GH Update Tuesday 6/22/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/22/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Patrick and Steven are arguing over a patient. Patrick wants to perform the operation as soon as possible. Steven insists that he should go in first since the patient has internal bleeding. Lisa wishes that the two would stop bickering. Patrick punches Steven in the face. Lisa can’t believe it. Nikolas intervenes on Steven’s behalf. Steven announces that Patrick is suspended, effective immediately. Patrick defends himself and claims that Steven can’t suspend him. Steven makes a call to have another surgeon check out the patient’s scans. Lisa butts in. Lisa takes Steven’s side which infuriates Patrick. Patrick backs off and storms out of the area. Afterwards, Steven thanks Nik for backing him up. Nikolas and Steven admit that they are not on the best of terms. Nikolas wants what is best for Elizabeth and the baby. Nikolas asks Steven to talk Liz out of investing in the biotech company. Steven refuses to get involved. In fact, Steven believes that Nikolas won’t stop “pressuring” Elizabeth. Nikolas asserts that he is only concerned about being a father to his unborn child.

At Johnny’s apartment, Kristina tells Alexis that she can’t stop her from seeing Johnny. Alexis wants Johnny to see things her way. Kristina tells Johnny that Alexis won’t change his mind. Alexis urges Kristina to leave but she won’t budge. Kristina brings up Alexis’ bad taste in men. Alexis reminds Kristina that she is only seventeen. Alexis points out that Kristina might end up getting hurt or killed because of Johnny and Sonny’s rift. Kristina doesn’t think anything will happen to her. Alexis defends Sonny, for once. Alexis warns Johnny that he doesn’t want her as an enemy. Johnny tells Kristina that he won’t “pursue” her but maintains that they can still hang out together. Kristina is disappointed in Sonny and believes he should be in prison. Alexis wishes that Kristina would stop “punishing” Sonny. Alexis compares Johnny’s way of life to Sonny’s. Kristina is adamant that she won’t get shot like Michael did. Alexis wishes that Kristina would trust her. Kristina’s answer – “trust me then”.

Carly and Brook Lynn are talking in the Jacks living room. Brook Lynn assumes that Carly’s scheme is over since Dante got Michael released. Brook Lynn suggests that Carly pay her the $10,000 as “severance”. Carly is adamant that the plan will continue. Brook Lynn is surprised but agrees to bed Dante as soon as possible. Carly promises to pay the $50,000 to Brook Lynn if she can get evidence of the dirty deed. Carly says that Dante and Lulu need to pay for putting Michael in prison.

Dante is mad that Sonny showed up unannounced at the loft. Sonny smiles at Michael. Lulu and Dante cringe as Sonny and Michael hug. Sonny is relieved that Michael is free. However, Dante is disappointed in Sonny for not abiding to his wishes. Sonny asks Michael to leave with him. Dante insists that the judge won’t allow Sonny to butt in. Michael sticks up for Dante. Michael thinks it is best if they obey the judge’s rules. Sonny wants Dante to stop acting like a cop. Dante thinks that Sonny has ruined this joyous occasion. Lulu pipes in to have her say. Lulu criticizes Sonny’s behavior and calls him “selfish”. Michael is grateful to Dante for getting him released. Lulu kisses Dante before leaving. Dante is proud of Lulu. Dante kindly asks Sonny to leave. Sonny wishes that he, Dante, and Michael could bond. Michael appreciates Sonny’s visit but thinks that his father should go. Dante says that Sonny hasn’t earned his respect. Sonny thanks Dante for getting Michael out of Pentonville. Dante fears that he will let down Judge Carroll if Sonny doesn’t leave. Sonny is looking for some kind of compromise. Dante reminds Sonny that the judge blames him for the cover-up. Sonny is sad that Dante won’t listen to him. Sonny tells Michael that he loves him very much. Sonny makes it clear that he won’t give up on his kids, including Dante. Sonny leaves the loft, clearly upset.

Maxie (on crutches) shows up at the police station. Maxie tells Lucky that she fell on the curb. Maxie is looking for Claire. Maxie comments that Claire doesn’t like her. Lucky wonders why Maxie needs to see Claire. Maxie blurts out that she was sent there by Jason because Franco mailed her a photo. Lucky theorizes that Franco might not be in Port Charles. Maxie worries how this will impact Spinelli. Maxie knows that Spinelli has forgiven her. Lucky brings up his failed relationship with Liz. Lucky implies that Maxie might need to let go of Spinelli. Maxie apologizes for talking badly about Elizabeth. Lucky knows that Maxie loves Spinelli. Claire enters the station. Claire speaks to Maxie about her urgent voicemail message. Claire makes it obvious that she is busy. Maxie changes her mind about talking to Claire. Lucky glances at Maxie. Maxie blurts out that Franco sent her a photo. Claire’s interest is piqued. Maxie explains that she received the picture through regular mail. Maxie hopes that Franco is caught. Claire asks Maxie why she went to Jason instead of Mac. Maxie says that Franco empathizes with Jason. Claire thanks Maxie for bringing the photo. Lucky leaves to give Maxie a ride home. Claire makes a call to someone. Ronnie shows up minutes later. Claire asks Ronnie about Franco. Ronnie is evasive. Claire informs Ronnie that Franco sent photos to Dante and Maxie. Claire adds that the men in the photos are John Does. Ronnie says that Claire should speak to Jason since he knows a lot about Franco.

Patrick walks into Jake’s and heads for the bar. Patrick hands his keys to Coleman. Patrick speaks of his suspension from work. Lisa shows up and confronts Patrick. Lisa figures that Patrick is pouting about the situation at the hospital. Patrick says that Lisa should get back to work to be with her boyfriend. Lisa tells Patrick that her personal life is none of his business. Patrick is mad that Steven took his patient. Patrick is confident that he could have handled the operation. Lisa brings up Noah’s drinking problems and points out that Patrick might end up just like him. Lisa leaves the bar. Coleman is surprised to hear about Patrick punching Steven. Coleman senses that Patrick’s professional and personal lives are a mess. Luke walks in, hoping to get drunk. Luke mentions that he isn’t welcome at the Haunted Star. Patrick is angry that Lisa didn’t stick by him. Patrick can’t understand why Lisa would defend Steven. Luke is shocked when Patrick says that Lisa followed him to the bar. Luke points out that Jake’s is a place to get away from it all. Luke confides that he and Tracy are through. Patrick and Coleman are speechless when Luke announces that he isn’t legally married to Tracy. Luke admits that he hired an actor to play the Vegas preacher. Luke wishes that he hadn’t fallen for Tracy. Patrick pipes in that he loves Robin very much. However, Patrick wonders how he ended up settling down with a wife and daughter. Coleman speaks of his relationship with Kate. Luke advises Patrick that he can’t lose his wild side.

Carly takes down the welcome home sign in the living room. The doorbell rings. It’s Lulu, who is standing outside in the rain. Lulu mentions that Dante has the freezer packed with frozen pizzas for Michael. Lulu needs a favor from Carly. Lulu speaks of Sonny’s visit to the loft to see Michael. Carly agrees to talk to Sonny on Lulu’s behalf. Lulu hopes that Sonny doesn’t end up sending Michael back to prison because he didn’t abide to the judge’s conditions. However, Lulu is confident that Dante will make sure that doesn’t happen. Carly says that she is “grateful” for Lulu and Dante. Lulu is relieved that Carly isn’t mad at Dante anymore.

There is a knock on Johnny’s door. It’s Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn claims that her car battery died. Johnny hands Brook Lynn a towel since she is drenched. Johnny offers to look at her car but Brook Lynn says no. Brook Lynn maintains that she dropped her cell phone in a puddle. Johnny says that she can wash her clothes in the laundry room. After changing into one of Johnny’s shirts, Brook Lynn sits in front of the fireplace. Johnny hands Brook Lynn a glass of red wine. Brook Lynn is worried about Kristina. Johnny mentions that the situation is “complicated”. Brook Lynn brings up Olivia. Brook Lynn leaves the room to see if her clothes are dry.

Sonny and Olivia run into each other on the pier. Olivia appears troubled. Sonny wants to clear his thoughts. Sonny speaks of seeing Michael at Dante’s loft. Olivia is visibly happy that Michael was released. Sonny is sad because Dante still hates him. Sonny fears that he is losing all his children. Sonny brings up his teenage years in Bensonhurst. Sonny refuses to stay away from his kids. Olivia knows that Sonny is hurting. Sonny is frustrated. Olivia advises Sonny to keep on the right path.

At home, Dante puts a sheet on the couch. Michael comments that sleeping on the sofa is better than being in prison. Dante reminds Michael that Sonny isn’t a good guy. Michael recalls driving the speedboat on the island. Michael remembers that Sonny taught him to drive. Dante is shocked to hear that Sonny is good at fishing. Michael wishes that Dante would give Sonny a second chance. Michael feels sad that Sonny and Dante aren’t close. Dante believes that Sonny isn’t devoted to his children or he’d leave the mob. Michael points out that things aren’t always that black-and-white. Surprisingly, Michael’s words seem to be getting through to Dante.

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