GH Update Wednesday 7/7/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/7/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick is very surprised that Robin is home early. He holds the baby while she explains that she missed them. They tell each other how much they love each other. Robin confides that she was afraid that when she was away, Emma would forget her. They both agree that was silly. Robin wonders why he is so quiet and wants to know what's going on. He assures her that nothing is going on. Robin thinks he is tense because of the argument they had before she left. She apologizes. He tells her that he is the one that should be asking for forgiveness. She wonders why. He is sorry for acting selfish before she left. They discuss it some more. She talks about how great her trip was, how fulfilling it was. She is very glad to be home and promises never to take them for granted again. They kiss. They lie on the couch together. Robin tells Patrick how much she thinks about him and other nice things. Of course this makes him feel guiltier. He tells her that he loves her and will never stop loving her. He wants to keep what they have forever.

At Jason's penthouse, Maxie explains to Dante, Jason, and Spinelli about seeing Franco. She is still very upset as she tells them about the roses and wonders what he wants. Spinelli is a little hurt that she didn't call him, but she points out that she came right there. They question her, and she tells them what Franco said and did. They wonder what it meant. Spinelli berates himself for not protecting Maxie. Dante assures him that it was not his fault. It's then Maxie's turn to put herself down for letting Franco in the first time around. Dante is not sure what she's referring to, but Maxie won't tell him the sordid details. Jason assures both Maxie and Spinelli that Franco could have picked anyone to get to him. It's his job to finish this. Spinelli does some investigative work on the computer while they keep wondering about the roses and other clues. They are surprised when Maxie mentions that Franco asked whether she and Spinelli were still together. Dante suggests giving Maxie a ride home. She wants to stay with Spinelli, but he insists that she go with Dante. She looks uncertain but goes. Spinelli keeps blaming himself. He and Jason go back to work on the computer. They see camera footage of Franco outside the Crimson office, but it doesn't help them. They go over the evidence they have thus far, knowing that Franco is leaving clues.

Dante is reluctant to go inside Maxie's place and tell Lulu the bad news about Franco. Maxie and he go in, anyway. Lulu and Dante kiss. They fill Lulu in on what happened with Franco and Maxie. Maxie downplays the danger, but Lulu is pretty freaked out. Maxie hopes that Jason finds Franco soon and kills him. She goes off to take a bubble bath. Lulu credits Dante for predicting that Franco would come out of hiding once Jason was released. She is very worried about all of them.

Franco visits his mom, who is concerned because the police were there. He asks what she told them, so she tells him that she just pretended not to know what they were talking about. She wants to know if all of the terrible things people say about him are true. He looks at her and smiles but doesn't answer. He guesses that Jason and Dante were there. She asks him again about what they said. He admits that he is obsessed with death - it's the subject of his work. She worries about him, but he assures her that he's fine as he eats a sandwich. He tells her that he just gets more public scrutiny because of being famous. That's why he films everything because the camera never lies. She thanks him for not bringing a camera crew tonight because she didn't have time to fix her hair. He laughs and tells her she looks fine. He doesn't think the police will bother again. She assures him that she knows how behave if they do. He assures her that this will all be over soon. She wonders what he means. He tells her that they are at the culmination of everything he's been working for. She smiles, happy for him. He agrees that it's a dream come true. She mentions his childhood and worries that she didn't give him enough attention when he was growing up. He jokes that he had a dysfunctional childhood. She reminds him that he used to do graffiti but didn't call it art until he got caught. He stands up and puts on his jacket as he laughs that he didn't know it was so easy to just make it art because he said it was. She worries some more and hugs him. They tell each other, "I love you". He pats her on the head lovingly.

At Sonny's house, Alexis wants to know if Sonny put the bomb in Johnny's car. Michael is there, too. Sonny declares that the bomb is exactly why he wanted to keep Johnny away from Kristina. When she demands an answer, Sonny replies that he didn't. She wants to speak to Sonny alone, but he insists that Michael stay. Sonny points out that Alexis blames him for everything, and this is what Kristina does, too. Alexis narrows her eyes and questions him about how he behaved earlier this evening. Sonny deflects her questions with more denials, and he again accuses the Lopez Brothers. Sonny tells her that they have to make sure Kristina doesn't almost die again like she did tonight. Alexis apologizes to Alexis for everything that has happened to him. She whispers to Sonny that she doesn't want that to happen to Kristina. She storms out. Sonny asks Michael if he understands why he had to lie tonight. Sonny explains that he doesn't like lying to people he loves, but sometimes he has to. He says quietly to Michael that no one can find out that he tried to have Johnny killed. Michael agrees that it would destroy Kristina and that Alexis would make sure Sonny never saw Kristina again. Sonny rants and raves about what Johnny has done and why he tried to take him out. He says that someday Michael will be a father and understand. Michael assures him that he gets it and won't say anything.

Later, Sonny is alone. He's holding a glass, but his hand is shaking badly. He throws it against the wall. Just then, Claire walks in and asks if he's feeling lousy for nearly murdering his daughter. They argue, and again Sonny makes denials. He tells her that he's angry at himself for a lot of reasons, and at her for what Johnny said on the witness stand. That caused Kristina to start hanging out with him. Claire wonders how he is able to do that - start out taking responsibility, then make her the scapegoat. She declares, "No wonder Kristina doesn't trust you". He admits that he does take responsibility because his life has exposed his kids to hell. He maintains that the real problem is Johnny, though. She admires his act, even though she doesn't believe him. He keeps saying that he didn't do it. He also taunts her, saying she'll never find proof otherwise.

At the Metro Court, Skye asks Jax to kiss her, so he does. They are trying to make Carly jealous. They kiss a long while before Carly comes over and says hello. Skye admires the hotel's new design. Carly asks Jax to pick up Morgan at a different time, and he agrees. Then Carly walks away. Jax worries that the kiss will make Carly think that he's given up on their marriage, but Skye assures him that Carly is very unhappy about their kiss.

Olivia chats with Carly about hotel business. Carly chews her out, so Olivia wonders if Carly is treating her this way because of Skye. Later, Jax confers with Carly about the adoption court date he got for Morgan. He tells her that the lawyer said she can back out up until the court date. She tells him that she doesn't want to back out. He is happy to make it official. She asks him if he got the divorce papers, too. Later, Carly and Jax are left alone. Jax learns from one of their staff that there is spare tiramisu left for Carly. Carly smiles and admits that she still can't resist it. Jax jokes that he knows she has no willpower. They both go to leave. Jax assures her that the lawyers will have no problem with an uncontested divorce. She asks if he will be glad to have this all behind him. He replies that he just wants what she wants. Her mouth falls open as if to say something. He leaves, saying he'll be in touch. Carly turns off the lights and goes to leave, but Franco surprises her. He just stands there and says, "It's me again".

Carly just looks at Franco warily. Franco asks her if she wants to sit down. As usual, he talks just like they are having a normal conversation. He walks toward her casually, saying that he wants to apologize for scaring her. He assures her that he would never hurt her family, especially Josslyn. He calls Josslyn an "American beauty", like the rose. She warns him that if he hurt her family, she will kill him. He says that they are all so connected. She gets worried when he mentions Michael. He says that cons talk, and that it seems her oldest was quite the prize in prison. Carly looks at him blankly. He gets close to her and says, "Thank God that he's out now and everyone's home safe.

Alexis goes back to the hospital, where she is greeted by Sam and Molly. Molly wonders where she went, so Alexis lies that she went to see if they had any information at the police station about the bomb. Kristina is nearby in a wheelchair and tells her mom that she's sorry. Alexis says it's okay, as long as she's safe. She adds that there needs to be no more trouble. They hug. Molly promises never to keep another secret. Mac comes up and asks how Kristina and Alexis are doing. Alexis is very relieved and grateful. Mac wants to question Kristina. Sam tries to delay that, but Kristina insists on answering. Mac questions her about what happened before the bomb went off. Mac asks if Johnny ever mentioned his business in front of Kristina, which annoys Alexis. Mac asks if he ever mentioned Lopez or Trujillo. Kristina says she never heard anything, but the only person she knows that would like to see Johnny dead is her father. She tells Mac that she saw Sonny threaten Johnny. He asks her to walk her through the accident, but she maintains that it wasn't an accident. She doesn't remember whether she saw Sonny there before the explosion or not. She is upset as she recounts the details, and the others get upset about listening to it, too.

Johnny phones Olivia to tell him that Sonny tried to kill him.

Back at home, Alexis makes sure that Kristina knows that something like this can't happen again. Kristina wonders why no one cares that Sonny tried to kill Johnny. Molly reminds her that Alexis told them in the car that Sonny didn't do it. Kristina doesn't believe him and can't figure out why they do, either. Sam takes Molly out of the room to get food. Alexis lays down the law, saying that Kristina is not ever allowed to see Johnny again. Kristina thinks she is trying to make her think that Sonny is innocent. Alexis tries to keep the subject to Johnny. There is a knock, so Alexis calls for the person to come in. It's Johnny. Alexis orders him out. Johnny wants to apologize for what happened and promises not to see Kristina again. Kristina still wants to see Johnny. Alexis leaves them alone at Johnny's request. They sit down. Johnny tells her that a lot of people might want to kill him. He asks her if she wants to die, so she replies, "of course not". He is glad to hear it and says she can still get on the right track. He explains to her why it's too dangerous for them to be friends. Alexis listens nearby. He urges her to work things out with her father. He reminds her that they had already agreed to stay apart before the explosion. She reluctantly agrees.

Olivia goes to see Sonny to ask him if he put the bomb in Johnny's car. He is sick of talking about it. Olivia wants to believe him. Sonny says that because of what Olivia said, he understands now about Johnny and Kristina not really being a couple. She is suspicious that he gave up too easily. She begs him not to lie to her. Sonny doesn't say anything. Olivia reminds him about the time he shot Dante. They argue about that again, and about her not telling him that Dante was his son. She also remembers wondering how she could despise someone that she once cared for. Then she saw how much he suffered, and she thought maybe he would learn a lesson and figure out how wrong it would be to put a bomb in Johnny's car. She demands the truth again. He swears on Dante's life that he didn't do it. She thanks him, relieved.

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