GH Update Thursday 7/1/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/1/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick, Lisa, and their surgical crew prepare to operate on the cancer in Shirleyís brain. Lisa observes that Steve was not exaggerating about the amount of cancer they are dealing with. Patrick says he was expecting it. Lisa observes tissue damage in Shirleyís frontal lobe but Patrick is confident.

In Sonnyís office behind Pozzuloís, he tells Max and Milo that it he has obtained the services of the top explosives expert and he will do the job tonight. He tells Max that to ensure that nothing can be traced back to Sonny and that the only person that blows up is Johnny. Johnny enters Pozzuloís and Conan recommends the brochette to start. Then he recognizes Johnny and surmises that he is not there to dine. He tells Johnny that Sonny is in a meeting. Johnny says he isnít in a hurry so he will start with the brochette as Conan recommended and then he will have whatever Sonny will be having.

Dante and Jason arrive at Jasonís penthouse and find Ronnie and several uniformed officers waiting inside. Spinelli welcomes Jason home. Jason goes straight to Sam and gives her a deep kiss. Dante wonders what is going on. Ronnie says they are his backup. Jason tells Ronnie to get out. Dante tells Ronnie that Jason was released into Danteís supervision. Ronnie says Jason is a flight risk. Dante says Jason wonít go anywhere. Ronnie says he knows that because they will have 24-hour surveillance on him. Jason tells him that if he does that, Franco will kill someone else.

In front of Jasonís building, the doorman asks a disheveled man if he wants him to call the cops. Franco asks the doorman if he has ever seen any of the people that the mobster that lives in the building has killed, if he has ever asked him to clean up the blood, dispose of a body, or stall the police. Then Franco asks if Jason ever mentions him. The doorman tells Franco not to be there when he gets back and he goes inside to call the police. Maxie hobbles toward Jasonís building on crutches and comes within three feet of Franco.

In Jasonís penthouse, Jason tells Ronnie that he doesnít know how Franco operates. Ronnie assures him that he does and that they are going to keep Jason in a choke collar because he knows Franco is obsessed with Jason. Jason says that isnít going to work. Ronnie tells Jason to make it work or go back to Pentonville. Dante says he is the one with everything to lose if Jason tries to escape and he doesnít intend to lose it. Ronnie says Dante is only one person. He asks what will happen when Dante goes home. Dante says Jason wants Franco caught as much as he does. Ronnie points out the fact that Jason hates Dante. He says Jason will take off with his girlfriend and Dante will go to Pentonville for aiding and abetting. Jason tells Ronnie that he canít leave while Franco is on the loose because he will go after the people that Jason cares about. He says if Franco knows all those cops are sitting around Jasonís penthouse he will get pissed off and kill someone else.

Downstairs, the doorman is calling the police as Franco watches from outside the glass doors. A noise startles Maxie who is standing a few feet behind Francoís back. She turns around to see a couple passing by. When she turns around again, Franco is gone. Carly walks up to Maxie and says she heard Jason was being released. Maxie confirms that Spinelli is expecting Jason to come home and she came by to check. She says Sam is at the penthouse to prepare dinner for Jason. Carly says she is glad he is out. Maxie says she thought it was just temporary until they catch Franco. Carly says they donít know when that will be or if Franco is even in town. Maxie says the fact that he even made contact creeps her out so much that she has started seeing things. Carly says Franco may have outsmarted Jason once but he will never do it again. Carly and Maxie go into Jasonís building. Franco emerges from his hiding place.

Lucky, Lulu, Ethan, and Tracy are at Luckyís apartment. Tracy says she doesnít know how Luke got into her account and took 10 million dollars. She says he has his ways. Lucky says Tracy and Luke have danced this dance many times before. Tracy says she doesnít want to dance with Luke anymore; she just wants to find him so they might as well tell her where he went. Ethan admits that they donít know; Luke didnít tell them where he was going. Lucky says Luke figured Tracy would go after him. She says she might go after him with a shotgun. Ethan says Luke thought it would give Tracy time to miss him. He tells her that Luke loves her. Tracy says Luke loves her money. Lucky interjects that his father can always find money, but he canít find another woman like her. Tracy tells him to give Luke time. Lulu says Tracy needs Luke as much as he needs her. Tracy admits that she did until she found out that he played her for a fool. Ethan says Tracy is too savvy for that and that if Luke fooled her it is because part of her wanted him too. Tracy tells him not to psychoanalyze her. Lucky says Luke meant it when he said he wanted Tracy in his life.

At the lake house, Alexis tells Kristina that she will have fun. Kristina asks her mother why they have to have dinner with her father. She wonders if it was his idea. Alexis says she thought it would be nice to have dinner as a family with Molly, Sam, Michael, and Sonny. Kristina observes that Alexis has never invited Sonny for dinner before and that he isnít Molly or Samís father. Alexis says he is Kristina and Michaelís father and both of them could use a little stability right now. Kristina says it will be awkward. Alexis says only if Kristina makes it so. She says she knows Kristina is angry with her father, but Michael isnít so she can do it for Michael. Kristina says fine, but she will be late because she has that class tonight. Alexis doesnít know what class Kristina has. Molly looks up from her book as Kristina says she told her mother three times about the SAT prep class that she talked her into taking. Alexis says she thought it was next week. Alexis says Kristina can go and be back by dinner. Alexis leaves the living room and Molly tells Kristina that she might want to take the note that says the class is next week off the refrigerator. Kristina tells Molly that she is going to Johnnyís place and she will be sure to let her dad know about it after it is too late to stop her.

In Sonnyís office, Max tells Sonny that the cops will come after him when Johnny is dead. Sonny says they can come because nothing will tie it to him. He says the demolition man will be long gone and Sonny will blame the Lopez brothers because they are known for using car bombs like the Rivera brothers. Sonny confirms that Max and Milo know what to do. Max asks if Sonny wants him to keep an eye on Kristina. Sonny tells him that it is taken care of; Alexis is having a family dinner. He tells them that Michael will be there so he will get to see him and Kristina will be out of danger. He says they just need to make sure they donít tip off Johnny and that he isnít anywhere near Johnny until after it happens.

At a table in Pozzuloís Johnny is enjoying a meal. Sonny, Max, and Milo come out of the office. Johnny tells Sonny that Pozzuloís is a nice place and that he might even take it over some day. Sonny says Johnny will never touch anything of his again. Johnny smiles and asks Sonny if he is sure about that. Sonny smiles back.

At the concierge at General Hospital, Steve asks Elizabeth why she didnít go into the operating room with Shirley. She says Patrick didnít want her in there and said it was serious. Steve reveals to her that Shirleyís cancer spread further than anyone thought and that Patrick is doing a skull base surgery. Elizabeth says Patrick has done that before successfully. She says she knows why Patrick didnít want her in there. Steve says he knows how close Elizabeth and Shirley have gotten. Elizabeth says she held Shirleyís hand and told her that she would be there for her. Steve says she will be there if Shirley wakes up. Elizabeth corrects it to ďwhenĒ she wakes up. Steve says he will say a prayer and walks away. Elizabeth sits down on a waiting room chair. Nikolas sees her so he walks over to her and asks her what is wrong.

In the operating room, Lisa compliments Patrick on a beautiful job. Patrick finds more cancer under the parietal lobe. Lisa says it is too deep. Patrick says if he doesnít get it out, it will return and she wonít survive the chemo. Lisa counters that if he pushes it deeper, it will kill her anyway.

At Jasonís penthouse, Ronnie says that if Franco wanted to take someone out, he would do it regardless of police presence. Jason says this is a game to Franco and that Franco gets upset if Jason doesnít play. Ronnie says that if Franco gets upset, he gets sloppy and they arrest him. He says maybe Jason and Franco could end up in prison together. Dante says until that time, Jason isnít going anywhere; he has Dante and an ankle monitor. Spinelli interjects that Jason is deeply committed to apprehending the darkly demented one and that he will not stray from his mission. Dante says Franco probably knows Jason is in there so Ronnie should take the uniforms to do a surveillance of the buildingís perimeter while Dante stays with Jason. Someone knocks on the door and Dante answers it to Carly and Maxie. Carly comes in and hugs Jason. Maxie wonders what is going on. She quips that they must bet the police decorating committee, evoking a chuckle from Ronnie. Dante tells her that the police are there to ensure that Jason doesnít escape. Maxie wonders why he would do that when he just got back to Sam and Spinelli and he is so worried about the photographs that Franco sent. Ronnie remarks that Jason is the soul of compassion. Maxie says she will be a nervous wreck until Franco is caught. She says if Jason tries to go anywhere, she will whack him over the head. Jason says he wouldnít want to risk that. Maxie asks Ronnie if they are going to do their job and catch Franco this time or if they are going to sit around and collect dust. Dante says Maxie has a point. Ronnie gets up and tells the uniformed officers that they are going to go run surveillance. They leave the penthouse. Spinelli tells Maxie that that was impressive. She says she isnít finished yet and turns to Dante and asks him what he is doing there.

At Luckyís apartment, Lucky tells Tracy that Luke thinks the two of them thrive on the game, that it is part of the attraction between them. Tracy says it sounds as lame coming from Lucky as it did coming from Luke. Ethan observes that it made Tracy stick around for all those years. Lucky tells her that she and Luke have fun together and that they are never bored. She tells him that boredom and an unfettered bank account are appealing these days. Ethan asks her to cut Luke some slack. Tracy says that was all she did during the years they were cohabitating. Lucky says Luke loves Tracy enough to fly to Greece, save her from Helena, and bring her back. She says now she will bring him back with the help of the police. Lucky says he would be happy to help her with that. She says that if any of them tries to stop her, she will have them charged as accessories. Lulu asks her brothers if they will allow her to speak with Tracy alone, so Ethan and Lucky leave.

In the hallway in front of Luckyís apartment, Lucky tells Ethan that he is following up on an assault case where the victim in the hospital is one of the Lopez brothers. He asks Ethan if he knows anything about it. Ethan says no, and Lucky observes that Johnny said the same thing. Ethan says he has been putting together their dadís care package. Ethan observes that for Luke to take ten million dollars, he must really want to get a rise out of Tracy. Lucky says he still has the feeling that Luke left for another reason. Ethan tells Lucky that Luke asked him to go to Monte Carlo. Lucky asks him why he thinks Luke wanted him out of town. Ethan says Luke talked about a two-man con but he thinks he just wanted the company. Lucky wonders if it had occurred to Ethan that Luke might be worried that he might get into trouble.

At Pozzulo's, Johnny extends his arms and tells Sonny that at this range, his chest should be an easy target to hit and observing that Sonny hit a bullís-eye when he shot his son. Sonny tells Johnny that he doesnít have to work so hard to get a rise out of him because he already wants Johnny gone. Johnny wonders if 30-to-life is what is stopping him. Sonny tells Max and Milo that it is amazing how self-assured Johnny is but that it works for him because it makes it easier. Johnny looks at Max and Milo and says he is getting the feeling he isnít wanted there and that it is a shame because they have a great tiramisu on the menu and that is Kristinaís favorite dessert. He says it must be the brandy; it loosens her up. He says he will have to resort to ordering in, but Kristina likes eating at home anyway because itís a shorter distance to the bedroom. Sonny pours the pasta remaining on Johnnyís plate on his lap and tells him it is on the house. Johnny quips that it is on him. He picks up a fistful of pasta from his lap and stuffs it in his mouth. He tells Sonny it isnít over and walks out.

In the operating room, Lisa tells Patrick that she has never seen the procedure he is using. He tells her that a year ago he had a patient that would have died on the table if he didnít try something different so he improvised and it worked. Lisa tells him it is time to sew Shirley up but Patrick insists that he can get the rest of the cancer. Lisa protests that it will haunt Patrick if he fails. He tells her that he is not going to fail and that if she doesnít want to share the responsibility, she can leave, and he wonít hold it against her. Lisa tells him he will have to share the glory. He says will share it with Shirley when she wakes up.

At Luckyís apartment, Lulu tells Tracy that she understands that Luke hurt her worse than he has before. Tracy says the bottom line is still the same. Lulu concludes that Tracy is leaving Luke over a piece of paper. Tracy says she is leaving Luke because he tricked her into thinking that they were legally married so he could steal from her. Lulu asks her if she can deny that she loves Luke. Tracy admits that she canít and that she stayed with him through all the insults and indignities because she thought they had something real. Lulu says they do, but Tracy says Luke was just conning her. Lulu admits that Luke was conning Tracy at first, but then he fell in love with her. She says she is sure Luke wanted to tell her the truth but he hates confrontation and he didnít want to see Tracy hurt so he kept the lie going. Lulu says she never thought she would root for anyone other than her mother, but she likes Luke and Tracy together and Tracy is a terrific person. Tracy says Luke being out of her life doesnít mean that Lulu ever will be. Lulu says her dad wants in too so why not give him another chance. Tracy asks Lulu why she keeps making excuses for Luke like she does for Dante. Lulu wonders where that came from. Tracy asks Lulu to think about all the compromises that she makes for Dante and all the compromises that are to come. She tells her that one day she will see or hear something that will make her feel as angry, hurt, and foolish as Tracy does. Tracy leaves.

At Jasonís penthouse, he is sitting on the couch caressing Samís hair as her head rests on his shoulder. Maxie suggests that Dante go outside and guard the hallway. Dante tells her he is staying with Jason. Maxie says Jason is home after weeks in prison and Dante should give them some time alone. Dante tells her that Jason is not out of prison for a booty call; he is there to help catch a killer. He observes that Maxie, Spinelli, and Carly are not giving Jason any privacy either. Maxie says they can tactfully hang out in the living room while Jason and Sam go upstairs. Dante tells Jason and Sam not to let him stop them from going upstairs. Maxie sarcastically suggests that Sam and Jason could tie the bed sheets together and escape through the window. Carly tells Maxie to cut Dante some slack because it was Danteís idea to get Jason out of prison. Sam and Jason look at Carly quizzically.

At Pozzuloís, Conan cleans up the pasta mess. He asks Sonny if they could let him finish the meal the next time Mr. Zacchara dines there. Sonny tells him there wonít be a next time. Olivia comes in. Sonny asks her if she saw Johnny on her way in and says Johnny is the sloppiest eater he has ever seen. Olivia asks him what happened. Sonny tells her she should teach her boyfriend to stay away from young girls. Olivia tells Sonny that no one expects him to be Johnnyís friend but he needs to know that the thing that is going on between Johnny and Kristina is not sexual. She says she was wrong to think that it was. She tells him that Kristina is using John to get a reaction out of Sonny. Sonny wonders who's using whom. Olivia says Sonny knows that Johnny wants revenge for the way that Sonny treated Claudia and that is not going away. She tells him that Kristina put this in Johnnyís lap but it doesnít mean that they are having sex; they donít have to; they just want him to think that they are. Sonny asks Olivia if that isnít twisted. He says he knows she is protecting her boyfriend but this is ridiculous. Olivia agrees that it is a terrible idea and reveals that she told Kristina and Johnny as much but Sonny has to know that Johnny would never hurt Kristina. Sonny says Johnny is already hurting her by playing these sick games with a teenage girl. He says he knows she doesnít want to see it because Johnny is her boyfriend. He tells her he isnít going to worry about it because everything is going to work out the way it is supposed to.

Ethan goes to Johnnyís penthouse. Johnny tells him that things are starting to heat up and that the Lopez brothers are getting skeptical so they need to come up with a strategic backup plan and he is on his way to the pier. Ethan tells him he canít go because Luke is out of town and he has to tie up some loose ends for him. Johnny asks him if he is getting cold feet. Ethan reminds him that he is in this for the Benjamins, not the bullet holes. Johnny says if Ethan wants to split town and catch up with his old man that is fine but if he stays, he has to be in this 100 percent. Ethan tells Johnny that if he goes off half cocked he will get killed. He says he gets that Johnny hates Sonny and wants to dismantle his organization but the way to do it is to keep his emotions in check because if Johnny dies, Sonny wins. Johnny tells Ethan to go handle his loose ends because nothing will happen tonight that he canít handle alone anyway.

In Sonnyís office behind Pozzuloís, Olivia says she is worried now and asks Sonny what is going on. Sonny says nothing is going on. He says he agrees with her that he and Johnny will never be friends. He says he hates Johnny for taking the stand and lying about Sonny abusing Claudia but most of all for manipulating a teenage girl. He says she is right that Kristina and Johnny are both working him. Olivia says they are putting on a convincing show about it. Sonny says Kristina is angry and she figured out that the best way to make him crazy with rage would be to go to his worst enemy. He says Johnny has the same motive but the difference is that he is a grown man. Olivia tells him that if he wants this thing to disappear he should do nothing. Sonny tells her that Alexis advised him that the more he tried to pull Kristina away from Johnny, the more she would hold on; the more he goes off, the more convinced Kristina will be that what Johnny says is right. He says he will just have to wait, be calm, and show his daughter that in the end, he will be there for her. Olivia says the one therapy session he went to with Kristina may have done more good than he thinks. He says he is trying. He tells her that he is having dinner with Michael and Kristina at Alexisís house. He tells her nothing is more important that his kids.

Jason comes down the penthouse stairs. Sam tells him that she was just going to go upstairs to say goodbye because she has to go to a dinner at her motherís house. She says she will come back later. Dante tells Carly that Michael will be at that dinner and Sonny invited himself. Carly wonders what if he did. Dante says the terms of Michaels release specify that he is to limit his contact with Sonny. Carly says she would consider Michael seeing his father now and then limited contact and she thinks Judge Carroll would agree. Dante concludes that she means Judge Carroll doesnít have to find out. Maxie prepares to leave the penthouse to go back to Crimson before Kate notices she is still gone. He says he will be working hard too. Maxie says she hopes that they can get back to who they were once he has found Franco. Spinelli says he hopes without Dr. Hunter. Maxie kisses Spinelli on the cheek and tells him she loves him. Carly asks Dante if it is ok for her to go talk to Jason on the balcony. Dante tells her to go ahead. Spinelli sits at the desk in front of his laptop.

On the balcony, Carly asks Jason how he is doing. He tells her that he is fine; he just wants to find Franco even if it means going back to Pentonville sooner. She says she hates that he was in there. He tells her it had to be done. She tells him that she is grateful and says he is amazing. She says he would never be a backstabbing twofaced pig. He shushes her and tells her to be careful. She asks him if he can tell how much she hates Dante. He says he knows she blames Dante, but Michael is free so she can stop whatever she was planning to do to take her anger out on Dante and Lulu. She tells him that she could stop but she wonít.

Nikolas and Elizabeth are sitting in the waiting room at General Hospital while Shirley is in surgery. Elizabeth wonders why it is taking so long and says she wishes someone would tell them something. Nikolas says they would have heard something if Shirley wasnít ok. Elizabeth thanks him for paying for the surgery. Nikolas says he likes Shirley and she didnít have the money. Elizabeth says if Shirley survives, Nikolas will have saves her life. He tells her that it is nice to use the Cassadine money for something more personal than running the hospital occasionally. Elizabeth says Shirley likes Nik. He says that is because he bought some of her jewelry. Elizabeth says Shirley sees things in Nikolas that Elizabeth has been trying to ignore that she used to count on. She says Shirley has been singing Nikís praises and saying Elizabeth has been too hard on him. He asks her if she agreed with Shirley. She tells him that of course she didnít admit to being wrong. She tells him that she sometimes misses the connection they shared. Lucky enters the wing and stops when he sees Liz and Nik together. Nikolas touches Elizabethís shoulder and tells her that he misses their lost connection too.

In the Operating Room, Patrick announces that he has removed the last of the cancer and congratulates the team on a nice job. Lisa says she thinks Patrick just earned a lifetime of Rumba lessons from Shirley. She says Patrick is either fearless or off his rocker. He says he is a little of both and suggests that he trade the rumba lessons in for a pitcher of beer.

In the waiting area outside the operating room, Lucky turns around and walks away. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she admires Shirleyís courage. Nikolas says Shirley has a way of boiling things down to what really matters and she never complains. Elizabeth compares herself, saying she is always negative and blaming Nikolas for everything. She says she has realized that that is a waste of time and energy and that she needs to start looking at the big picture. He says they are healthy, they boys are too, and they are having a baby. Elizabeth says she just needed to be reminded that she has a lot to be thankful for. Steve comes out and announces to them that Shirleyís surgery was successful. Nikolas, standing behind Elizabeth so they can both face Steve, puts his hands on her shoulders. She smiles, reaches up, and places her hand gingerly on top of his. He looks at their two hands and smiles.

On Jasonís balcony, he tells Carly to let go of whatever she is planning to do to Dante. She tells him that he doesnít need to worry. He tells her that he was let out of prison to find Franco and he doesnít need to be sidetracked. She assures him that she wonít get in trouble. He tells her that he doesnít need Dante sidetracked either because he needs his help to find Franco. Carly protests that Jason doesnít need Dante; he can handle Franco alone. She asks him if his plan after catching Franco is to run off with Sam so that Carly wonít ever see him again. He asks her if she wants him to go back to prison just so she can visit him. She tells him that she wants him free but she wants access. He tells her that for right now, he has to catch up with Franco or let Franco catch up with him.

In Jasonís living room, Dante walks over to the desk where Spinelli is working and concludes that Spinelli is just itching to hack. Spinelli says he is just doing his regular work related duties. Dante asks him what his duties entail and how many Federal laws he breaks every time he touches his computer. Jason calls out from the balcony door for Dante to leave Spinelli alone.

At the lake house, Molly concludes to Kristina that she must know her father will have a fit when he discovers that she left before dinner to go see Johnny. Kristina tells her that that is the point. Molly says that isnít fair to Michael. Kristina reminds molly that she promised she would help, and that she said she likes Johnny, and that she would want Johnny to win a war with Sonny. She says if her father loses it, Michael might see their dad for who he really is. Molly doubts it and says Michael wonít like that Kristina is seeing Johnny either. Kristina says she is only pretending to see Johnny. She says he is a nice guy but she isnít interested at all and he would never take advantage so it works out. Molly predicts that it will go horribly wrong. Kristina says that only happens in romance novels. Michael comes in. Kristina asks him how he is doing. He says it is great to be out of prison. Molly concludes that it must be crowded living in Danteís apartment. He tells her that Danteís place is a palace compared to an 8-by-10 prison cell. Sam comes in and announces that Jason is home. Molly is thrilled that the lovers are reunited. Sam admits that she is excited that Jason is back and says she thinks it will be good for everyone. When Michael has a moment alone with Sam, he tells her that she and Jason should disappear after Franco is caught. He tells her Pentonville is bad, even for someone like Jason so she should make sure he doesnít go back. Molly and Kristina are sitting on the couch together. Molly observes that Michael isnít looking well and she thinks Kristina should stay. Alexis comes into the room and says it makes her happy to see all her girls together in one place. She tells Michael she is glad he could make it for dinner. Sonny arrives and Michael rushes over to hug him. Sonny asks him how he is doing. He says he wishes they could hang out more, but he is good. Sonny says hello to Kristina and tells her that he has been looking forward to tonight. She tells him she has too.

At General Hospital, Lisa and Patrick are washing up in a scrub room after the surgery. He tells her to go ahead and say he has the hands of a god. She says she doesnít need to because he constantly reminds them but she will admit that he is talented. He asks her if she is suggesting that he is less talented than he was in college. She concludes that they are no longer talking about surgery. He asks her where she thinks he honed his skills. She says she knows he isnít talking about surgery now. She whispers that he isnít nearly as good at beer pong as heíd like people to believe. He tells her he could beat her blindfolded. She tells him that after one surgery he suddenly thinks he is godís gift to women. She conceded that one woman couldnít get enough of him today, but Shirley was sedates. Patrick tells Lisa that they did well today. Lisa is shocked that he is acknowledging that another doctor was in the operating room with him. He thanks her and says he wouldnít have been able to do the surgery at all if not for her.

At the lake house, Kristina tells Sonny that she is glad he could join them. Sonny says it is nice that the family is together and that it has been a long time coming. Sonny thanks Alexis for inviting him. Alexis tells everyone to chat while she goes to get dinner. Sonny goes to talk to Molly and Kristina goes over to Michael. Michael observes that Kristina got chilly when their father arrived and he asks her if she is going to be like that all night. Michael tells her to try to be nice because their father loves her and he knows she loves him too. He tells her to make an effort and let Sonny know how she feels. She says that is exactly what she intends to do. Kristina announces to everyone that she is going to her room to freshen up. She leaves the room and Michael goes to sit with Sonny and Molly. Molly asks them if they saw the look on Claire Walshís face at the press conference where they announced that Jason was released. Sonny says it must have made Claire crazy because Jason was her big win. Michael compliments Diane on the way she played it, especially when she congratulated the feds on admitting their mistake. Kristina sneaks out the back door.

Johnny gets out of his car in the parking garage of his building. Olivia walks up to him and tells him she was walking by and saw him pull into the garage. He smiles and tells her that he lost his scorecard. He asks her if they are together or apart. She suggests they discuss it upstairs. He sets his car alarm with the remote control and the two of them walk together to the elevator. Max and a demolition man enter and Max points put Johnnyís car. The demolition man says it will be a piece of cake. Max tells him that it had better be because Mr. C. wants his moneyís worth. He says the guy that drives this car needs to wind up very dead. The demolition man begins to take out his equipment and lay it on the floor next to the car.

At Jasonís apartment, Carly tells Jason to be careful. For Danteís benefit, she tells Jason not to forget that Dante wants Franco as much as Jason does because Lulu almost died because of Franco. Jason looks at her disapprovingly and tells her to be careful. She hugs him and tells him not to worry about her. Carly leaves and Jason tells Spinelli that they have work to do. Dante tells Jason that he is supposed to be bait. Jason says Spinelli can give them a huge advantage. Dante says he doesnít think he wants to know about it if it is illegal. Jason says they need to stay a step ahead of Franco and he isnít going to wait for Franco to make a move. Jason asks Dante if he wants to catch Franco or not. Dante says he should be getting back to his apartment anyway so he will leave them to their own devices. Dante leaves. Spinelli tells Jason that he is happy to have him back home where he belongs. Then he says he thinks he has found Franco.

A man in a hooded jacket is loitering in front of Jasonís building. When Dante is about to come out the door, the man turns around and starts to walk away. Dante exits the building and seeing the man, he draws his pistol and tells the man to freeze.

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