GH Update Monday 7/12/10

General Hospital Update Monday 7/12/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Robin and Patrick meet in the hospital supply closet. Robin makes it clear that she wants to have sex with Patrick. Robin unbuttons Patrick’s lab coat. Robin whispers in Patrick’s ear. Patrick pulls away, claiming that Steve or Lisa could walk in. Robin agrees that they could be interrupted, so she locks the door. Patrick says that they shouldn’t have sex now. Patrick suggests going home early. The plan is for Robin to leave early with Patrick clocking out later on. Robin and Patrick concur that they’ll meet at home. Robin leaves the supply closet with Patrick following a few seconds later. Unbeknownst to them, Lisa is lurking nearby.

Claire barges into Sonny’s office. Claire is disappointed to see that Michael is in violation of his prison release. Claire blames Michael for going to see Sonny. Michael figures that when he starts his community service (road work), he won’t get to visit his father. Sonny pipes in that Michael shouldn’t have went to prison in the first place. Sonny worries that Claire is going to rat them out to the judge. Claire would love to tell Judge Carroll, but promises to keep quiet. Claire tells Sonny and Michael that they have her word. Michael says goodbye to Sonny. After Michael leaves, Sonny thanks Claire for the nice gesture.

Franco shows up at the park. Jax is freaking out because Franco is hovering over Josslyn’s stroller. Franco inquires about Josslyn’s hospital checkup. Franco says that he likes strawberry lollipops. Franco infuriates Jax when he strokes Josslyn’s cheek. Jax insists that Franco leave immediately. Instead, Franco whips out his monkey toy and winds it up for Josslyn. Franco is laughing at Jax. Jax politely asks Franco to leave. Franco hands the toy to Josslyn. Franco tells Jax that they need to talk. Jax makes a frantic call to the police. Franco cringes when Jax calls him a “serial killer”. Franco tells Josslyn that he’ll see her soon and waves goodbye to Jax. Jax runs over to the stroller to check on Josslyn.

At the penthouse, Jason, Dante, and Spinelli are talking about Franco when Sam walks in. Sam blabs about Johnny’s car bombing which Dante is fully aware of. Sam asks to speak to Jason in private. Sam demands to know if Sonny was involved in the car bomb. Jason has no idea. Sam says that Kristina was caught in the crossfire but luckily Johnny pushed her out of the way. Sam is relieved that her younger sister is okay. Sam believes that Sonny is the most likely suspect. Jason points out that car bombs are the Lopez brothers’ M.O. Sam is hesitant to put blame on the Lopez brothers. Her gut is saying that Sonny is responsible. Jason refuses to speculate. Jason hugs Sam. Dante gets a phone call. Dante tells everyone that Franco was spotted in the park. Dante rushes out of the penthouse. Jason advises Sam and Spinelli to stay there. Jason promises to go talk to Sonny.

Lucky summons Johnny to the police station. Lucky wants Johnny’s official statement regarding the car bombing. Johnny figures that it won’t matter since all evidence points to the Lopez brothers. Lucky maintains that he won’t turn a blind eye to the real truth. Lucky asks for Johnny’s account from the night of the car bombing. Johnny says that Kristina was supposed to be at a family dinner at the Davis home but left early to get away from Sonny. Johnny adds that he was going to give Kristina a ride home when he sensed something was wrong with his car. Johnny tells Lucky that Ethan was supposed to be with him Friday night. Lucky says that Luke made Ethan do a “last-minute errand”. After Johnny leaves, Lucky questions Ethan. Lucky asks Ethan about working for Johnny. Ethan talks about the favor he did for Luke. Lucky senses that their dad was looking out for Ethan. Ethan remains silent. Lucky informs Ethan that Sonny’s first wife died in a car bombing. Ethan doesn’t think that the Lopez brothers are to blame. Ethan says that Johnny is planning to expand his territory.

Ronnie and some police officers arrive at the park. Ronnie is thankful that Jax didn’t “engage” Franco. Dante shows up a minute later. Ronnie suggests having a chopper check the area for signs of Franco. Jax is holding Josslyn. Jax tells Dante about his encounter with Franco. Jax says that Franco gave a wind-up toy to Josslyn to play with. Dante suggests that Jax has nothing to worry about since Franco’s real target is Jason.

In the interrogation room, Mac, Ronnie and Dante talk about Franco. They all agree that using Jason as bait is best. Jax walks in and announces that he’s ready to give his statement. Jax says that Josslyn is safe and sound at the MetroCourt. Mac asks Jax to come with him to his office. Alone, Ronnie and Dante talk about Franco’s motives. Dante brings up Ronnie’s past with Franco. Ronnie wants Dante to stop concentrating on his connection to Franco. Ronnie urges Dante to keep a closer eye on Jason.

Jason walks into Sonny’s office. Sonny inquires about Franco. Sonny swears that he is fine but Jason senses that he’s worried about his children. Jason relays that he knows about the car bombing. Sonny admits that he’s responsible for planting the bomb in Johnny’s car. Sonny can’t believe that Kristina almost died in the explosion. Sonny regrets focusing on his business instead of family. Sonny fears that his children aren’t safe. Sonny brings up Michael’s shooting, the car bombing, and shooting Dante at point-blank. Sonny admits that Morgan’s adoption is a good thing. Jason comments that Sonny “changed his life”. Sonny worries that he’s doing more harm than good when it comes to his kids. Sonny wishes that he hadn’t shot Dante. Jason insists that Dante cannot be trusted because he’s a cop. Sonny hates that he has to lie about the car bombing. Jason knows that the police will look into the matter. Sonny speaks highly of Claire which worries Jason. Jason reminds Sonny that Claire is no ally. Sonny admits that he’s playing Claire. Sonny speaks of his plan to seduce Claire and get her into his bed. Jason doesn’t want to hear anymore. Before leaving, Jason tells Sonny that he “respects” him. Sonny hopes that Jason can find Franco soon.

Franco returns to the old mansion on County Road 66. Franco winds up his toy monkey. Franco shakes his aerosol cans and starts tagging over a banister and some columns. Franco finishes putting his signature “CO77X” on the front door.

Robin leaves work. Patrick follows behind. Steven and Lisa notice them leave. Steven implies that the couple is going home to have sex. Steven is happy for Robin and Patrick. Lisa is obviously jealous. Later on, Lisa is on the phone leaving a voicemail message for Patrick. Steven shows up and says that he can help her with a consult. Lisa walks away leaving Steven to wonder why she’s suddenly blowing him off.

Jason returns home. Spinelli is working on his laptop. Sam says that they have a lead. Sam explains that there’s a mansion on County Road 66 that is leased in Karen Anderson’s name. Jason says that Karen is Franco’s mom. Spinelli gives the address to Jason. Dante barges in and asks if Spinelli has any news on Franco’s whereabouts. Jason hesitates to tell Dante but finally spills the beans about the mansion. Dante is impressed by Spinelli’s computer skills. Dante suggests that he and Jason head over to the mansion to take a look around. After leaving, Spinelli confides to Sam that Dante is acting “overconfident”. Spinelli comments that “karma is a bitch”. Sam leaves the penthouse. Spinelli is busy working on his computer when there’s a knock on the door. Spinelli is rambling on about a revenge plot when he answers. It’s Lulu. Lulu asks who Spinelli is referring to.

Claire returns to Sonny’s restaurant. There is a candlelight dinner waiting for two. Sonny hands Claire the bracelet she left behind. Sonny thanks Claire for helping with Michael. Sonny asks Claire to sample the wine. Claire and Sonny sit down at the table. They make small talk. Sonny wishes he could go to a Yankees game with all his children, including Dante. Claire admits that she is “envious”. Claire reveals that she wants to have kids. Johnny walks through the doors. Johnny implies that Sonny is trying to woo Claire. Sonny wishes that Johnny would leave. Johnny warns Claire to watch out for Sonny. Johnny is laughing as he walks out of the restaurant. Claire realizes that she shouldn’t be having dinner with Sonny. Claire thanks Sonny for the wine and rushes out the door.

At home in their bedroom, Patrick and Robin kiss. Patrick has pink roses and chocolate-covered strawberries. Patrick tells Robin that she changed his life. Robin senses that Patrick missed her while she was gone. They share a kiss. Robin unbuttons Patrick’s shirt. After making love, Patrick looks preoccupied.

At the police station, Mac and Lucky discuss the car bombing. Mac says that they have a lead on a foreigner. Lucky says that he’s ready to fly down to talk to the suspect. Lucky wants to show a piece of the detonator to the suspect, which he can supposedly trace back to him. However, Lucky says that the piece isn’t real, he’s just bluffing.

Dante and Jason show up at the mansion. Dante is irritated that Jason has a gun. Jason maintains that he needs to protect himself against Franco.

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