GH Update Friday 7/9/10

General Hospital Update Friday 7/9/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Robin finds Patrick and Lisa in the locker room at General Hospital and says she is glad she found them together because she has some questions about their mutual patient, Sylvia Meyer because she is putting together a drug regimen for her. Patrick suggests that they discuss it while they walk together to ICU. Lisa says she has a question too. She asks Robin if Patrick told her what they did while she was away. Robin looks at Patrick inquisitively. Patrick glares at Lisa.

Sonny and Clare are sitting at a table in Pozzulo’s. Claire says it can’t be the wine because Sonny didn’t take a sip. Sonny wonders what she is talking about. She tells him that he just implied that on some level, he approves of her. He says she just apologized so they both must have had too much of something. She says her apology didn’t come with expectations. Sonny says it’s been a long time since he has heard a prosecutor admit she was wrong. She says she saw a conclusion she wanted and jumped to it. He tells her that makes two, first Johnny’s car bomb, and now Claudia. She tells him that a real gentleman wouldn’t point that out. She tells him not to get too cocky because her contrition is limited and she isn’t going to go easy on him. He tells her to bring whatever she’s got.

At the police station, Elizabeth watches Maxie and Lucky kissing in his office. Lucky asks Maxie what that was about. She says she was testing her emergency broadcast system and he is still the best kisser ever.

Jason and Dante walk up to Jason’s door. Dante says he doesn’t understand Franco not going to his mother’s house last night while they were watching it because it is such a perfect base of operations for him. Jason says logic doesn’t apply to Franco. Jason opens the door and sees Spinelli sitting in the dark at the desk punching the computer keyboard repeatedly with one finger.

Franco walks up to the door of a house with its front pathway covered in leaves. He turns around 360 degrees smiling as he takes in his surroundings. He puts his duffel bag down, jimmies the door open, retrieves the bag, and goes inside. He looks around and smiles approvingly at the inside of the large living room. The furniture and fixtures are covered with drop cloths and the drop cloths are covered with debris. He lets out a contented sigh, closes the door, and removes the drop cloths from the baby grand piano and sofa. He reclines on the sofa, smiles, and sighs again. He takes a tiny toy bear out of his shirt pocket, winds it up, and watches it clap its tiny cymbals together.

In the locker room at General Hospital, Lisa tells Robin that she is surprised Patrick hasn’t held her hostage and told her all about his awe-inspiring performance yesterday. Patrick says Robin doesn’t need to hear about Shirley’s surgery. Robin asks Patrick if he is having a sudden flash of modesty. Lisa says she wasn’t bad either and Patrick complimented her afterwards. She says they could have lost Shirley several times, but Patrick was determined to kick cancer’s ass. Her pager goes off. She tells Patrick that it was an honor assisting him and that she hopes he will always call on her. Lisa leaves the locker room. Robin tells Patrick that he has a new supplicant. He says a lot of people care about what happens to Shirley. She tells him that Dr Niles genuinely respects and admires him and that she is a goner for him, professionally. She tells him she is sorry she missed it because he takes her breath away when he is in Dr Rock Stat mode. She tells him that she did good when she married him.

At the house that Franco is in, he unrolls a sleeping bag and lays it in front of the fireplace, opens a metal box and places it in the fireplace, places a stuffed monkey on the mantle, and stands back to look at his new décor. He smiles, goes to his duffel bag, takes out a can, returns to the fireplace, and sprays CO77X on the wall above the mantle. He stands back and smiles at his handiwork. His phone rings and he tells the caller that he was expecting the call. Then he tells the person not to flatter him again. He orders the caller to get there as soon as possible and gives the address as the old Lockland mansion on Country Road 66.

At Jason’s penthouse, Dante hangs up his phone and reports to Jason that Forensics didn’t find anything on the flowers that Franco sent Maxie. He says that the 66 roses must mean something. Jason says it does mean something. Spinelli, sitting on the chair with his computer on his lap, kicks the table in front of him, sending potato chips flying. Dante asks him if he found something alarming and Spinelli snaps back that he doesn’t answer to Dante. Dante says in this case, he sort of does. Jason shuts Dante down and tells Spinelli that Franco is the priority right now and they need to work together to get it over with. Spinelli says he is ready to serve but is compelled to note that every step forward results in two steps back. He says joy becomes another crushed can in impending doom. Dante wonders if Spinelli is on something. Spinelli snaps that he does not want to discuss his personal issues around him. Dante tells Jason that he has his work cut out for him because they need Spinelli back on track fast. Spinelli says it is fascinating how the duplicitous detective’s moral standards stopped being offended by Spinelli’s methods now that he stands to benefit. Dante asks Jason to fix Spinelli and he leaves. Jason asks Spinelli what happened and Spinelli says he is road kill on the highway of love; he and Maxie are over.

At the police station, Elizabeth watches and eavesdrops on Lucky and Maxie’s conversation. Lucky tells Maxie that he can’t have women lying in wait to kiss him when he is on duty. Maxie protests that she explained that it was an emergency. Lucky tells her that fires, earthquakes, and tidal waves are emergencies. Lucky asks her to explain what she is doing. She reluctantly tells him that she has been flirting with Matt Hunter to make Spinelli jealous and Matt kissed her. She says she doesn’t want to get into something that she will regret like the night she spent with Franco. She says she needed a basis for comparison and she remembered how much she liked kissing Lucky. She tells him that he still has it. Lucky tells her that she is an original. She thanks him for noticing and says she knows it but Spinelli seems to have forgotten. He tells her that he has work to do and offers to walk her out if they are done. She says she is done and they head toward the office door only to be greeted by Elizabeth calling Maxie a slut. She says she wondered how long it would take before Maxie threw herself at Lucky.

At Polluzo’s, Sonny fills Claire’s wine glass to the top and she comments that that is a lot of wine. She says she knows what he is doing; he is trying to be charming. He tells her he doesn’t have to try. She says he can’t be charming enough to make her forget who he is and he tells her that she doesn’t know who he is, but that could change. She says she knows he wants her to think he is an ordinary guy under all that well-dressed thuggery, working 9-5, wanting what is best for his kids. He tells her the hours are a lot longer. She concedes that he cares about his kids but he is a career criminal and she intends to take him off the streets. He tells her he is looking forward to it, but suggests they not talk about that right now. He tells her they have to live in the moment and asks her to stay for lunch. He tells her he will even cook it. She is surprised that he cooks. He tells her he will prove it to her. She declines his offer, saying it is inappropriate. He says only if she is the dessert. She says she has to go and heads toward the door. Sonny laughs heartily. After she leaves, he notices her bracelet on the table and picks it up.

Dante goes home and greets Michael with an inquiry about the availability of hot water. Michael says he was done with the water a while ago. Dante says he is all about a shower, shave, and sustenance today. He asks Michael where he is going. Michael says he has an appointment with his parole officer to get his community service assignment. Michael asks Dante if he pulled an all-nighter working on the car bombing. Dante asks him what car bombing. Michael tells him Kristina came within an inch of being blown up in a car bomb last night. He explains that Johnny was the target and Kristina was with him. Dante asks if their sister is ok. Michael reports that Johnny and Kristina are both ok. Dante asks if they know who did it. Michael says the cops are looking at the Lopez brothers. Sonny asks if it wasn’t Sonny and Michael says their father wouldn’t do that. Lulu rushes into the apartment and demands that Dante will never play the stupid, childish games that people who are supposed to be in love play and ruin everything.

At Jason’s penthouse, Spinelli tells Jason that Maxie invited him to her place under the pretense of an adult play-date and when he arrived, he found the door calculatingly open. He gags as he recalls that Maxie was engaged in a disgusting lip lock with Matt Hunter. He says he knows it was a misguided effort to make him jealous and lay claim to her but he walked away instead. Jason says it seems that Maxie went to a lot of trouble to get Spinelli’s attention. He observes that it is Maxie’s way of showing him that she loves him. Spinelli says he doesn’t care; he has seen this coming for weeks. He says they are beyond drifting apart but Maxie doesn’t have the heart or guts to make the break so he will have to do it because the way things stand isn’t fair to him.

At the police station, Maxie tells Elizabeth that she and Lucky are both adults and technically available with strings and if they are willing to accept each others' strings and limitations, it is nobody’s business, especially not Elizabeth’s. Elizabeth asks Maxie why she doesn’t just let “poor Spinelli” go and stop using him to prop up her ego and fill her black-hole need for male attention. Maxie says Elizabeth is a one-woman wrecking ball and a baby-making machine, observing that Elizabeth is now having her third child, all with different fathers and yet has the nerve to call her a slut. Lucky says that is enough. Maxie says she is done, thanks him for the assistance, calls him “hot-lips,” and hobbles off on her crutches. Elizabeth asks Lucky if Maxie really just called him “hot lips.” He tells her it wasn’t what it looked like. Elizabeth asks him if he’d like to enlighten her and he tells her no. She asks him to tell her that he is not falling for Maxie again. She reminds him that Maxie manipulated his drug addiction, disrespected their marriage, and faked a pregnancy and miscarriage. Lucky tells her that there is no point in rehashing it because the past is gone; what happened with Maxie doesn’t matter anymore and neither does what happened with them. Lucky walks away, leaving Elizabeth standing there.

Skye and Jax are sitting at a table at the Metro Court restaurant. Carly walks past and Skye tells Jax that he might be more successful at making Carly jealous if he stopped watching her and directed his attention to Skye. Jax apologizes. She tells him that it is actually refreshing to be out with a man who isn’t putting her hard body or soul at risk. Jax recalls that it wasn’t always that way. Skye concurs that they once inspired deep passion in each other. She asks him who would have thought that he would someday be hopelessly in love with Carly. Jax says the thing that he doesn’t like is that Steve, being a doctor, could be a contender. Skye observes that Steve is sexy too. Jax says that is not helpful.

Steve and Carly are sitting at another table at the Metro Court restaurant. Steve says he hopes he isn’t starting a trend. He tells her that this is the second time in the past 48 hours that a woman has used him to make another man jealous. Carly says he would be flattered because the ploy wouldn’t work if he weren’t jealous-worthy. He tells her that is one way to look at it. She laughs and thanks him for helping her. She says it is very nice of him. He tells her she knows what they say about nice guys. She says they sometimes end up with naughty girls. He tells her that he loves her positivism. He says he tried ending up with a naughty girl before but she was still spinning in Sonny’s orbit then. He observes that Jax is now her sun and moon. She says Jax is about to be her ex sun and moon; she just isn’t going to hand him over to Skye.

Nikolas is sitting on a blanket in the park playing with Spencer. Elizabeth walks up and tells Spencer that his remote control dinosaur skeleton looks like fun. She asks Nikolas how he is doing and he says he is doing great although he is kicking himself for taking so long to get around to hanging out with his son. He tells her that not wanting to do it because he was afraid to get it wrong seems pretty lame now. She tells him that he wears the role of dad very well and he is about to do it again. She tells him that she was wrong to push him out of her pregnancy and she’s like to make up for it.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Skye tells Jax that he can always give up the game and go prostrate himself to Carly. Jax says Carly only wants what she has to work for but he doesn’t want to take advantage of Skye. Skye asks him who else if not her. He tells her that she has a good point. The two of them get up and leave.

At their table, Carly tells Steve that he has every right to be mad at her since she did ask him there under false pretenses. He jokingly says he is deeply offended. He tells her he likes that it is uncomplicated; he is spending time with a beautiful woman and his heart is not on the line. She tells him that Jax played a major part in Michael’s situation and she thought she could never forgive him but now that they are through most of it, she thinks there might be something worth saving. She admits that she loves Jax.

At Dante’s apartment, Lulu apologizes to Michael and says he must think she is a nut case, but she is just upset. Michael says they obviously need to talk so he is going to take off. She says she doesn’t want to run him out. He tells her that he has to go to a meeting with his parole officer anyway. Dante wishes him luck as he leaves. Dante asks Lulu what happened. She says it is hard to watch her best friend self-destruct. He asks what Maxie did now. Lulu tells him that Maxie set Spinelli up to walk in and “catch” her with Matt and in Maxie’s world Spinelli was supposed to rush in and reclaim her, but Spinelli walked away looking like his heart was ripped out. Dante says that would explain the mood. Lulu says Maxie doesn’t see what she is doing to Spinelli and it made her think she doesn’t want them to be that way. Dante tells her that they don’t play games and they never will. He says he has all the games that he can handle.

Someone knocks on the door of the old Lockland mansion. A grey-haired man with an accent comes in the open door and calls out, “hello.” He looks around the living room and when he sees the CO77X tag above the fireplace, he clasps his hands together and smiles as he looks at it. He goes up the short staircase and approaches the fireplace when Franco says from a corner, “Mr. Von Schlegal, I presume.” The man confirms his identity. Franco thanks him for coming. The man thanks Franco for enlisting his services and asks him to call him Wilhelm. He says he loves this space; it is evocative. Franco asks him what it evokes. Wilhelm says he doesn’t know but he intended it as a compliment. Franco says they will get along much better if “Willie” is always precise. Wilhelm says he has admired Franco’s work for a long time. Franco tells him that it is not necessary for him to suck up. Franco says Wilhelm mounted a show a few years back and it caught his attention. He recalls the show in which the artist compulsively painted her nine siblings, all of whom had died under mysterious circumstances. Wilhelm says he doesn’t believe she killed them but the speculation proved profitable. He says a similar thing is happening with Franco; the value of his work has skyrocketed since he was accused of murder. He says everyone wants a piece of Franco and he is thrilled that they will be doing a show together. Franco says they will see how long that lasts. He says he is putting the finishing touches on the exhibition now. Wilhelm asks him where he is working and Franco tells him that they are there. Wilhelm says this space is unorthodox but there is no art here. Franco asks Wilhelm who is to say what is art and what is not. He goes over to the mantle, picks up the stuffed monkey, and winds it up. As the monkey claps its little cymbals together, Franco tells Wilhelm that it is art.

Elizabeth and Nikolas are sitting together on a park bench while Spencer plays on a blanket on the ground. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she has reservations but she doesn’t want to deprive her baby of what is important because of them. She asks him if he wants to be there when the baby is born. He emphatically tells her that he does. She tells him that he can be her coach too if he wants to. He tells her that this is quite a turnaround. She says she has been thinking about her past mistakes. She tells him that Cameron and Jake don’t know their biological fathers but this time it can be different and she doesn’t want to deprive their baby of that. He tells her that he won’t read too much into it or try to push her into a place that she isn’t ready to go.

Dante and Lulu are kissing on the couch at Dante’s apartment. Both of their phones ring alerting them that they have text messages. Kate wants the latest circulation numbers. Ronnie wants an update on the Franco stakeout. Lulu says she should probably respond. Dante says he should too. Instead, they start kissing again until their phones chime again. Kate’s message is “now,” Dante says Ronnie is pushing him. He concedes that it is an important investigation. Lulu says it is her job. He says they do get to spend a lot of time together. She says a lot is relative. They start kissing again. Their phones ring again and they decide to go take a shower so they won’t have to hear the phones.

At Jason’s penthouse, Spinelli thanks him for his time and sympathy. He says he is finished with his romantic delusion and asks Jason where they are on the investigation. Jason tells him that they need to figure out how Franco is getting money. Carly knocks on the door. She comes in, hugs Jason, and tells him that she is glad he is ok. She asks him if they are having any luck with Franco. He tells her he isn’t sure if they are following his trail or a bogus one that he set them up to follow. He asks her to tell him what Franco said to her last night.

Franco is at the old Lockland Mansion looking at 8x10s of Maxie, Carly, and Lulu. He observes that there are so many women and so little time. He asks his stuffed monkey, Leonardo, who the lucky winner will be.

At General Hospital, Patrick goes over to Lisa and asks her what that was all about. She asks him to define “that.” He tells her she knows exactly what he is talking about. He asks her if she is trying to make him squirm in front of his wife. She says maybe a little and tells him to lighten up. He tells her he doesn’t take his marriage lightly and he doesn’t want Robin to know what the two of them did. She tells him that one night got away from them and they had sex; it is no big deal. She says the only way Robin is going to know is if he keeps acting like this and gives it away. She sees Robin approaching and changes the subject to something medically related. Robin comes over to them, gives Patrick a file, and says she put a note in it. Patrick opens the folder and sees the note that says, “Meet me in the supply closet.” Lisa asks him if it is anything that she should know about. Patrick doesn’t answer; he just watched Robin climb the stairs.

At the police station, Claire asks Lucky if there is anything new on the car bombing. He tells her that there is no physical evidence to tie it to Sonny or anyone else. She concludes that it was a professional job. Lucky tells her that whoever planted it was probably halfway to his next gig when Johnny and Kristina were on the elevator. She tells him that she just left Sonny and that she apologized for thinking he had anything to do with blowing up Johnny’s car and Sonny believed her. He tells her that she appears to be making progress but he still thinks her plan is ill conceived. He asks her what her next move will be and she reveals that she “accidentally” dropped her bracelet in Pozzulo’s so she will have to go back to get it.

Sonny and Michael go into his office at Pozzulo’s. Michael says he didn’t argue with Max when he followed him and said he was swinging him by for a visit. Sonny says he knows that not seeing him is part of Michael’s parole but no one will know. He asks him what he will be doing for community service. Michael says he will be on the road crew resurfacing Route 7. Sonny says working on a road crew in the dead of summer is ridiculous. Michael says it is better than prison, which brings him back to the terms of his release. He tells Sonny that he doesn’t want to go back to Pentonville. He says he wants to see Sonny but it can’t be this obvious. He says he came with max to make sure Sonny was ok. Michael tells says Sonny will have to cover up the fact that he is responsible for almost killing Kristina and he knows what holding something like that inside can do to him.

Jason and Carly sit down on the sofa at Jason’s penthouse. Carly says Franco seemed different; he was calm and sane. She says she didn’t feel threatened. Jason asks her what Franco said. She says Franco apologized for causing them grief, he raved about how beautiful Josselyn is and that he would never hurt her. She says she told him she would kill him with her bare hands if he did. She says Franco said Jason, Carly, Josselyn, and Michael were all connected. Jason wonders why Michael is included. Carly says Franco told her that Michael was quite the prize in prison and she wants to know what he meant. Jason confusedly shakes his head and tells her Franco is just messing with them because he knew Carly would tell Jason everything. Jason concludes that it is all a game to Franco. Jason goes upstairs to take a shower. Carly tells Spinelli that she knows Franco is the top priority but she asks him if he still has time to work on their project. He tells her that he does.

Jax is in the park with Josselyn telling her as always that one day they will be a family again. Lulu runs into them and comments on how beautiful Josselyn is. Jax notices that Lulu is glowing too. She tells him that she is in love and he tells her that is good. She is surprised and he asks her why not. She tells him that not many people approve of her choice of Dante. He asks her who he is to judge and tells her that he is happy for her. He asks her if she’d like to hold her goddaughter. Franco watches them from the nearby foliage.

At General Hospital, Patrick meets Robin in front of the supply closet where she is standing around pretending to review a chart. She says she was beginning to think he got a better offer. She guides him into the supply closet. He says he doesn’t think it is a good idea. She asks why not. He says it is the middle of the afternoon in a supply closet. She reminds him that that has never before. He says that as much as he would like too he doesn’t think it is a good idea. She tells him to stop talking as she kisses him. She starts to take off his lab coat but he tells her to stop. She demands to know what is wrong with him.

In Sonny’s office, he tells Michael that he doesn’t have to worry about him, but that he is right; you carry it whether you get away with it or not. He reveals that he has been having nightmares of Lily walking up to the car before it blows up; she turns around and smiles, and then she is Kristina. He says Johnny had to be dealt with in a manner that couldn’t be traced back to him. He says that was a business decision, but what almost happened to Kristina will haunt him. They hear footsteps approaching so they turn their attention to the door. Claire opens it and sees Michael with Sonny.

Jason is cleaning up the mess Spinelli left in the penthouse. Dante enters and asks if they have turned up anything on Franco. It takes their silence as meaning no. Jason says riddles and games. He says Franco drops clues in front of them that are so obscure they can’t see them. Jason wants to review everything Franco has done so far. Dante says Franco showed himself to Maxie and Carly and he apologized. Jason adds that he sent Maxie roses. Spinelli grits his teeth at the sound of her name. Dante says Franco paid for them in cash. Jason says there were 66 total. Dante says he hates that they are spinning their wheels over clues that might not mean anything while Franco is out there about to do something and they can’t stop him.

Franco watches Jax, Josselyn, and Lulu in the park. Jax asks Lulu if Dante has made any progress in finding Franco. She says Dante will because he is worried that Franco will come after her again. Jax says Dante is right to worry and that he hopes Lulu is being careful. She says she is, but she has a life and a job. She tells him that she has to get back to work, stands up, and thanks him for being nice to her. He tells her that it wasn’t hard. Lulu leaves. Jax puts Josselyn in her stroller and begins packing her toys in her bag when he hears a voice behind him say, “Hey, Sweet Lamb.” Jax jerks his head around and sees Franco leaning over Josselyn’s stroller. Franco asks Josselyn if she remembers him, and then he smiles at Jax.

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