GH Update Wednesday 6/30/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/30/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Luke is packing his suitcase in Lucky’s living room. Lucky asks if Luke is moving in with Tracy. Luke is planning on going out of the country. Lucky tells his dad that he doesn’t have to leave. Luke wants to leave Port Charles so Tracy will start missing him. Luke assumes that Tracy will beg him to come back. Lucky doesn’t agree. Lucky reminds Luke that he betrayed Tracy. Luke feels that he has no other options. Luke is willing to give Tracy some space and time. Luke wants to win back Tracy, and mentions how she changed his life. Luke thanks Lucky for listening. Luke suggests that Lucky always follow his heart. They hug goodbye.

Elizabeth and Steven look at Shirley’s test results. Both agree that an operation is risky. Lisa pipes in that Patrick could do the surgery. Elizabeth wishes that Steven would lift the suspension. Lisa and Liz want Patrick to do the operation. Steven points out that the radical procedure would be very expensive. Elizabeth figures that Patrick would do it pro bono. Steven knows that there’s a chance that Shirley will die on the operating table. Steven refuses to consult with the hospital board. Elizabeth is annoyed that Steven isn’t doing all he can for Shirley.

Dante and Jason speak in the prison’s visiting room. Jason is ready to be released from Pentonville. However, Dante fears that Jason is a flight risk. A monitor is strapped to Jason’s ankle. Dante tells Jason that the authorities will have an easy time tracking him. Jason senses that his release amuses Dante.

In an alley, a homeless man (Franco) is holding a sign that reads “will entertain for food”. Diane walks by. Franco asks Diane for some change. Diane doesn’t have any. Franco wants a cigarette but Diane mentions that she doesn’t smoke. Franco admits that smoking is a bad habit. Franco winds up a toy monkey. Diane comments that the homeless man is “weird”. Diane gives a twenty-dollar-bill to Franco. Diane asks Franco if he wants some gum. Diane wishes him good luck. Afterwards, Franco stands up and throws the sign in a dumpster. Franco stops and tags a crate with the word “CO77X”.

Lulu shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Spinelli is busy cleaning the apartment. Spinelli is in a cheerful mood. Lulu asks Spinelli to keep an eye on Jason. Lulu insists that Dante is risking everything to find Franco. Spinelli is silent when Lulu advises him to watch Jason. Spinelli puts away the vacuum. Lulu figures that Claire will want Jason back in Pentonville once Franco is captured. There is a knock on the door. Maxie hobbles in on crutches. Maxie wants to have lunch with Spinelli. Spinelli is preoccupied with Jason’s return. Maxie is irritated that she dropped everything at Crimson to be with Spinelli. Spinelli hurries out of the penthouse to do some errands. Lulu comments that Spinelli is back to his old self. Maxie wonders if Spinelli’s good mood is due to her or Jason’s return.

Elizabeth visits Shirley in her hospital room. Shirley wishes that Liz was happy. Nikolas walks into the room. Nikolas presents Shirley with a gift. Shirley is touched by the jewelry. Shirley thanks Nikolas. In private, Nik talks to Elizabeth about Shirley. Elizabeth informs Nikolas that Shirley’s condition has gotten worse. Elizabeth speaks of the expensive surgery and its risks. Nikolas agrees to take care of all the medical expenses. Elizabeth is relieved that Nikolas wants to help.

At the police station, Claire is preparing for a press conference. Claire informs Diane that her presence isn’t mandatory. At the conference, Claire tells the press that there was a technicality in Jason’s plea bargain, so he’ll be released immediately. Diane pipes in that her client is innocent of all charges. Claire reminds everyone that Morgan’s release is only a formality. Jason is escorted into the lobby by Dante. A reporter asks if Dante made a mistake. Claire stops the press conference before anyone can ask any more questions. Claire, Dante, and Jason make their way to the interrogation room. Claire is unhappy with the press conference. Claire asks Diane to leave the room. Diane says that Franco’s capture relies on Jason’s cooperation. After Diane leaves, Claire tells Jason about the photos received by Dante, Maxie, and Josslyn. Claire mentions that Franco and Carter have a connection – they served prison time together. Claire reminds Jason that he is to be used as bait only. Jason is allowed a consult with Diane. Jason is thinking about an escape plan but wonders how it would impact Michael.

Patrick is summoned to the hospital by Steven. Patrick looks over Shirley’s scans. Patrick agrees to do the operation but wants Lisa to assist. Patrick, Lisa, and Elizabeth speak to Shirley about the operation. Shirley is impressed with Patrick’s bedside manner. Elizabeth points out that there are no guarantees. Patrick is confident that Shirley’s surgery will go okay.

Near the nurses’ station, Steven thanks Nikolas for taking care of the surgery’s expenses. Nikolas hopes that Shirley will get better. Nikolas praises Steven on his job as chief-of-staff.

On the pier, Maxie runs into Matt. Matt presents Maxie with a red rose. Maxie is impressed by Matt. They are laughing about something. Matt senses that Maxie likes his company. Matt reminds Maxie that she came onto him. Maxie makes it clear that she is only using Matt to make Spinelli jealous. Maxie mentions that Spinelli is back to normal now that Jason is out of prison. Matt wonders if Maxie wants to stop with her scheme. Maxie suggests that she and Matt go out again sometime.

Ethan shows up at Lucky’s place. Luke says that Lucky is busy at work. Ethan notices that Luke is getting ready to leave town. Ethan mentions Monte Carlo. Luke wishes that Ethan would come along but he’s busy. Luke hands an envelope to Ethan. Luke asks Ethan to meet with Lou on Friday night. Ethan is surprised to find out that Luke owes Lou money. Ethan agrees to give the money to Lou. Ethan asks Luke if he needs a ride to the airport. Lulu walks in. Lulu is sad to see that Luke is leaving. Ethan leaves to do an errand. Lulu knows that Tracy is still furious that Luke lied about their marriage. Lulu thinks it is best if Luke stays in Port Charles. Luke brings up Lulu’s relationship with Dante. Lulu admits that Dante is dealing with some major family issues. Lulu plans on sticking by Dante no matter what. Ethan returns and hands a liquor bottle to Luke. Luke is thankful to have some alcohol from the Haunted Star. Lucky shows up to say goodbye to his dad. Luke says that he is going to be in Zurich for a while. Lulu, Ethan, and Lucky all agree that they’ll miss Luke. Luke asks Ethan to keep an eye on Tracy. Luke hugs his children before leaving. Lucky senses that Luke is leaving town for another reason other than Tracy.

Sam returns to the penthouse, carrying a brown paper bag. Sam has wine, chocolates, and candles ready for Jason’s return. Sam imagines Jason walking through the front door, and asking her to fly away on a jet somewhere. Spinelli walks in which brings Sam back to the present. Spinelli plans on cooking for Jason. Sam wants to spend the night alone with Jason. Spinelli says that he has rearranged all of Jason’s financial records. Sam doesn’t have the heart to tell Spinelli that she wants to celebrate with Jason. In a black-and-white dream, Spinelli thinks about Jason’s return home. Spinelli and Jason agree to work together to take down Franco. Spinelli is brought back to reality when there is a knock on the door.

While scrubbing in, Lisa and Patrick talk about Shirley’s surgery. Patrick thanks Lisa for defending him in front of Steven. Lisa worries that Shirley could die on the OR table. Lisa wants Patrick to buy her a burger if the surgery is a success. Steven walks in holding Shirley’s test results. Steven informs Patrick and Lisa that the cancer is worse than he thought. Patrick and Lisa concur that they need a miracle.

In her hospital room, Shirley tells Elizabeth that she’s “groggy”. Elizabeth hopes that the surgery goes well. The orderlies arrive to wheel Shirley to the operating room. Elizabeth tells Shirley that she’ll see her in recovery. In the OR room, Shirley jokes to Liz that this is “only brain surgery”. Shirley closes her eyes. Patrick tells Elizabeth that she has to leave the room. Elizabeth realizes that Shirley’s cancer is worse than they thought.

Jason and Dante enter the Harbor View Towers’ lobby. Franco is lurking nearby. On the elevator, Jason tells Dante that he won’t try to escape. Dante fears that Sam and Spinelli would hatch a plan for Jason’s escape. Dante and Jason are surprised to see Ronnie and some police officers inside the penthouse. Ronnie makes it clear that Jason will be closely watched. Outside, the security guard asks Franco to leave the premises. Franco smiles at the guard.

In the apartment, Lucky tells Lulu and Ethan that Luke might be in danger. Ethan says that he is paying Lou on Friday night. There is a knock on the door. Tracy walks in, demanding to know where Luke is. Tracy announces that ten-million-dollars are missing from her bank account.

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