about Michael’s community service. Michael is thankful that Dante got him released. Olivia offers to get some coffee for Michael but he’s not interested. Olivia is antsy. Olivia inquires about Michael’s future plans. Michael doesn’t want to go back to school. Olivia speaks of being fifteen and pregnant. Olivia knows that Michael’s future is bright. Olivia gets a text from work so she leaves the lobby.

Sonny and Alexis run into each other on the docks. Sonny informs Alexis that he visited with Kristina at the hospital. Alexis is relieved that they are all getting along now. Sonny confides that Kiefer was a troubled young man. Alexis thanks Sonny for supporting Kristina. Alexis worries that Kristina doesn’t have many friends right now. Sonny suggests sending Kristina to a boarding school in New Hampshire. Alexis advises against it; she wants Kristina to stay at Madison Prep. Alexis knows that Kristina still plans on going to Yale. Alexis regrets keeping Sonny out of Kristina’s life. Sonny talks about Michael’s fight during his community service project. Alexis advises Sonny to stay out of it. Alexis knows that Michael needs to find his own way. Alexis congratulates Sonny for standing up to Warren Bauer.

At the hospital, Patrick and Carly talk about the missing baby. Carly relays about Michael’s fights in Pentonville and during his community service work. Patrick doesn’t hesitate to suggest running a complete work-up. Carly criticizes Robin. Carly brings up Patrick’s fight with Lisa. Carly knows where Patrick is coming from. Carly thinks that Patrick is coming across as paranoid. Carly says that she heard everything that Lisa and Patrick said. Patrick has no clue how to proceed.

Lisa is sitting in the breakroom. Robin confides that Helena was in a hurry to leave the hospital. Robin talks about Liz and her baby. Lisa wonders how long Robin and Elizabeth have been friends. Lisa brings up Robin’s post-partum depression. Robin admits that she and Patrick went through a rough patch in their marriage during that time. Lisa admits that she and Patrick weren’t arguing over the surgery. Lisa is irritated that she and Patrick are completely different people now. Robin and Lisa concur that Patrick still has an inflated ego. Lisa implies that Patrick was not himself when Robin was in Africa.

Lucky escorts Helena to Elizabeth’s hospital room. Nikolas wants to know where Aiden is. Helena has no idea what happened. Helena makes a comment that Aiden isn’t the Cassadine heir. Elizabeth and Nikolas are puzzled. Helena talks about her disappointment concerning Aiden’s name. Helena points out that Spencer is the actual heir. Nikolas thinks that Helena is avoiding the issue. Helena warns that the real kidnapper probably got away.

Michael is sitting in the hospital lobby when he hears Warren’s voice carrying from another room. Warren is screaming at Kristina. Warren is about to slap Kristina when Michael enters the room.

Jason and Dante find where Franco is storing his installation pieces. A crib with the word “CO77X” is tagged on the side. Jason comments that Franco is putting his “life on display”.

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