GH Update Friday 6/18/10

General Hospital Update Friday 6/18/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Alexis are in his office discussing his suspicion that Johnny Zacchara is sleeping with their daughter. Alexis says she canít believe that Sonnyís solution is always to kill. Sonny says that if it is true that Johnny is sleeping with Kristina, he has to be stopped. Alexis reminds him about what happened when he thought Ethan had to be stopped. She reminds him that Kristina was so afraid that she lied about her abuserís identity. She says killing Johnny will destroy Kristina. Sonny asks Alexis if her solution is to look the other way.

At Johnnyís house, Olivia orders Kristina to get up from the couch and put down the wine she is holding. She demands to know what is wrong with her and tells her that she is a kid; she shouldnít be sprawled out on a grown manís sofa guzzling wine. She then tells Johnny that she doesnít even know what to say to him.

In a visiting room at Pentonville Prison, Claire concludes to Jason that he will only disclose information he has that could stop a serial killer if she waves her magic wand to get Michael released. Jason says Michael has to get out of there. Claire agrees that Michael's sentence is an injustice, but asserts that innocent people could die while Jason is sitting on information that could stop the serial killer. Claire asks him if those people are expendable because Jason wants to punish the justice system.

Dante and Lulu are lying on the floor at his apartment. Lulu is proud that Dante managed to negotiate Michaelís release from Pentonville. Dante says he almost lost hope. He tells her that he tried every argument he could think of until the judge said that Michaelís release would have to have tough restrictions. He tells her that laying there with her is making him realize that when Michael moves in, it will be a little crowded. He tells her that Michael will be his responsibility. He will have restrictions on when and for how long he can be out of the apartment. He will have a curfew, wear an ankle monitor, and do community service. He cannot see Sonny because the judge considers Sonny the worst kind of influence.

Carly is with Michael in a visiting room at Pentonville She tells him that she hates coming there but she also hates leaving because she wishes she could put him in her purse and take him with her. She says she canít imagine his life there. He assures her that he is fine. He tells her people adjust to being there. He says he doesnít want her obsessing over him; he wants her to live her life and take care of Morgan and Josselyn. He asks her to make sure they remain children as long as they can. He asks her to reach out to Kristina. Carly says she can do that. Michael tells her not to waste her time or energy on being pisses at whomever she thinks is responsible for his sentence. She says she owns the long-term blame for not providing him with a safe, secure environment to grow up in, but the short-term blame rests on Dante and Lulu. Michael tells her that he doesnít care about Dante or Lulu; he cares about her and he doesnít want her to use him as an excuse to make herself crazy. She asks him if Jason told him to say that. He assures her that Jason didnít tell him to tell her that, but that he did ask him to remind her to count to ten. The guard opens the door and announces that their time is up. Carly tells him that she wants him and Jason to take care of him. She tells him that he is amazing and strong and that she is proud of him. He tells her that he loves her. She says she loves him, too. He leaves the visiting room with the guard.

In the other visiting room, Claire asks Jason if he thinks Michael would want Franco to murder anyone in his name. Jason says no; he was wrong to try to bargain over it. He sits down across the table from Claire and tells her that he will tell her what she wants to know about Franco, but he warns her that some of it wonít make any sense. He tells her that Franco came to Port Charles because he wanted to meet him and become friends. He tells her that Franco followed him for months before he made himself known. He tells her that Franco followed him the night Claudia died and took a picture of Michael leaning over Claudiaís body. He says Franco used the picture to blackmail him when he refused to play his game. He says he couldnít risk Franco exposing Michael. Claire wonders what Franco wanted from Jason. He says Franco wanted a death match. He wanted to see who could kill the other in the most creative way. He says Franco got angrier every time Jason shut him down because he made Franco doubt himself. He tells her that for the final confrontation, Franco kidnapped Sam and Lulu and put bombs under them and forced him to choose, which meant that he would lose either way. He says he got to Sam and Dante got to Lulu, but Franco got away. He tells her that the last thing Franco said to him was that if he killed again Franco would kill too. Claire asks him if he has offed anyone lately.

At Johnnyís house, Kristina concludes to Olivia that Sonny sent her. Olivia says Sonny is sick with worry and obviously, he has good reason. She asks Johnny what is wrong with him. She tells Kristina that this her maternal bells and whistles go off when she walks into a situation like. She tells Kristina that she has been through a terrible ordeal but she is luckier than most kids. She says both of Kristinaís parents love her and want to help her, and they have the resources to get the help that she needs to become whole. She says that instead of working on her issues, Kristina is acting out. She tells her that Kristina needs to check her behavior before she gets herself into a world of hurt that she wonít know how to get out of. She tells her that Johnny is not a safe haven; he is another way to get used and hurt. She warns Kristina not to underestimate Johnnyís single-mindedness about hurting her father. She says that is all Johnny thinks about and Kristina is just a means to that end. Ethan walks in and begins to ask Johnny if he can borrow something but Johnny waves him away. Ethan says he will come back another time. Johnny asks him to take Kristina home. Ethan agrees. Kristina is happy to go. Ethan wishes Johnny luck. He and Kristina leave. Olivia asks Johnny what was just going on in there. Johnny says Olivia seems to have a pretty good handle on it and asks her what she thinks was going on.

In the visiting room at Pentonville, Jason tells Claire that an inmate named Carter was giving Michael a hard time and when Jason told him to back off, Carter tried to kill him. He tells her that after he didnít success the first time, he tried again and he died in the struggle. He tells her that Carterís last words were that Franco says hi and wants to play again. She thanks him for his honesty and tells him that if Franco knows that Jason killed Carter, someone else is about to die. She says she is going to trace the origin of Francoís relationship with Carter. She agrees to keep him in the loop.

At Johnnyís apartment, Olivia says Sonny told her that he ran into Johnny and Kristina all over each other on Baker Street and that they were obviously sleeping together. Johnny says that she naturally believes Sonny. Olivia says she made a fool of herself defending him and told Sonny that Johnny would never put a hand on Kristina, but Sonny said he saw them. Johnny pours himself a drink. Olivia says that Johnny had better tell her if Sonny is lying. Johnny swigs down his drink and says it is true that he and Kristina were together and Sonny walked up and threw a fit. He says Sonny ordered him to stay away from his daughter and he told Sonny that she is of legal age and he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Ethan and Kristina walk into the Lake house. Kristina tells him that it was just an act to get back at her dad by torturing him. Ethan tells her that he can see how it may seem empowering to get back at her father, but he doesnít think she realizes how serious it will get. He says Sonny is crazy. He reminds her that Sonny was ready to kill him when he thought he beat her. He says that for Sonny, Johnny taking her to bed is almost worse. He tells her that he can guarantee that Sonny will go after Johnny and Johnny will relish the opportunity to turn it around and kill Sonny. He asks her if that is what she wants.

In Sonnyís office, Alexis says their daughter is making very bad choices and it is her responsibility as Kristinaís mother to point it out to her and explain that her acting out will make things worse. Sonny says that sounds like psychobabble to him. He says it is simple; Keifer beat Kristina, Johnny convinced Kristina that Sonny abused Claudia so Kristina equates Sonny with Keifer. He says Kristina canít punish Keifer because heís dead so she going to punish Sonny and Johnny is right there to take advantage of her. Alexis says they can agree to disagree but she needs to prevail. She orders Sonny to keep his hands and his thugsí hands to himself. Sonny tells her that he will let her take care of if but if she doesnít do it and Johnny has sex with Kristina, he will take the appropriate action.

At Johnnyís apartment, Olivia asks Johnny if his obsession with Sonny has worked him beyond recognition. She asks him if he has thought about the hell that Kristina is going through. She says Kristina is a confused, emotionally traumatized, physically battered kid who is lashing out at her father who she mistakenly believes is no better than the abusive pig who had been beating the crap out of her. Johnny shouts that Sonny is an abusive pig and that he is no different than Keifer except that he is older, which means he is less apt to change. Olivia asks him if he hears what he is saying. She says he knows how badly Sonny treated Claudia, but she was a grown woman and she signed up for it. She tells him that his sister was a miserable bitch. She says Claudia lied and she tried to have Sonny killed but got his kid shot instead. She tried to blackmail Dante into making a baby with her because she knew that was as close as she would get to having a baby with Sonny. Johnny demands to know when this became about his sisterís sins. He admits that his sister was a terrible person. He screams that she was still his sister and Sonny is still the son of a bitch that tortured her and he is still going to pay. Olivia asks him if it is worth using a 17-year-old abuse victim. Johnny doesnít answer. She hits him in the chest and tells him to say something. He doesnít answer. She hits him again and demands that he tell her that she is wrong and that that isnít what she saw when she came in. He doesnít answer. She tells him to tell her that he isnít ruining everything that they have had over his obsession with Sonny. Johnny tells her that he has nothing more to say. He tells her to believe what Sonny wants her to believe. Olivia says Johnny isnít the thing he set out to destroy; he is something worse. Olivia picks up her purse and leaves.

At the lake house, Kristina tells Ethan that she hadnít thought about anyone dying. She says Johnny briefly mentioned the possibility but he mostly said he didnít want to take advantage of her. Ethan says that is what Johnny would be doing. Kristina tells him that pretending to date Johnny was her idea. Ethan tells her that she doesnít belong anywhere near the cesspool of revenge, violence, and hatred that motivates the adults in her life. He tells her that he likes Johnny but he is motivated by revenge too. He says Johnnyís hatred for Sonny has consumed him and one day it will blow up and hurt everyone around him. Ethan implores her to stay clear. Alexis comes home. Ethan leaves so Alexis and Kristina can talk. Alexis sits down next to Kristina and tells her that Sonny told her that he saw Kristina with Johnny Zacchara. Alexis says that would be another bad choice and they are going to discuss it. Kristina glares at her mother.

Carly knocks on Jasonís penthouse door and yells to Spinelli to open it. When he opens it, she observes that it is completely dark inside. She goes in, opens the blinds, turns on the lamp, and then asks him how his research is going. He tells her that he is making progress. He says that when the time comes to frame the duplicitous detectives, they will be ready and nothing will be traceable. She hugs him and tells him that he is a lifesaver. She says that if Spinelli werenít helping to have Danteís payback to look forward to, she would be going out of her mind. She sits down and tells Spinelli that she just came from seeing Michael. Spinelli says he hopes that everything is as well as it can be. Carly admits that Michael is handling it better than she is. She says it is difficult for her to see Michael losing his vulnerability and joy. She says he is starting to look more like Jason. She says that one would think that sheíd love that since she adores Jason, but she doesnít want that for her son. She says she canít stand to see Michael shut down and alert for violence.

Jason returns to the cell and asks Michael how his visit with Carly was. Michael says he gave her Jasonís advice to count to ten. Michael says Carly was trying not to show that she was in pain. He says she was sitting there, forcing a smile, pretending that her heart wasnít breaking while he was pretending that prison isnít that big a deal and that everything is ok. They hear someone directing someone in their direction. The warden and Dante appear at the cell door. The warden tells Michael that this is his lucky day. Dante tells Michael that he is going home. Jason asks how. Dante says he pleaded with Judge Carroll until he agreed to suspend Michaelís sentence. Jason asks about conditions. Dante says Michael has to live with him, go to counseling, do community service, and wear an ankle monitor. Michael says he isnít going anywhere without Jason. Jason tells him that he has to. Michael says Jason only entered the plea bargain so that he could look after him. Jason says he wants Michael to be free. Dante tells Michael that Jason knew that his release was not attached to Michaelís; he will have to finish his 5-year sentence with an opportunity for parole in two. Michael says that isnít fair. Jason tells Michael that he doesnít belong there. He says this is a gift and Michael should take it and go back to his life. Jason hugs Michael. Michael says he will figure out a way to get Jason out. Jason tells him not to worry about him. Michael leaves with Dante and the warden.

At Jasonís penthouse, Carly asks Spinelli if he has visited Jason again. Spinelli says he has not because Jason would perceive Spinelliís participation in Carlyís plot and try to convince him to stop. He says he will not be swayed from their path of retribution. He says Dante has to pay for his participation in Michaelís unfair incarceration. Carlyís phone rings. The caller ID says it is the county clerkís office. She answers the phone and becomes very excited. When she hangs up, she tells Spinelli that Michael is coming home today. She rushes out the door.

At the lake house, Kristina stands up and walks across the room telling her mother that she hopes this isnít another lecture. Alexis says she isnít going to let Kristina walk away and deflect a conversation because she doesnít want to have it. She tells her that she wants to have the conversation. She reminds her that she agreed to be truthful, honest, and open. Alexis asks her what she is doing with Johnny. Kristina says she like Johnny and he understands her. Alexis asks her if they are having sex. Kristina says if she is, it is ok because she is legal. Alexis says she canít believe Kristina said that. She says first Keifer, then Ethan, now a criminal that is 10 years older than her. Kristina says her father being a criminal didnít stop Alexis. Kristina says the only similarity between Johnny and Sonny is that they are in the same business. She says her father is a terrible person who abuses women and ruined Michaelís life. She says Johnny is the only person who doesnít make excuses for Sonny. She says she thinks Johnny is great and she thinks it is great that Johnny calls Sonny out for what he is. She says she doesnít need permission to see Johnny and she storms off.

Johnny is on his balcony guzzling bourbon straight from the bottle. Ethan comes in and asks him if he came clean with Olivia and everything is ok. Johnny says Olivia is gone and she is never coming back. He says she thinks he has become what he set out to destroy. Ethan asks him if he can blame Olivia for saying that if she thinks he is banging a 17-year-old to get back at her father. He asks him why he didnít tell Olivia the truth. Johnny says Oliviaís mind was already made up when she walked in the door because Sonny got to her first. Ethan says Johnny should tell Olivia that this is a teenage prank. Johnny says he thinks it is time to let go and stop delaying the inevitable. He tells Ethan that he and Olivia donít love each other the same way; she has all of his heart but he only gets the pieces of her heart that Sonny doesnít already have.

Olivia goes to Pozzuloís and tells Sonny that she was wrong about Johnny. She tells him that she just saw Kristina at Johnnyís penthouse. Sonny asks her if Johnny put his hands on Kristina. Olivia says she did not see Johnny touch Kristina but she was obviously comfortable there because she was kicked back on his couch with a glass of wine. She tells him that she saw in Johnnyís eyes that he is driven and she knows that the thing that drives him is his hatred for Sonny and his need to avenge Claudia. She says she thinks that Johnny is capable of using Kristina. She tells him that she is sorry. Sonny tells her she has nothing to apologize for because all she did was put her faith in the wrong guy but she will get over it. She tells him that her faith isnít misplaced; Johnny is a good guy. She says Johnny is kind, loving, and open but the mob garbage, family insanity, and hatred for Sonny are overpowering it and it is breaking her heart. Sonny says he feels bad that Olivia is hurting and he hates to see her like this. She says she appreciates his saying that. He tells her that he is trying to handle this in a different way and asks her if she has any ideas about how to get Johnny away from Kristina. She tells him that he has to let it be. She says Johnny wants Sonny to go after him and he doesnít care if he dies as long as it makes Sonnyís daughter hate him more than she already does. She says Johnny wants to hurt Sonny and he knows how much that would hurt him. She tells him that the way to beat John is to show some restraint and leave it alone.

At Johnnyís apartment, he tells Ethan that Olivia was the last thing that he thought would happen that night that they met in Jakeís. He says they were both fed up with their lives so the got drunk and went back to her place. He says it was supposed to be a one-night-stand but she got to him. He says she was funny and ballsy, he loved the way she looked and smelled, and he loved the fact that she was older. He says that apparently she liked a few things about him to so they started dating and fell in love. He said he actually thought they had a future together. He says Olivia was always honest about her feelings for Sonny from the past and he thought he could live with that until the truth came out that Sonny is Danteís father, he knew their days were numbered.

Carly rushes into her house and announces to Jax and Morgan that Michael is coming home today.

Lulu and Brook Lynn are in Danteís apartment. While she is straightening up the mess that she and Dante made, Lulu tells Brook that Dante persuaded Judge Carroll to release Michael and that he will be staying there. Brook says that will put a damper on their romance.

Michael and Dante enter the Jacksí house and hear Morgan telling Molly that he and Michael will get to go to a Yankees game after all. Molly says that is good because then they can stop hearing about it. Kristina says Morgan is obsessed. Jax tells Morgan not to pay attention to the girls because they wouldnít understand. Carly comes into the living room and tells Jax that they donít have any of Michaelís favorite frozen pizza. Michael enters the living room and says he thinks he can make the adjustment. One by one, Michael hugs Carly, Morgan, Molly, and Kristina. Then he holds Josselyn. Dante quietly leaves.

At Danteís apartment, Lulu concedes that things will be different with Michael living there, but Dante was willing to agree to anything the judge wanted and this is part of the terms of Michaelís release. Brook says Dante never takes no for an answer and has a knack for making people change their minds. She says the place is big so they could hang a curtain. Lulu says she thinks Dante will be spending more time at her place. Brook asks Lulu if Dante being close to Michael isnít the whole point. Lulu says that is probably true. Brook says that if Lulu and Dante want some private time, Michael can hang out at her place.
Jason is alone in the cell. The door electronically closes.

Sonny is sitting at the desk in his office. He looks up and says he didnít expect to see Dante. Dante asked him if he didnít get a call from Judge Carrollís office. Sonny says it has been busy. He asks why the judge was calling him. Dante reveals that Michael is out of Pentonville and that he just dropped him off at Carlyís house. Sonny asks if Dante did this. Dante says he just caught the judge on a good day. Sonny says he is grateful and invites Dante to come with him to celebrate. Dante discloses that one of the conditions of Michaelís release was minimal contact with Sonny.

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