GH Update Tuesday 7/20/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/20/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth wakes up just as Nikolas and Aiden enter the hospital room. Liz jokes that Nikolas doesn’t like the name Aiden. Nikolas hands the baby to Elizabeth. Nikolas says that the nurses adore Aiden. Both agree that their son is truly amazing. Helena walks in. Helena announces that the baby looks just like Stavros, Nikolas’ father. In fact, Helena would love for the baby to be called Stavros. Nikolas informs Helena that Aiden is the baby’s name. Helena is offended especially since Aiden’s middle name is in honor of Alexis. Liz pipes in that Aiden’s nickname will be Buzz. Nikolas asks Helena to leave. Helena rambles on about Elizabeth wanting Lucky to be the father. Elizabeth admits that she felt that way but things have changed. Elizabeth insists that Helena can’t come between her and Nik. Helena badmouths Elizabeth. Helena thinks that Liz only cares about money. Nikolas orders Helena to leave. Helena makes some threats before storming out of the room. In the hallway, Helena tells Thor that she is sick over the baby’s name. Helena is having second thoughts about keeping the baby’s true paternity secret.

Johnny knocks on Olivia’s apartment door. Johnny is holding a bakery box. Olivia is irritated to see Johnny. Olivia makes it clear that Johnny can’t come in. Johnny suggests eating breakfast – nothing else. Olivia says that she and Johnny are over. Johnny wishes that they could still be friends. Olivia justifies breaking up with Johnny by bringing up his vendetta against Sonny. Olivia won’t sit back and watch Johnny die. Johnny doesn’t see the harm in having breakfast with Olivia. Johnny caresses Olivia’s face. Finally, Olivia relents and lets Johnny inside. After breakfast, Olivia and Johnny hold hands. They kiss. Johnny wants to go further but Olivia pulls away. Olivia refuses to have sex with Johnny. Johnny points out that neither he and Olivia can move on. Johnny thinks that they are great together. Olivia won’t turn a blind eye to Johnny’s fixation on Sonny. Johnny stands up. Johnny says that he’s willing to work on the relationship if Olivia wants to. Olivia starts sobbing after Johnny leaves.

Claire shows up at Pozzulo’s looking for Sonny. Sonny wonders if Claire hates him. Claire laughs in response. Claire inquires about Michael. Sonny insists that he hasn’t seen his son much. Claire reminds Sonny to stay away from Michael. Claire relays that Dante and Jason are in Los Angeles looking for Franco. Sonny is surprised that Dante is in L.A. Claire wonders if Jason plans on killing Franco. Claire wants Franco captured not killed. Sonny figures that Dante can handle the situation. Sonny flirts with Claire but she isn’t interested. Claire wonders if Sonny wants Jason back because he has no inforcer at the moment. Claire has doubts about Sonny. Sonny tells Claire that she can trust him. Claire knows that Sonny should pay for his actions. Sonny believes that Claire could never hate him. Claire storms out.

Michael is sleeping on Dante’s couch. Michael has a nightmare about Carter. Lulu walks by and notices that Michael is sweating. Lulu sits down and puts a hand on Michael’s shoulder. Michael thinks that Lulu is Carter so he starts choking her. Michael pulls back, realizing what he’s doing. Lulu is coughing. Michael apologizes, claiming that he had a terrible nightmare about prison. Carly walks in. Carly hugs Michael. Carly assumes that with Dante out of town, Michael can stay with her. Lulu maintains that Dante wants Michael at the loft. Lulu says that she made a promise to Dante to look after Michael. Michael doesn’t want Carly and Lulu fighting. Lulu says that the fridge is stocked with food. Michael tells his mom that he’ll keep in touch. Carly brings up Michael’s community service. Michael jokes about doing road work. They hug.

At the nurses’ station, Steven and Robin are talking about a patient. Patrick walks by. When Steven raises his voice, Patrick intervenes on Robin’s behalf. Steven brings up Rachel Barnes, one of Robin’s patients who has HIV. Steven worries that Rachel is receiving “preferential treatment” at the hospital. Robin apologizes and agrees to fix the problem. After Robin walks away, Patrick and Steven start arguing. Steven implies that something is going on between Patrick and Lisa. Patrick tells Steven to mind his own business. Steven advises Patrick to leave his personal life at home. Steven wonders why Patrick is suddenly avoiding Lisa. Steven implies that Patrick cheated on Robin. Patrick stays silent. Steven says that Patrick would be a “fool” to cheat.

Matt and Maxie meet on the docks. Maxie appears upset. Maxie admits that she was wrong about Matt. Matt is surprised that Maxie believes he’s a nice guy. Maxie blurts out that she and Spinelli are over. Maxie wants to keep dating Matt but “for real” this time. Matt is reluctant to answer. Finally, Matt admits that this isn’t going to work. Maxie is shocked. Matt theorizes that he’ll be the rebound guy since Maxie still loves Spinelli. Matt feels that he deserves better. Maxie hopes that there is a future with her and Matt. To Maxie’s dismay, Matt refuses to date her again.

Lulu is summoned to Sonny’s office. Sonny wants an update on Michael since Dante’s out of town. Lulu says that Michael is good, and relays that Carly visited them earlier. Sonny is worried about Michael’s community service. Sonny fears that one of the road work crew will harass Michael. Sonny agrees that Dante has done a lot to help Michael. However, Sonny maintains that Judge Carroll can’t stop him from seeing Michael.

In the MetroCourt lobby, Carly tells Brook Lynn that she needs to get Dante in bed pronto. Carly speaks of her conversation with Michael and Lulu. Carly is irritated with Lulu. Brook Lynn wonders how she can seduce Dante if he’s in Los Angeles. Skye walks up and asks to speak to Carly. Brook Lynn leaves. Skye wants to make sure that she and Carly are okay. Skye insists that she and Jax will be spending a lot of time together. Carly is seething. Carly realizes that Skye is trying to win over Jax. Skye won’t give up on Jax. Carly doesn’t think that Skye is very “classy”. Skye points out that Jax never came first in Carly’s life. Skye says that she and Jax can talk about Josslyn and Lila Rae. Carly warns that she can never be “replaced”.

Elizabeth is holding Aiden when Nik shows up with Jake and Cameron. Nikolas informs Liz that Spencer didn’t come along because he has a cold. The boys are so excited to meet Aiden. Jake smiles at his younger brother. Cameron asks when Grandma Audrey can see Aiden. Elizabeth laughs. Nikolas suggests wheeling Aiden to the nursery. Cameron and Jake follow Nik. Elizabeth watches them leave.

Brook Lynn is sitting on a bench on the docks when Johnny walks by. Johnny comments that he’s going for a ride on his speedboat. Brook Lynn figures that the black one is Johnny’s. Brook Lynn implies that she would make a good passenger. Johnny suggests that Brook Lynn join him. Brook Lynn tells Johnny that she has to get her bathing suit. Johnny confides that he and Olivia are having problems but insists that he still loves her. Brook Lynn says that she isn’t looking for a boyfriend.

Michael shows up at the hospital, holding his hand. Maya asks Michael what happened. Michael admits that he got into a fight with a road crew worker. Michael says that the guy was badmouthing Sonny. Robin appears and asks about Michael’s injury. Michael brings up the fight, and explains how his hand got burnt on the road equipment. Robin wants to contact Michael’s parents. Michael leaves to be checked by a doctor. Carly shows up a little while later. Carly asks Robin about Michael. Robin relays what happened during Michael’s community service work. Carly wants Patrick to run some tests on Michael. Robin thinks that Carly is jumping to conclusions. Carly and Robin argue over what’s best for Michael. Robin wishes that Carly would stop hovering.

Nikolas returns to Liz’s hospital room. Nikolas says that the boys will be staying with Audrey for a few days. Elizabeth tells Nik that she and the baby are being checked out today. Nikolas offers to give Liz and Aiden a ride home. Elizabeth graciously accepts. Elizabeth and Nikolas leave the room and head for the nursery. They look for Aiden but he’s not there. Liz asks a nurse. The nurse checks Aiden’s chart. Nikolas asks if the hospital lost Aiden. Nearby in the hallway, Robin runs into Helena. Robin senses that Helena is in a hurry.

Olivia is walking on the docks when she sees Johnny and Brook Lynn. Olivia hides nearby. Brook Lynn tells Johnny that she has a cooler full of leftovers, sandwiches, and beer. Johnny says that he is a bit of a speed demon. Brook Lynn doesn’t mind. Johnny and Brook Lynn head for the speedboat. Olivia can’t believe what she’s seeing.

At the hospital, Sonny walks up to Steven to talk about Michael. Sonny is hoping that Michael can do his community service at GH. Steven insists that there are no openings for orderlies. Steven wishes that Sonny would stay away from Michael. Steven walks away. Michael is surprised to see Sonny. Sonny inquires about Michael’s hand. Michael blurts out what happened. Sonny asks what the road work crew member said to anger Michael.

In the hospital locker room, Patrick is changing when Lisa shows up. Lisa figures that Patrick is avoiding her due to their one-night-stand. Patrick wishes that Lisa would stay quiet. Patrick swears that he and Lisa can’t sleep together again. Patrick calls what they did a “mistake”. Lisa wants Patrick to chill out. Lisa suggests that she and Patrick have sex again. Unbeknownst to them, Carly has entered the locker room. Carly can hear Patrick and Lisa’s voices. Carly overhears Lisa talk about her one-night-stand with Patrick.

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