GH Update Thursday 6/24/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/24/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the Jacks’ house, Michael is sitting on the couch playing with Josselyn. He looks over at Carly sitting next to him and asks her what is wrong. She shows him a photograph and tells him that Franco sent it to Josselyn.

In an interview room at the police station, Dante tells Claire that Franco is obsessed with Jason and that they should use Jason as bait to draw Franco out. Claire wonders why Jason would cooperate. Dante tells her that Franco is a threat to everyone that Jason cares about. Claire says she salvaged her career by sending the Corinthos enforcer and she doesn’t want to ask a judge to release him. Dante says sending Franco to prison will boost her career.

In a visiting room at Pentonville, Alexis tells Jason that forbidding Kristina from seeing Johnny will only make her more determined to do it. She says Jason can make Johnny understand the probable consequences. Jason tells her that he has no influence over Johnny. Alexis says Sam told her that Johnny owes Jason his life.

On the docks, Sam orders Jason to stay away from Kristina. Kristina tells Sam not to talk about her as if she isn’t there, so Sam tells Kristina to stay away from Johnny. Kristina says she isn’t a kid and she knows what she is doing. Sam asks Kristina if that means defying her father by being with the person he hates the most. Kristina says it is her choice. Sam says Kristina’s choice could get Johnny killed.

At Lucky’s apartment, Luke tells his sons that he believes that he and Tracy belong together. He says he wants to take her back to Vegas and marry her for real, and this time sober. Ethan and Lucky laugh. Luke insists that he can do that. He says he found a great chapel that was converted from an auto body shop and he’s going to find the best James Brown impersonator to marry them. Lucky says Luke could lose Tracy for good if he underestimates how hurt and angry she is. He says Luke is going to have to speak from his heart and tell Tracy how he feels. Luke says Tracy will be suspicious if he goes sincere on her. Lucky says Luke has already blown it and now he has to redeem himself. Ethan agrees and suggests that Luke should dazzle Tracy with romance. Luke says he is going to go see Tracy, but Ethan informs him that Tracy changed the locks and installed a new security system. Maya knocks on the door and Ethan is impressed that she found him. Luke informs Ethan that Maya is there to see him. He tells Maya that he needs her help to talk to Tracy.

At the Jacks’ house, Michael tells Carly that it isn’t about Josselyn; Franco is trying to get a reaction from Jason. He tells her that Franco sent photos to Maxie and Dante too. She calls someone and says she really needs them.

In the interview room at the police station, Claire tells Dante that Franco is an international killer and that Interpol can handle it. Dante says the key to breaking the case is in Pentonville. He tells her about Franco strapping Lulu to a bomb. He says Franco needs to be stopped and Jason is the best way to do it. Claire says she thinks he is using Franco as an excuse to avoid building a case against Sonny.

In a visiting room at Pentonville, Alexis tells Jason that Kristina is channeling all the negative emotions that she feels towards Keifer to Sonny. Jason tells her that Johnny blames Sonny for Claudia’s death and Kristina offering him a way to pay Sonny back. Alexis says if Sonny goes after Johnny, he will confirm Kristina’s greatest fear. Jason says he doesn’t think talking to Johnny would do any good. Alexis asks him if he could talk to Sonny and ask him to back off for Kristina’s sake.

On the docks, Sam reminds Kristina that she protected Keifer because she thought Sonny would kill him. She asks her what she thinks Sonny will do to Johnny if she keeps this up. Johnny tells Sam not to put it on Kristina. He says he is provoking Sonny because he wants him to come after him. Sam tells Kristina that dating an older man who is a gangster and her father’s worst enemy is like waving a ton of red flags in Sonny’s face. Johnny says he will go after Sonny’s territories and suppliers to bring him down so if Sonny kills him, it has nothing to do with Kristina. Kristina says Sam can’t stop either of them. Sam advises Kristina not to make decisions based on how she thinks her father will react because that is giving him power over her. She tells her not to give anyone that much power. Sonny arrives on the docks and asks Sam what is going on. He comes down the stairs, sees Johnny and Kristina, and tells Kristina that she is coming home with him. Kristina tells him she is not. He tells her they need to talk. She says they can talk there, or he can leave her alone. Sam tells Kristina not to be so rude to her father. Kristina says he is rude to her. Sam tells her that if she wants to be treated as an adult, she needs to act like one. She tells her that this isn’t the way to handle her problems with her father; they need to talk. Kristina says they already tried that in therapy and it was a joke. She says Sonny is right and everyone else is wrong. Sam tells her to try again. She says Kristina is better than this. She says that if she doesn’t work things out with Sonny it will only get worse. Kristina agrees to go with Sonny. The two of them leave. Sam asks Johnny why he didn’t tell Kristina that this is dangerous and that she should get out while she can. Johnny says Kristina can think for herself. Sam says Johnny isn’t being fair. Johnny says he may not want to be fair. Sam says Jason protected him because he thought he saw something in him to respect. She says she thought Jason had a good judge of character, but she may have been wrong. Sam walks off.

In the visiting room at Pentonville, Alexis says Kristina is as stubborn as her father is. She says she can’t sit by and watch her throw herself between Sonny and Johnny. Jason says all she can do is keep trying to get through to Kristina. She says coming to Jason is her last resort. Jason says Johnny will go along with whatever Kristina decides to do so Alexis needs to keep trying to get through to Kristina. Alexis thanks Jason for talking to her. She tells him that she admires him for what he did for Michael but that it isn’t easy on Sam. She tells him that Sam loves him and is willing to accept everything that comes with making a life with him.

At the Jacks’ house, Carly shows Jax the photograph. Michael tells Jax that Maxie and Dante also received copies. Jax concludes that Franco is back. Carly says that might not be true. She reveals that a picture of Franco was with Josselyn’s Christening photos. Jax wonders why Carly didn’t tell him and she says they weren’t speaking at the time. Jax says Franco is a dangerous man who was threatening their daughter. Carly says she told Jason and he said it wasn’t about Josselyn but that Franco was trying to pull Jason back into his game. Jax says Franco has already been in their house and kidnapped Carly. He says he doesn’t care about Franco sending messages to Jason; his concern is their family’s safety. He says Franco is mentally unstable and there is no way to know what he will do next. He says he isn’t going to risk anyone’s safety because Jason thinks everyone will be ok. He tells them that they are going to do what they should have done the night Claudia died.

At Lucky’s apartment, Luke asks Maya for the new security codes to the mansion. He says he has to talk to Tracy face to face so she can see how sincere he is. Ethan asks her to do it for true love. Maya say that isn’t what Tracy is calling it. Lucky says Tracy can seem a little intimidating at first, and Maya says Tracy is a bitchy socialite, prone to tantrums. She tells Luke that he wasn’t the good guy either; he lied to Tracy for years. Luke admits that he did. He says he thought Tracy’s money was the only thing they had in common, but he fell in love with her. He says Tracy is the woman for him and he didn’t think a piece of paper would be that important. She asks him if it wasn’t important, why he didn’t tell her. Luke says he knew how Tracy would react. Maya says Tracy doesn’t want anything to do with Luke and she seems happy to be single. Luke sarcastically asks her if Tracy is being sweetness and light. Maya asks him who wouldn’t be pissed about finding out that her husband concealed for years the fact that they weren’t really married. Lucky says they know Luke screwed up, but Tracy is miserable without him. Maya thinks Tracy would rather be miserable than forgive Luke. Lucky says that if Luke talks to Tracy, she might realize that they are destined for a lifetime of happiness together and Luke is only asking Maya to help give him the chance.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy tells her assistant to schedule an ELQ meeting, find a replacement for Alice, and then fire Alice because she is loyal to the trash that Tracy just put out. Luke enters and orders the assistant to get out because he and Tracy need privacy. Tracy tells the assistant that they are finished for now. She tells Luke to pick a door to leave through. He asks her how long she is going to shut him out, and she says forever. She tells him that he is trespassing and that she will call the police if he doesn’t leave. He tells her that she misses him and she is glad he is there but she is too stubborn to admit it. Tracy calls the police and reports an intruder. Luke tells her that he knows how hard it is for her that he hurt her. He goes down on one knee and tells her that he is falling on his sword. He tells her that he loves her and he always will, and he knows she loves him. He tells her that no one else will have either of them. He says they make a formidable team and that he wants to be married to her for real. He asks her if she will do him the honor of becoming his wife.

At Lucky’s apartment, Lucky brings Maya an iced tea while Ethan plays pool. Lucky thanks Maya for giving Luke the security codes and says things will be better for everyone if Luke and Tracy reconcile. Maya says Luke seemed desperate. Ethan supposes Tracy is that important to Luke. Lucky says he will strangle Luke if he stays at his apartment much longer. He says he never considered having his dad as a roommate when he got the apartment. Maya suggests that Luke should stay in Ethan’s big penthouse. Lucky gives Ethan a confused look.
Dante and Claire arrive at the Jacks’ house. Carly gives Claire the photograph. Jax tells them about the other photo that was in with Josselyn’s christening photos. Claire says that was a few months ago. Carly wonders how Claire knew. Claire reveals that she went to see Jason at Pentonville after Dante received a photograph from Franco. She says that at first Jason didn’t want to help her unless she got Michael out first, but then he realized that helping her could potentially stop Franco from killing again so he told her everything he knew about Franco. She says that Jason told her that he killed an inmate named Carter who apparently targeted Michael and that Carter’s dying words were, “Franco says hi.” She says Franco is obviously trying to provoke Jason. Dante says he thinks he might know a way to draw Franco out, but they have to get Claire to go along with it.

Jason goes into a visiting room at Pentonville prison and sees that his visitor is Johnny Zacchara. Johnny asks him how he is doing. Jason says that unlike Johnny, he is keeping to himself. He says he heard Johnny is seeing Kristina. Johnny says news travels fast. Johnny says people are upset. Johnny tells him that Sam saw him with Kristina on the pier and blasted him for using Kristina to get into Sonny’s head. Jason asks him if he can blame Sam. He says Kristina’s boyfriend abused her and then he was killed so she is in a fragile place. He says Sam doesn’t want to see her sister get hurt again. Johnny says he doesn’t either. Jason says Kristina is doing this to get back at Sonny and he sees that Johnny hates Sonny enough to go along with it but he doesn’t think Johnny would touch Kristina. Johnny says Jason is the only one who thinks that. Jason says he doesn’t think Johnny would intentionally hurt Kristina either, but that is what he is doing.

Sonny and Kristina enter Pozzulo’s. Sonny says he can live with Kristina hating him but he can’t live with Johnny using her. Kristina says Johnny isn’t using her. Sonny says she is naïve. Kristina tells him that she and Johnny might be dating because they care about each other. Sonny says Johnny is trying to destroy him by taking him down in business and in his personal life. He says the best way to get to him is through is daughter. He asks her if she is going to allow that to happen just because she wants to defy him. She asks him why he always thinks everything is about him. Sonny says Kristina is still a young girl and Johnny is a grown man. He says that is sick and twisted. Kristina says Johnny understands what it is like to have a horrible, violent father and they have a lot in common. Sonny tells her that she will not see Johnny again. Kristina screams that she will see Johnny; she will have sex with him if she wants to, and Sonny can’t do anything about it. Sonny points his finger at her and tells her that she is not to talk to her father that way. He says he will now allow Johnny to touch Kristina again. She asks him what he is going to do now and she dares him to hit her. He says he has never hit her and he never will but he will not stand by and watch Johnny hurt her. Alexis enters Pozzulo’s. Sonny tells her that he saw Kristina and Johnny together again, and he isn’t sure what was going on, but he told her that he doesn’t want her anywhere Johnny. He says he needs Alexis to back him up on this. Alexis says she and Kristina have discussed this. Alexis tells Kristina that she agrees with Sonny and she doesn’t want her to see Johnny anymore either. Kristina says she understands that Alexis is stuck in the middle, she wants to support Sonny because he is Kristina’s father and she thinks Kristina should love him even though he is a killer and an abuser, but she doesn’t have to obey him and she won’t. Kristina storms out and slams the door.
In the visiting room, Johnny tells Jason that he isn’t looking to hurt Kristina or take advantage of her. He says Kristina has raw hate for her father and rejecting him could be the healthiest thing for her. Jason says that may be true, but Sonny loves his kids. Johnny says his father loves him. Jason tells Johnny not to compare Sonny to Anthony. Johnny says they are domineering, egocentric, arrogant bastards. Johnny says Kristina wants to be with him to piss her father off. He says it makes her feel good and she thinks it gives her a sense of control in her life. He says he is happy to facilitate Kristina getting out from under Sonny’s control. Jason says there are better ways for Kristina to be free of her father. Johnny says this way works for him. Jason says Johnny has nothing to lose while Sonny has family, his territory, his business, and his employees to consider when he weighs out his decisions. Jason says fearless people usually win so Sonny could be the one who ends up dead if there is a war between Johnny and Sonny. He tells him that if Kristina thinks she caused her father’s death, she will never get over it.

At the Jacks’ house, Jax asks Dante what his plan to catch Franco is. Claire interjects that it is a matter for international authorities and tells Dante to take Carly’s statement. Carly says the envelope came in regular mail with no return address; she called Jax and Jax called the police. She says there is nothing else to tell as she hands the envelope to Dante. Claire says the matter will be escalated to her superiors. Claire thanks them for their time. Dante thanks them for calling the police and says that considering everything that has happened recently, calling the police was probably not their first instinct. He tells them that they did the right thing because they want to get Franco as much as they do. Carly glares at him. Dante leaves.

At Lucky’s apartment, Ethan tells Maya that he doesn’t think Luke would be comfortable at his place. He says Luke feels more comfortable coming to Lucky’s place because he raised Lucky and feels closer to him. Lucky says Luke also enjoys living in the lap of luxury. Ethan gives Lucky a look of desperation. Lucky tells Maya that Luke prefers the path of least resistance. He says he probably came here because it was the closest. Ethan says Luke will probably want to stay here since his stuff is already there. Maya says Luke is too good for Tracy but if he wants her back, she hopes he succeeds. Ethan thanks her for her help and suggests that he repay her with drinks on the penthouse balcony. She tells him that they will see how her day goes. She leaves to go to the hospital for her shift. Ethan asks Lucky if he enjoyed making him twist like that. Lucky asks him why he never invited him to his penthouse. Ethan says the lie was divinely inspired. He says Maya’s face lit up when she walked into Johnny’s penthouse and her whole attitude changed. Lucky says Ethan will be in the doghouse with Luke when Maya discovers that Ethan is scamming her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke asks Tracy to imagine the boundless joy the two of them have in wedded bliss for the rest of their lives. She tells him he should get out before the police arrive. He says she doesn’t really want him to leave and that he knows she wasn’t really talking to the police. She says she will enjoy the look of shock on his face when they arrest him. He says he loves her, and he has loved every day of being married to her. He says it may not have been legal but it was real. He asks her if she was happy before he told her the truth. She says she was locked in a dungeon, so sick that she was near death. He says before that. The doorbell rings and Tracy says the clock is ticking so he had better get out. He swears to her that he loves her and she is the only woman for her. He says they are prefect together. He asks her to admit that she loves him. To Luke’s surprise, two police officers enter the room. He asks Tracy to send them away but she asks the officers to arrest Luke. They handcuff him, read him his rights, and take him away.

Lucky enters the police station and concludes that Luke’s pleading with Tracy didn’t go well. Luke says he will tweak the plan because he knows that is what Tracy wants him to do. Lucky reveals that Tracy is pressing charges. Luke says he is relying on Lucky to get him out of there. Lucky says he will do what he can. He asks Luke is alright. Luke says he never thought Tracy would call in the army. He says he got down on bended knee and poured out his heart. He says he was eloquent but it was like trying to get blood out of a stone. Luke tells Lucky to remember this and learn never to tell a woman you love that you are married when you are not. Lucky says that advice will come in handy some day.

At Pozzulo’s, Alexis asks Sonny not to back her into a corner with Kristina again. Sonny asks her how she can blame him when their 17-year-old daughter is involved with a 30-year-old man. She says she is just saying it would be better to discuss it first and come up with a united front. Sonny says he saw Johnny and Kristina together and he had to stop it immediately. Alexis says she gets that. She says Sonny drew a line in the sand and Kristina walked right across it without blinking and she isn’t sure she blames her. She says she has grounded Kristina and she has taken away her car, but if Kristina is determined to see Johnny, she will find a way. Sonny asks Alexis if she is going to let Kristina walk all over her. Alexis says Kristina isn’t rebelling against her; she is rebelling against Sonny. Sonny asks her if she expects him to sit back and watch Johnny destroy their teenaged daughter.

Johnny goes home and finds Kristina crying outside his door. He asks her what happened as he opens the door. They go inside and she says she should not have let Sam talk her into leaving with her father. Johnny says Kristina wanted to leave with Sonny. Kristina sarcastically says she loves hearing her father yell and order her around. Johnny says that maybe Kristina wanted Sonny to quell the anger and fear she has inside by telling her that he loves her.

At Pentonville Prison, Jason dials a public phone. A line of other inmate is behind him waiting their turns to make calls. Sam answers the phone and asks him to guess where she is. She gives him the hint that there are bubbles. Jason guesses the hot tub. She says it is wet but she isn’t wearing a bathing suit. She asks him what he thinks she is wearing. He says he doesn’t know. She says she isn’t wearing anything. He guesses that she is in the bathtub. She says he got it, she is in the bathtub, and she is thinking about him. She asks him if he is thinking about her. Jason says, “Uhm” as he looks at the line of men standing behind him who can hear his conversation.

At the Jacks’ house, Jax tells Carly that he has arranged bodyguards for everyone in the family. Carly concludes to Jax that he didn’t think this sort of thing would happen with Sonny out of their lives. He says he is just concerned about keeping them safe. He tells her that if anything happened to her, his life would be over. She thanks him for stepping up and taking care of them. He tells her that he thinks this is the first time that she got into trouble and called him.

At Johnny’s penthouse, Kristina admits that she always wanted to spend more time with her father while she was growing up. She says she was always jealous of Michael and Morgan when they did things with their father. She says her mother wouldn’t allow it because she wanted her to have a normal life. She says that makes sense to her intellectually but emotionally she felt like her dad had rejected her, because he would have found a way to get to know her. Johnny says all kids want their fathers to love them. Kristina says that when her father said he was sorry that he had missed so much of her childhood and that he wanted to get to know her, she hoped that they would connect but instead, she finally saw her father for who he really is. She says her father is a violent, angry abuser who blames other people for the terrible things he does. Johnny says he can’t disagree with her. Kristina says Johnny is the only one who will call her dad out on his crap. Johnny tells her that what he is doing is dangerous. She says she doesn’t care about that; she wants Johnny to win. She says she wants to see her dad lose everything that matters to him.

In Sonny’s office behind Pozzulo’s, he says his daughter is a teenager and Johnny will not leave her alone. He says he will not allow it and it has to end. Max says he thinks they should lie low while Jason is locked up. Sonny tells Max to hope that if he has kids someday he will never have to watch his daughter hanging all over someone like Johnny Zacchara. He says Max would do the same thing. He tells Max and Milo to do what he said with no mistakes and nothing to tie it to Sonny.

Sam is in her bathtub filled with bubbles and candles surrounding it. She asks Jason to tell her that he is thinking about her being naked in the bathtub.

On a payphone in a public hallway at Pentonville, Jason reluctantly says he is thinking about her. A guard enters the corridor and announces that there will be no more phone calls after this one and he tells Jason he has five minutes. Sam realizes that Jason had an audience. He tells her that he is alone now. He says he misses her. She says she misses him too and wishes they could be together right now. He thanks her for understanding why he needed to be in Pentonville with Michael. She asks him to promise her that as soon as he gets out of prison, they can disappear somewhere where no one can find them. He promises.

At the police station, Claire informs Dante that her superiors agree with him that Jason is the perfect bait for Franco so they are prepared to release Jason into Dante’s custody. Dante says that is great. Claire tells him that if Jason runs, Dante will be charged with aiding & abetting and obstruction of justice so Dante could be the one in prison.

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