GH Update Friday 7/2/10

General Hospital Update Friday 7/2/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny, Michael and Sam are at Alexis’s lake house for dinner. Molly tells them about an interactive three-dimensional project that they did in science camp where they had to determine the direction that a rat would go in a maze. Sam says it sounds fun. Michael says it reminds him of the common area at Pentonville because that was like a maze. He says everything looked the same and it had doors and hallways that no one could go through. He says there were plenty of rats there too. Sonny assures Michael that he will never have to worry about that again. Michael tells him that it is great to be free. Alexis enters the room and Michael tells her that the dinner she is cooking smells fantastic. Sonny asks if anyone has noticed that it has been a long time since Kristina went to her room. He wonders if she will be joining them.

At Johnny’s penthouse, he pours wine for Olivia and himself. He gives her a glass, sits on the sofa next to her, and toasts to them always finding their way back to each other and to never running out of ideas. She tells him that she is there with good news; she talked to Sonny today. He asks her if that is her idea of good news, and she says it is because she thinks she convinced him that Johnny and Kristina aren’t having sex. He asks her what she says and she says she told him the truth that Kristina set up the charade to piss him off. She says she thinks Sonny believed her and that he was relieved. Johnny concludes that Olivia is determined to play peacemaker and tells her to stop because it won’t happen. He tells her he doesn’t want her to be caught in the middle because it is too dangerous. Olivia wonders if it isn’t too dangerous for Kristina since she is only 17-years-old. Johnny says he is doing everything he can to get Kristina out of it. He says he even had Ethan sit her down and he hopes Ethan was able to talk some sense into her and get her to drop the whole thing. The doorbell rings. Johnny rolls his eyes, gets up, and goes to the door. When he opens it, Kristina asks him if he has missed her.

In the parking garage of Johnny’s building, Max watches while a demolition man rigs a bomb on Johnny’s car. Max asks the demo man if he is certain that this will be completely clean with no way to trace it back to Mr. C. The demo man says it will blow everything within a 20 foot radius sky high as soon as Johnny hits the unlock button on his keyless entry.

At Jason’s penthouse, Spinelli is sitting at the desk working on his computer. He tells Jason that he has not yet been able to locate Franco, but he believes he has found the one person who most certainly knows where he is. Jason asks him who the woman on the screen is and Spinelli reveals that she is Franco’s mother.

Outside in front of Jason’s building Dante trains his pistol on a man in a hooded jacket. He announces that he is a police officer and tells the man to turn around. The man puts his hands up, begins to turn around slowly, and then runs. Dante pursues.

Lisa and Patrick are at the Metro court bar celebrating their successful surgery on the cancer in Shirley’s brain. They toast to Patrick’s “Amazing surgical talents.” Lisa asks him to identify what he just drank. He tells her it was a perfect sidecar. She says she didn’t think his taste in drinks would have changed since college. He tells her the next round is on him, but she says she owes him drinks for the rest of the night for letting her assist in the OR. He tells her he wouldn’t have been there if it were not for her. She tells him that what he pulled off today really was amazing and most surgeons only wish they could do what Patrick can do with a scalpel. Patrick says, “Like Steve.” She tells him not to push it. Lisa toasts to two surgeons at the top of their game.

At Crimson, Maxie wonders where the purple ankle boots that will be featured in the Park photo shoot. Lulu tells her that they should arrive at any minute and that she asked James to keep an eye out for them. James enters with a box and says it’s not the boots but that it isn’t bad. He gives her the box of roses. When he leaves, Lulu observes that he is cute and that they should set him up with Brook. Maxie laughs. She says the roses are pretty, but there is no card. She concludes that they must be from Matt because he gave her a single rose earlier and she called him cheap. She says it is weird though, because Matt has a huge ego so she doubts that he would send her flowers like those without writing his name all over the box. Lulu asks her if they could be from her actual boyfriend.

At Jason’s penthouse, Spinelli tells him that Robert Frank a.k.a. Franco and his mother are from Stillwell and Avenue X in Brooklyn. Jason observes that that is Bensonhurst. Spinelli says when Franco was briefly in prison his mother changed her name to Karen Anderson and moved to Woodstock in upstate New York. He says Franco and Karen don’t seem to have any personal or financial contact. He says she lives in a one-bedroom cottage and has a part time clerical job. Spinelli observes that Woodstock is close enough to Port Charles to be an operations center for Franco. Jason says he is going to go find out tonight. Spinelli asks him if they have to advise “Dante the Betrayer” of what they found.

Dante chases the man is the hooded jacket into an alley. He catches up to him, grabs him by the jacket, and slams him against a dumpster. When Dante turns the man around, the hood comes off revealing a stranger. Dante demands to know who he is, why he was outside the Harbor View Tower, and why he ran. The man asks Dante not to hurt him. Dante releases him and the man runs away.

At Alexis’s lake house, Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina had to go to an SAT prep class. Sonny says Kristina didn’t tell him about it. He asks how long the class is. Alexis says its 30-45 minutes and Kristina will be right back. Sonny says he thinks they should wait until she gets back before they eat. Alexis tells him that was her plan. She says she has hors d’oeuvres in the kitchen and asks Molly to go get them. Michael goes with Molly. Sam tells Alexis that since they are holding off dinner, she is going to quickly check on a case and come right back. Sam leaves. Sonny tells Alexis that he thought Kristina nailed her SATs already. Alexis says Kristina has a chance to take them again and she wants to do better. She says it is a good thing that Kristina is focusing on her schoolwork and her future. Sonny agrees that that is a good thing but wonders if the only time she could take the class was tonight. Alexis says Kristina already had it planned. Sonny says he is going to go pick Kristina up. Alexis tells him not to do that because if he pushes Kristina, she will just keep pushing back.

At Johnny’s penthouse, Olivia tells Kristina that there is no good reason for her to keep coming over there because her father already knows what is going on. Kristina says she doesn’t know what Olivia is talking about. Olivia says Sonny knows Kristina is lying and pretending to date Johnny to piss him off. Olivia says she knows what it is to be a rebellious teenager, but Kristina is getting herself in the middle of something that she wants no part of. Kristina asks why Olivia is there if it is so dangerous. Before Olivia can answer, Kristina says Olivia is lying to protect Sonny and she thinks she can trick her and Johnny into breaking up but it won’t work. Johnny tells Olivia that he needs to sort a few things out with Kristina if she doesn’t mind.

Lisa and Patrick are sitting at the Metro Court bar telling jokes. Lisa asks Patrick what the difference between God and surgeons is. Patrick gives up. She tells him God doesn’t think he is a surgeon. Patrick says that is probably because he can’t cut it. Lisa says she has come to believe that ego is a necessary part of their job because you have to think that you are the best. Patrick says you have to have confidence that if something goes wrong in the OR you are able to handle it. She says the risk of the unpredictable keeps them going. She say Patrick could easily have given up today when he discovered that Shirley’s cancer was deeper than they thought. Patrick says it is the greatest high that you can get. He tells her that he is glad she was there.

Elizabeth sits next to Shirley in a recovery room. Nikolas comes in and asks how Shirley is. Elizabeth says Shirley’s vitals are strong. Nikolas gets a stool, brings it over to Shirley’s bedside, and sits next to Elizabeth. Elizabeth says Shirley probably won’t wake up until morning, but Patrick got all the cancer out of her brain. Nikolas says Patrick pulled off a miracle, but he isn’t surprised because Patrick is the best. Elizabeth says Nikolas made it possible. She thanks him again for paying for the surgery. He tells her to stop thanking him because it was his privilege to do it. She says it was generous of him and it made her feel bad about the way she has been treating him. She tells him she is sorry. He says it is ok; he is just glad that she still has the faith in him to come to him with something like this. She says she needs to start showing more gratitude in a lot of areas of her life. She says Shirley taught her that and that much of what Shirley has said has taken a while to sink in, especially about the way she has been treating him.

Alexis and Sonny go outside to the porch at the lake house. Sonny says he just wants to spend time with his son and daughter as a family because he has missed that. Alexis says she likes that Sonny wants that, but he has to relax for a minute. She says his expectations about tonight are high and he has to be a little more realistic because Kristina is still angry and confused. Sonny says he knows that, and that is why he wants to spend time with Kristina. He wants to be able to talk to each other and fix things. Alexis says they will do that when Kristina comes back but Sonny shouldn’t go chasing after her. She says there is no quick fix for this; they just need to love their daughter and eventually they will reestablish the trust. She says she thinks Kristina really wants that too.

Ronnie is in front of the Harbor View Tower when Dante returns from his chase. Dante asks him if he has an update on surveillance. He says they have to be ready for Franco to come after Jason. Ronnie assures him that it is handled. He says Dante should be more worried about Jason trying to escape. Dante asks him how many times he has to tell Ronnie that Jason doesn’t want to go anywhere because he wants to bust Franco as much as they do. Ronnie says they have another option; they can let Jason go, Franco could follow Jason out of the country, and they can kill each other. Dante says that way no one will be reminded of Ronnie’s history with Franco. Ronnie says he is trying to save Dante’s ass, not his own. Dante suggests that they bust Franco by the book. He says he thought he saw Franco in front of the Tower earlier and he didn’t see any of Ronnie’s guys hanging around. He tells him about the homeless man that he chased down. He says he wanted it to be Franco. Ronnie says it sounds like Franco got spooked and was seeing things. Dante says they have to catch Franco before he hurts someone else. Ronnie asks Dante if he really thinks Jason can help them. Dante says Jason will help them to protect the people he cares about. He says Franco started this whole mess because of Jason. Ronnie says he must have missed the chapter in the police manual about joining forces with a killer to catch a killer. Dante says Jason has Spinelli trying to figure out where Franco is. Ronnie concludes that Dante has a computer hacker doing their job for them and says it is a banner day for law enforcement. Ronnie asks him what makes him think they aren’t planning Jason’s escape instead.

Upstairs, in Jason’s penthouse, Spinelli asks Jason if his feelings toward Dante have changed since he arranged for Jason and Michael’s release from prison. Jason asks him why his feelings should change. Spinelli says Jason and Dante will be working closely together to find Franco and that Franco could exploit any remaining animosity that Jason and Dante have for each other. Jason says he will never be Dante’s friend but he has no choice but to work with him until Franco is no longer a problem.

At Crimson, Lulu comes in with the roses arranged in a vase and places it next to Maxie’s desk. Maxie concludes that they must be from Matt. She says the florist probably forgot to put the card in the box. Lulu says it is nice that Maxie has completely ruled out Spinelli. Maxie says Spinelli would have brought them himself and besides that, he isn’t a rose kind of a guy. James enters with more roses, this time in a bouquet instead of a box. He observes that someone is popular tonight. Maxie is annoyed because these roses don’t have a card either. She bets that Matt will stop by and take credit for it. Lulu says Maxie seems excited by that. She says Maxie is supposed to be in love with Spinelli. Maxie says she is in love with Spinelli. Lulu wonders why Maxie lets Matt keep doing things like this. She wonders if Maxie really likes Matt. Maxie says Matt takes himself too seriously for her to be interested in him and she is happy with Spinelli. Lulu suggests that Maxie should end things with Matt before Spinelli figures out what is really going on and freaks out. Matt gets off the elevator. Maxie concludes that Matt must be pleased with himself tonight. Matt says he is always pleased with himself. He wonders if he did something great that he doesn’t know about. Maxie tells him the flowers are beautiful. He agrees that they are and says they are also cliché. He says one rose is more romantic. He tells her that he is sorry to disappoint her, but they are not from him. Lulu mouths “Spinelli” to Maxie.

Dante goes into Jason’s penthouse and asks if Jason and Spinelli noticed a homeless guy hanging around out front. He says the man was staring up at the building and when he tried to question him, the man took off. He tells them that he chased the man down but it wasn’t Franco. Jason tells Spinelli to check the building security footage. Spinelli taps the keys on his computer. Jason tells Jason that they have a new lead - Franco’s mother. He reveals that Franco’s mother is alive, changed her name to Karen Anderson, and lives in Woodstock. Dante concludes that Interpol couldn’t locate that woman but Spinelli could. Spinelli suggests that Dante stop focusing on process and focus on something more productive. He says Franco nearly killed Lulu and he is still at large. Spinelli returns his focus to his task on the computer. Jason stares at Dante.

Sonny and Alexis are sitting on a bench on the lake house porch. He says he is determined to set things right with Kristina. Alexis says this is a perfect opportunity. She advises him to let it just happen. She suggests that he show Kristina that he can trust her. Sonny says he hates that Johnny is taking advantage of Kristina, but he concedes that he will have to let her figure it out for herself. Sonny’s phone rings; he looks at the caller ID and tells her that he has to take it. Alexis goes inside. Sonny answers the phone. Max tells him that the demolition man just finished and that Johnny will die tonight. Sonny heaves a sigh.

At Johnny’s penthouse, he picks up his keys and tells Kristina that she shouldn’t be there. She asks him why he kicked Olivia out instead of her. He tells her that as he said, they have things to discuss and he thinks they can cover it on the car ride home.

The red light on the bomb under Johnny’s car flashes.

At Shirley’s bedside, Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she supposes she should thank her brother for this because she met Shirley when he made her move to oncology. He says it was a blessing in disguise. She says knowing Shirley really has been a blessing. She says she has been supportive and honest about everything. She guesses that facing death makes you lose your filter. Nikolas says Shirley has had a profound effect on Elizabeth. She says Shirley made her realize that she has wasted time and emotion and that she has caused a lot of hurt. She says she is trying to be better now. Nik says he knows she is. He says it is nice to be able to have a nice conversation with her where she is not throwing accusations or threats but admits that it is his fault too. He tells her that she looks tired and suggests that she go home and sleep and he will stay with Shirley and call her if she wakes up. Elizabeth admits that she is tired. She thanks Nikolas and leaves.

Patrick and Lisa are sitting at the Metro Court bar. Patrick says he thinks they are drunk and that he doesn’t think they needed an Irish Car Bomb on top of all the Sidecars. He notices that Lisa didn’t finish her drink. She says the Irish don’t mess around with their booze. Patrick recalls that the last time he had an Irish Car Bomb he was with Lisa and he punched some guy. Lisa says that guy was huge. She says Patrick almost hit her when he knocked that guy on his ass. Patrick recalls that they all scattered like a bunch of pansies afterwards. Patrick says he could barely open the cab door because his hand was so swollen. Lisa recalls that the sex in the back of that cab was some of the best. Patrick is surprised that she said that. Embarrassed, she apologizes and says she must have had a little too much to drink. She concludes that that is her cue to go home. He offers to walk her home. She says that is gentlemanly of him. They get up and start to stumble their way out of the bar. Lisa says they could take a cab. Patrick says it will be better if they don’t.

At Crimson, Maxie tells Matt that he is lying. She says the over-the-top flower delivery is right up his alley. Matt asks what happened to “Thank you; they’re beautiful?” Maxie says they are beautiful and she can predict that the next thing he will say is that she looks great in a cheesy way and then he will reveal that the flowers really are from him. Matt says she is a mind reader; she looks great in some cheesy way, but the flowers are still not from him. Lulu says she hates to interrupt their little love fest but she is finished so she is leaving. She tells Maxie that she should consider that the flowers could be from Spinelli, her boyfriend who is in love with her. Matt says it is awkward now so he should leave with Lulu. Maxie says that might be a good idea because if the flowers are from Spinelli, that means her plan worked and he is out of his funk. Matt says he knows that it has been her plan all along and it still might work but he wonders if she is certain that she still wants that.

At Jason’s penthouse, Dante says it amazes him how little regard Spinelli has for the law. Spinelli counters with his amazement that Dante would waste precious time worrying about proper procedure when a serial killer is on the loose and the women they love are his targets. Jason calms Spinelli and then tells Dante that Spinelli is right; they have a lead on Franco’s mother and she may be the key to finding Franco so they need to follow up and talk to her. Dante says he will go talk to her, but Jason says he is Franco’s target so he should be there to entice Franco out into the open if he is there.

Sam returns to the lake house and asks if Krissy is back yet. Alexis says she should be there at any minute. Sonny says Alexis says the class was only an hour. Molly says she thinks the class was about personalized testing and strategies and sometimes they go longer. Sam looks at Molly suspiciously and says she thinks Krissy might have been working on a strategy but it had nothing to do with taking her SATs. Alexis tells Molly that if she knows something she’d better start talking. Molly sits silently. Sam reveals that her errand had nothing to do with a case; she went to the classroom to get Kristina but no one was there. Alexis demands that Molly tells them where Kristina is. Molly says she is sorry. She discloses that Kristina made her promise not to say anything until later. She reveals that Kristina went to hang out with Johnny.

Spinelli excitedly opens Jason’s penthouse door. His expression changes to confusion when he sees Lulu standing there. Lulu says she is obviously not the blonde one that he was expecting. He apologizes for his lack of excitement and admits that he was hoping to see Maximista. He invites Lulu in. he tells her that she just missed Dante; he and Jason are out following a lead. He reveals that he found Franco’s mother. Lulu says she never pictured a sick freak like Franco as having a mother. He tells her that Franco’s mother is in Woodstock. Lulu asks if Jason and Dante went alone, and Spinelli says Stone Cold insisted on it. Lulu asks Spinelli if he thinks Jason would knock out Dante and make a run for it. Spinelli says Jason would never leave them at Franco’s mercy; he has more honor than to betray his friends. Lulu concludes that he means unlike Dante. She tells him that she hates being on the opposite sides of things and that she wishes Jason and Dante could let everything go. Spinelli admits that he is not comfortable with the situation lately either but he is afraid that someday she will find that her love and trust in Dante have been misplaced. She says Dante’s actions have cost both Michael and Jason, not to mention the fallout that has caused him to imprison himself, including shutting out Maxie. Lulu says Spinelli seems to be recovering because the flowers that he sent Maxie today were beautiful. Spinelli says he didn’t send flower. Lulu says they must have been from a photographer that Maxie knows through Crimson. Spinelli bites his lip.

At Crimson, Matt asks Maxie how she could end it now. Maxie says there is nothing to end. Matt tells her to admit that she enjoyed their flirtation more than she had planned. Maxie tells him that he is just a means to an end. She tells him that she has been up front from the beginning with the fact that she is in love with Spinelli. Matt concedes that she has and he says what Maxie and Spinelli had was probably great for a time but not it is apparently over. He says it is only a matter of time before one of them admits it or does something scandalous behind the other’s back. The elevator doors open and James gets off with two dozen more roses. Maxie tells Matt that makes it five dozen roses from Spinelli. Matt says she doesn’t know that. She says they can’t be from anyone else. She tells him that he is cute and sometimes funny but she and Spinelli will be together for a long time, maybe forever. She says Spinelli is her non-husband. Matt says emphasis on the “non.” Matt pushes the button to call the elevator. He tells Maxie that he is certain that he will see her attain at her invitation. He gets on the elevator.

At the lake house, Sonny gets up from the sofa. Alexis and Michael try to stop him from leaving but he pushes his way past them and out the door. Alexis asks Molly if she knew about this the whole time. Molly says she is sorry. Alexis points her finger at Molly and tells her that she is supposed to be the well-behaved one. She says she had no right to do this and Kristina had no right to ask her to. She wonders what the hell Kristina is thinking. Molly says she doesn’t understand why everyone acts like Kristina has no right to be mad at Uncle Sonny; she has lots of good reasons. Sam tells her that she hopes tonight doesn’t turn into one more.

Sonny gets into the back of his car and tells the driver to go. He dials his cell phone and tells Max he needs to get that bomb out of Johnny’s car. Max says it is already rigged to blow. Sonny tells him to tell the demo man to go back to the car and switch it off. Max tells him that the demo man is already on a plane out of the country as Sonny had planned. He says the only to stop the bomb from going off is to warn Johnny. Sonny bangs his fist on his leg in frustration.

At Johnny’s penthouse, Kristina takes Johnny’s keys. Johnny tells her to hand them over, but she says not until he agrees to let her stay. He tells her that she shouldn’t be there and that this needs to end now. She tells him that it is perfect. She says her mother would never plan a family dinner so it is obviously just another lame attempt for her dad to try to make up for lost time and having family around isn’t going to make her hate him any less. Johnny demands that she give him the keys. Kristina asks him if she can stay for a little while longer – at least until Molly tells everyone where she is. She says her dad will flip out if he thinks she is spending the night with Johnny. Johnny concludes that Kristina really wants to break her father. Kristina says he deserves it. She reminds Johnny that he hates Sonny too. Johnny says he has a good reason, but he has a feeling that she doesn’t hate her father as much as she says she does. He reminds her that the other day that she told him she wishes she had the childhood memories of time with her father that her brothers had and that she was waiting for him to say that magic thing that would make everything all right between them. Kristina says that never happened and it never will. She says she never knew who her father really was; it was just a fantasy. Johnny tells her that those feelings don’t go away and that she needs her father now just as she needed him then. Johnny tells her that he knows what it is like to feel that much pain and to want her father to feel it too, to have power over him. He tells her that Claudia has been there too and asks Kristina to think about how it worked out for Claudia. He tells her that Claudia pushed and pushed to try to get their father to feel anything for her until it would backfire in her face and leave her in more pain than when she began. He tells her it destroyed Claudia and he doesn’t want that for Kristina. Kristina protests that this isn’t the same. Johnny says he can see that she is in a lot of pain but he knows that a good kid with endless possibilities is beneath the pain. He tells her that it is ok to want her to want her father’s affection; she deserves it but this isn’t the way to get it. He demands to know if she trusts him or not. She says, yes. He tells her to let this be over. Kristina starts to cry and tells him he should take her home. She gives him the keys and heads to the door.

Patrick and Lisa arrive at her door. She drops her keys for the second time and manages to get the door open. Patrick lingers in the doorway. She tells him he should probably go. He agrees that he probably should but instead, he kisses her, and closed the door behind him.

Kristina and Johnny walk into the parking garage at Johnny’s building. He tells her that he knows she is devastated by their break up but he assures her that she will be over him in ten minutes. She says she is actually a little relieved. She says it was fun and it worked but he is right that they got in a little over their heads. She says she is sorry if she caused him any problems with Olivia. He tells her not to worry about it; he and Olivia will work it out. He says Kristina is not completely at fault; he is the adult so he should have acted like the adult and told her no from the beginning. He says he is glad that she is relieved. She tells him that he was awesome and thanks him for putting up with her. She asks him if they can still be friends. He says of course as he presses the button to unlock his car. Sonny enters the parking garage and covers his eyes with his arm as the car explodes.

Jason and Dante approach a little green cottage in the country. Dante tells Jason to stay quiet and let him talk. He knocks on the door. A woman answers and announces that she doesn’t entertain solicitors. Dante says they aren’t there to see her anything and asks her if she is Karen Anderson. She asks him why he wants to know. He introduces himself as detective Falconari with the Port Charles police department and reveals that he wants to ask her some questions about her son. She tells him that she doesn’t have a son.

At Crimson, Maxie is on the phone yelling that it would have been nice if someone had told her the boots were delivered to the studio because she has been waiting all day. The elevator doors open and without looking up Maxie tells James to put them with the other ones. She apologizes for all the work and says that guy doesn’t know when to stop. A voice that doesn’t belong to James says he gets that a lot. Maxie freezes for a moment and then turns her head to see Franco standing there with a bouquet of roses.

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