GH Update Thursday 7/15/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/15/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth and Nikolas return to Wyndemere after a day out with Spencer, Cam, and Jake. She comments about what fun it must have been for the boys to see her turn green on the boat launch. She tells Nikolas that she is ok. She asks him how he is doing since he isn’t used to being surrounded by kids. He says he doesn’t know but that she can rate his performance while he plays with the kids.

Sonny is sitting in an interview room at the police station. He smiles and waves at Claire through the open door. Claire storms into the interview room and tells him to give up because it isn’t going to work. He asks her to be more specific and she tells him he can’t go around kissing women without their consent. He tells her that he doesn’t. She tells him that she didn’t consent and that he is out of line. Sonny laughs. Claire tells him that if he thinks one kiss is going to change anything he is mistaken. Lucky comes up behind her and tells her that he is sorry to burst her romantic bubble, but Sonny is there to talk to him.

Jason comes home with coffee and breakfast. Sam tells her that last night was great even though Franco freaked her out a little. He tells her that he wanted last night too. She tells him that she has missed him and can’t stand the thought of him going back to Pentonville. He tells her that he has to find Franco first and whatever he is leading up to won’t be good.

Dante and Lulu are sleeping at Dante’s place. Dante hears a noise, gets his gun from under his pillow, and yells “Freeze” as he aims it. Michael calmly tells Dante not to shoot; he is just getting water.

At Wyndemere, Spencer asks Nikolas if he can show Cam and Jake his pony. Cam asks if he can ride him. Elizabeth and Nikolas agree that that will be all right. The boys head toward the door and Nikolas calls after them to wait out there for him. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that he is getting good at parenting. He tells her that the blind panic is beneath the surface. He asks her if she is coming to the stables but she says she’d rather stay inside. He asks her if she is sure she is ok and she assures him that she has just been on her feet too much the past few days. He tells her that he won’t be long and that she should call out for anything she needs. As soon as Nikolas leaves the room, Elizabeth has a cramp in her side.

At the police station, Claire says it makes sense that Sonny is in the interrogation room if Lucky called him there. Sonny tells her that he likes what she said before better. Claire asks Lucky to let her know if she calls Sonny to the station in the future. Lucky asks her if she needs to avoid confusion. Sonny tells her that they can meet somewhere else. Claire says that won’t be necessary and she leaves. Lucky closes the door behind her and tells Sonny that things seem to be working out well for him. He concludes that Claire is on Sonny’s case and Sonny is on hers. He says that even if Sonny manages to compromise Claire, he will still have to deal with Lucky. Sonny asks if Lucky is putting the screws to him. Lucky says he knows Sonny planted the bomb in Johnny Zacchara’s car and he will prove it. Sonny tells Lucky that they have known each other a long time, he respects Lucky’s mother, he is friends with Lucky’s father, and they always got along. He asks when Lucky decided to turn against him. Lucky tells him that he can’t look away when mobsters start blowing each other up, not even when Sonny is the mobster.

At the Metro court, Jax hands Skye a long velvet box and tells her it is just something he picked up to celebrate the occasion. She opens the box and finds a bracelet. She tells him it is beautiful. He says it belongs on a beautiful woman’s wrist and puts it on her. She asks him how she can thank him and he says she already has, by helping him make Carly jealous and encouraging him to stay in the game when he wanted to give up. He tells her that he hopes their efforts will result in him getting Carly back. Maya enters and observes that she could see Skye’s wrist shining from across the room. Skye tells her that it is a gift from a generous man. Jax says it was the least he could do for his beautiful ex-wife and good friend.

Sam and Jason are sitting on the couch drinking coffee at his penthouse. Sam asks him what he will do when Franco is caught. He tells her he will go back to Pentonville. She says that could be five years. He says he hopes it will be two, but he knew the consequences when he made the plea agreement. She tells him there is an alternative, but he interrupts her and says they are not going to run. He tells her he wouldn’t ask her to leave her life, her family, and her business. He tells her that they would never be free and he wants to be free to build a stable life without having to look over their shoulders. She agrees but asks him to let her know if he changes his mind. She says she should probably go to work unless Jason needs her help. He tells her that Franco abducted her once already and he isn’t going to risk it again, but she tells him Franco already came to Jason’s place and she didn’t get the feeling that he is coming back. He hands her gun to her and asks her to keep it close. She asks him if he wants her to tell Spinelli anything when she gets to the office. He tells her that he intends to call Spinelli. Sam asks Jason to be nice because it was cool of Spinelli to let them have the penthouse to themselves. Sam goes upstairs to change clothes and Jason calls Spinelli and tells him they need to get back to work. He tells him that Franco showed up at the penthouse when Sam was alone. Jason hangs up to answer the door. He opens it and Maxie comes inside. He tells her that Spinelli isn’t there. She tells him that she needs his help. She asks him if she should try to save her relationship with Spinelli or if he thinks nothing is left to save. He says he doesn’t know what to tell her. She tells him she is desperate and she has the feeling that if she makes the wrong decision someone’s heart will be broken.

At Dante’s loft, he apologizes to Michael for pulling a gun on him. He says he has been a little edgy lately. He says he still has to get used to remembering that Michael is there. Lulu says she is the one invading their space. Dante says they will figure it out. Michael says Dante and Lulu will have some privacy for breakfast because he is going out on Jax’s boat with his mom, brother, and sister. Dante tells him to have fun and Michael leaves. Dante tells Lulu that it says something that Michael was unfazed by a gun being waved in his face. Lulu says it’s like being on a cop show except that Dante is cuter. He asks her if that means she doesn’t mind that he made a fool of himself. She tells him that she is used to it, but he did overreact a bit. He tells her that he’d rather go too far that let Franco get near her again.

At the Metro Court, Maya tells Skye and Jax that they are the friendliest exes she has ever seen. Skye says that after getting past the disappointment, sometimes it is possible to salvage what you liked about each other in the beginning. Jax agrees and says that is why he and Skye have become such good friends. He says he has to go get the boat prepared so he can take Carly and the kids out. Skye thanks him again for the bracelet and he gives her a kiss on the cheek. After Jax walks away, Maya tells Skye that can tell she is still in love with Jax. Skye says she was over Jax but while she was helping him get Carly back, she was reminded of why she fell for him in the first place.

At Jason’s penthouse, he tells Maxie that this is a bad time. She tells him that he definitely should be looking for Franco, but a few minutes talking to her are a few more minutes out of prison. He tells her to go ahead. She says she knows he knows how much she loves Spinelli but other men distract her. She says Spinelli deserves more than that, and she feels like he deserves better than her. Jason asks her if that isn’t up to Spinelli. She says Spinelli always sees the best in her and makes her want to be a better person. She says Spinelli is a good guy and he would never cheat. She asks Jason where she is going to find someone who loves her as much as Spinelli does. Spinelli comes home, sees Maxie, and says he will be back when Jason is ready to work. She tells him that she is glad he is there because she wants to ask him a question. She tells him that Matt invited her to the opening of a Broadway show in New York and she told him no, but she wonders if Spinelli would tell her not to go if she wanted to. Spinelli tells her it isn’t his place to tell her what she can or cannot do. She says she understands that, but she wants his opinion. He tells her that even voicing his opinion would be inappropriate. She tells him it would be appropriate because he is her non-husband and he is allowed to have feelings about this sort of thing. He tells her that his feelings on the matter are private. She says they always tell each other how they feel. Spinelli says that is true when they are on the same path, but she is considering a separate path. She tells him that if he doesn’t stop her from hypothetically going to New York it is the same as saying she is officially free. He tells her that she has to make her own choice but he suspects it has already been made. He tells her that she stayed with him out of loyalty but it is obvious that her feelings have changed. He says it is better to face the truth, however painful it may be, than to keep on going the way they were. Maxie concludes that she is free and she leaves. Jason asks Spinelli if he is ok and Spinelli says there is no time for heartbreak; they have to find Franco.

At Dante’s loft, he tells Lulu that he is going to Jason’s place to work on the Franco case. He asks her if she wants to finish her emails there. She tells him that she has to go into the office. Dante says it is too easy for Franco to get to her at Crimson. He asks her not to go there until Franco is caught. She tells him that isn’t an option; she will lose her job. Dante says they are dealing with her safety; they can deal with Kate later. Lulu says she will be fine and that the police have extra security all over the Metro Court. Dante says security doesn’t mean anything to Franco. She says she can’t let fear run her life but he says she can until Franco is caught. She says she loves him for caring. He tells her to let him protect her. She insists on going to work so he decides to go with her.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Sonny tells Lucky that it might be a good idea to take himself off the investigation. Lucky asks him if that was an admission of guilt. Sonny says it is a conflict of interest since Sonny and Lucky’s father were business partners. Sonny asks him if he remembers the fun they had camping when Lucky was a kid. He says he gave Lucky his first job. He concludes that Lucky will not be able to be objective. Lucky says he can’t ignore what is in front of him either. Lucky says Sonny ran into the garage calling Kristina’s name seconds before the bomb went off and Luke sent Ethan on an errand that kept him away from Johnny that night. Sonny says he told the police why he was at the scene looking for Kristina and as far as Ethan’s errand is concerned, Lucky will have to ask his dad. Lucky says the case will stay open. Sonny tells him that is good because he wants whoever did it to pay. Lucky tells him that they are done with the interview. Sonny says he hopes this doesn’t put them in conflict. Lucky tells Sonny it isn’t personal; he like him and respects a lot of things about him, but he is a cop and Sonny is the crime lord of Port Charles so they can’t avoid conflict.

Nikolas and the boys come back inside Wyndemere. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Cameron is becoming quite the equestrian. Elizabeth starts having pains and tells Nikolas that she thinks the baby wants to come little early and that she needs to go to the hospital now.

At Jason’s penthouse, he asks Spinelli to go over it again. He says three crime scene photos were sent to Dante, Maxie, and Josslyn in that order. Spinelli puts that in his computer, adds sixty-six roses, and visits with strange apologies to former victims. Jason mentions the toy monkey. Spinelli recalls the guest at Jake’s singing Route 66. Jason answers a knock on the door and lets Carly in. She tells Jason that he needs a break because she needs his advice. She tells him that she has the chance to put her family back together but she has lost her perspective so she doesn’t know if getting back together with Jax is a good idea or the worst mistake that she could make. She says she needs an objective opinion to help her decide whether to try again with Jax or go through with the divorce. Spinelli quietly says that perhaps he should answer that because he is in a unique position to advise her since only a few minutes ago he lost the love of his life.

Lulu and Dante enter Crimson and Maxie yells, “Finally!” Lulu says she is early but Maxie counters with not early enough for Kate. She notices Dante and asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that he is there to protect Lulu. Maxie tells him that they have a lot of work to do and he will be in the way. Dante says he will not take a chance on Franco coming to see Lulu. Lulu tells him that Franco came to see Maxie at nighttime when the office was closed. Maxie says Lulu will not be alone because she is there. Lulu tells Dante that Maxie’s mood would scare off Franco. She tells that he will only distract her if he stays there. Maxie says that will remind her that she and Spinelli are over. She says she can’t talk about that in front of Lulu’s boyfriend and she goes into Kate’s office. Lulu tells Dante that Maxie needs to vent and they both need to work. He tells her to go ahead. She assures him that she will be all right. He relents but asks her to be careful and to call him if anything strange happens. Dante leaves and Lulu makes sure she has her cell phone with her before she begins working.

At the police station, Claire goes over to Lucky and tells him not to say it. He says he was just going to give her an update on the explosives expert that he tracked to South America. He tells her that the man has disappeared so apparently someone from Sonny’s camp got to him first. Claire says no one ever said Sonny wasn’t thorough. Lucky tells her that sounded like admiration. Claire asks Lucky if he actually believes that she is going to let Sonny charm her into softening up. He tells her that she looked flustered in the interview room, but she claims it was part of the plan. She admits that she was thrown off guard when Sonny kissed her, but she assures him that she has not turned into Putty in Sonny’s hands. She says she is more determined than ever to bring him down. He asks her why she is explaining it to him and she says his face shows his lack of faith in her. He tells her that it isn’t lack of faith; it’s just that she was kissing the guy. She asks him who cares. She says it will work to her advantage that Sonny thinks she is falling for him. He asks her if the whole exchange in the interview room was a performance. She says yes and that the look on Sonny’s face when she gives her opening argument at the next trial will be priceless. Lucky tells her that he isn’t trying to question her integrity. She says she is just playing into Sonny’s weakness for women. He says she has to admit that she is painting outside the lines. He says she will get the evidence but she won’t want to use it; she will want to protect Sonny instead. She says the only way she can prove him wrong is by bringing Sonny down. He proposes a wager; he will take her to dinner at the restaurant of her choice if she busts Sonny and makes it stick. She accepts the bet but tells him he may not be in the best position to judge his chances of success because his own personal life is a mess. She suggests that he might want to repair his own issues before advising anyone else. Claire smiles and walks away.

Nikolas exits the elevator at General Hospital with Elizabeth being pushed by a nurse in a wheelchair. Nikolas announces to Robin and Steve that the baby is coming now. Steve observes that it is four weeks early and asks Liz if she is in pain. She says she is ok but Nikolas says she is in pain and asks Steve to have someone call Dr. Lee before Elizabeth has the baby right here. Elizabeth repeats that she is ok. She says Steve and Nikolas need to calm down; she has done this before. Steve instructs the nurse to get Elizabeth into a room and he calls out for someone to page Dr. Lee.

Sonny enters the Metro Court. Jax asks him what he is doing there. Sonny says he is meeting Diane for breakfast. Jax says Sonny isn’t fooling anyone; he hopes to run into the kids with Carly but that they should be free of him here. He suggests that Sonny go meet his lawyer somewhere else because Carly and the kids will be there in half an hour to go sailing with him. Sonny asks him if he is afraid that his kids would want to talk to him. Jax reminds Sonny that Michael will be in violation of the terms of his release if he is seen with Sonny. Sonny tells Jax not to forget who started the chain of events that landed Michael in Pentonville. Jax tells Sonny he is unbelievable; he constantly puts his kids in danger but it is everyone’s fault but his own. Sonny asks him how it feels to steal his kids. Jax says he isn’t stealing Sonny’s kids; he is protecting them from him. He tells Sonny to go ahead and have his meeting with Diane, and then leave. Sonny tells him that he understands how Jax would be disappointed with his marriage always being second to Jason. He tells Jax to have fun on his boat with Sonny’s children. Sonny walks away.

At Jason’s penthouse, Carly tells Spinelli that she is sorry that he and Maxie broke up. She asks him what happened. Spinelli says he is afraid that Maxie’s love was never his to keep. He says Maxie’s heart was tempted so he freed her from her promise to him. He asks Carly to tell him her dilemma. She tells him that she loves Jax and she is finally free to love him completely without conflict but she is afraid it is just delusion. He asks her what make her think that it might be and she says she isn’t emotionally constant. She admits that she goes up and down, she gets her hopes way up and then they crash down. She says Jax made her angry when he lied to her and did things behind her back and she wonders if she is really past it. Spinelli says no one can make the choice for her but if Jax loves her he will be waiting. He says if she truly loves Jax, she shouldn’t make him wait any longer. She thanks him and Jason pats him on the back. Jason gets up to answer the door. Dante enters and asks if anything is new on the Franco case.

At Crimson, Maxie tells Lulu that as of this morning her non-marriage to Spinelli is non-nothing. She says she still loves him very much. Lulu asks Maxie why she was kissing Matt Hunter. Maxie says Spinelli was falling apart while Jason was in Pentonville, barricading himself in the penthouse, living on orange soda and potato chips, not interested in anything. She says she felt that she needed to jolt him out of it, but she ended up getting the shock because Spinelli let her go. She says Spinelli loves her more than anyone else ever will and she doesn’t know what she is going to do. She says she is having a crisis; she needs to figure out why she is always so tempted by new, exciting things and people. She says it shouldn’t matter that Matt is attractive or that Lucky is still the best kisser. Lulu is shocked that Maxie said that about Lucky but Maxie tells her to relax; it was just a kiss; it isn’t as if she is going to jump his bones. Lulu tells Maxie that she needs to leave Lucky alone because he is still fragile from Elizabeth’s affair and Maxie is an emotional bulldozer. Maxie says that wasn’t very nice. Lulu says she is serious; Lucky is a bad choice for her rebound relationship. Maxie sarcastically thanks Lulu for her support, picks up her purse, and stands up. Lulu asks her where she is going. Maxie says she is going to see Robin because she will listen without judging her. Lulu says they have too much work. Maxie asks her if she knows how hard it is to work when your heart has been ripped out and your friend is shoving it down the paper shredder. Maxie limps to the elevator, not yet stable without her crutches, gets on and the elevator doors close. Lulu returns her focus to her work but a moment later, she hears an unusual noise coming from the elevator.

Maxie goes to the triage desk at General Hospital and asks a nurse if Dr. Scorpio is there. The nurse checks the computer and informs Maxie that Dr. Scorpio is with a patient. Maxie asks the nurse to page Robin, the nurse asks if it is an emergency, and Maxie says it is to her. Maxie’s phone rings. Lucky is calling her from the police station. He asks her if she is busy because he wondered if she had time to stop by the PCPD. She says she is a little swamped but she can try. She asks him if he is in trouble because she kissed him the other day. Before he can answer, she says she has to go and hangs up. Robin goes over to Maxie and asks her what is up. Maxie asks Robin if she thinks it is normal for Maxie to be attracted to other guys as long as she doesn’t act on it. Robin says she would love to help but that Elizabeth was just admitted, she is having contractions, and the baby might come early. Maxie does not conceal the frustration on her face.

In Elizabeth’s hospital room, Nikolas asks her how she is holding up. She concludes that she is doing better than he is. He says he is fine and says he can call a nurse for her because he doesn’t think they should leave her alone. She says she doesn’t need anyone right now but she will let him know when she does. She groans as she shifts her position and he asks her what is wrong. She tells him she is fine. She says she is as excited as he is. He says he can’t wait to see the baby. Elizabeth tells him that apparently the feeling is mutual. Steve comes in and asks Elizabeth the same questions that Nikolas just asked so Nikolas relays the answers that Elizabeth gave him. Elizabeth says she is blessed to have two such caring men at her side. Steve says there must be something they can do. She says it would be great if someone could go down to daycare and check on the boys. Nikolas goes. Steve asks Elizabeth if she’d like him to call Lucky.

Michael and Morgan enter the Metro Court to meet Jax, who is holding Josslyn. Morgan tells Jax that he brought cookies and applesauce for Josslyn. Skye sees the group as she is walking by and says the three men and a little lady make quite the picture. Jax introduces Skye to Josslyn. Skye asks if she can hold Josslyn and Jax hands the baby to her. Skye says Josslyn is beautiful and that she hopes Michael and Morgan are being good brothers to her. Jax says they are. Skye says she wishes her daughter Lila-Rae was there because she knows she would enjoy meeting Josslyn. Morgan tells Skye that they are going sailing and asks her if she has ever sailed. She says she has been on a few yachts. Morgan tells her that the Silent Lady is better than a yacht and that Skye should come with them sometime. Skye says she isn’t sure how long she will be in town. Carly enters and says hi to everyone as she rips Josslyn out of Skye’s arms. She apologizes to Jax for being late and he says he was beginning to think she wasn’t coming. Carly says she wouldn’t miss this for the world as she flips her head and throws Skye a look. Skye says she can’t say she blames Carly.

Dante calls Lulu to check on her. She assures him that she is fine. He tells her to call him when she is finished and he will pick her up. She tells him that it is ok but he insists that she call him. She agrees and says she is almost done. Dante hangs up and tells Spinelli and Jason that he is worried about Lulu because she almost died last time. Jason reminds Dante that Franco was after Maxie when he grabbed Lulu. Dante says Franco has approached a lot of people and none of it makes any sense because there is no pattern. Spinelli says the crime scenes must have some significance. Dante says the one thing that keeps popping up is the number 66. He asks Jason what he thinks Franco is getting at and Jason says he thinks Franco is just keeping them diverted until he is ready to reveal what he is really after.

Sonny watches Carly and the kids from the elevator bank. Claire enters the Metro Court, sees Carly, Jax, and the kids leave, and then sees Sonny come out of the corner. She walks over to him and says he watched his kids without letting them know he was there. She says she can’t imagine what that cost him.

In Elizabeth’s hospital room, Steve tells her that he knows that Nikolas brought her in and the two of them seem to be getting along better. She thanks him for asking about Lucky, but she doesn’t think it is a good idea for him to be there. She says Nikolas is the baby’s father and she doesn’t need anyone else with her besides Nik and “Uncle Steven.” Nikolas returns and announces that Cam and Jake want to know when the baby will be born. Steve says he wants to know too and they need Dr. Lee to answer that so he goes to check on when she will arrive. Nikolas asks Liz if he can get her something to eat or drink. She reminds him that she is not allowed to eat but says it is comforting to know that he and Steven are so willing to help her. He tells her to get used to it because it will continue after the baby is born. Robin enters with Elizabeth’s paperwork and ID bracelet. She says Steve has the entire hospital on red alert. Elizabeth says that might be a little premature. Robin says she told him that but he wasn’t listening. As she fastens the bracelet that prominently displays blood type A onto Elizabeth’s wrist, she says Steve wants to make sure that they are prepared for everything.

At Jason’s penthouse, Dante opines that there must be a connection between the crime scene photos and the other clues. Spinelli suggests that the order that Franco sent them may be significant. Jason doesn’t see the connection. Dante suggests that the locations where the photos were taken could be significant. He says the song “Route 66” was about a guy making stops along the way during a road trip.

Lulu is talking on the landline phone at Crimson. She connects Kate’s call with an agency in New York, hangs up the phone, and returns her focus to her computer. A voice behind her says “Good job.” She jerks her head around to see Franco, who tells her that efficiency is an underrated virtue. He tells her that it is good to see her and that it has been too long.

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