GH Update Monday 6/28/10

General Hospital Update Monday 6/28/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny shows up at Lucky’s apartment to talk to Luke. Sonny announces his plan to have Johnny die in a car bombing. Luke figures that the police will know that Sonny did it. Sonny worries that Johnny is comng after him. Luke asks Sonny to reconsider. Sonny cringes when Luke brings up Lily’s death. Luke wonders what Sonny would do if Kristina dies in the car bombing. Sonny wishes that Luke wouldn’t compare this car bombing to Lily’s. Sonny is tired of Johnny pushing his buttons. Luke insists that killing Johnny isn’t the answer. Luke begs Sonny to rethink his options. Sonny plans on pinning the car bombing on the Lopez brothers. Sonny warns that Ethan could get caught in the crossfire. Luke thanks Sonny for the head’s-up. Luke questions whether Anthony will retaliate. Sonny knows that Dante is keeping an eye on Michael, and Morgan is safe with Carly and Jax. Sonny regrets not killing Johnny a long time ago. Luke hopes that his and Sonny’s children remain protected.

Kristina walks in on Olivia and Johnny making out in his living room. Olivia is embarrassed. Johnny asks Kristina why she’s there. Kristina tells Johnny that he needs to pick between herself and Olivia. Olivia suggests that Johnny back away from Kristina. Kristina implies that she is having sex with Johnny. Olivia offers to call Alexis but Kristina wants her to telephone Sonny. Olivia realizes that Kristina and Johnny aren’t sleeping together. In fact, Olivia figures out that Kristina and Johnny are using this charade to anger Sonny. Kristina will do anything to make Sonny miserable. Olivia tells Johnny that spending time with Kristina is a bad idea. Kristina accuses Olivia of still loving Sonny. Kristina blurts out that Olivia is using sex with Johnny as a way to “save” Sonny. Johnny wonders if Kristina is right. Olivia brings up Kristina’s lies, citing Ethan as an example. Olivia believes that Kristina hasn’t healed from what Kiefer did to her. Kristina is outraged. Kristina accuses Sonny of abusing women. Olivia tells Kristina that she shouldn’t judge Sonny. Krisitina figures that Olivia is jealous. Johnny asks Kristina to go home. Kristina warns that she’ll be back again. Olivia locks the door. Olivia calls Kristina a “piece of work”. Johnny asks Olivia if Kristina was right about her trying to save Sonny. Olivia is offended that Johnny would think that. Johnny swears that he never slept with Kristina. Olivia maintains that she isn’t protecting Sonny. Olivia urges Johnny to stop his vendetta against Sonny. Johnny is mad that everything centers around Sonny. Johnny thinks that Olivia is lying to herself about Sonny. Johnny points out that he is #3 in Olivia’s life – Dante comes first and Sonny is second. Johnny says that Claudia always put him first. Johnny wants to get justice for Claudia. Olivia starts crying when it is clear that Johnny won’t stop his vendetta. Johnny plans on destroying Sonny, at all costs. Olivia storms out of the apartment.

At the loft, Brook Lynn and Michael talk about Sonny. Lulu is listening from nearby. Lulu interrupts the conversation. Lulu can’t understand why Brook Lynn is defending Sonny. Brook Lynn hopes that Sonny and Dante can mend fences. Lulu reminds Brook Lynn that Sonny shot Dante. Michael defends Brook Lynn. Lulu wishes that everyone would stop protecting Sonny. Brook Lynn points out that not everybody hates Sonny. Lulu badmouths Sonny but Michael won’t change his mind about his father. Brook Lynn and Lulu continue to argue. Brook Lynn makes the decision to leave before the argument escalates. Brook Lynn tells Michael that she’ll see him later. Lulu apologizes to Michael for badmouthing Sonny. Lulu hopes that Michael will stop trying to emulate Sonny. Lulu points out that Dante and Sonny are complete opposites. Michael figures that Dante won’t be swayed from his beliefs. Michael wonders why Lulu is worried if Dante and Sonny patch things up. Lulu mentions that she has an errand to do.

Dante pays Jason a visit in Pentonville. Dante speaks of the deal to release Jason so the police can lure Franco out of hiding. Dante insists that Jason will be closely watched the entire time. Jason asks Dante for a gun. Dante laughs and says that there’s no way Jason will be armed. Jason refuses to help Dante. Jason suggests that Franco could easily kill him if he doesn’t have a gun. Dante fears that Jason will flee the country. Dante reminds Jason that he got Michael out of prison. Jason has no intentions of making Dante look like a “hero”. Dante wants to stop Franco before he kills another person. Dante plans on keeping an eye on Jason and capturing Franco at the same time. Jason says that Dante needs to trust him. Jason points out that he is the only one who really knows Franco. Jason will agree to be the bait but wants a weapon. Dante says that he’ll be back tomorrow.

At the hospital, Lisa and Steven are talking about patient charts when Patrick walks in. Lisa reminds Patrick that he’s still on suspension. Patrick mentions that he sprained his hand from slamming it into Emma’s toy chest. Patrick wants an orthopedist to look at his hand. Lisa and Steven don’t know what to think. Patrick looks at a patient file. Patrick comments that Mr. Morris had a post-op migraine. Steven and Patrick argue over Mr. Morris’ diagnosis. Lisa intercedes on Patrick’s behalf. The radiology department pages Lisa. Patrick follows Steven to get an x-ray of his hand. Afterwards, Lisa inquires about Patrick’s hand injury. It is determined that Patrick has a minor sprain. Lisa is shocked that Patrick wasn’t faking his injury. Patrick leaves the hospital. Lisa and Steven flirt back and forth.

Claire is annoyed that Jason summoned her to Pentonville. Jason wants to know why he can’t have a gun. Claire worries what Jason would do with a weapon. Jason reminds Claire that Franco won’t hesitate to kill him. Claire understands where Jason is coming from but refuses to give him a weapon. Claire speaks of Jason’s release and the press conference that should lure Franco out of hiding. Claire makes it clear that Jason needs to do this on her terms.

Lulu shows up at Sonny’s office. Lulu figures that Sonny knows about the plan to release Jason. Lulu mentions that Franco is back. Sonny is surprised to hear about the deal. Lulu fears that Dante will lose his badge and go to prison if Jason doesn’t stick with the deal. Sonny promises that Jason won’t run. However, Sonny wants something in return – Lulu needs to stop badmouthing him to everyone.

Patrick walks into Jake’s and asks Coleman for a beer. Patrick walks over to the pool table. Lisa enters the bar and approaches Patrick. Lisa teases Patrick about his bandage. Coleman gives a beer to Lisa. Patrick comments that Steven isn’t Lisa’s type. Patrick suggests a bet – if he wins, he’ll buy a round of beer. Lisa knows that won’t happen because of Patrick’s hand injury. Lisa says that she and Patrick will share a dance if she wins. Patrick makes a comment that sends Lisa out the door. Patrick runs after Lisa. Brook Lynn walks in and heads for the bar. Brook Lynn and Coleman talk about her singing again at Jake’s. Brook Lynn inquires about Johnny. Coleman says that Dante (a cop) is different from Johnny (a gangster). Coleman mentions Johnny’s piano playing. Johnny walks in. Brook Lynn walks over to Johnny who has started a game of pool. Brook Lynn suggests a bet – winner buys a round.

Lulu returns to the loft. Lulu offers to make Michael a homecooked dinner. Michael senses that Lulu talked to Sonny. Michael wishes that Jason wasn’t stuck in Pentonville. Dante returns. Dante says that Jason will be released so he can capture Franco. Lulu wishes that there was another option. Lulu blurts out that she spoke to Sonny on Dante’s behalf. Dante is irritated that Lulu went to Sonny. Lulu fears that Dante will lose his badge. Lulu points out that Jason loathes Dante. Dante isn’t worried about going to prison. However, Lulu says that Dante’s decisions affect her life too. Lulu runs out the front door. Afterwards, Dante tells Michael that he feels bad that he yelled at Lulu. Michael is angry when he finds out that Jason will be unarmed against Franco. Michael knows that Jason won’t forget that Dante put him in Pentonville.

Lulu runs into Olivia on the pier. Lulu is upset over her fight with Dante. Lulu wishes that Dante wasn’t so stubborn. Lulu relays to Olivia about Jason’s release, Franco’s return, and the impact on Dante’s future. Olivia recalls a memory of Dante not wanting to wear his Easter shoes. They both agree that Dante doesn’t back down from a decision. Olivia advises Lulu to “pick her battles with Dante”. Lulu fears that Dante made the wrong decision to accept the deal. Lulu thinks that Jason can’t be trusted.

Sonny visits Jason in prison. Sonny is thankful that Jason will be released. Jason apologizes for not getting the chance to kill Anthony. Sonny hopes that Jason won’t run. Jason considers running just so Dante can lose his badge and be sent to prison. Jason believes that Sonny is only looking out for Dante. Sonny reminds Jason that Michael would be send back to Pentonville if Jason runs.

Patrick follows Lisa to her home. Patrick promises that he would never lose a game on purpose. Patrick tells Lisa that Steven doesn’t make her happy. Lisa doesn’t want to argue. Patrick comments that Lisa has his “attention” now. Lisa can’t believe that Patrick settled down. Patrick tells Lisa to “shut up”. Patrick kisses Lisa. Lisa closes the front door.

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