GH Update Thursday 7/8/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/8/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Robin get off the elevator on their floor at General Hospital holding hands. She wonders at the notion that he made her breakfast in bed and concludes that she should leave more often. She laments that they couldn’t stay in bed. Patrick says he is all for playing hooky and that Steve can cover for him. Robin asks him who he is and where her real husband is. Lisa and Steve enter talking about a patient who isn’t responding to treatment. He suggests that she ask Robin for a consultation on a drug trial since she got back in town last night. He points in Robin’s direction and Lisa rushes over to her, hugs her, and welcomes her home. Robin asks her if she has missed anything exciting and Lisa asks if Patrick hasn’t told her what he has been up to.

Ethan enters Johnny’s penthouse. Johnny tells him he should knock because there is no telling who could be there. Ethan says he is a little more concerned about having a bomb strapped to the bottom of his car. He says Johnny and Kristina came close to dying last night but it could just as easily have been him. He says the job has been fun, Johnny is easy to work with, and he loves the money, but he is also fond of breathing. He tells Johnny that if he tries retaliating against Sonny, he will quit.

Lucky and Sonny go into Sonny’s office at Pozzulo’s and Sonny says he already gave his statement. Lucky recalls that he was a young kid when Lily died starting Sonny’s car outside of Luke’s club. He says he remembers how guilty Sonny felt because the bomb was meant for him. Sonny says he doesn’t need Lucky’s sympathy. Lucky says he saw how deeply Sonny grieved when he lost his wife and the baby she was carrying, which is why it is so hard for him to imagine Sonny using a car bomb under any circumstances, even to get Johnny out of Kristina’s life. Sonny says he thanks God for keeping Kristina alive and safe. Lucky wonders how far Sonny will go to keep her that way.

At Maxie and Lulu’s apartment, Maxie holds up a red sleeveless dress and asks Lulu if she thinks it makes her look like she is trying too hard. Lulu says Maxie doesn’t have to try at all because Kate is on a flight to Japan. She tells her to pick something so they can go. Maxie scoffs that she doesn’t have to try to impress Kate because she already knows she has good taste. She reveals that she will be working home today and gives Lulu a list of things to bring back with her. Lulu sits next to Maxie and tells her that she would be freaking out too if Franco had sent her dozens of roses but that she doubts he will show up at Crimson and even if he did there are undercover officers posing as guests at the Metro Court. Lulu says she doesn’t think Maxie has anything to worry about. Maxie says her non-marriage is falling apart. She says Spinelli could barely dressed when Jason was in prison, and now that Jason is out, Spinelli has bounced back but still isn’t paying attention to her so she thinks drastic measures are necessary. Lulu concludes by Maxie’s dress that this will involve Matt. Maxie reveals that she invited both Matt and Spinelli over and she plans to forget to close the door when Matt gets there so when Spinelli arrives, he will see Matt kissing her and rush in to stake his claim. Then she and Spinelli will be happy again. Lulu tells her that the alternative outcome is that both men get sick of her games and she will lose them both.

At General Hospital, Lisa tells Robin that Patrick kept himself busy while she was gone. Patrick says Robin doesn’t need to hear about all his surgeries. Lisa asks him what about all the crazy ways he has been acting out. Steve comes up, welcomes Robin back, and asks her how Africa was. She tells him that it put things into perspective and made her realize how lucky she is to have treatment options. She says they have clinics but it is difficult to get basic health care, let alone anti-retroviral drugs. She says she is thinking of putting together a presentation to help raise awareness and invite staff and major donors of Stone’s wing. Lisa says it sounds like a great idea and that she would love to help. Steve says they all would and suggests that perhaps Robin might be willing to reciprocate by giving him a consultation on a few cases he is working on. He says he hopes Robin is ready to jump back in. Robin says Lisa has been catching her up on everything she has missed. Lisa says she was telling Robin about how impossible Patrick has been while she was gone. Steve says, “No comment.” Lisa says Patrick constantly talked about Robin. Robin says Patrick couldn’t have been off his game. Lisa says there were no problems with Patrick’s performance. Patrick squirms. Lisa tells him to tell Robin about Shirley. Robin remembers that Shirley is the cancer patient. Lisa tells her that Shirley’s cancer spread to her brain and because of Patrick, she is still alive. She says Patrick has definitely not lost his touch. Steve tells him that he hates to break it up, but they have patients to attend. He tells Robin to find him when she is settled. He asks Lisa if he can talk to her for a second and the two of them leave. Robin tells Patrick that it is nice to know she was missed. She hugs him. He kisses the top of her head and hugs her back.

In Sonny’s office, he tells Lucky that he carries his wife and child’s deaths with him every day. Lucky says some might say that her death was an inevitable byproduct of the business he is in. Sonny says being a cop puts everyone Lucky loves in danger too. Lucky says he is just trying to keep any more innocent people from becoming casualties. Sonny says they are on the same side. He says he will do whatever he can to keep his family safe and protect them from people who try to use them to get to him the way Johnny Zacchara is using Kristina. Sonny asks Lucky what he would do if he knew a grown man was playing sick mind games with his teenage daughter. Sonny says Johnny is a target for the Lopez brothers and they will do whatever they can to take out who they want. He adds that their signature is car bombing. He says his daughter is in danger anytime that she is with Johnny so he will do whatever he can as her father to keep her safe. Lucky says he understands that but that this feels different because Johnny only cares about seeing Sonny pay for Claudia’s death and that makes the war between them personal. Sonny confirms that it is personal. Lucky tells him that Kristina isn’t the only one in danger; everyone he cares about could become a casualty. Sonny says he won’t let that happen.

At Johnny’s penthouse, Ethan says he loves adventure, but car bombs are very different from cliff diving. He says if Johnny wants to pay him to dodge a few bullets, that is ok but he doesn’t want to have his insides splattered all over some garage. Johnny says car bombs are quick and painless compared to bullets. Ethan says he’d rather not have to choose a quick death or a painful one; he’d rather choose not dying. He says Johnny has a good thing going; he has a nice place, a beautiful woman, and enough money to make her happy. He says that is a lot more that what he has going on so Johnny shouldn’t push it. Johnny asks him if this is about a raise, but Ethan tells him it is about surviving long enough to spend what he has in his pocket. Ethan says if Johnny tries to retaliate, Sonny will come after him, and innocent people like Kristina or him will get hurt. He says it didn’t happen this time and it might not happen next time but eventually someone will get hurt. He says it is a vicious cycle of violence and he hopes someone will have the good sense to call it off or he will have to go back to playing sleight-of-hand at the Haunted Star. Johnny offers to double his pay. Ethan repeats that it isn’t a fighter. Johnny mocks Ethan with a bad Australian accent as he says it is about being a lover, not a fighter, Mate. Ethan says it is about surviving and that isn’t easy on his Haunted Star income. He asks Johnny not to do this to him. Johnny tells him that he isn’t planning a retaliation and that the gravy train is up and running and ready to leave the station. Ethan asks what the catch is, and Johnny says there is no catch. Ethan asks Johnny if he expects him to believe that he is going to give Sonny a free pass after he tried to kill him. He asks what Johnny is really planning to do.

At General Hospital, Steve tells Lisa that he is reminding her about professional conduct in the hospital. Lisa stops touching Steve’s stethoscope that is hanging around his neck and says she is sorry. He asks her if she is sorry about lying to him or about flaunting it in Robin’s face. He tells her he guesses she wasn’t alone when she went home to watch the race last night. He says he doesn’t need to know if she slept with Patrick because he doesn’t want to have to tell Robin. He says Lisa isn’t being subtle and Patrick looks guilty so Robin will figure it out. She says she never saw him as the paranoid type. He says she obviously saw him as stupid. He tells her that he knows he was a means to get Patrick to pay attention to her. He says he didn’t like those games when he was in high school and he certainly doesn’t like them now. He tells her that it is her business if she wants to ruin her personal life, but if it starts affecting patient care, they will have a conversation about her place at General Hospital.

Nikolas and Elizabeth go into Shirley’s room and find her awake and having breakfast. Elizabeth asks her what all of that is. Shirley says it is a sample of everything from the Metro Court Restaurant. She thanks Nikolas. Nikolas says he didn’t order it. Shirley says she knows; she charged it to him because she figured if he would pay for his surgery, he wouldn’t mind springing for breakfast.

In Sonny’s office, he tells Lucky that pinning the car bomb on him would be convenient for the cops and for Johnny. He says that if they put him away, the violence will get worse. He says Lucky is painting him as the bad guy, but if he takes Sonny out of the equation, Port Charles is in big trouble. He says all the families will come down on Johnny, the peace that he brokered will unravel, and they will have a huge war to deal with. Lucky says he is just saying Sonny is getting emotionally involved and that always leads to more violence. Sonny says Johnny is provoking. Lucky tells Sonny that he should let the cops handle Johnny or he will end up being the one that they bust. He tells him that Dante is still itching at the chance to take him down and asks if he wants to make it easy. Sonny asks him why he cares. Lucky says he cares about the innocent lives that could be lost if Sonny doesn’t let go of his grudge with Johnny. He says he doesn’t want Kristina or Michael to be hurt. Sonny says he doesn’t want that either, but it isn’t Lucky’s problem. He tells him that he appreciates his concern. Lucky leaves.

At Johnny’s penthouse, Johnny tells Ethan that Sonny is expecting him to hit back but he is going to make him wait. Ethan says that isn’t much of a plan because sitting around won’t solve anything or relieve the tension. Johnny tells him that Sonny likes to be in control and if Johnny throws off the pace of the game, it will throw Sonny off and he will do something stupid. Ethan concludes that they are targets until Sonny is dead or they are. He says his personal security level is orange so he will need a little green to level it out. Johnny laughs and says he thought it wasn’t about the money. Ethan says it isn’t about the money but he is a marked man and a little green would help his grieving family when he is gone. Johnny says Ethan means his gambling father. Ethan tells him that is how Spencers grieve. He tells Johnny that as a gambler he can tell him that luck runs out. He says it is remarkable that Johnny has dodged Sonny as well as he has, but eventually the Law of Averages will take over and Johnny will end up dead.

Later, Johnny opens his door to Olivia. She says she needed to see with her own eyes that he is ok because he has a skill for understatement, especially about his safety. He asks her if they have to go there now. She tells him that she remembers when he asked her to move into the penthouse with him and said it would be a shame to let the gourmet kitchen go to waste without someone who knows how to use it. He recalls that she said she didn’t want all those fancy things but says it appears that she didn’t want him. She says he knows that isn’t true; she was trying to make room in his life for some girl that would want to settle down and have babies with him but as it turns out, he isn’t going to live that long. He says he is there now and he kisses her. They start ripping each other’s clothes off.

Lucky returns to the police station and tells Claire that he talked to Sonny. She asks him what his impression was. He tells her that he was just a kid when Sonny’s first wife died but he could see how it affected him. He says losing Lily and the baby that she was carrying destroyed Sonny and he almost didn’t recover from it. He says that an hour ago he would have sworn that Sonny would never use a car bomb under any circumstances but now he thinks he did it.

Kristina goes into Sonny’s office at Pozzulo’s and demands to know what he wants. Sonny gently asks her how she is doing, how her injured arm is, and if she is ok. She tells him that Johnny’s car blew up and if Johnny hadn’t pulled her out of the way, her mother would be making funeral arrangements. Sonny tells her that Johnny has a lot of enemies and any of them could have planted the bomb. She tells him that he can deny all he wants but she will never believe him. She says she isn’t staying away from Johnny because he told her to but he still wins; she is staying away from Johnny because she doesn’t want him to die. She concludes that it doesn’t matter why as long as he gets what he wants. She tells him if ever hurts Johnny, he will never see her again. She spins on her heels and heads toward the door. Sonny tells her that they aren’t finished until he says they are. She turns and glares at him.

Maxie is at her apartment wearing her red dress talking to Spinelli on the phone. She asks him where he is. She says she misses him and it drives her crazy when she wants to see him and she can’t. Someone knocks on the door so she asks Spinelli to hurry and she hangs up. She hobbles over to answer the door and when she sees Matt standing there, she observes that he is early and tells him that either he is desperate or too eager to see her. He says he was raised right and taught not to keep a beautiful woman waiting. She tells him that she still has to work on the beautiful part and invites him to sit down and make himself comfortable. He observes that she looks like she has been ready for a while so she is either interested or desperate for company. She tells him she is only interested in him to help her ignite Spinelli’s inner fire. Matt concludes that Maxie will do anything to avoid talking about her feelings for him. She tells him that she doesn’t have feelings for her but if he insists on wasting his time sweeping her off her feet, it is his problem. He kisses her and she responds. Spinelli arrives and witnesses the mutual kiss through the open door. Lulu comes up behind him and sees Matt and Maxie kissing too. Spinelli gives her the two thumbs up hand sign and walks off. Matt asks Maxie if she is still trying to convince herself that she doesn’t have feelings for him. She says she doesn’t. He asks her why her cheeks are the same color as her dress and she tells him it is because he sucked the air out of her lungs when he pulled her into that kiss that wasn’t part of the plan. He tells her she enjoyed the kiss and she denies it. Lulu says from the doorway that she could see from there that Maxie enjoyed it.

At General Hospital, Lisa tells Robin that she meant it when she offered to help with the presentation. Robin says she will take all the help she can get. When Lisa walks away, Patrick stops her and tells her that they need to talk. He tells her to meet him in the locker room after her shift. She says it sounds serious. He tells her not to mess with him and walks away. Carly enters pushing Josselyn in a stroller. Steve says the baby is cute and bends over to coo at her. Carly introduces Josselyn and Steve says she is beautiful and that she got it from her mama. Carly tells him that she will be in big trouble if Josselyn gets anything else from her. Steve says it is good to see her smiling as he has heard a lot has happened. She tells she isn’t surprised that he has heard since every detail of her life has been in the news for months, but she has no idea what is going on in his life. She invites him for lunch to catch up.

In Sonny’s office, he tells Kristina that he has tried to be understanding and compassionate with what she has been going through, but in return, she gives him attitude, mouths off, acts out, lies to his face, and her lies almost got her killed. He says he has been easy on her because he feels guilty but it will end. He tells her that she will learn to respect him and her mother. He says she broke their trust so she will have to deal with the consequences. He tells her that she will have a curfew and that he is cutting off her credit cards. She says that isn’t fair. He tells her he isn’t finished. He tells her that from now on, she will come to his house every Tuesday, they will have dinner together, and she will tell him about her life. He tells her that if she lies, she will lose another privilege. She asks him how long her punishment will last. He laughs out loud and tells her that if she thinks she can do well for a couple of weeks and then go back to doing what she has been doing, she is mistaken. He tells her this is her life now so she should get used to it. She asks him if her mother knows about this. He tells her that he made up these rules because he and her mom both want what is best for her. He tells her it is too bad if she doesn’t like the rules because he is her father and she will do what she is told. He tells her confirm that she understands with respect. She quietly says, “yes, dad; I understand.”

At the police station, Lucky warns Claire that Sonny will not be easy to catch since he has spent most of his life staying a step ahead of people trying to take him down. He asks her what makes her think she will be any different. She reveals that Sonny has been hitting on her. Lucky sighs and puts his hand over his eyes. She says all she needs to do is play along and let Sonny try to seduce her, and she will make the appropriate protest before Sonny wins her over. She says Sonny’s ego will be stroked and she will be in the perfect position to get what she needs from him. Lucky says he has already told her about all the women that tried that and failed. He asks her not to actually fall for Sonny while she is pretending.

In Shirley’s room at General Hospital, Nikolas says he has to go because he promised Spencer he would take him for a ride but that he will come back to check on Shirley later. Elizabeth tells him to have fun and say hi to Spencer for her. Shirley asks Elizabeth if she is sure she doesn’t want any of the food since she is eating for two. Elizabeth declines. Shirley says she didn’t have that kind of willpower when she was pregnant. Elizabeth observes that Shirley never mentioned having children before. Shirley says that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Elizabeth asks her if she wants her to notify them. Shirley concludes that Elizabeth means if she kicks the bucket. Elizabeth says to handle her affairs. Shirley says her affairs were a lot like Elizabeth’s so she doesn’t bring them up.

At Maxie and Lulu’s apartment, Maxie tells Lulu that Matt is a semi-good kisser but that it was wasted because Spinelli didn’t show up. Lulu tells her that Spinelli was there when she came home. Maxie asks her how Spinelli seemed and Lulu asks her why it matters; it’s is a bad idea. Maxie agrees that it is time for a reality check.

In Shirley’s hospital room, Shirley says her first love was a good-looking young man named Ralph and they were supposed to be together forever but life parted them and she eventually married Ralph’s best friend Leonard and they had two children. She tells him that one day Ralph came back to town and their feelings did too. She says she had never stopped loving Ralph and always felt cheated out of the life they were supposed to have so she left her family to be with him. She tells her that Ralph died a few years ago and then when she was diagnosed with cancer she knew it wouldn’t be long before she would be with Ralph again. She says the other side of that is that you have a lot if time to think about your life and your choices when you are sick. She admits that her actions tore her family apart. Elizabeth asks her what she would do if she could go back. Shirley says she doesn’t think she would pass up the opportunity to be with Ralph if she could go back. She says that might not be the right answer, but it is the way she feels. She says that most of the time she can forgive herself for leaving her children but they couldn’t forgive her so she isn’t part of their lives.

Jax and Skye enter the Metro Court restaurant. Jax tells her that he did some digging into Alcazar’s accounts but there wasn’t much of a paper trail. He asks her if he was hiding the money from her. She asks him if that matters, she needs the money. He says he will keep trying. Skye spots Carly across the room and takes both of Jax’s hands into hers. Carly comes charging over and tells Jax that the pediatrician said Josselyn is perfect. He says he knew she would be and that he is glad to see that Carly is ok. He tells her he didn’t think she would come to work today after her encounter with Franco. Skye says that must have been terrifying. Carly doubts that she will sleep well until Franco is caught. Jax tells her that calling the police was the right thing to go. He offers to take Josselyn to her next appointment, but Carly says she doesn’t mind. She says it gave her a chance to catch up with an old friend. She looks across the room, announces that her date is there, tells Jax and Skye to enjoy their mean, and walks away. Skye tells Jax that this is progress.

At Johnny’s penthouse, Olivia gets dressed while Johnny lies on the couch and asks her if she knows why he bought that penthouse. She says it was so he could have a clear view of Jason’s place. Johnny says keeping an eye on the competition was just an afterthought; the kitchen sold him. She asks him if he is angling for her to make a sandwich before she goes. He tells her that anything short of her Aunt Theresa’s tortellini would be an insult to every appliance in the place. She asks him if he is suggesting that she whip up some tortellini from the stale crackers and beer. He tells her that she has always been a master at whipping up something out of nothing. She asks him if the thing between them is an attempt to make something out of nothing. He tells her she knows it is more than just a thing. She tells him that that is why she has to walk away. He says she has walked away before. She says she has come back enough times to know that he isn’t going to change. He asks her if she loves him and she says she loves him too much to watch him die. She tells him that the path he is on with Sonny is crazy and she can’t be part of it. He notices that she always says he will be the one that dies. She tells him it doesn’t matter which one of them dies first. She says if he kills Sonny, someone else will challenge him. She says he will always have to look over his shoulder and she can’t spend her life staring at the door terrified that he will never walk through it again. She tells him that she will always love him but she is done. She gets up, grabs her purse, and leaves with her blouse still unbuttoned.

Claire comes into Pozzulo’s; Conan seats her, offers a bottle of wine, and begins telling her today’s seafood choices. Sonny comes out of his office and Claire says she was about to send in a message asking him to join her. Sonny is still and silent. Conan puts the menu and wine on the table and scurries into the kitchen. Sonny demands to know what Claire wants. She says she wants to apologize.

In the locker-room at General Hospital, Patrick tells Lisa that what happened last night was a mistake. She concludes to him that he feels guilty now that his wife is back. He tells her that as far as Robin is concerned, nothing happened and he wants to keep it that way. She tells him not to worry; his secret is safe with her. Robin enters the locker-room.

Elizabeth goes to the police station looking for Lucky. The officer attending the desk invites her to have a seat while he checks to see if Lucky is available. Just when she sits down, she notices Lucky going toward his office so she gets up to follow. When Lucky opens the door, Maxie is waiting inside. She grabs him and kisses him.

At their table at the Metro Court restaurant, Skye instructs Jax to stop staring at Carly or she will know that it is a charade. Jax says he can’t help it because Steve and Carly have dated in the past and he is sure Steve wanted it to be more. Skye concludes that Jax thinks Carly found this to be an opportune time to become reacquainted with Steve. Jax asks Skye to explain to him why he shouldn’t care that his wife is on a date with another man. Skye tells him that seeing them together is getting to Carly and she wonders where all the insecurity is coming from. He tells her that he had everything wanted and the thought of losing his family… Skye assures him that he won’t lose them because she will help him get them back. At another table, Steve asks Carly how he can sweep her off her feet when he can’t even keep her attention. She tells him it isn’t what he thinks. He says she is using him to make her husband jealous. She concedes that she used to be better at covering. He tells her that love will do that to you and that if you wear your heart on your sleeve long enough, you will forget it is out there. He tells her that it is obvious that she still loves Jax. She tells him that doesn’t mean Jax couldn’t use a little reminder of what he stands to lose.

In Pozzulo’s, Claire tells Sonny that sending him to prison would have made her career. She says she won’t apologize for being ambitious but she realizes that she may have let her ambition cloud her judgment and that hurt his children. She tells him that she is sorry for that. Sonny says that won’t stop her from trying to pin Johnny’s car bombing on him. She says she just came from the PCPD and it is more likely that the Lopez brothers wired the car to explode so it appears that Sonny is off the hook. He concludes that that must not sit well with her. She tells him that he has seen for herself how far Sonny will go to protect his children. She says it must have been excruciating for Sonny to show up at Johnny’s looking for Kristina and witness an explosion that could have killed her in the same manner that his first wife died. She tells him she is sorry if her accusations added to her pain. Sonny finally sits down across from her and tells her that he appreciates her honesty and that he may have been wrong about her.

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