GH Update Thursday 6/17/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/17/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Dante is in Judge Carrollís chambers pleading for him to rescind Michaelís sentence. He tells him that the only thing Michael is learning in prison is how to survive by any means necessary. He says Michael would learn better lessons if he were in school and surrounded by people who can teach him more than survival techniques. Judge Carroll says Michaelís father taught him that the rules donít apply to him and his sentence is intended to correct that misconception. Dante says Michael shouldnít be held accountable for his parentsí actions. He says Michael is paying for killing Claudia and parole in 2 years is very lenient so his decision stands.

Michael goes into his cell at Pentonville and tells Jason that Lulu visited him and wanted him to know how badly Dante feels about the way things played out. Jason says it isnít Michaelís job to make Dante and Lulu feel better. Michael says Lulu is concerned about what will happen to Dante if he keeps pushing for Michaelís release. He says Lulu is afraid Dante may quit the force or lose his badge. Michael says Sonny would be happy because if Dante is no longer a cop, he can take over the organization and both of them would be cut out.

On the Baker Street, Sonny tells Johnny to get his hands off Kristina. Kristina says Johnny doesnít take orders from Sonny and she doesnít either. Sonny tells Kristina that he doesnít know what lies Johnny has been telling her now, but this isnít right. Johnny tells Sonny that Kristina sees for herself what a selfish, abusive bastard he is. Sonny tells Johnny that he has taken this too far. He demands that Johnny release Kristinaís hand immediately.

Lulu goes to see Carly at the Metro Court and tells her that she went to see Michael at Pentonville. She says Michael is doing surprisingly well considering what happened last night. Carly doesnít know what Lulu is talking about. Lulu tells her that an inmate named Carter was killed. She says Dante told her that Carter had been giving Michael a hard time and Jason took care of him. Carly wants to know why she is just hearing about it. Lulu says Dante just happened to be visiting Jason when the warden pulled him out to question him. Lulu says Michael really does seem fine. Carly says Michael wonít be fine until he is out of prison.

In Judge Carrollís chamber, Dante says Michael is a good 18-year-old kid but he will be a hardened criminal by the time he gets out of prison. He says Michael already lost one year of his life because of Sonny and Claudia; he shouldnít lose two more because of her death. Judge Carroll says that things would be different if Michael had confessed the night that it happened. Dante says Michael didnít have a choice. He says the cover up was already in place by the time realized what he had done. He says the cover-up was business as usual for Sonny and Jason but it weighed on Michael for months. He tells Judge Carroll that Sonny pressured Michael to keep the secret. He tells the judge that even as an experiences cop, it was difficult to tell where the cold-blooded killer in Sonny ended and the caring father began. He says Judge Carroll must understand how difficult it must have been for a kid to refuse to do what his father wanted. Judge Carroll says Dante must understand why he felt it necessary to remove the boy from his fatherís influence. Dante says Michael has a conscience; he wanted to take responsibility for his actions despite what everyone told him to do. He says Michael did the right thing and asks the judge to do the right thing by showing Michael some compassion.

In their cell at Pentonville Prison, Michael says that perhaps Lulu is right to worry; after all, Dante did go to jail for trying to get Morgan off the witness stand at Sonnyís trial so who knows how far he would go to get Michael released even if it is only to clear his conscience. Jason warns Michael not to mistake Danteís regret for loyalty because given a choice between Michael and his badge, Dante will always choose the badge. Michael reminds Jason that Dante lied in court about how he got shot. Jason says Dante wasnít protecting Sonny; he was protecting the case he had built against Sonny. Jason says Sonny wants to believe that finding out they were related flipped a family loyalty switch in Dante, but he thinks it just made Dante want to prove that he is a better man than Sonny is. Michael says Sonny would want Dante in his life whether he is a cop or not. Jason says that Sonny loved Dante from the moment he found out that he was his son and the lies and betrayal didnít matter anymore. Michael says Sonny trusted Dante more than him before they knew they were related. He says he didnít get when Sonny was grooming Dante to take over the business after only knowing him a few months, but he gets it now; they always had a connection. Jason assures Michael that Sonny loves him as much as le loves his biological children. Michael says he knows that; the difference is that he sees Dante as a man, but he sees him as a kid that needs protecting.

On Baker Street, Sonny asks Johnny if he intends to get to him by exploiting his daughterís fears and making him look like a monster. He says putting his hands all over Kristina is beyond disrespectful. Kristina says Johnny isnít doing anything wrong. Sonny asks Johnny to do him a favor and let go of Kristinaís hand. Johnny releases Kristinaís hand. She looks at him with surprise. Johnny tells Sonny it is a public street so he can hold her hand if he wants, and he can do a lot more than that. He puts his arm around Kristinaís shoulders and holds her close to him. Sonny grits his teeth and snarls that Kristina is seventeen years old. Johnny says 17 is the age of consent in New York so no matter how far they take it, it does not concern Sonny. Sonny asks Kristina to go to the car and wait for him. She refuses and says she is tired of him trying to run her life. She asks him why he canít just let her be happy; at least she knows Johnny would never hurt her. Sonny tells her that Johnny is just using her to make him suffer and that he doesnít care if he hurts her. He says she deserves someone better. He asks her to let him take her home.

Maya and Ethan are at Johnnyís apartment. Maya asks him how he paid for it. He tells her that he does alright. He asks her if that is why he was ripping off the Quartermaines. He says he spent all the money he got from a big win to buy the apartment. She suggests that should live within his means. He tells her that would be no fun and that life should be as sweet as possible. She suggests they open the bottle of wine on Johnnyís bar.

In Judge Carrollís chambers, Dante says grown men wouldnít dare defy Sonny so it took guts for Michael to do it in open court. Judge Carroll says the fact remains that Michael committed a crime and he needs to learn that his actions have consequences. Dante says Michael paid the consequence of getting beaten up in his own cell. He says Michael is a young vulnerable kid that prison will destroy. He asks the judge where the justice is in that. Judge Carroll says the system isnít perfect and that prison is full of sad storied and bad choices but the law is the law. Dante says the law is supposed to help people, not inflict wounds that they will never heal from. Judge Carroll asks Dante what he would have him do. He says if he releases Michael, he will go back to Sonny and be lured into a life of crime. He asks where the justice would be in that.

On Baker Street, Sonny tells Kristina that he is sure she believes that Johnny understands her, but it is an act. He implores her not to believe Johnny. She says Johnny understand her more than anyone because he watched his sister go through the same thing that she went through. Sonny says he never raised a hand to Claudia. Johnny says Sonny beat Claudia down emotionally until she broke. He says Sonny made Claudia feel so bad about herself that she finally got desperate and crazy. Sonny says Claudia was crazy before he met her and that if Johnny wants to blame someone, he should blame his family tree. He says Johnnyís father was as crazy as it comes. Kristina asks Sonny if he hears himself. She says Claudia is dead and he is still degrading her. Sonny says Johnny knows she is vulnerable and he is using making it look like he did to Claudia what Keifer did to her. Johnny says he isnít making her think anything because Kristina has seen his temper. Sonny tells Kristina that Johnny is a dangerous man and she shouldnít be anywhere near him. Kristina concedes that Johnny is a gangster who is obsessed with money and power, but points out that Sonny is too. He says the difference is that Johnny knows how to treat a woman. Sonny says she is a teenaged girl and Johnny is a grown man who should know better. Johnny says that in the eyes of the law, they are both consenting adults. Kristina says she wants to be with Johnny and Sonny can't do anything about it. Sonny says this isnít over and he walks off. Kristina says to Johnny that she told him it would work.

In their cell, Michael tells Jason that Sonny wants him to take correspondence courses to earn credits so that he can start college as soon as he gets out. Jason says it isnít a bad idea for Michael to learn something other than self-defense. Michael says books wonít keep him safe in there. Jason says prison can make a person dead inside and he doesnít want to see that happen to Michael. He says two years may seem like a long time, but it isnít and Michael needs to focus on the life he will have when he gets out. Michael says no college will accept him because he is a convicted killer and even if he did get in, he wouldnít go. He says the reason to go to college is to figure out what you want to do with your life, but he already knows that his place is in his fatherís business. Jason asks him why he would choose that lifestyle when he can choose anything he wants. Michael says itís the life he knows because he grew up in it. He says it is all he is good for now that he has a murder conviction. Jason asks him is he would seriously consider coming back to this hellhole for the rest of his life.

In Judge Carrollís chambers, Dante says the judge sent Michael to prison so he could learn to respect the law and show him that no one is above it. Dante says Sonny did everything he could to beat the system, but if Judge Carroll suspends Michaelís sentence, he will see that it is ok to trust the system and that it is worth it to do the right thing. He says Michael knows the difference between right and wrong. He asks the judge if it wouldnít be better to give the kid a better chance at life than destroying him. Judge Carroll tells Dante that if he did agree to release Michael, it would be contingent upon having certain restrictions in place. Dante guarantees that he will make whatever the judge requires happen.

On Baker Street, Kristina says her father looked as if he would burst a blood vessel when Johnny mentioned the age of consent. Johnny says the last thing any father wants to hear is his little girl talking about sex. He says he is sorry if he overstepped any boundaries by bring that up. She tells him not to apologize because it was her idea and she asked him to play along. He tells her that after what she went through with Keifer, he wouldnít want to say anything that makes her uncomfortable. Kristina says when she saw the look on her fatherís face she felt like she was finally in control of her life. He tells her that he agrees with her father that she is far too young to hang out with him and she should not be in the middle of his issues with Sonny. He tells her that their act was a one-time thing and it canít happen again. Johnny walks away.

Olivia goes to Pozzuloís and tells Conan that Sonny summoned her. He warns her that Sonny is in a terrible mood. Olivia goes into Sonnyís office and he greets her with the news that her boyfriend is screwing his daughter.

Ethan and Maya are on the balcony at Johnnyís apartment. He asks her if she still thinks he is selfish after he helped her get the iced coffee stain out if her shirt. She concedes that the seltzer worked, but he is always looking for a compliment and a quick & easy buck. He says all he is looking for is a good time and a great view. She points into the distance and asks what that is. He tells her it is Spoon Island, home of the Cassadine Compound. She asks him if he plans to steal from the Cassadines too. He says, ďAbsolutely.Ē Johnny comes home and sees Ethan and Maya on the balcony. He asks if he is interrupting. Ethan says that when he said Johnny could come over any time he didnít mean it literally.

In Sonnyís office, Olivia tells him that Johnny would never get involved with Kristina. Sonny tells her that he saw them together and he had his hands all over her. Olivia suggests that Johnny was comforting Kristina. Sonny says there is no excuse for him to touch his teenaged daughter. Olivia says there are a lot of excuses; Sonny just doesnít want to see any of them because he hates Johnny. Sonny tells her that Johnny wants to have sex with Kristina to get back at him. Olivia admits that Johnny wants justice for Claudia but assures Sonny that Johnny wouldnít sink to that level. Sonny says he is sick of Johnny making everybody believe that his sister was an innocent victim. He says that neither Olivia nor Kristina realize what he is doing. He says Johnny is as sick as the rest of his family; he just hides it better. He says Olivia doesnít want to see it because if she did, she would have to admit that she is wrong about other things too. She tells him not to make this about Dante. Sonny says Johnny has been pushing him and now he is sleeping with his daughter. He tells Olivia she needs to understand that Johnny has to die.

In their cell in Pentonville, Michael assures Jason that he knows he never wants to come back, but he also knows he isnít cut out for a corporate job like Jax has. Jason asks him why he thinks he needs to fit someoneís footsteps. He says he doesnít have to follow him, Jax, or Sonny; he can do anything he wants to do. Michael asks him if he and his father have been practicing that speech. Jason says he and Sonny know how hard life is and they want something better for Michael. Michael says they donít want him to grow up, but he isnít a baby anymore. He asks him if what he wants matters or if Jason and Sonny are going to keep making all the decisions. Jason says he knows Michael isnít a kid anymore in fact, he had to grow up too fast, but Michael didnít choose this life; Sonny and Jason put him in it. Michael says he is old enough to choose it now. Jason says that he made the choice to work for Sonny when he was about Michaelís age because it gave him the freedom to be himself, but he didnít realize all the things that he had to give up. He says he had to give up having a family, peace, and security. He says he knows Michael doesnít care about that now, but he might someday and he doesnít want him to realize it when it is too late. A guard comes and tells them that they both have visitors. Jason is surprised because he was told he couldnít have visitors. The guard says the warden made an exception.

Dante goes home. When he gets off the elevator, Lulu says she got his message and asks him what happened. He gives her a deep kiss. She concludes that he must have good news. He nods and takes off her shirt. She asks him if he is going to tell her the news. He begins to unbutton his own shirt and tells her that talking is not on his list of things to do. He says the table is on the list, as he eases her on to the table and continues to kiss her.

Carly is in a visiting room at Pentonville Prison. A guard brings Michael in. She asks him how he is. He says heíd rather be at home but he is fine and Jason is taking care of him. She says she heard that Lulu visited him. He says Lulu, Sam, and Sonny all visited him today. Carly says everyone misses him and Diane is working on getting Molly and Morgan in there to visit him. Michael says he doesnít want the kids to come there because they shouldnít be exposed to the people there. Carly acknowledges his wishes. She says Lulu told her that an inmate who may have been giving Michael a hard time died last night. Michael says it wasnít a big deal. Carly says it must not have been because his dad didnít tell her about it. Michael says he didnít tell Sonny about it and she is not to tell him either because he will only think that Michael is incapable of handling himself. He asks her to promise that she wonít tell Sonny. She agrees. She asks him if she can do anything for him. He says he is fine and Jason is taking care of everything. She says she is glad that he has Jason there. He says he is too and that he is learning a lot from him and getting stronger every day.

Jason enters the other visiting room and finds Claire Walsh waiting there for him. She shows him the photograph that Dante received. She says it had no return address and no fingerprints. She tells him that the photo is of an actual crime scene in Chicago and that it was taken before the police arrived. She asks him if it sounds familiar. He doesnít respond. She says she has been over Francoís case files and he is aware of his obsession with Jason so she wants him to tell him everything Franco ever said to him.

At Johnnyís apartment, he apologizes for barging in on Ethan and Mayaís date. She says it isnít a date. Johnny says that in that case, she wonít mind if she pulls him away for a second. Ethan and Johnny go into the living room and Johnny says they have some business to discuss. Ethan asks him if it can wait until after he and Maya are finished. Johnny says Maya said it isnít a date. Maya comes inside and says she should go home and put her shirt in the laundry anyway. She grabs her purse and leaves. Ethan goes to the door so he can watch her walk away. Johnny asks him if Maya really believes this is his apartment. Ethan says it could be someday if the job keeps paying as well as he says. Johnny tells him not to get ahead of himself because the partnership may not last as long as he had anticipated. He says Sonny will be gunning for him with everything heís got. Ethan asks him how that is news. Johnny says he gave in to Kristinaís plan to pretend to be together. Ethan says he thought Johnny told Kristina no. Johnny explains that he and Kristina were talking, Sonny walked up, Kristina grabbed his hand, and he didnít resist. He says he made it innocent enough but he let Sonny believe that he is sleeping with his little daughter. Ethan tells Johnny that they have to move fast because Sonny will be aiming a rocket launcher at them. Johnny says he knows it was wrong and told Kristina as much but the look on Sonnyís face made it too good to pass up.

Alexis storms in to Pozzuloís and whisks past Conan as he offers her a table and goes into Sonnyís office. She demands to know what the emergency with Kristina is. He asks her if she has seen Johnny Zacchara hanging around. She says Johnny came to the house once. He asks her about Johnnyís demeanor. She says he was nice and polite. Sonny says he saw him with Kristina and he was anything but nice and polite. He says Johnny had his hands all over her. Alexis turns on her heels and heads for the door. Sonny asks her where she is going. Alexis comes back and asks Sonny if he didnít think to stop Johnny from feeling up their daughter. He says he did try, but Kristina refused to let go of Johnnyís hand. He asks her if she wanted him to grab Kristina kicking and screaming. Alexis says yes, because she is seventeen. Sonny tells her that Johnny said 17 is the age of consent. Alexis says he wouldnít. Sonny says he bets they already have. He offers Alexis a drink.

In the visiting room at Pentonville Prison, Claire tells Jason that the longer Jason keeps her waiting, the higher Francoís body count goes so he has to share any information he has with her. Jason asks her why he would do that. She tells him that she made it possible for him to be there with Michael and that should garner goodwill. She said she scratched his back and it is time to return the favor. He tells her that he will help her put Franco away, but she has to get Michael out of Pentonville first.

In the other visiting room, Carly asks Michael if he is ok with Lulu coming to visit. She says she knows it must be difficult for him to hear Lulu building Dante up about what a great brother he is when Dante is the reason that he is in there. She tells her that if he wants her to, she will tell Lulu not to come back. Michael says seeing Dante and Lulu doesnít bother him; they just feel guilty and want to make themselves feel better. He says he doesnít mind seeing anybody because he will take any excuse to get out of his cell. He says he feels bad for Lulu because she fell for Danteís act so she thinks he is the perfect guy. He says Dante has Lulu trusting him the way that Sonny trusted him and that didnít turn out well. He says he thinks Lulu is riding for a big fall. Carly agrees that Lulu and Dante are both in for a fall.

At Danteís apartment, Lulu and Dante lists off all of the locations that they have made love this afternoon. Dante says he figures itís time to christen every inch of the apartment. He starts kissing her again. She says she is proud of him and he says he doesnít think his mother would be proud if she knew what they just used the table for. Lulu says she is talking about getting Michael released. He asks her how she knew. She tells him that the sex didnít put that smile on his face because he was already wearing it when he came home. Dante tells her that he convinced the judge that Michael would learn more in school than he would learn in prison. Lulu says Michael is lucky to have such an amazing brother. Dante says he hopes Michael thinks so because the catch is that Michael cannot be around anyone that is associated with the business so he will not be able to have any contact with Jason or Sonny. Lulu says Carly took Sonny out of Morganís life so she is sure she wouldnít have a problem with doing the same with Michael and Jason is still in prison. She asks Dante if they are letting Jason out too. Dante says that wasnít part of the deal that he made. He says the deal was that in return for Judge Carroll suspending Michaelís sentence, Dante agreed to take responsibility for him, which means he is moving into the apartment with him.

Kristina knocks on Johnnyís door. When he opens it, she says she had the best idea and comes in. She asks him if she has told him what a great place he has. He asks her what she is doing there, and she says she came to see what he is doing Friday not. He tells her that whatever it is, it will not be a fake date with her. He reminds her that he told her their show was a one-time thing. She tells him he should let her help him make her dad angry enough to do something stupid. She says if Sonny tries to go after Johnny, he will go to prison. Johnny says there are plenty of ways to push Sonnyís buttons that donít involve her. Kristina says none of them would be as much fun. She walks around the sofa, picks up one of the wine glasses left by Ethan and Maya, sprawls on the sofa, and says she could get used to that. Johnny reaches over to take the wine glass from Kristina. The door opens, and Olivia comes in. She asks Johnny what the hell he is thinking.

In Sonnyís office, Alexis says she doesnít think Kristina is having sex with Johnny because he is in therapy. Sonny says it only took a few minutes for Johnny to convince Kristina that Sonny is no better than Keifer. He says that after Johnnyís performance on the witness stand, everyone felt sorry for Claudia. He says that if Johnny can do that, then he can persuade a teenaged girl to have sex with him. Alexis says she would know because she is watching Kristina. She asks him what Kristina and Johnny are thinking and why Johnny would take advantage of her knowing what she has been going through. Sonny says Johnny can justify hurting anyone to get back at Sonny. He says Johnny is using Kristina to get revenge. Alexis asks him how he knows that Kristina and Johnny are doing it. Sonny says Johnny threw it in his face when he said 17 was the age of consent. Alexis says Johnny would say anything to provoke Sonny so she doesnít care what he says; she wants to know what Kristina said. Sonny says Kristina said she is staying with Johnny and that it was too bad if Sonny doesnít like it. Alexis says she is punishing herself because she doesnít know where to place the blame for what Keifer did. Sonny says Johnny has convinced Kristina that he understands. He says that if Johnny takes advantage of Kristina, he wonít live long. Alexis asks him not to do that again. Sonny says if Johnny is having sex with Kristina, he is dead.

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