GH Update Monday 6/21/10

General Hospital Update Monday 6/21/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Sam opens the blinds in Jason’s living room. Spinelli appears bummed. Sam asks Spinelli why he’s so down in the dumps. Spinelli mumbles out that Dante got Michael released. Sam realizes that Jason is still in Pentonville. Sam and Spinelli both agree that the situation is difficult to deal with. However, Sam knows that Jason would have made the same decision regardless. Sam wishes that Jason wasn’t stuck in prison. Spinelli makes a vague comment about his scheme with Carly. Sam tells Spinelli that he can’t screw up Jason’s release from prison. Spinelli is focused on “redemption”.

Maxie pays Jason a visit in prison. Maxie hands an envelope to Jason. Jason stares at a black-and-white photograph. Maxie utters that “Franco’s back”. Maxie says that Franco sent the photo to her apartment. Jason comments that he’s never seen the photo before. Maxie worries that Franco wants to kill her. Jason tries to convince Maxie that she’s safe. Maxie maintains that Jason is useless to her in prison. Maxie says that no one has been following her. Maxie points out that the postmark is smudged. Jason suggests giving the photo to Claire. Maxie figures that Claire can’t help. Maxie tells Jason that Spinelli is depressed over his incarceration. Maxie blames Jason for the mess with Franco.

At the loft, Brook Lynn tells Lulu that she can keep Michael company if she and Dante want to be alone. Lulu makes it clear that they don’t need a babysitter for Michael. Lulu raves about Dante and his protection of Michael. Brook Lynn agrees that Dante is a good guy. Lulu figures that everyone involved will be thanking Dante for getting Michael released. Olivia shows up, visibly frazzled by something. Olivia wants to talk to Lulu about Johnny. Olivia blurts out that Johnny is seeing Kristina. Both Lulu and Brook Lynn are speechless. Olivia fears that Johnny is using Kristina. Lulu believes that Johnny would never cheat on Olivia. Olivia speaks of Johnny’s vendetta against Sonny. Olivia assumes that Lulu could get through to Johnny. Unfortunately, Lulu refuses to get involved. In fact, Lulu defends Johnny for wanting to make Sonny pay. Olivia worries that Kristina will end up getting hurt. Brook Lynn listens from the opposite end of the room.

In the Jacks living room, Carly, Jax, Kristina, Morgan, Josslyn, and Molly congregate to celebrate Michael’s return. Michael is happy to be home. Carly watches in admiration as Michael holds Josslyn. Someone suggests having dinner at the MetroCourt. Michael feels overwhelmed. Michael announces that he can’t see Sonny and that he’ll be living with Dante. Michael sets Josslyn down in the crib. Jax doesn’t want to argue about the living arrangements. Michael shows Morgan and Molly his ankle monitor. Michael is thankful that Dante changed the judge’s mind. Michael says that Dante will tell Sonny about his release.

At Sonny’s office, Dante speaks of Michael’s release from prison. Dante tells Sonny that Michael needs to wear an ankle monitor and do some community service. Sonny wants to see Michael. Dante says that Michael will be living at the loft with him. Dante makes it clear that Sonny should avoid Michael at all costs. Sonny doesn’t like the idea. Dante reminds Sonny that Michael killed Claudia and agreed to a cover-up. Sonny tells Dante that Judge Carroll can’t make him stay away from Michael. Dante hopes that Sonny will have “minimal contact” with Michael. Dante insists that Sonny’s absence is what’s best for Michael. Sonny feels like he is being punished. Sonny feels that all he has left are his children. Dante urges Sonny to let them go. Dante blames Sonny for Michael’s incarceration. Dante doesn’t want “gratitude” from Sonny. Before he leaves, Dante is adamant that Sonny needs to steer clear of Michael.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy is looking at documents with her lawyer. Luke walks in. Luke is surprised to learn that Tracy has hired an attorney. Tracy is sitting in a wheelchair. The attorney teases Luke. Luke is mad because he owns the casino. Tracy laughs and says she owns controlling interest in the Haunted Star. Luke tells Tracy that he’s not giving up on her. Tracy asks the lawyer to check out the casino for any hidden cash. Luke wishes that Tracy would stop this charade. Luke suggests that he and Tracy head to Vegas to get married. Tracy asks two men to escort Luke out of the casino.

Maxie shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Spinelli feels bad about Jason. Spinelli realizes that Maxie paid a visit to Jason. Maxie lies and says she went to see Jason to say hi. Spinelli senses that Maxie is being untruthful. Maxie divulges that she received a photo from Franco. Spinelli looks at the picture. Spinelli agrees that Claire should have it. Maxie thinks that Spinelli is beginning to look like a vampire. Spinelli is bothered that Maxie told Jason about the photo before telling him. Maxie admits that she didn’t want to remember her one-night-stand with Franco.

A guard informs Jason that he has a visit from Brenda, his wife. Jason is puzzled. Jason enters the conjugal visiting room. Jason chuckles when he sees that Sam is wearing sunglasses and is disguised as Brenda. Jason kisses Sam. Jason tells Sam that he thought Brenda had found him. Sam says that Spinelli was able to get Jason and Brenda’s marriage certificate. They kiss on the bed. After having sex with Jason, Sam redresses. Jason stands up but Sam pushes him back on the bed.

Patrick and Emma are having a picnic in the park. Patrick wishes that Robin was back for Father’s Day but her stay in Johannesburg was extended. Lisa and Steven walk by holding ice cream cones. Lisa asks if Robin has brought any gifts home for Emma. Patrick admits that Robin isn’t back yet. Lisa brings up Noah. Patrick talks about his father helping overseas. Lisa thinks that Emma is adorable. Lisa says that Patrick should hang out with her and Steven while Robin’s gone. Patrick doesn’t respond. Lisa and Steven leave Patrick and Emma to finish their picnic.

Alexis enters Sonny’s office. Alexis brings up Michael’s welcome home party at the Jacks home. Sonny is hurt that he wasn’t invited. Sonny knows that Michael hasn’t had the best childhood. Sonny wishes that people would stop badmouthing him. Sonny justifies his actions by saying he has only tried to help Michael. Alexis points out that Kristina needs her big brother (Michael) right now. Sonny can’t believe that Kristina is still seeing Johnny. Alexis worries that Kristina is vulnerable but insists that she can take care of the problem.

At the Jacks home, Michael tells Kristina that she shouldn’t put down Sonny. Kristina disagrees with Michael’s fondness of Sonny. Kristina announces that she’s dating Johnny. They step back into the living room. Jax brings up Morgan’s adoption. Carly suggests getting ice cream. However, the doorbell rings. It’s Dante, who is there to pick up Michael and bring him home. Carly is irritated that Michael has to go. Morgan teases that Michael should become a lawyer. Jax and Carly thank Dante for getting Michael released. Dante and Michael leave.

Brook Lynn shows up at Johnny’s place. Johnny is annoyed that Brook Lynn knows where he lives. Brook Lynn says that Olivia came to Lulu to vent about Johnny and Kristina. Brook Lynn warns that Kristina better not get hurt. Brook Lynn says that things will blow up in Johnny’s face.

Dante and Michael return to the loft. Michael thanks Dante for getting him released. Lulu welcomes Michael home. Lulu says that Michael will be sleeping on the couch. When Dante reaches for Michael’s shoulder, Michael turns to hit his brother. Dante senses something is wrong.

Alexis visits Johnny at home. Alexis asks if Johnny is sleeping with Kristina. Johnny is evasive. Alexis makes it clear that Kristina cannot get hurt. Alexis reminds Johnny that Kristina went through a lot during Sonny’s trial. Alexis knows that Kristina deserves better. Alexis fears that either Johnny or Sonny will end up dead. There is a knock on the door. Kristina barges in. Kristina freezes when she sees Alexis. Kristina insists that she’s not breaking up with Johnny.

At GH, Patrick is on the phone, waiting on a body scan. Lisa and Patrick are going to work on a surgery together. Steven interrupts and says he’s going in first. Patrick is mad.

At home, Jax, Carly, and Morgan talk about Michael’s release. Morgan asks to put Josslyn down for the night. Jax and Carly concur that things should get back to normal now that Michael’s out of prison. The doorbell rings. Carly answers it. It’s Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn relays that she heard about Michael’s release. Brook Lynn figures that Carly should pay her $10,000 now that Michael is home.

At the loft, Lulu tells Michael that the pantry is stocked with junk food. Michael wants a beer but Dante forbids it. Michael promises to follow the rules. The elevator opens. Sonny walks into Dante’s apartment. Michael is happy to see his father. Dante is irritated.

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