GH Update Tuesday 7/6/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/6/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

Patrick and Lisa undress each other passionately at her place and have sex.  Patrick regrets it afterwards, when they are both dressed. He says it's not fair to her, he's acting like an ass, and he doesn't know why he keeps acting this way. He loves Robin and their baby.  Lisa assures him that he is not risking them. She knows that this is not the end of the world.  She reminds him that they used protection.  Patrick suddenly says he has to leave, and he rushes out.

Dante and Jason go see Franco's mother, Karen, who has changed her name and moved.  She denies having a son or being the woman that they think she is.  Either she is completely crazy, or putting on an act (like Franco, it's hard to tell).  She asks them if they want tea. Jason turns it down, but Dante accepts it.  He tells her that he knows that she was a single mom raising her son in Bensonhurst, and that he went to jail for armed robbery, was then released and rose to acclaim as the artist Franco.  He knows that Franco's mom changed her name and moved away. That's her business, and they don't want to interfere with that. They just want to know if she's had any contact with her son lately.  She continues to maintain that she is not the person they are looking for. Dante tells her that they are hoping Franco will come visit his mother. He asks Jason if he ever heard Franco mention his mother.  Jason admits that he never saw any evidence of Franco's family or heard him talk about them.  All they saw were crime scene photos because Franco is obsessed with death.  She thinks that he saws like he's not a very nice artist, although perhaps misunderstood. She hopes he finds peace in this world.  They leave, figuring that they have the wrong woman.

Dante is not happy about what happened because he doesn't want to just wait for Franco to act. They review what little evidence they have. Dante worries about why Franco left photos of Josslyn. He decides they should head back to the police station.

Meanwhile, Franco drops by the Crimson offices to see Maxie, who is freaked out. He has had many roses delivered to the offices, which she thought were from Matt.  He does what he always does - talks like things are very normal, even though they aren't.  She looks scared.  He notices that she cut her hair and admires the arrangements of the other roses he sent. He likes the number 66, so that's why he sent her 66 roses. She asks what he wants.  He reminds her that they shared something special, and he hopes she hasn't forgotten. She says quickly that she hasn't. He knows that she wants to be loyal to her boyfriend, which he respects. He sent her the roses to make up for any trouble he may have caused between them.  He asks her what Spinelli's name was, and she tells him, so he asks if they are still together. She says honestly that they are on and off again. He catches her dialing her phone, and he hopes she wasn't calling the police, or Jason. She says that she was making a dinner date for her boss, but he knows that she is lying. He tells her to be honest with him because they were intimate.  He asks why she doesn't trust him and why she is so distant.  She reminds him that he sent her a crime scene photo of a blonde corpse.  He smiles at her in his creepy way.  He points out that it was a gift of his art, and that his art is selling better than ever so it was very valuable. She is not really interested in hearing what he has to say about art, but he goes on and on about it, anyway. He talks about death and art.  She keeps trying to reach for the phone. He grabs her hand and asks her if she'll do a favor for him. She doesn't want to.  He slowly kisses her hand and then asks her to say hi to Jason for him.  Then he leaves, and Maxie breathes heavily, looking upset.

As Johnny and Kristina walk to his car, he tells her that she'll soon be over their "break-up". She laughs and says that it probably went a little too far anyway.  She apologizes if she caused any trouble with Olivia. He assures her that they will work it out. She makes sure that they can still stay friends, and he agrees. He pushes the key on his car, and there is a big explosion.  Sonny comes running in just then and screams Kristina's name.  (All of this we saw on Friday)  There are lots of flames.  Johnny survives and yells at Sonny while he's still recovering on the ground.  Sonny tries to revive Kristina.  She wakes up and says, "Dad?"  Both she and Johnny are coughing.  Paramedics help Kristina, strapping her on a gurney. Johnny, standing now, accuses Sonny of planting a bomb, but he denies it. He says that Johnny has a lot of enemies.  Sonny wants to ride with Kristina in the ambulance, but she doesn't want him there. Also, the police restrain Sonny for questioning. He resists, but they are armed.

At the scene of the explosion, Mac and Ronnie question Sonny, who is anxious to go see Kristina in the hospital. Sonny explains to Mac why he was there - how they were at dinner and Kristina left to meet up with Johnny, so he went to save her from "that twisted freak". Mac tells him what the police heard Johnny accuse him of. Sonny acts disgusted, saying that Johnny would accuse him of all sorts of things.  Mac is not so sure that it's a lie. Sonny points out to Mac that he knows him and asks if it's his style to plant a car bomb.  Sonny suggests it could be some of the other people that don't like Johnny, such as the Lopez brothers.  Ronnie doesn't believe him, of course. Sonny maintains his innocence.

Jax meets Skye for dinner at Metro Court. She asks him if he's had any luck yet finding Alcazar's hidden assets. He assures her that he's on the trail. He tells her that he has Morgan's adoption papers, ready to sign.  Skye admires how much he loves the boy. However, he also has divorce papers that he's not so eager to sign. He explains to Skye how his marriage fell apart.  He can't imagine life without Carly. Skye is surprised to see him this way. She can tell it's different than with his other divorces.  Skye wonders why Jax is still pining after Carly when she will clearly always prefer Sonny. Jax argues that's not true ever since Michael went to jail. He knows this because she is letting him adopt Morgan.  Skye also points out that Jason will also always be in Carly's life, even if Sonny isn't. Jax apologizes for making their dinner all about his life.  She sees Carly and tells Jax to kiss her right now if he wants to get Carly back in his life.

Epiphany is surprised to see Patrick at the hospital so late. She accuses him of something, and for a moment he thinks that she somehow knows about the sex, but she just could tell that he'd been out drinking.  Patrick was there to check on Shirley.  Patrick and Steve look at Kristina as she is wheeled in.  They question her about the explosion. She is thrilled that Johnny pulled her out of the way, saving her life.  They question Johnny, too, about how long she was unconscious.

Alexis tries to phone Sonny and leaves a message. She is worried that she can't get hold of either Kristina or Sonny.  Molly and Sam give their opinions about the situation.  As usual, Molly sees it like a romantic novel. Sam worries about it and suggests that maybe Alexis go over there.  Alexis wants to let them work it out.  Michael is also there.  They discuss how Sonny wanted to repair his relationship with Kristina at the dinner.  Alexis asks Michael if he knows anything about Kristina and Johnny. Michael doesn't know much. They discuss why Kristina likes Johnny and trust him.  Michael worries that Kristina is in the middle of the mob war. They argue about it a little. Epiphany phones Alexis to let her know about Kristina being in the hospital. Alexis lets out an exclamation when she hears the news, and she looks upset.

Maxie goes to see Spinelli, wondering where Jason and Dante are.  She looks like she's still in shock over Franco's visit.  Spinelli tells her that he's been tracking Franco. He suggests they have the romantic reunion that she suggested earlier. She puts him off anxiously.  Spinelli wants to drag out the search for Franco, so that Jason can have as much time out of jail as possible. She tells him suddenly that he can't do that.  Maxie points out that it's more important for Franco to be caught.  She suggests they plan for Jason to escape after he helps catch Franco, so they can't send him back to jail. Spinelli worries that Michael might need Jason.  He tries to allay Maxie's fears of Franco.  Dante and Jason arrive and explain what happened. Maxie blurts out that she just saw Franco. They all look at her, shocked.

Sonny and Alexis arrive at the ER, concerned about Kristina. Patrick filles them in, saying that she is stable. He says that Steve is doing tests on her, and that Johnny is with her. They want to see her, but Alexis doesn't think Sonny should. He begs her not to shut him out of Kristina's life again.  Alexis asks Patrick some more questions, then she goes in and yells at Johnny for not staying away from her daughter.  She smacks his face, hard, too.  Sam tries to calm her down.  Johnny tells her kindly that he would leave, but he promised Kristina that he wouldn't leave her side.

Steve and Patrick chat about Shirley, and then Lisa arrives. Things are a little awkward, at least for Patrick.  Lisa covers for them both in a nonchalant way.  Both Patrick and Lisa leave after that, going in different directions.  Steve tells Alexis and her family (and Johnny) that Kristina looks fine. She will be released after her CAT scan.  They are all relieved. Alexis leaves Sam to watch Molly and Kristina while she goes to do something.

Mac and Ronnie discuss the car bomb. Mac doesn't think that Sonny would plant a bomb after what happened to Lily.  Ronnie is not so sure.

Sonny, upset, tells Max about what happened. Sonny tells Max to make sure he has an alibi. Max assures him that the bomb can't be traced back to them. Sonny also mentions that they are going to have to get one of the Lopez brothers to take the fall for it. Michael overhears them and then steps forward to tell them that he heard. Sonny doesn't deny it but wants to explain. Before he can, Alexis barges in and demands to know if Sonny planted the bomb.

Patrick goes home and finds Robin waiting for him. She surprises him and says that she missed him.  They kiss.

Franco goes to visit his mother, with herbs that she likes. They hug.  She sighs and asks what he's done now.

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