GH Update Friday 7/16/10

General Hospital Update Friday 7/16/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

In the lobby of the Metro Court, Claire apologizes to Sonny for watching his private moment. She says it must have been hard for him to watch Jax with Sonnyís kids in Sonnyís role without asserting himself. Sonny asks her what he was supposed to do; he wasnít going to make a scene and prove that he is the time bomb that everyone thinks he is. She tells him he could change that perception.

Maxie arrives at the police station and announces to Lucky that she is there as she sits on his desk. He says he didnít think she would come because she sounded busy. She tells him that he doesnít call her often so she figured she shouldnít blow him off. He says it is a little awkward and she concludes that he got in trouble for the kiss the other day. He says he didnít get in trouble but it was a little unorthodox for her to show up and kiss him like that. He says it certainly broke the ice. She didnít know they had ice. He tells her she isnít making this easy. She giggles, apologizes, and asks him what they are talking about. He asks her if sheís like to go to a concert in the park with him. She chants to herself, ďbe a good person, be a good personĒ and then reveals to Lucky that Elizabeth is in labor. Lucky observes that it is early and asks if everything is ok. Maxie says that according to Robin is fine. To Maxieís surprise, Lucky asks again if she wants to go to the concert in the park.

Robin is putting an ID bracelet on Elizabethís arm and not having an easy time with it. Elizabeth says only nurses know the trick to putting those things on as she takes it from Robin and proceeds to put it on herself. The ID number on the bracelet ends with -66.

At Jasonís penthouse, Dante observes that Franco keeps throwing the number 66 at them, first the 66 roses that he sent Maxie, then the mansion on Country Road 66, and then the song ďRoute 66Ē that the stranger sang at Jakeís. Jason asks Dante if he knows anything about the song. Dante says it is about a guy that takes a road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles and gets his kicks in towns along the way. He observes that the first crime scene photo that Franco sent them was of a murder in Chicago. Jason says it is obscure enough to be the kind of clue that would appeal to Franco. Spinelli brings up the lyrics to the song in an online search and tells the others that the second city in the song is St. Louis, Mo. Dante says that was the second crime scene location.

At Crimson, Franco tells Lulu that he hopes she is flattered because it took a lot of effort to come through the air ducts to come and say hi to her. He asks her how she is doing and then tells her she doesnít have to answer because her face reveals it all. He tells her that love agrees with her but that he is a little disappointed in her choice of boyfriends. He says Dante knows a serial killer is on the loose yet he provides this kind of security. He asks her where Jason is and says he is beginning to feel a little ignored. He leans in close to her and asks her who he will have to kill to get some attention.

In Elizabethís hospital room, Robin says Elizabeth seems calm and notes that is her third labor. Elizabeth says she might have the baby and go right back to work. Robin says Steve would have a heart attack. Elizabeth says Steve has been hilarious and that he has been more nervous that the babyís father. Robin observes that Elizabeth and Nikolas seem to be getting along. Elizabeth concurs that things are much better between them but says she doesnít think they will ever be romantic again. She says she hopes the two of them can maintain a good relationship. Robin says it was heartbreaking to watch Liz & Nikís friendship fall apart when they were expecting a baby. Elizabeth says she thinks she can Nikolas can get their friendship as long as he doesnít ask for more than she can give and she doesnít blame him for her mistakes. Nikolas and Dr. Lee come into the room. Robin hands Elizabethís chart to Dr. Lee and wishes Elizabeth and Nikolas luck. Nikolas says he is just the coach. Robin says he is the dad too and assures him that the nerves will go away the first time he holds his child. Dr. Lee asks Elizabeth how the contractions are and Elizabeth tells her they are strong enough to pay attention but not enough for her to want to kill. She says she doesnít want the epidural yet. Dr Lee says she doesnít want Elizabeth to have the baby to night so she is wants to try to stop the labor

Patrick is reviewing a chart outside the triage area of the hospital. Lisa comes up behind him and asks him if he doesnít check his messages. He says he does and asks if he missed something. She tells him that he never returned his call about the consult that she requested. Patrick says her message said that Steve wanted to handle it so he assumed he did. Lisa says time brings about change. Patrick wonders what she means. She tells him that he would have insisted on taking that consult a week ago, proclaiming that he was the best and only choice but now he canít bother to call her back. She tells him that he is ducking him because they had sex and asks him if he has been in high school long. He tells her to keep it down. She says she has been pretty noble about the whole thing; she hasnít blabbed to his wife or made demands on him or his time. She tells him he should be kissing her ass because if she were a different kind of woman, he would have a big mess to clean up. Robin walks toward them and says she knows what they are talking about.

Sonny sits down on the chairs in the Metro Court lobby. He concludes that Clair thinks she has a simple solution to all his problems. She sits down on the chair next to his and tells him he should get out of organized crime and get he target off his back and his familyís backs. She says mobsters wonít have a reason to come after him and law enforcement wonít either. She says he could be a normal guy setting up positive examples for his kids. Sonny sarcastically tells her that he had never thought of that. She tells him one of the rights in this country is free choice. He tells her she doesnít wear naÔvetť well. She concludes that he must be addicted to the rush and the power despite the havoc it creates for his kids. She says she is sure he has noticed how the sins of the father are being visited on his kids and it will get worse unless he changes the way he lives his life. He tells her that as a Federal prosecutor, she can give two weeks notice, turn in her credentials, and leave her job, but it isnít that easy in his line of work. She says that is just an excuse. He asks her how many successfully retired bosses she has seen.

At Jasonís penthouse, he says they have Chicago and St. Louis, and he asks Spinelli what the other cities are. Spinelli reads them off from his computer screen, Joplin, MO, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Gallup NM, Flagstaff and Winona, AZ, Kingman, Barstow, and San Bernardino, CA, and ending in Los Angeles. Jason asks Dante if the third photo is from Joplin, but Dante reports that it is from Flagstaff. Spinelli suggests that Franco is shuffling the order around to amuse himself. Dante says it could be another dead end because they are all major cities where murders occur daily. He asks them how they are supposed to verify which ones are connected to Franco. He says the song could be a trap and Franco could be leading them in the opposite direction of what he is trying to do.

At Crimson, Franco walks away from her desk and sits on the cabinet behind her. He tells Lulu that he has been dropping in on all the people he met the last time he was there to make amends but he wasnít sure about her. He was going to skip her because their meeting was a happy accident when he was looking for Maxie, but since her boyfriend has shown such dedication in his endeavor to pursue and capture him that he thought he owed both of them a visit. He notices that reaches for her cell phone and tells her that it took her long enough. He tells her to press send so Dante can hear her die. He says Dante will rush over there to save her, only to find her lifeless body artfully posed on the floor for dramatic effect, and he will carry that image for the rest of his life. Lulu puts down the phone.

In Elizabethís hospital room, Dr Lee says she hopes the medication will stop the contractions and buy them some more time. Nikolas asks is time is an issue. Dr Lee tells him that carrying the child to term is best for the child and the mother. She tells Elizabeth that they will deliver the baby if she dilates another two centimeters. Elizabeth asks if Dr. Lee anticipates any problems. Dr Lee says the prognosis is good but that she is notifying the NICU just in case. When Dr Lee leaves, Elizabeth notes that Nikolas has been quiet and asks him if he is worried. He admits that he is, a little. He says he wants their baby to get the best start in life, which means delaying the birth, but he was excited about holding their baby tonight. Elizabeth says she misjudged him and asks him if he can ever forgive her.

Near the triage, Lisa asks Robin how she could possibly know what she and Patrick were talking about unless she became a psychic while she was in Africa. Robin says Patrick looked concerned so she thought they were talking about Elizabeth going into labor early. Patrick says she is right and asks how Elizabeth is doing. When Robin starts to give a status report, Lisa interrupts her and says she and Patrick were actually talking about a consult that she thought he might be interested in. she says it is a challenging case that is right up Patrickís alley but instead of leapfrogging over other people to get it, he practically yawned in her face. She says it didnít seem to matter that Matt or Dr. Marucci could take the case. She says that ordinarily she would shine it on because she understands that Patrick wants to spend time with Robin after he missed her so much but this is a very challenging case and she doesnít think mat or Dr. Marucci have the necessary expertise. Robin tells Patrick he should go for the consult. After Robin leaves, Patrick asks Lisa what the hell she is doing. Lisa says she doesnít know what he is talking about and walks away.

In the Metro Court lobby, Claire admits to Sonny that she hasnít seen many retired kingpins. He tells her there is a reason for that. She concludes that he believes a person has to stay in the mob until they die or go to prison. She tells him that he could find a way out of the mob if he wanted to; he just doesnít have anything that motivates him to give up the rush. She tells him to try not to choke on the power. She gets up and walks off. Alexis gets off the elevator and sees Sonny sitting there. She tells him that she is on her way to meet the girls at the country club and asks him if heíd like to go with her.

At Jasonís penthouse, Dante hangs up his phone and tells Jason and Spinelli that the police agreed to keep him apprised of any unsolved murders in the cities named in the song but he thinks it will be a dead end. Jason says they have to consider it. Dante asks Jason why Franco would be going to LA. Jason says Franco could se setting up something big to happen in LA. Dante recalls that the last time, Franco wanted Jason to choose between Lulu and Sam and wonders if Franco will present him with another choice.

At Crimson, Franco asks Lulu if she is giving up that easily. She says she wants to live. He asks her why, promises that he would kill her painlessly, and tells her that it is her chance to be immortalized. He tells her that her perfect love would be frozen in time; she wouldnít disappoint Dante by becoming fat and old or drive him to cheat on her because of her incessant whining. She says she isnít interested in immortality; she wants to be here now. He says she could at least make herself useful if he lets her live. He hands her an envelope and instructs her to give it to Dante and tell him it is from Barstow. As he is leaving, he tells her he loves her shoes. Franco walks out.

Kristina and Molly are sitting at a table by the pool at the country club. Molly observes a girl talking about them and asks Kristina if she is ok. Kristina says she used to like hanging out there with Keifer and her friends but now everyone hates her because they think she got Keifer killed. Molly says they could walk to Carlyís house and have their mom pick them up there, but Kristina says she refuses to slink away and hide and that they have as much right to be there as anyone else does. She says she didnít do anything wrong; Keifer did. Molly says she is proud of her sisterís bravery. Kristina tells her that it is a front and she still feels like a screw-up. Molly says Kristina just trusted the wrong guy. Kristina wonders what psychological reason caused her to choose to stay with a boy that yelled at her and hit her. She wonders if she was reacting to abandonment issues with her father by choosing a boyfriend that was like him or if she was trying to get her fatherís attention. Molly looks up and alerts Kristina that Sonny just came in. Sonny says hi to the girls.

Maxie and Lucky get off the elevator at Crimson. She thanks him for insisting on the concert. She says she should check in with Kate since Lulu isnít there and Kate hates leaving a message at her own office. Lucky says Kate doesnít seem to intimidate Maxie the way she used to. Maxie says Kate is only interested in solutions so she has learned to give her the solutions before she knows there is a problem. He compliments her determination to follow her dream and says he will take off and let her work. She says he is probably anxious to get to the hospital to check on Elizabeth.

In Elizabethís hospital room, she apologizes to Nikolas for being such an ugly person since she found out she was having his baby. She says she blamed him for the mess she made of her life and she made it clear that she wanted Lucky to be the father. She admits that it was unfair for her to exclude him. He tells her that she doesnít need to apologize to him anymore because she had every right to be angry. He tells her that he knew the toll the affair was taking on her and he knew what the consequences would be with Lucky but he didnít care. He tells her that he is sorry. She tells him that she is grateful for the baby and she is excited to raise it with him.

At Jasonís penthouse, Dante says they need a plan. He asks them how they find Franco if they go to Los Angeles. Jason says he is sure Franco will figure that out for them. Danteís phone rings and Lulu tells him that she is on Baker Street and needs him to come there now.

At the country club, Alexis asks the girls about their tennis lessons and then tells Sonny that the girls are really good tennis players. He wonders why they need lessons if they are already good at it. He says he doesnít see the point of tennis. He says it is as pointless as golf or ping-pong. He wonders why anyone would want to get up early in the morning to hit a little ball under the hot sun. Molly asks Sonny what he does to stay fit and he tells her that he works out with weights in his home gym and boxes for aerobic exercise. Kristina says that fits his image better than running with his goons, their guns shining in the sun. They all laugh. Kristina tells him about her new study partner, Taylor. She says it is nice that Taylor never knew Keifer. She almost mentions the incident with the book, but stops herself midsentence. Sonny asks her if Taylor did something to her.

At Crimson, Lucky tells Maxie that he wonít be checking in on Elizabeth because she has everything she needs. Maxie tells him that he doesnít have to pretend with her; she knows how long he has been hung up on Elizabeth. He tells her that it is not natural for him to be there when Nikolas and Elizabethís baby is born. He tells her that his relationship with Elizabeth had become toxic enough for her to cheat on him with his own brother while he was so stuck in the past that he didnít see it. He says he is glad that Nikolas is the father because it is one less tie to Elizabeth. She tells him that it isnít always easy for what you know in your head to translate to your heart. He reminds her that she advised him to break ties with Elizabeth. She says she still thinks that is the best thing for him but she wants him to know that he can be honest with her because she wouldnít judge him. He tells her that he wishes Elizabeth happiness but he wants the same for himself. He says he realizes that he and Liz stopped making each other happy a long time ago. He says he is just trying to figure out what he wants but what he doesnít want is clear.

In Elizabethís hospital room, Nikolas admits that he has been a controlling and confrontational. He apologizes for bullying her. She says she hopes they can move forward from here. He tells her that he has never looked forward to anything as much as he is looking forward to raising their child together. Her monitor beeps as she has a contraction. She tells him that she doesnít think the medication is working.

Dante meets Lulu on Baker Street. She tells him that Franco came to her office and that he started out being friendly but then made a crack about her being alone when a serial killer in on the loose and that he said he might kill someone to get attention. She tells him that Franco said he would kill her and pose her for Dante to find. She said she tried to follow him and Dante asks her if she is crazy.

At Jasonís penthouse, he asks Spinelli to try to find any record of time that Franco spent in Los Angeles. Jason answers a knock on the door. Ronnie comes in with an envelope containing the updates that Dante asked for. Spinelli tells him that Dante isnít there. Jason says he will take it, but Ronnie says he doesnít feel comfortable giving police files to criminals. He says now that Dante has figured out that Franco is headed to LA, the police can track him, and they have no further need for Jason. Spinelli asks if Dante has agreed to a plot against Jason. Ronnie says they only released Jason so he could be bait to flush out Franco. He tells Jason that he has served his purpose so now he is going back to prison. Jason says they will never find Franco without him. Ronnie tells Jason to put his hands on his head and when he complies, Ronnie sees his piston tucked in the waistband of his pants. Ronnie takes the gun and thanks Jason for giving him cause to take him back to Pentonville for real. Ronnie cuffs Jason.

At General Hospital, Robin comes up behind Patrick and hugs him. He asks her if something in particular brought that on. She says she was just thinking about the first time she held Emma and realized that Emma and Patrick were her family forever. She tells him that she canít believe she ever wanted anything else. They kiss and Lisa comes up and interrupts them to give Patrick a binder with information on the consult. She purses her lips and puts the binder between Robin and Patrick.

In Elizabethís hospital room, Dr Lee says the medication is not taking the effect that she wanted and that Elizabeth has dilated another two centimeters so it seems they are having a baby. Elizabeth asks her if that is alright. Dr Lee says the babyís organs are fully developed and its vitals are strong so she isnít worried. She leaves to instruct the nurses to set up for the delivery. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he never took the coaching classes and asks her if she still wants him in the delivery room. She says yes, if he wants to be there.

At the country club, Kristina assures Sonny that Taylor didnít do anything to her; she just had a reaction to nothing. Alexis tells Sonny that Taylor seems nice; he just reached for a book and the sudden movement startled Kristina. Sonny says he understands how the sudden motion triggers a memory of being hit and you see a fist coming at you in slow motion and fast at the same time. Kristina tells him that is exactly what it was like and asks him if it ever goes away. He tells her that it gradually lessens and she will eventually stop flinching when someone scratches his head. Warren Bauer walks onto the pool area, stops at their table, and says she is sitting with her family of thugs and liars. She tells him that is inappropriate. He says it is his pleasure to inform her that her court case is coming up sooner than she thinks.

Claire meets Dante and Lulu on Baker Street. Dante tells her about Francoís visit to Crimson. Claire says Lulu is lucky to be alive. Dante says Lulu doesnít seem to fit Francoís pattern this time and he tells her they think Franco is committing a murder in every city mentioned in the song ďRoute 66Ē and that if they are right. Then his destination is Los Angeles. Lulu remembers that she has the envelope that Franco gave her. She picks it up from the bench she was sitting on, hands it to Dante, and tells him that Franco said it was a souvenir from Barstow. Lulu and Claire look on as Dante opens the envelope and finds a photograph.

In Elizabethís hospital room, she continues to have contractions. When Dr. Lee comes in, Elizabeth says she thinks it is close, but Dr Lee tells her not to push yet. Elizabeth says she thinks she has to as she has another contraction. Lucky arrives and watches from the window.

At the country club, Sonny tells Warren Bauer to talk to Alexisís lawyer about anything concerning the case. Warren tells Alexis that he turned her Cousin Nikolas Cassadineís name over to the SEC for his attempted coercion. He says he is moving forward with the wrongful death case and that Kristinaís deposition will occur next week. Alexis says Kristina will comply if she receives the proper paperwork and that Kristina has nothing to hide. Warren says Kristinaís lies will be exposed, and Sonny tells him that Alexis just told him to follow proper procedure so he needs to contact Diane Miller since they pay her to listen to garbage like his and no one else is interested. Warren says he suggests they get interested. He points at Kristina and tells her that she will pay for what she did to his son.

Spinelli opens the door of Jasonís penthouse to Dante and Lulu. Dante asks him where Jason is and Spinelli tells him not to pretend he doesnít know. Dante says he doesnít know and asks what happened. Spinelli says that after Dante conveniently left, detective Domestico arrived, frisked Jason, and discovered his gun. Spinelli concludes that Dante tipped off Ronnie, but Dante says he didnít do that and asks if Ronnie took Jason to the station. Spinelli tells him that Ronnie took Jason back to Pentonville because that was Danteís plan all along. Lulu stops Spinelliís tirade and says that if Dante says he didnít know about it, then he didnít. Spinelli tells her to open her eyes. He demands to know how many people Dante will have to betray before she realizes that he isnít worthy.

A guard escorts Jason to his cell at Pentonville and tells him that he appears to be popular. Jason finds several envelopes on his cot. He opens the large manila envelope and takes out an 8x10 of Francoís cymbal-clapping toy monkey and bear.

Franco is talking on the telephone, telling the other person that money bores him, that they will need to transport the glass case in the exhibition, and that he thinks Mr. Morgan will ďget a kickĒ out of it.

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