GH Update Friday 6/25/10

General Hospital Update Friday 6/25/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Sam is in the bathtub talking on the telephone. She asks Jason where he would want to go if he could pick anywhere in the world. He says it wouldnít matter as long as she was there. She says that was a sweet answer but not enlightening. He says they can talk about it in detail when she comes to visit him. She tells him she didnít have conversation in mind.

Dante asks Claire if he understands that she is saying the condition of Jasonís conditional release is that Dante has to be his watchdog and if Jason escapes him, he will be charged as an accessory and face prison time. Claire confirms that that is correct. Dante rejects the terms and walks off.

At Johnnyís penthouse, he tells Kristina that he understands what it is like for her to grow up with Sonny as a father. He says it is amazing that she turned out so grounded. She says no one else would say she is grounded. He says she does have issues to work out, but she is a sweet girl. He says she is just trying to figure out what it is to be Sonnyís daughter without getting swept up in all the other things that come with Sonny. He tells her she has to get a handle on who she is and that it will not help her to focus on getting Sonnyís attention. She denies that she is trying to get Sonnyís attention. She says she just wants to make him suffer. Johnny points out that to make Sonny suffer, she has to get his attention. He says he isnít good at figuring out why people do what they do but he knows his own limits. He says if he makes Sonny believe that he is dating his daughter because he hates him and wants him miserable, he is no better than Sonny because he is using her. He tells her that her fantasy has to end.

In Sonnyís office at Pozzuloís, Sonny tells Max and Milo that he doesnít want them to blow up Johnny on Baker Street; they have to make it as distant from Sonny as possible. He says he doesnít want any innocent bystanders getting hurt. Max observes that the police will not be able to do anything about it without evidence, but Anthony Zacchara will know where the hit on his son came from and he will retaliate by taking out one of Sonnyís sons.

On the phone in her bathtub, Sam asks Jason to imagine that they won hundred of millions of dollars in the lottery. He says she dreams big because they will need a lot of money if they are going to get away from Port Charles forever. She asks him he would want to go to Hawaii, Paris, or Australia. He admits that he has always wants to go to the Mediterranean. She says they could take a cruise and visit all the islands. He grimaces and says he wouldnít want to be stuck on a boat. She says they could try it for a few days and get off wherever they want. She says they could do anything. She tells him that she is going to start working on her tan now. He says it would be nice to think about doing someday but he doesnít know when he will get out of prison. She tells him that he canít stop her from her big dreams. He tells her he wouldnít try.

At the Jacksí house, Jax tells Carly that he appreciates that she came to him with her concerns about Franco. She says turning to Sonny is not an option because it only makes things worse. She says Jax is a father to her kids; heís always there with kind words and a strong shoulder. She says the least she can do is give him her confidence. She says she knows that he can keep them safe. She says Franco scares her and that she couldnít see anything human in Francoís eyes. She says Franco would use the kids in a minute. Jax assures her that he wonít let that happen. She thanks him. He asks her if she hates him for his part in Michaelís incarceration.

At the police station, Claire follows Dante to his desk and asks him if he is refusing to take responsibility for Jason. He tells her sheís damned right he is refusing. She asks him what happened to Franco almost killing Lulu. Dante tells her not to think she can use Lulu to shoehorn him into advancing her career. Claire says she would think that Dante would want Franco caught after he nearly blew up Lulu. Dante tells her that this Franco thing was well timed for Claire because it is her ticket back after she pissed off a judge and got a kid sent to prison in Sonnyís case. She asks him why he cares if Francoís capture is a bonus for her. He says he doesnít, but her ass isnít on the line; she wants him to take responsibility for Jason. She tells him that they serve different masters; his job is to catch the bad guys and her job is to prosecute them. He says he can save them both time by arresting himself because he knows Jason isnít motivated to go back to Pentonville now that Michael is out. He says he wonít risk his badge on Jason running. She says Dante is all they have. He suggests that she give the case back to Interpol because he is out.

At Johnnyís penthouse, Kristina says it is ok that Johnny is using her because she is using him too. He tells her that doesnít make it right. She wonders how he doesnít see how great it is. She says they both hate her father and want him to hurt. She says nothing does that better than making him believe his worst enemy is nailing his daughter. Johnny winces at the thought. She says Johnny should be more into this than she is. He tells her that they donít live in a magic snow globe with Sonny, isolated from the rest of the world. He tells her that other people who are close to her have expressed strong opinions about their so-called relationship. He says he canít come between her and her family because she needs them. Kristina says her family will be fine. He asks her if she has seen her mother and her sister. Kristina says they are upset, but they will come around when they see that this is a positive experience for her; they will realize that the end justified the means. He tells her that she is starting to scare him because she sounds like Claudia. Johnny explains that Claudia had myriad reasons to stay with Sonny that changed with the wind. He says that Claudia could rattle off any one of her reasons and believe it was valid. He tells her that Claudia stayed with Sonny because she finally commanded respect and had power that she didnít want to give up. He says Claudia eventually convinced herself that she had a secure future with Sonny including kids, that she actually loved him, and that with a few tweaks Sonny would love her too. He tells her that the point is Claudia justified staying in that abusive relationship by convincing herself that she was getting something out of it. Kristina says the situations are completely different; Johnny isnít abusive and this is just an act. Johnny answers the door to Ethan and asks him to take Kristina somewhere and tell her why he is a bad idea and make it convincing this time.

In Sonnyís office behind Pozzuloís, he tells Max that he wouldnít order a hit on Johnny if he wasnít confident that he could neutralize Anthony. Max says he wouldnít be doing his job if he didnít apprise Sonny of all possible consequences. He repeats that Sonnyís sons will become targets if he kills Johnny. Sonny says he knows that and asks Max if this is really about Anthony. He suggests that Max might have a little loyalty to Johnny. Max asks him if he is really questioning his loyalty. Sonny admits that he doesnít question Maxís loyalty but he wants to remind him that something is wrong with Johnny for him to manipulate Kristina, drink wine with her, and get into bed with her. He asks Max if that is ok with him. Max says no and that he and Milo will come up with a plan to kill Johnny. Sonny says he wants Johnny dead by the end of the week.

At the Jacksí house, Carly tells Jax that she is still mad. She says it was wrong to use Michael to put Sonny in Prison but she understands why he did it; Jax believed their lives would be better with sonny out of the picture. She says the problem was that his plan was doomed to fail. She says Michael would have come forward eventually because he canít handle keeping that big a lie, he canít fight the guilt, and he could never let Sonny take the fall. She says that if they had stopped to think for a minute the night that Claudia died, they could have saved a lot of guilt. She says she is still mad about Jaxís methods but there is enough fault for her to bear too. Jax says she is right; they are all at fault. Carly tells Jax that he was right about Sonny; he needs to be out of their lives and she wants to be united with Jax on that.

Dante enters his apartment and Lulu asks him if he had a bad day. He tells her that Franco has resurfaced and sent crime scene photos to him, Maxie and Carly. He tells her that they have to be prepared for anything. He says the good thing is that this time everyone is cooperating with the police so they will catch him but in the meantime, Lulu just needs to be more careful. He says if anything happened to her on his watch he would never forgive himself. She says she isnít worried as long as Dante has her back. He says speaking of her back, and he kisses her. They start making out and Michael walks into the room.

Olivia is standing on the pier. Brook Lynn walks up to her and asks her what she is staring at. She points out Johnís penthouse. She says she thinks John chose it because you can see it from anywhere in the city. She says it is if he is telling Sonny that he is there for Sonny to come get him. Brook Lynn observes that Olivia looks sad and asks her if everything is alright between her and Johnny. Olivia says she thinks it is over between them. Brook Lynn asks her if she is sure that it wasnít just a bad fight. Olivia says she doesnít know. Brook says Johnny must really be something. Olivia says he is, but wonders why Brook thinks so. Brook says she was just thinking about how Olivia was such a mystery back in the day. Olivia laughs and says she was an open book. Brook says Olivia was a mystery; she was gorgeous, all the guys from babies to grandpas fell for her but she never had a relationship with anyone after Sonny, then she came to Port Charles and Johnny cut right in. Olivia says love happens when you least expect it. She says nothing was ever the same after that night that she walked into Jakeís and saw Johnny sitting at the bar. Brook Lynn says she is sorry that it dint work out between them. Olivia concludes that they had a built-in expiration date because they had so much working against them with the mob and especially Sonny. She says it doesnít get any more real that what she had with John while they had it. She says he is responsible for some of the happiest moments of her life, but after Claudia was killed and the truth came out about Sonny and Dante, Johnís hatred took over and now she hardly recognizes him.

At Johnnyís penthouse, Ethan says he is probably the least qualified person to warn Kristina away from an unsuitable companion. Kristina observes to Johnny that Ethan doesnít see anything wrong with them pretending to be together, but Ethan says that is not what he said and tells Johnny that he should just tell Kristina no. Johnny says he has done that several times. Kristina says she wonít listen. She asks why she has to keep reminding people that they are not having sex; they are only pretending so they can get a reaction out of her dad. Ethan tells her that her father is not an ordinary daddy; he is a scary crime boss. He tells her to remember what he wanted to do to him when he thought he hurt her. He says now that he thinks about it, they do need to have a serious conversation as he guides her toward the door. Johnny thanks Ethan.

At Danteís apartment, Michael apologizes and heads toward the door. Lulu tells him not to run because it is his home too. Dante says they will just have to come up with a communication system. He says they can go to Luluís place instead. Michael says he doesnít want to be an inconvenience. Lulu says it isnít like that at all and that he has no idea how desperate everyone was to get him home. Dante assures him that it isnít a big deal and that they will figure something out. He asks him how it went at Carlyís after he left. Michael tells him that Jax hired drivers and bodyguards. Dante says he is glad that Carly called Jax and the police because civilians should not try to mess with Franco. Michael asks Dante if he thinks he will be able to stop Franco this time. Dante says it wonít be easy. He says Franco has been killing people all over the world for years. He says Franco knows how to stay hidden and when he does come into the light, it is on his terms. He says Franco has the nerve to put photos of his crime scenes on display in galleries. Michael says Francoís fixation on Jason makes everyone that Jason cares about a target. Dante reveals that there is a plan in place but they need Jason to implement it. Michael doesnít understand what Jason can do from Pentonville. Dante says it involves a conditional release. Michael thinks that is great. Dante says he isnít sure he wants to have Jason in his custody.

Olivia and Brook Lynn sit on a bench at the pier. Brook Lynn asks Olivia if Johnny is really in the mob. Olivia says he is Anthony Zaccharaís son. She tells her that Anthony is a nut job with no redeeming qualities. She tells her that Anthony tried to kill John when he was 8 years old, but Johnís mother took the bullet instead. She says John tried to get away from all that insanity and go legit when Anthony went to prison but his nut job sister Claudia kept pulling him back in. She says there are two undisputable things about Johnny: he is reckless and he loved his sister. She says Claudia loved John but her love was twisted and destructive. She says after Claudia married Sonny, Johnnyís perspective changed and he saw her as an innocent victim of Sonnyís abuse and now his hatred is about to extend to a 17 year old kid who has enough problems already. She says she was so offended when she walked into Johnnyís apartment and saw Kristina that she broke it off with Johnny. She says she now thinks she shouldnít have shut him down; she should have to stop him before he does something that he canít undo.

Johnny opens his door and Claire says she knows she is the last person he expected to see. He invites her in. She tells him that her career fast track was derailed by the Michael Corinthos debacle and she is looking for a way to get back on track. She says she thought she had found a way to do that by capturing a serial killer but that appears to be stalled. Johnny says he hasnít heard a point. She says she is just giving him context. She tells him that the best way for her to accomplish her goal is by building an airtight case against Sonny. She says she thinks they both want to see Sonny behind bars. She asks him if he wants to help her convict Sonny.

Sonny goes to visit Jason in prison. Sonny says Jason wonít believe what he is going to tell him. He says he saw Johnny Zacchara holding Kristinaís hand and putting his arm around her and that Olivia told him that she saw Kristina drinking wine at Johnnyís place. He says Kristina is vulnerable and Johnny is taking advantage of her confusion. Jason tells him that Alexis already came to see him and told him about it. Sonny says Johnny is also taking his suppliers. He says he is at the end of his rope so he is arranging to take Johnny out and he wants Jason to do the same with Anthony.

At Danteís apartment, Michael wonders why Dante wouldnít go along with Jasonís release if it could lead to Francoís capture. Dante's says Michael and Lulu missed the part where Jason would be released into Danteís custody. He says if Jason took off, Dante would go to Pentonville in Jasonís place. Lulu says Jason might take off just to see Dante go to prison. Dante asks what Michael thinks since he knows Jason better than he does. Michael says Jason would stick around to make sure Franco is stopped, but he doesnít know what he would do afterwards. He says if it were him, he would do anything to avoid going back to Pentonville. Dante tells Lulu that he thought Michael should do the right thing in spite of the cost and he should do the same so he is going to tell Claire that he agrees to the terms.

Kristina and Ethan go to the pier. She tells him that she likes him and she owes him after all the lies that she told about him hitting her, but she asks him not to try to talk her out of her plan with Johnny. He asks her to explain why her manufactured relationship with Johnny is so important to her. She says she hasnít felt this good about anything since before Keifer put her in the hospital the first time. She says it is as if Johnny is part of her therapy. Ethan doesnít understand. She tells him that she goes to therapy three times a week and talks about all the things that make her screwed up and she leaves feeling like she is so broken that she will never be fixed. She says when her dad looks like his head is going to blow off when he sees her with Johnny, she feels her own power over her father, her body, and her choices. Ethan says empowerment is desirable but this is about more than her need to feel empowered; real lives are at stake. He tells her that her father is a dangerous, psychotic man with a hair-trigger on his best day. He says Kristina is aiming her father at Johnny like a loaded weapon and someone will end up dead. He asks her how her power will sit with her then.

At Johnnyís penthouse, he tells Claire that he might be interested but it depends on what her plan is and where he will fit in. Claire reveals that she made a deal with Sonny to provoke Johnny into doing an illegal act so she could arrest him. Johnny asks her if that is what she wants his help with. Claire says she always intended to turn the tables and bust Sonny instead because he is the bigger get. She says with Sonnyís conviction, her career would be back on track. She says after Judge Carroll ordered Michaelís release, Sonny was no longer motivated to play. Johnny tells her that he isnít either because he likes to do things his way but she will be happy to know that he is poking at the beast and he will get Sonny to retaliate in that highly illegal way that Claire is looking for.

In the visiting room at Pentonville, Jason say he canít guarantee that he can get to Anthony right now because Anthony is in a high-risk cellblock. He says that even if he can get to Anthony, the guards watch him 24 hour a day and if they catch him, he could spend the rest of his life in Pentonville. Sonny says he doesnít want that. He says that if Anthony is alive, he will target Sonnyís sons. Jason says he doesnít know what to say since the obvious thing is to leave Johnny alone for now. Sonny says he canít do that; as a father, he canít allow a 30-year-old man to put his hands all over his teenaged daughter. He says Johnny is a dead man, and then he gets up and walks out.

Olivia opens the door to Johnnyís penthouse. Johnny gets up from his desk and heaves a big sigh. Olivia comes in, closes the door, throws her purse on the couch, and marches over to Johnny. Johnny asks her, ďWhat?Ē She kisses him. He pulls out of the kiss and asks her if he missed something. She tells him not to talk and starts kissing him again. He lays her down of the sofa table and they continue to kiss passionately.

At the police station, Claire is telling someone on the telephone that she is making progress with constructing a new and better case against Sonny Corinthos case. Dante enters the police station. When Claire hangs up, Claire asks Dante what she can help him with. He tells her that he will take Jason into his custody. Claire says she thought that wasnít an option. Dante says he is cursed with a conscience. He says he couldnít live with it if Franco kills again when Dante could have stopped him so he will take his chances on Jason. He tells her to go ahead and get Jasonís paperwork in order.

Michael is shadowboxing in Danteís living room when someone knocks on the door. When he opens it, Brook Lynn greets Michael by name. She says he probably doesnít remember her and she tells him that she is his cousin Brook Lynn and that she used to babysit him. That jogs Michaelís memory. He tells her that was a long time ago and that she looks different. She says he does too. Michael tells her that Dante isnít there right now but that she is welcome to wait. She comes inside and tells him that Danteís place must be a lot nicer than prison. Michael says he would have to agree with that. Brook says she bets prison food sucks. He tells her that she has no idea. She tells him that she is an amazing cook and she would be happy to cook dinner for him sometime. She says he doesnít look very happy for someone who just got out of Pentonville. He says it is a little hard to celebrate when Jason is still inside. She says it was amazing of Jason to go to prison to protect him. Michael says Jason is that kind of a guy and he feels responsible for Jason still being in prison. He tells her that one of the conditions of his release is that he canít see his dad and he misses him.

Sonny goes to Luckyís apartment to see Luke. He says Luke isnít easy to track down. Luke asks him why he was looking for him. Sonny says he was paying attention when Luke told him that he rushed to judgment when he accused Ethan of beating Kristina. He says it almost Ethanís life and Sonnyís friendship with Luke so he is there to reestablish good faith. He says he is there to give Luke a heads that Johnny Zacchara is about to be hit and he doesnít want Ethan to get caught in the crossfire so Luke needs to keep Ethan away from Johnny.

At Danteís apartment, Michael tells Brook Lynn that he understands why the judge doesnít want him around his father because it isnít a healthy environment for a kid. He says he worries about his brother and his sisters but Sonny is still his dad and he loves him. Brook says she thinks Sonny is a scapegoat a lot of the time because it is convenient to blame things on him. Lulu comes into the kitchen and observes Brook and Michael talking. Brook tells Michael that she is sorry that he canít see his dad. She tells him that Dante might soften on the issue and in the meantime, Michael can make Dante see their father in a better light and bring them closer together.

At Luckyís apartment, Luke tells Sonny that he talked to Alexis and she said she was worried about Kristina getting caught in the middle. Sonny says he canít let Johnny manipulate his teenaged daughter. He says Johnny knew what he was bringing down when he put his hands all over Kristina and he will have to deal with the consequences. Luke says Sonny will be the prime suspect. Sonny says Johnny will explode and no one will be able to prove that Sonny had anything to do with it.

At Johnnyís penthouse, he and Olivia are making out on the living room couch. Johnny wonders why Olivia came there. She says she wanted to remind him what he is used to getting. She says she knows a 17 year old couldnít possibly compete. Johnny agrees. She kisses him. He says he has to tell him something, but she tells him not to talk. They start up another round of lovemaking. Kristina comes into the penthouse and sees them

Johnny goes into a visiting room at Pentonville and heaves a sigh when he sees that Dante is his visitor. Dante pushes some papers across the table and tells Jason that it is an order for his temporary release. Jason reads the papers and concludes that he will be bait for Franco. Dante says that is the idea. He reveals that the catch is that Jason is being released into Danteís custody. Dante says that means his ass is on the line because he will be charged as an accessory and wind up in Pentonville if Jason escapes. He tells Jason that he is going to get sick of him and that he will shoot him if he tries to run.

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