GH Update Tuesday 7/13/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/13/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas, flowers in hand, walks into Shirley’s hospital room.  Shirley thanks Nikolas for the thoughtful gesture.  Shirley wishes that Nik had been around when she was young.  Shirley tells Nikolas that she’s glad he is there.  Shirley is thankful to Nikolas since he paid for her surgery.  Nikolas announces that he’s helping Elizabeth with her childbirthing class.  Shirley wishes the best for Nikolas and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is listening from the hallway.  Liz walks in.  Shirley asks how Elizabeth is doing.  Elizabeth says that the baby is due in a month.  Shirley inquires about the baby’s gender.  Nik and Liz say that they want to wait to find out.  Elizabeth thanks Nikolas for taking care of Shirley’s operation costs.  Shirley raves about Patrick’s skills in the OR.  Shirley jokes that she can start selling jewelry again.  Nikolas laughs in response.  Shirley wants to make something for the baby, so she suggests using rose quartz.  Nikolas smiles at Elizabeth.

Sam shows up at the Davis home.  Alexis thanks Sam for coming over since she needs back-up.  Alexis worries how Kristina will be since she took away her car privileges.  Alexis says that she and Sonny are a united front.  Sam is surprised to hear that Kristina will be having dinner with Sonny every Tuesday night.  Sam knows that Kristina is still trying to mend her heart.  Kristina returns home.  Kristina asks Alexis for some gas money to give her friend.  Kristina confides that she doesn’t like the new rules but will obey them.  Kristina is willing to take responsibility for her actions.  However, Kristina doesn’t care what Sonny thinks.  Kristina cringes at the thought of having dinner with Sonny.  Sam is impressed that Kristina is taking responsibility for her choices.  Sam hugs Kristina before leaving to spend time with Jason.  In private, Kristina apologizes to Alexis for her behavior.  Alexis tells Kristina that she has a new study partner named Taylor.  Kristina is surprised by the news.  Alexis says that Kristina’s history teacher suggested the idea.  Kristina worries what the new girl Taylor will think of her.  Alexis thinks that Kristina and Taylor could end up great friends.  There is a knock on the door.  When Kristina answers it, a young man is standing there.  He introduces himself as Taylor, Kristina’s new study partner.  Alexis says that she’s Kristina’s mom.  Alexis and Kristina are surprised that Taylor is a guy.  Taylor jokes that he took Taylor Swift’s place.  Alexis asks Kristina if she is okay studying with Taylor.  Kristina figures she can handle it. 

Lulu shows up at Jason’s penthouse.  Spinelli admits that he’s working on a revenge scheme.  Lulu doesn’t like the sound of this.  Spinelli confesses that he’s mad at Matt Hunter.  Lulu says that Spinelli doesn’t need to be jealous of Matt.  Spinelli fears that Matt is using Maxie.  Lulu wishes that Spinelli would forget about Matt, and work on his relationship with Maxie instead.  Carly walks in.  Carly fears that Spinelli has spilled the beans to Lulu.  Spinelli informs Carly that he has a vendetta against Matt.  Lulu explains how she and Spinelli witnessed Maxie and Matt kissing.  Spinelli hopes that Carly doesn’t tell Jason about his plan.  Lulu admits that Maxie is to blame for this.  Lulu hopes that Spinelli will work things out with Maxie.  After Lulu leaves, Carly tells Spinelli that he’s a decent liar.  Spinelli comments that he learned from the best – Carly.  Carly asks if Spinelli’s really jealous of Matt.  Spinelli promises to work on the plot against Dante.  Spinelli says that he is in the process of moving some of the Cortez cartel money into Dante’s account.  Carly is happy to hear that Spinelli’s making progress.  Sam walks in.  Sam senses that Spinelli and Carly are up to no good.  Sam apologizes for jumping to conclusions.  Sam wants to spend some time alone with Jason.  Carly graciously leaves.  Sam implies that Spinelli should leave, too.  Sam gives her keys to Spinelli, suggesting that he hang out at her place.  Spinelli wants to go to the P.I. offices instead.  After Spinelli leaves, Sam makes a call to order some food.

Dante and Jason kick in the door to the old mansion.  A toy monkey is moving around.  Dante turns off the wind-up toy.  Dante and Jason look around for any sign of Franco.  After searching the premises, both concur that Franco is long gone.  Dante advises Jason to put his gun away.  Dante makes a phone call.  Jason notices a flier on the floor.  On the cover is the name “Kalup Ishmael”.  The forensics team shows up to search the mansion.  Dante tells Jason that some tire tracks were found nearby.  Since the mansion is a “dead end”, Dante wonders what to do next.  Jason shows the flier to Dante.  Dante assumes that Franco is trying to play them by leaving a clue.  They decide to go to Jake’s.

At the MetroCourt bar, Brook Lynn inquires about Carly’s whereabouts.  Brook Lynn runs into Tracy.  Tracy makes it obvious that she doesn’t like Brook Lynn.  Tracy makes a snide remark about Brook Lynn wearing Bensonhurst clothes.  Brook Lynn comments about Tracy’s short haircut.  Tracy demands to know why Brook Lynn is in town.  Tracy orders a martini from the bar.  Brook Lynn says that some family members are happy to see her again.  Tracy laughs and implies that Brook Lynn has “ulterior motives” for being in Port Charles.  Tracy knows that Brook Lynn isn’t getting along with her parents.  Tracy says that Brook Lynn can’t play her.  Tracy warns Brook Lynn to watch out.

Maxie shows up at the hospital.  Maxie runs into Maya.  Maya compliments Maxie on her trendy dress.  They talk about fashion for a few minutes.  Maxie brings up her date with Matt.  Maya wishes that Maxie was honest about her feelings for Matt.  Matt walks up and agrees with Maya.

Ethan walks up to the nurses’  station.  Bobbie says “hi, handsome”.  Bobbie inquires about Luke’s whereabouts.  Ethan needs someone to look at his hand.  Bobbie asks for Maya’s assistance.  Bobbie leaves the two alone.  Maya wonders how Ethan cut himself.  Ethan explains how he was locked out of his apartment and almost fell off the roof.  Ethan rambles on about the accident.  Suddenly, Maya tells Ethan that she can’t help him.  Ethan is puzzled.

Franco walks into Jake’s.  Music is playing in the background.  Franco asks Coleman for a drink.  Franco wants to know if Coleman owns the bar.  Coleman brings up karaoke night.  Franco puts a wad of money on the counter.  Franco will give $10,000 to Coleman if he books a performance artist for tonight.  Coleman quickly agrees to the offer. 

Matt and Maxie sit down at a table at Jake’s.  Matt wonders if it’s karaoke night.  Maxie and Matt are flirting with each other.  They talk about rock music, both agreeing that they like the band Sublime.  Maxie admits that she’s questioning everything in her life these days.  Maxie fears that her love for Spinelli is not enough.  Coleman walks up to the mike and starts talking.  Coleman announces a special performance for the night.  Maya hurries over the bar where she asks Coleman for a beer.  Coleman says that it’s on the house.  Maya asks Coleman’s advice on bad boys.  It is obvious that Maya is thinking about Ethan.  Maya wants a “reliable” man in her life.  Brook Lynn shows up, inquiring about karaoke night.  Nearby, Maxie claims that she’s still in love with Spinelli.  Maxie blurts out that Matt’s a “semi-decent kisser”.  Lulu interrupts their conversation.  Lulu informs the two about Spinelli’s scheme.  Maxie is happy to hear that Spinelli is jealous.  Coleman walks over and hands beers to the three of them.  Everyone is shocked to see Dante and Jason enter the bar together.  Lulu rushes over to Dante’s side.  Maya notices that Ethan is there.  The lights dim.

At the hospital, Helena confronts Elizabeth.  Helena inquires about the baby.  Elizabeth is tired of Helena.  Helena warns that she won’t stay away.  Elizabeth believes that Nik doesn’t want Helena near the baby.  Alone, Elizabeth tells Nikolas about her worries concerning Helena.  Nikolas makes it clear that the baby will be his first priority.

At the MetroCourt, Carly and Jax run into each other.  Jax speaks of his and Josslyn’s run-in with Franco in the park.  Carly is concerned.  Jax says that Josslyn’s okay.  Jax admits that he has no idea what Franco’s motives are.  Jax is relieved that Carly and Josslyn are safe.  Jax asks Carly what she wants.  Before she can answer, Skye interrupts the conversation.  Carly glares at Jax.

At the library, Kristina and Taylor are studying.  Kristina quizzes Taylor about history.  Taylor asks Kristina about Madison Prep.  Kristina speaks highly of the school.  Taylor compliments Kristina on her brains.  Taylor turns to grab a book off a cart which freaks out Kristina.  Kristina has a flashback to Kiefer slapping her across the face.  Taylor doesn’t know what to think.

In the penthouse, Sam lights some candles for her romantic night with Jason.  There is a knock on the door.  Sam is surprised to see Franco standing there.

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