GH Update Tuesday 6/15/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/15/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Kristina is sitting in the living room when Alexis returns home. Kristina is busy writing a letter to Michael. Kristina offers a homemade granola bar to her mom. Kristina inquires about Alexis’ community service. Alexis informs Kristina that she has to attend another therapy session with Sonny. Kristina refuses to spend any time with Sonny. Kristina reminds Alexis that the first session with Sonny failed miserably. Alexis wishes that Kristina would give Sonny another chance. Alexis feels that Kristina won’t forgive Sonny because of the situation with Kiefer. Alexis wants Kristina and Sonny to work on their father-daughter relationship. Kristina argues that Sonny is in denial when it comes to his mistreatment of Claudia. Kristina is annoyed that Alexis is defending Sonny’s choices. Kristina is thankful that Alexis kept her from Sonny when she was young. Alexis reminds Kristina that Sonny loves her very much. Alexis wishes that Johnny hadn’t tainted Kristina’s opinion of Sonny. Kristina feels that Sonny caused Claudia to lose her mind. Kristina adds that Claudia didn’t deserve Sonny’s wrath. Alexis cringes when Kristina compares Sonny to Kiefer. Kristina blurts out that Sonny deserves to be in prison.

Olivia shows up at Johnny’s penthouse. Olivia is mad that Johnny won’t stop his vendetta against Sonny. Olivia assumes that Johnny will end up killed. Johnny laughs and says that Sonny will die before he ever does. Olivia says that Dante will arrest Johnny for Sonny’s murder. Johnny becomes enraged. Johnny screams that Claudia hasn’t gotten any justice. Johnny is adamant that Sonny will pay for his sister’s death. Johnny plans on reconfiguring his own organization just to make Sonny miserable. Olivia asks Johnny to consider Michael. Olivia knows that going after Sonny won’t help Michael’s appeal. Olivia begs Johnny to change his mind about Sonny. Olivia acknowledges that Johnny hates Sonny but says that Michael is “suffering” right now. Johnny hates that Olivia keeps making excuses for Sonny. Johnny realizes that Dante will continue to protect Sonny. Johnny wishes that Dante had told the truth about his own shooting. Johnny tells Olivia that by protecting Dante, she’s protecting Sonny as well. Olivia storms out of the apartment. Johnny throws a glass against the wall.

Carly and Brook Lynn are arguing in the hallway. Lulu leaves Dante’s loft to intervene. Lulu tells Carly that she doesn’t need to defend her. Lulu comments that Dante isn’t home. Lulu asserts that Dante isn’t romantically interested in Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn returns to her apartment. Lulu and Carly sit down in Dante’s loft. Carly says that she doesn’t have concrete proof that Dante will cheat on Lulu. Lulu asserts that Dante and Brook Lynn won’t hook up. Carly brings up the similarities between Dante and Sonny. Carly calls Sonny “faithless”. Lulu defends Dante by saying that he doesn’t flirt with anyone else. Carly says that Sonny was charming at first but eventually moved on to other women. Lulu isn’t buying Carly’s concern. Carly asks about Dante’s former girlfriends. Lulu maintains that Dante has never had any serious relationships before her. Lulu tells Carly not to worry. Lulu believes that Dante wouldn’t hurt her. Carly decides to drop the issue. Carly knocks on Brook Lynn’s door. Carly says that Brook Lynn can keep her singing gig. Brook Lynn thanks Carly. In private, Brook Lynn tells Lulu that she owes her. Lulu returns to the loft.

The warden interrupts Jason and Dante’s prison visit. The warden announces Carter’s death and asks for Jason to be taken to solitary. Dante is speechless. Dante demands to know what Jason is accused of. Dante introduces himself as Detective Falconeri. The warden implies that Jason killed Carter. Dante has no clue as to why Jason would stab a fellow prisoner. Jason is led out of the room. Michael shows up a few minutes later. Dante inquires about the situation with Carter. Michael remains silent. Dante urges Michael to talk about Carter. Finally, Michael divulges that Carter caused his bruises. However, Michael insists that Jason didn’t stab Carter since he was with him the whole time. Dante wishes that Michael would stop protecting Jason. Dante fears that Michael could have his sentence doubled by lying to the warden. Dante wants to help Michael. Nevertheless, Michael is sticking by Jason. Michael doesn’t want to talk to Dante anymore.

Jason is escorted into the warden’s office. Three fellow prisoners are questioned since they were near the showers during the stabbing. Each claim that Jason was nowhere near the showers. The warden figures that the prisoners are lying to protect Jason. Since there is no proof, Jason asks to be brought back to his cell. The warden wants Jason in solitary. Jason begs the warden to reconsider for Michael’s sake. Jason states that he can’t help Michael if he’s in solitary. Jason insists that the warden is the only one who can grant his request.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan is playing cards against two men. The men leave when Skye appears. Ethan wishes that Skye would play since he needs the money. Skye implies that Ethan cheats at cards. Skye changes the subject by bringing up Luke. Skye relays that Helena kidnapped Luke and Tracy. Skye says that Luke and Tracy are not on speaking terms at the moment. Ethan figures that Skye is the reason. For now, Skye plans on avoiding Luke at all costs. Ethan pours a drink for Skye. Ethan says that Luke is intrigued by Skye. Skye refuses to leave Port Charles. Skye speaks of a money problem. Ethan offers to help but Skye doesn’t want him to. Jax enters the casino. Skye thanks Jax for meeting with her in regards to Alcazar’s accounts. Skye wants Jax to work on this “special project”. Jax agrees to get involved in the matter. Jax suggests talking over dinner at the MetroCourt. Maya walks in and approaches Ethan. Maya says that Tracy wants Luke’s belongings torched on the Quartermaine lawn. Ethan laughs in response. Maya wonders what Luke sees in Tracy. Skye pipes in that Luke and Tracy have a certain “spark”. Skye admits that she is jealous of the couple. After Skye and Jax leave, Ethan tells Maya that he has the “spark”. Ethan and Maya sit down and play some cards. Ethan is impressed by Maya’s winning streak. Ethan wishes that Maya would be a little nicer to him. Ethan claims that he’s a “decent guy”. Suddenly, Maya decides to leave the casino.

Lisa and Steven are sitting in a MetroCourt hotel room. Lisa says that her landlord is working on things at her apartment. Steven wonders why Lisa isn’t staying with friends since staying at a hotel can be expensive. Lisa pours some red wine. Lisa is flirty toward Steven. Steven is relieved that Patrick didn’t know about their little get-together. Steven recalls a hospital story of a chain-saw accident victim. Lisa listens intently. Steven says that the man survived the accident but his wife freaked out. Steven asks Lisa if she believes in love. Lisa unbuttons Steven’s shirt. Lisa mentions that Steven could be her “Mr. Right Now”. Steven kisses Lisa.

Jason returns to the cell. Jason tells Michael that the warden is giving him another chance. Jason advises Michael to lay low for now. Michael admits that he talked to Dante. Jason is irritated that Michael lied for him. Michael and Jason concur that Dante is not trustworthy.

At home, Kristina and Molly are writing letters to Michael. Kristina is mad that Sonny has done nothing to help Michael. In fact, Kristina can’t believe that Michael continues to defend Sonny. Molly pleads with Kristina to give Sonny another chance. Kristina rants about Sonny’s behavior toward Claudia. Kristina knows that Michael can’t fix this problem. Kristina brags about her scheme with Johnny. Kristina asks Molly to keep secret about the plan. Molly thinks that it’s a terrible idea. Molly can’t understand why Kristina would pretend to date Johnny. Kristina wants to push Sonny’s buttons.

Olivia shows up at Johnny’s apartment. Olivia says that she can’t stop thinking about Johnny. Olivia senses that Johnny wants to break up with her. Olivia has a bottle of wine in her hand. Olivia plans on sticking by Dante no matter what. However, Olivia doesn’t want to lose Johnny. Olivia tells Johnny that she loves him. Johnny invites Olivia inside. Johnny says that Olivia loves him but not his lifestyle. They kiss.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Carly calls Brook Lynn. Carly suggests that Brook Lynn might get a bonus for making Lulu jealous. Carly says that she’ll see Brook Lynn at sound check. Jax walks in. Carly asks Jax to sample some champagne. Jax inquires about Carly’s yoga class. Carly wants to have dinner with Jax but he has plans with Skye. Skye enters the restaurant. Jax and Skye head for a table. Carly is furious.

In the cell, Michael tells Jason that he told Dante about Carter. Michael hopes that Dante doesn’t blab all to Sonny. Michael asks Jason to teach him some more moves in case he needs to kill someone in defense.

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