GH Update Wednesday 6/16/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/16/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan shows up at Johnny’s apartment, looking to get paid. Johnny is visibly disappointed in Ethan’s work ethic. Johnny pays Ethan but wants to make sure that his business partner won’t let him down again. Johnny speaks of the meeting with the Lopez brothers. Johnny is annoyed about Sonny chewing him out at the MetroCourt restaurant. Johnny fears that he and Ethan don’t have much time to go after Sonny before he blows a gasket. Ethan says that he isn’t scared of going after Sonny anymore. Johnny knows that Sonny won’t hesitate to shoot first and think later. Johnny confides about helping Kristina on the pier. Johnny and Ethan both feel sorry for Kristina. Johnny mentions that Kristina was being bullied by her female classmates until he intervened. Ethan thinks that Kristina has a crush on Johnny. Johnny talks about Kristina’s plan to make Sonny mad. Ethan thinks it is a good idea. Johnny disagrees. Johnny leaves to go meet the Lopez brothers. Johnny tells Ethan to donate his belongings if he doesn’t hear from him by midnight, implying that Sonny got to him.

At home, Kristina and Molly talk about the plan involving Johnny. Kristina hopes to get Johnny to change his mind about the scheme. Kristina will continue to harass Johnny until he agrees to the plan. Sam abruptly walks in. Kristina changes the subject. Kristina mentions a writing class for college credit. Sam is happy to hear that Kristina is working on something positive. Kristina feels sad about Michael’s predicament.

Sonny pays Michael a visit in prison. Michael seems to be in a rather cheerful mood considering the circumstances. Michael is relieved that Jason has his back in Pentonville. Michael tells Sonny that he and Jason are working on some self-defense tactics. Sonny hopes that Michael can hang in there. Sonny asks Michael to be candid about life in Pentonville. Sonny is sickened that one of his sons is stuck in prison. Sonny swears that he’s doing everything to have Michael released. Sonny says that he loves all his children the same, but feels closest to Michael.

At Dante’s loft, Lulu wakes up in bed. Lulu knows that Dante didn’t sleep well. Dante admits that he is preoccupied about Michael. Dante blurts out that Michael was attacked in prison, with Jason likely killing the inmate. Lulu is saddened to hear about the incident. Dante explains that he learned about it yesterday during a visit with Jason. Dante figures that Michael lied for Jason by giving him an alibi for the murder. Lulu is thankful to hear that Jason wasn’t put in solitary. Dante is hell-bent on getting Michael released, the sooner the better. Dante continues to blame himself for this mess. Lulu reassures Dante that he didn’t do anything wrong. Dante senses that Michael will be tainted for the rest of his life by what he saw in prison. Lulu wishes that Dante would stop blaming himself. Lulu points out that Jax is making calls to help Michael. Dante figures that Michael won’t be released for months. Dante wants to be proactive.

Luke, wearing a suit and tie, grabs a vase with flowers from a patient’s hospital room. Luke enters Tracy’s room but she doesn’t want to see him. Tracy is sarcastic toward Luke. Tracy is furious that Luke lied about their marriage. Steven pipes in that Tracy will make a full recovery. Luke assumes that Tracy didn’t die because his love saved her. Tracy laughs and threatens to make Luke’s life miserable from now on. Tracy refers to Luke as a “leech”. Luke wants to get back to Vegas so he and Tracy can legally marry. Steven leaves the room. Luke insists that he and Tracy love each other. Tracy thinks that Luke would be better off with Helena. Tracy needs to find someone who respects her. Tracy makes it clear that Luke betrayed her trust and broke her heart.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Maya and Edward talk in the living room. Maya is appreciative of all Edward has done for herself and Zoe. Maya senses that Edward wants to talk about the family. Edward says that it is the anniversary of Justus’ death. Edward feels that Justus’ passing was a tragedy. Maya is saddened by Edward’s regret. Edward suggests that he and Maya go for a drive. Afterwards, Maya and Edward return to the house. Maya is touched that Edward showed her where her grandfather is buried. Edward wants to have a better relationship with Maya than he did with Justus. Maya insists that she will not be Edward’s “shot at redemption”.

Claire shows up at Dante’s loft. Claire informs Dante that there is no new news regarding Michael. Dante changes the subject to Franco’s black-and-white photograph. Claire is aware of Franco and his fascination with recreating crime scenes. However, Claire isn’t entirely convinced that Franco sent the pic. Dante knows that Franco could kill again. Dante wonders if Franco sent him the photo because he saved Lulu. Both agree that Franco is a serial killer. Claire offers to take the pic and look into it. Claire hopes that Dante can finally bust Franco. Claire adds that she is still working on having Michael released.

Sam visits Michael in prison. Sam was hoping to see Jason but was denied the visit. Michael mentions that Jason got into a situation in prison so he is forbidden to have any visitors. Sam is thankful that Jason is keeping an eye on Michael.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Steven that she is ready to invest in the experimental drug company. Steven doesn’t like the idea of Liz risking the kids’ trust funds. Elizabeth wants to be independent of Nikolas.

In town, Helena runs into Nikolas. Helena is annoyed that Nikolas had all her belongings left on the pier. Nikolas reminds Helena that she kidnapped Luke and Tracy. Helena thinks that Nik is jumping to conclusions. Nikolas admits that Lucky locked him in the dungeon cell. Helena proposes that Nikolas is mad at Lucky, not her.

Luke and Tracy continue to bicker in her hospital room. Suddenly, Helena walks in. Tracy asks Helena to leave immediately and fly away on her broom. Helena is amused by Tracy’s annoyance. Tracy hands her ring to Luke and asks him to leave as well. Luke closes the door behind him. Luke confronts Helena about her antics. Helena comments that Luke seems to be losing his touch.

Elizabeth and Nikolas run into each other at the hospital. Nikolas says that he just got back from Greece. Elizabeth informs Nik that she is well aware of Helena’s abduction of Luke and Tracy. Nikolas brags that he freed the couple, as well as evicted Helena from Wyndemere. Elizabeth is adamant that she isn’t moving in. Nikolas is irritated that he can’t please Liz. Elizabeth reminds Nikolas that he has threatened her twice. Elizabeth has no intentions of keeping Nik away from the baby. Elizabeth divulges that she’s investing money into an experimental drug company. Nikolas senses that Elizabeth wants to get back with Lucky. Elizabeth admits that she does.

While walking in town, Maya spills her drink on the front of her shirt. Ethan teases Maya. Maya asks Ethan to leave her alone. Ethan offers to help Maya. Ethan escorts Maya to Johnny’s place. Maya assumes that the apartment is Ethan’s. Ethan and Maya flirt back and forth.

Sonny shows up at the Davis home. Molly answers the door. Molly says that Kristina isn’t home. Molly is acting strange. Molly mumbles that Kristina has gotten close to a boy. Sonny is concerned.

Lulu pays Michael a visit. Lulu mentions the attack in prison. Lulu wonders how Dante plans on helping Michael. Lulu asks Michael if he blames Dante for his predicament. Lulu blabs that Dante might resign from being a cop.

Dante goes to Judge Carroll’s office. Dante asks the judge for a favor. Judge Carroll is irritated that Dante doesn’t respect his ruling. Dante relays that Michael was attacked in prison. Dante begs the judge to release Michael immediately.

In town, Johnny and Kristina run into each other. Kristina and Johnny talk about the scheme to infuriate Sonny. Suddenly, Sonny shows up. Kristina grabs Johnny’s hand. Sonny can’t believe what he’s seeing.

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