GH Update Wednesday 6/23/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/23/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the loft, Dante is looking for coffee but can’t find any. Michael offers him some candy. Claire shows up unannounced. Michael figures that Claire is there about his release from prison. Claire says that she wants to ask Michael some questions about Franco. Michael refuses to speak to Claire. Dante points out that Claire was the one who got Jason his deal to enter Pentonville. Dante admits that Franco sent him a picture. Claire adds that Maxie received one too. Claire knows that there is a connection between Franco and Carter. Claire asks Michael to talk about his run-ins with Carter. Michael is evasive toward Claire’s questions. Michael replies that Carter was a “sick freak”. Claire and Dante seem puzzled by Michael’s response.

Diane pays a visit to Jason in prison. Diane relays that she and Max celebrated Michael’s release from Pentonville. Jason, sporting a new haircut, ignores Diane’s reference to sex. Diane relays that Jason will not be released. Jason is thankful that Michael’s free. Jason inquires about Michael. Diane says that Johnny is gunning for Sonny. Diane mentions that Michael is living with Dante. Jason is angry to hear that Michael cannot see Sonny. Diane is trying her best to get Jason out of prison.

At the hospital, Epiphany and Lisa are talking about Patrick’s suspension. Epiphany is surprised that Patrick hit Steven. Epiphany mentions that the hospital work schedule is a mess. Patrick shows up, ready to begin work. Steven and a security guard walk up to Patrick. Patrick wants to get back to work. However, Steven insists that he hasn’t lifted Patrick’s suspension. Steven wants Patrick to leave the premises immediately. Patrick is irritated since he needs to tend to his patients. Patrick calls Steven an “idiot” before storming out of the hospital. Lisa smiles at Steven.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ethan and Maya gather in the living room. A clattering of noises can be heard from the kitchen. Edward and Monica comment that Tracy has gone berserk since kicking Luke out of the house. Everyone agrees that Ethan should fix this since he is Luke’s son. Ethan is shocked to hear that Luke and Tracy aren’t really married. Tracy walks in. Tracy is adamant that she and Luke are over. Maya jokes that she is a “freeloader”. Tracy says that Luke and Helena would make a good couple. Ethan reminds Tracy that she and Luke have been together for five years. Tracy is relieved to be free of Luke. Tracy walks outside on the patio. Tracy looks sad.

Luke is sleeping on Lucky’s couch. Lucky returns home. Luke says “hi roomie”. Lucky wonders why Luke isn’t staying at the Haunted Star. Luke says that he needs to crash at Lucky’s place for a few days. Luke admits that he was evicted from the casino. Luke blurts out that he isn’t legally married to Tracy. Lucky doesn’t understand why Tracy is that mad. Luke is angry that Tracy almost had his stuff burned on the Quartermaine lawn. Luke is thankful that Alice saved his belongings. Lucky asks if Luke still owns the casino. Luke informs Lucky that Tracy owns it now. Luke wants to hire an attorney. For now, Luke says that he is “dependent” on Lucky. Lucky makes breakfast for himself and Luke. Luke is starving. Luke compliments Lucky on his cooking. Lucky says that he normally gets take-out. Luke comments that Lucky will be cooking for two now. Luke figures that Tracy will change her mind sooner or later. Luke knows that Tracy misses him. Lucky isn’t so sure that Tracy will forgive and forget. Luke realizes that Tracy is angry and needs her space. Ethan shows up at Lucky’s. Ethan grabs some breakfast. Ethan relays that the Quartermaines are going nuts over Tracy’s crazy behavior. Ethan confides that Tracy won’t be taking Luke back anytime soon. Luke disagrees with Ethan. Lucky knows that Tracy feels betrayed by Luke. Luke senses that Lucky is siding with Tracy. Lucky urges Luke to change his approach toward Tracy. Lucky implies that Luke use some of his charm to win Tracy back. Luke ignores Lucky’s suggestion.

Nikolas walks into Shirley’s hospital room carrying flowers. Shirley assumes they are for Liz. Nikolas maintains that the flowers are for Shirley. Nikolas thinks that Shirley and Emily are a lot alike. Shirley calls Nik a “true gentleman”. Liz interrupts. Elizabeth makes a rude comment. Nikolas insists that he brought the flowers for Shirley, not Elizabeth. Shirley takes Nikolas’ side. Elizabeth hurries back to work. Nikolas wishes that he and Elizabeth hadn’t screwed up their friendship. Nikolas hopes that the baby will somehow reconnect them.

Lisa follows Patrick onto the docks. Lisa defends Patrick. Lisa wonders why Steven didn’t lift Patrick’s suspension. Patrick is surprised that Lisa is being “disloyal” to Steven. Lisa agrees to talk to Steven on Patrick’s behalf. Lisa says that she’ll keep Patrick updated. After returning to work, Lisa and Steven talk in private. Lisa confides that she talked to Patrick. Lisa tells Steven that he made the right decision in not lifting the suspension. Steven says that the OR rotation is a mess. Lisa asserts that Patrick needs some time off of work.

Carly visits Jason in prison. Jason asks about Michael. Jason has no regrets in going to prison. Carly wishes that Jason had been at Michael’s welcome home party. Carly makes it clear that Dante is no hero. Carly wants to punish Dante. Jason is disappointed that Carly can’t move on. Carly says that Michael seems different since his release from prison. Jason stresses that Michael needs time to adjust. Jason blurts out that Franco sent pictures to Dante and Maxie. Jason advises Carly to keep an eye on Josslyn.

On the docks, Diane and Max hug. Max is thrilled that Michael’s free. Diane speaks of her visit with Jason. Diane feels bad that Jason can’t be released. Diane is worried about Sonny since Johnny is coming after him. Max suggests celebrating at home. Diane mentions that she just bought some new lingerie.

At the hospital, Elizabeth pulls Nik aside to talk. Elizabeth apologizes for earlier. Nikolas wishes that Liz wouldn’t invest in the drug company. Nikolas reminds Liz that they used to love each other. Nikolas is coming to terms with the fact that Elizabeth wants Lucky back. Nikolas points out that he and Elizabeth are going to have a baby. Nikolas wants things to go back to normal.

On the pier, Alexis and Sam talk about Kristina. Sam is speechless when she finds out Kristina is dating Johnny. Sam mentions that Johnny dropped off Kristina after she was bullied by classmates. Sam feels that Kristina hasn’t had sex with Johnny. In fact, Sam is certain that Kristina is only doing this to spite Sonny. Sam suggests that Alexis talk to Jason. Sam claims that Johnny owes Jason.

Alexis takes Sam’s advice and goes to see Jason. Alexis is worried about Kristina. Jason assumes that Alexis is having problems with the Bauers. Alexis says that Kristina is seeing Johnny. Jason thinks it is a bad idea. Jason worries what Sonny will do. Alexis begs Jason to talk to Johnny. However, Jason doesn’t think that Johnny is the problem. Jason figures that Kristina is playing along to anger Sonny.

On the docks, Johnny and Kristina run into each other. Johnny is resolute that he is done seeing Kristina. Kristina reminds Johnny that he liked irritating Sonny. Johnny refuses to go along with the scheme. Sam shows up. Sam wants to know what Johnny and Kristina are discussing.

Michael returns home to the Jacks house. Carly is happy to see Michael. Carly points out that Michael doesn’t need to ring the doorbell. Michael hands the mail to Carly. Carly inquires about Michael’s first night out of prison. Carly suggests getting Michael a bed. Michael asks his mom to stop worrying. Carly is holding Josslyn. Michael is concerned about Kristina. Michael points out that Kristina and Sonny both have bad tempers. Carly hands Josslyn over to Michael. Carly opens a manila envelope. Carly cringes at the sight of a black-and-white photograph.

At the police station, Claire and Dante talk about Franco. Both agree that Franco needs to be stopped. Dante says that Franco is obsessed over Jason. Claire and Dante discuss using Jason as bait to stop Franco.

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