GH Update Tuesday 6/29/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/29/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Lisa and Patrick are kissing on her living room couch. Patrick backs away. Patrick reminds Lisa that he is married to Robin. Lisa accuses Patrick of making the first move. Patrick argues that Lisa has been throwing herself at him for months. Lisa believes that Patrick is unhappily married or he wouldn’t be there. Patrick says that Lisa has changed since their college years. Lisa asks Patrick to leave.

On the pier, Lulu and Olivia talk about Dante’s decision to trust Jason. Olivia knows that Franco is fixated on Jason. Lulu fears that Dante will head to prison if Jason breaks the deal. Olivia and Lulu agree that Dante is very stubborn. However, Lulu wants to support Dante. Lulu knows that Dante has tried everything to protect Michael. Lulu doesn’t trust Jason. Olivia points out that Jason’s release is the only way to stop Franco. Olivia says that Dante always “listens to his gut”. Lulu mentions that Jason is unpredictable. Olivia figures that Dante and Jason will need to work together to capture Franco.

At the loft, Michael and Dante talk about Jason’s release. Michael is impressed that Dante was able to “influence” Judge Carroll. Dante maintains that Jason isn’t being released to kill Franco – he’s being used as bait. Michael wonders if Dante will lose his badge. Michael realizes that he might end up going back to Pentonville. Dante advises Michael to follow the conditions of his release. Dante believes that Jason won’t run since he’ll be closely monitored. Michael wishes that Jason wasn’t in prison. Michael reminds Dante that Jason holds him responsible for sending him (Michael) to Pentonville. Dante feels responsible for sending Michael to prison. Michael wants to drop the issue. Dante hopes that Sonny can back off from seeing Michael.

Lucky shows up at Pozzulo’s, Sonny’s restaurant. Lucky tells Sonny that he is concerned about Michael. Sonny offers a drink to Lucky but he declines the offer. Sonny senses that Dante sent Lucky. Lucky wants to “uphold the law”. Lucky compares his crazy childhood to Michael’s. Lucky feels compassion toward Michael. Lucky tries to convince Sonny to stay away from seeing Michael. Sonny asks Lucky what he’d do if he was in his shoes. Lucky insists that love isn’t always enough. Lucky cites Jake as an example. Lucky says that Jason protected Jake by letting him go. Sonny asserts that Michael is completely different than Jake. Lucky speaks of his troubled childhood and coming to terms with being Luke’s son. Lucky thinks that Michael is defined as Sonny Corinthos’ son. Lucky instructs Sonny to give Michael some room to breathe. Sonny considers giving Michael some distance. After Lucky leaves, Sonny calls Luke. Luke hopes that Ethan won’t get hurt in the car bombing. Sonny is adamant that Johnny will die on Friday night.

At the hospital, Liz and Steven are working on patient charts. Steven tells Elizabeth that her shift is officially over. Elizabeth can’t wait to give her present to Shirley. Epiphany and Steven are quiet. Steven mumbles out that Shirley’s cancer has spread to her brain. Elizabeth is speechless. Steven wishes that Liz wasn’t so emotionally attached to Shirley. Elizabeth insists that she can handle the news. Steven says that he’s there for Elizabeth when she needs to talk. Elizabeth walks into Shirley’s room. Elizabeth presents the gift to Shirley. Shirley is touched to receive a book on jewelry. Shirley informs Elizabeth that her cancer has spread. Elizabeth suggests having Patrick perform an operation. Shirley doesn’t want to talk about it.

Ethan shows up at Lucky’s apartment. Ethan presents Luke with a box of cigars. Luke is irritated that they aren’t Cuban ones. Ethan comments that his money supply is low. Luke says that he is giving Tracy some space. Luke suggests going to Monte Carlo for an easy scam. Ethan makes it clear that he’s helping Johnny. Ethan’s phone rings. It’s Maya. Ethan runs out the door. Luke is worried that Ethan will get hurt.

On the pier, Maxie is making a call about work. Lucky walks by. Maxie is rambling on about something. Lucky wonders why Maxie is so tense. Maxie blurts out that Franco’s back. Maxie talks about receiving a picture from Franco. Maxie wishes that she didn’t need a police escort at all times. Lucky maintains that the police are doing everything in their power to capture Franco. Maxie is sickened by the fact that she actually liked Franco at one time. Maxie wishes that she didn’t keep betraying Spinelli. Maxie wonders if she is “damaged”. Lucky points out that everyone is damaged. Lucky reassures Maxie that she is doing better than most people.

Ethan hurries over to Johnny’s place. There is a knock on the door. It’s Maya. Ethan is happy to see Maya. Maya flirts with Ethan. Maya mentions that she’s been thinking a lot about Ethan. Maya suggests starting over. Ethan brings up their first encounter – driving Maya’s car into a ditch. Maya is willing to give Ethan another chance. Maya and Ethan drink red wine. Maya talks of her college years. Johnny walks in the door. Johnny covers for Ethan. Johnny apologizes and hands his keys to Ethan. Maya comments about Ethan’s expensive digs. Maya wishes that Ethan didn’t lead such a dangerous life. Johnny points out that Ethan has bulletproof windows and a panic room. Ethan confesses that he lied about living in the apartment. Maya announces that she already knows. Maya says that Ethan should have changed the nameplate in the lobby. Maya leaves in a hurry.

At Jake’s, Coleman and Kate are flirting at the bar. Kate mentions taking a hot bath. Kate wants Coleman to close up Jake’s. Coleman insists that business has been slow so he needs to stay open. Kate agrees to wait. Patrick sits next to Kate. Coleman knows that Patrick is in a terrible mood. Steven shows up and approaches Patrick. Steven wonders if Patrick is going to punch him again. Patrick apologizes and offers to buy Steven a beer. Steven tells Patrick that he’s the best neurosurgeon he knows. Olivia enters the bar and heads over to Patrick. Olivia sits down and asks Coleman for a drink. Kate assumes that Olivia is flirting with her man. Kate makes a scene in front of everyone. Kate implies that Olivia is a slut. Olivia and Kate argue until the subject turns to Sonny. Brook Lynn is listening from the karaoke stage. Patrick and Steven intervene before Olivia and Kate get into a catfight.

At the loft, Michael and Dante are interrupted by Lulu’s return. Michael quickly leaves the apartment. Dante and Lulu both apologize for their earlier behavior. Lulu feels like a hypocrite. Dante wants Lulu to speak what’s on her mind. Lulu hopes that she isn’t turning into a controlling girlfriend. Dante and Lulu share a kiss. Dante says that Michael won’t be returning for a while. After making love, Lulu and Dante are joking about keeping Michael away. Lulu feels bad that Michael can’t return to the loft for a while. Lulu asserts that she will “stand by” Dante. Lulu warns Dante that Jason cannot be trusted.

On the pier, Michael and Kristina run into each other. Michael says that Dante and Lulu are busy making up from their fight. Kristina thinks it is weird that Michael is living with Dante. The subject turns to Sonny. Kristina asserts that she doesn’t love Sonny. Michael believes that Kristina is lying. Kristina rambles on about Sonny’s degradation of women. Michael won’t tolerate Kristina sticking up for Claudia. Kristina brings up Michael’s shooting. Michael wishes that Kristina would let it go. Kristina implies that she’s helping Johnny make Sonny pay.

Lucky returns home. Luke asks if Lucky has seen Ethan. Luke doesn’t trust Johnny. Luke confides that Sonny will be going after Johnny on Friday night. Luke and Lucky confer that Ethan needs to stay out of the crossfire.

After Maya leaves, Ethan and Johnny discuss business. Johnny talks of a Friday night card game. Ethan agrees to be there. Ethan wishes that Johnny wouldn’t have come clean to Maya. Johnny points out that Ethan has become a “target” now.

Alexis shows up at Sonny’s office. Sonny and Alexis agree that they need to be a “united front” when it comes to Kristina. Sonny suggests having a family dinner at the Davis house. Outside the office, Max and Milo are eating dinner. Max wants to make sure that Sonny has an alibi for Friday night. Milo has a bad feeling about the car bomb, especially since Lily died that way. Back in the office, Alexis reminds Sonny that he can have only minimal contact with Michael. Sonny wants to change Kristina’s mind. Alexis agrees to the dinner at her house. Sonny has his alibi.

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