GH Update Monday 7/19/10

General Hospital Update Monday 7/19/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth is admitted to the hospital. Elizabeth’s contractions are getting worse. Nikolas advises Liz to slow down her breathing. Elizabeth is thankful that Nikolas is by her side. Unbeknownst to them, Lucky is watching from the hallway. Elizabeth is holding Nikolas’ hand. Kelly instructs Liz to start pushing. Nikolas worries that Elizabeth is in pain. Lucky continues to watch until Maxie shows up. Maxie knows that Lucky would end up coming to the hospital. Lucky and Maxie walk toward the lobby. Maxie tells Lucky that she understands why he’s there. Lucky wishes that Maxie would stay out of his love life. Maxie brings up the concert they attended together. Lucky claims that he has “moved on” from Liz. Lucky says he can’t keep “self-destructing” with Maxie. Maxie leaves on the elevator.

At the country club, Warren confronts Alexis about running down Kiefer. Sonny asks Warren to shut up. Warren rambles on about how horrible Alexis and Kristina are. Kristina insists that she didn’t lie about Kiefer. Warren makes it clear that Kristina will testify at the deposition. Sonny asks Warren to back off. Warren accuses Alexis of murdering Kiefer. Kristina pipes in that it was an accident. Warren figures that Kristina lied about Kiefer being an abuser. Sonny stands up and accuses Warren of “hitting Kiefer first”. Warren denies the allegations. Sonny senses that Warren is lying. Sonny compares Warren to his stepfather Deke. Warren refuses to listen to any more nonsense. Warren deflects the issue back to Kiefer’s death. Sonny wishes that Warren would leave. Sonny implies that an “accident” could happen to Warren. Warren walks away. People in the background are watching from nearby. Sonny asks Kristina if she’s okay. Kristina runs away, with Molly following behind.

At the penthouse, Spinelli makes it known that he doesn’t like Dante. Lulu is irritated that Spinelli won’t give Dante a break. Dante defends himself against Spinelli’s accusations. Spinelli assumes that Dante got Ronnie to send Jason back to prison. Dante says that Franco won’t be found without Jason. Claire shows up. Dante tells Claire that Jason is back in Pentonville. Spinelli says that Ronnie sent Jason back to prison. Claire is outraged to hear that Jason was found in possession of a gun. Claire blames Dante for this mess. Dante points out that Jason needs to be armed since they are dealing with a psycho. Dante asks Claire to get Jason released as soon as possible.

Jason stares at a black-and-white photograph that was left in his prison cell. It is a picture of a wind-up monkey toy. Jason asks to speak to the warden. The prison guard advises Jason to keep quiet. The guard maintains that the warden isn’t at the prison. Jason demands to speak to someone since he has info concerning Franco. The guard isn’t impressed. The guard won’t allow Jason to call anyone. Jason is sitting in his cell when Claire shows up. Claire is furious that Jason was found with a gun. Jason insists that he has to protect himself against Franco. Jason shows the photo to Claire. Jason believes that Franco is headed for L.A. Jason figures that Spinelli can help them. Claire wonders why she should have Jason released. Claire would love if Sonny was in prison too. Jason wants justice for all of Franco’s victims. Jason knows that Franco will be a no-show if he’s stuck in Pentonville. Claire comments that it would be convenient for Jason if Dante ends up dead by Franco. Claire asks why Jason didn’t go on the run. Jason has his sights set on capturing Franco. Claire likes Jason’s answer so she asks the guard to release him.

Franco watches the video from one of his confrontations with Jason. On the video, Jason asks Franco to tell him where Sam and Lulu are. Franco is watching intently. Franco smiles when Jason calls him an “animal”. Franco laughs during the part when the camera focuses on Jason choking him.

In the MetroCourt lobby, Jax and Carly talk about their boat ride with the boys and Josslyn. Jax is happy to see Carly smiling again. Carly wonders when their lives can get back to normal. Jax suggests going on the rooftop to check out the sunset. Carly brings up Michael and Morgan, but Jax says that they are busy cleaning the boat. Jax offers to bring along chocolate-covered strawberries. Carly agrees to the suggestion. However, Skye shows up unannounced. Skye insists that she needs Jax’s help. Carly makes a snide remark about Skye’s dependence on men. Skye ignores Carly. Skye claims that she can’t access Alcazar’s accounts. Jax tells Skye that he has plans with Carly. Carly says that Jax should help Skye. Carly leaves the lobby. Skye apologizes for intruding.

Dante and Lulu return to the loft. Dante plans on going after Franco. Lulu doesn’t like the idea of Dante going to Los Angeles without Jason. Dante assumes that Jason will have a hard time getting released in time. Lulu fears that Dante is now the bait. Lulu urges Dante to take some back-up along. Lulu warns Dante that he could be stepping into a trap. Dante is thankful that Lulu is so supportive. Dante brings up when he was trying to woo Lulu. They kiss.

Sam returns to the penthouse. Sam can’t believe that Jason is back in prison. Spinelli blames Dante. Sam is reluctant to believe that Dante would alert Ronnie to the fact that Jason was armed. Spinelli points out that Dante is a cop. Spinelli doesn’t want Ronnie to get credit for finding Franco. Sam agrees that Dante is responsible for sending Michael to prison. However, Sam senses that Spinelli is bitter toward Dante. Spinelli implies that Lulu will find out soon that Dante is no good. Before Sam can inquire any further, Jason and Claire walk in. Spinelli thanks Claire for getting Jason released. Jason says that Franco wants them to find a plaza in L.A. Lulu and Dante return. Dante tells Jason that they need to get to the airport.

In the hospital room, Kelly advises Elizabeth to keep pushing. Nikolas is very calm. Suddenly, the baby’s head can be seen. Kelly says that the baby is a boy. Elizabeth and Nikolas are happy. Elizabeth holds the baby in her arms. Nikolas has an arm around Liz and the baby. Elizabeth brings up that their baby doesn’t have a name. Nikolas is touched that Elizabeth is asking him for feedback. Elizabeth apologizes for keeping her distance during the pregnancy. Nikolas and Liz admit that the boys would love it if the baby’s name was Buzz Lightyear. All jokes aside, Nikolas and Elizabeth agree on a name – Aiden. Nikolas holds Aiden. Nikolas introduces himself to the baby. Nikolas promises to keep Aiden safe. Elizabeth is fighting back tears. Shirley is wheeled into the room. Shirley thinks that Aiden is adorable and calls him a future “heartbreaker”. Shirley has a present for Aiden, a little bracelet in blue. Nikolas stares at Elizabeth. Shirley hands Aiden back to Liz. Shirley speaks to Aiden. Kelly walks in. Kelly suggests bringing Aiden to the nursery but Nik wants the baby to stay with them for the night. Kelly asks Liz to read off the number on her wrist tag. The last two digits are 66.

Jax runs into Carly on the docks. Jax wants to know why Carly changed her mind about watching the sunset. Carly admits that their lives are so different now. Carly says that she had a blast during the boat ride. Carly recalls looking over at Michael during the boat ride and seeing his ankle monitor. Carly knows that their “perfect little world” no longer exists. Jax figures that Carly still blames him for his part in Michael’s conviction. Carly tells Jax that she forgives him but has no clue how to move on. Carly blames herself too for Michael. Carly misses the family moments. Carly and Jax agree that they both need time. Carly walks away. Jax hangs out at the pier for a while. Skye shows up, inquiring about Jax’s talk with Carly. Jax is relieved that Carly forgives him. Jax agrees to help Skye with her dilemma. Skye mentions a man in Barcelona. Jax says that he and Skye can fly to Spain anytime.

Maxie is eating ice cream at home and looking through a fashion magazine. There is a knock on the door. It’s Lucky. Maxie tells Lucky to go away. Lucky asks for Maxie to open the door. Maxie answers the door but has nothing to say to Lucky. Lucky apologizes for his earlier comments at the hospital. Maxie says that Lucky is sending her mixed signals. Maxie notices that Lucky has a bag in his hand. Maxie asks Lucky to leave the bag before he goes. Lucky admits that he went to the hospital to check in on Liz. Lucky is glad that the baby isn’t his but a part of him wishes it was. Lucky apologizes again for his earlier behavior. Maxie grabs the bag and opens it up. Maxie is happy that Lucky got her sugar cookies from one of her favorite bakeries. Lucky and Maxie share a laugh. Lucky insists that he and Maxie are better off as friends.

At the country club, Alexis is on the phone with Diane. Alexis informs Sonny that Warren got the court date moved up. Alexis knows that Kristina will have to testify. Sonny wants to do everything in his power to protect Kristina. Alexis asks Sonny to back off. Kristina returns to the table. Alexis inquires about Molly. Kristina says that Molly is in the gift shop. Alexis leaves to check on Molly. Sonny asks Kristina how she is doing. Kristina wants to know if Sonny feels sorry for Kiefer. Sonny calls Warren a sick individual. Sonny admits that he might have gotten Kiefer help if he was still alive. Kristina thanks Sonny for being honest. Kristina makes it clear that Kiefer wasn’t an “awful person”. Sonny insists that he isn’t, either.

Franco continues to stare at the video. A man is sitting next to Franco. The man says that the video is a jumbled mess but Franco insists that it will get the message across.

Dante and Jason are sitting on the plane. Dante hopes that they can find Franco in Los Angeles. Jason doesn’t regret going to prison for Michael. Jason and Dante wonder about Franco’s next move.

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