GH Update Monday 6/14/10

General Hospital Update Monday 6/14/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny and Claire talk about Johnny. Claire thinks that Sonny is either “crazy or a liar”. Sonny is furious that Johnny’s testimony changed Kristina’s mind about her own father. Claire warns that Sonny cannot kill Johnny. Sonny promises that he isn’t gunning for Johnny since it won’t help Michael’s appeal. Sonny mentions that he will defend himself against Johnny if it comes to this. Sonny figures that Claire “twists the law” when needed. Claire laughs in response. Claire calls Sonny “ruthless and manipulative”. Claire believes that Sonny likes playing the victim because of his abusive childhood. Sonny cringes when Claire says that he’s an “emotional bully”. Sonny is outraged but still wants to work with Claire. Claire makes it clear that she won’t turn a blind eye if Sonny kills Johnny. Claire says that she won’t hesitate to put Sonny in prison if Johnny is murdered. Sonny figures that Claire’s career is all that matters to her. Claire admits that putting Sonny in prison would be a “stepping stone” in her career. Sonny proposes to Claire that she should send him to prison instead of Johnny. Sonny fears that Claire would try to double-cross him. Claire goes over her plan – Johnny will be prosecuted for any illegal activity, and the same goes for Sonny. Sonny is worried about his children. Sonny brings up Michael’s incarceration, Kristina’s hatred for her own father, and Morgan’s imminent adoption by Jax. Claire defends Carly’s actions. Before leaving, Claire tells Sonny that they still have a deal.

Kristina shows up at Johnny’s apartment. Kristina suggests a scheme to make Sonny jealous. Kristina says that she and Johnny will pretend to be dating just to infuriate her father. Johnny is against the idea. Johnny feels bad that Sonny isn’t a supportive parent. Johnny points out that Kristina’s plan won’t work. Kristina wants to make Sonny suffer for all the pain he has caused others. Kristina is adamant that she needs to get back at Sonny. Johnny doesn’t want to use Kristina to anger Sonny. Kristina’s main mission is for Sonny to be miserable. Johnny worries that the plan would backfire, causing his own death. Kristina points out that Sonny would go to Pentonville where he belongs. Johnny understands where Kristina is coming from. Johnny compares Anthony’s parenting skills to Sonny’s. Johnny wishes that Kristina would do something “positive” with her life. Johnny thinks it is best if Kristina steers clear of him. Kristina is disappointed that Johnny won’t agree to her plan. Kristina doesn’t understand why Johnny is being stubborn since he would love to get back at Sonny. Johnny insists that he is a bad guy. Johnny admits that the scheme would irritate Sonny but worries about the fallout. Johnny advises Kristina to concentrate on getting better and letting herself heal. Kristina blurts out that she feels safe around Johnny. Johnny tells Kristina that the two of them are “kindred spirits”. Kristina calls Johnny “noble”. Kristina says that Johnny should let her know if he changes his mind about the plan.

At his loft, Dante looks through his mail and discovers a manila envelope containing a black-and-white photograph of a staged murder. Lulu walks into the room wearing a towel. Lulu impersonates Brook Lynn but Dante is distant. Lulu asks Dante what is wrong. Lulu apologizes for criticizing Brook Lynn’s earlier towel incident. Dante doesn’t blame Lulu for feeling a bit jealous. Dante admits that he is preoccupied with a cold case. Dante kisses Lulu right before her cell phone rings. Maxie is in crisis-mode. Lulu is reluctant to leave but Dante urges her to help Maxie. Lulu leaves the room to get dressed. Dante makes a call to an unknown person. Lulu enters the room and tells Dante that she doesn’t need to help Maxie. Lulu speaks of Maxie’s relationship troubles with Spinelli. Lulu mentions Maxie’s one-night-stand with Franco. Dante is irritated that Franco left Lulu to die. Lulu reassures Dante that she is fine. Lulu teases that Dante is trying to get rid of her. After Lulu vacates the loft, Dante grabs the envelope and stares at the photo. Ronnie shows up at Dante’s place. Dante shows the picture to Ronnie. They both concur that it is one of Franco’s originals. Dante worries that Franco is killing again. Ronnie instructs Dante to hand the photo over to the Feds. Ronnie wants Dante to concentrate on putting Sonny in prison.

In the shower room, Carter tells Jason that Franco has a message for him. Jason is surprised to learn that Carter and Franco know each other. Jason asks Carter where Franco is hiding out. Carter dies in Jason’s arms. Jason turns to see that Michael witnessed the stabbing. Jason stares at the blood on his hands. Michael tells Jason that no one saw anything. Jason orders Michael to return to his cell and act like normal. Jason grabs his blue Pentonville shirt before heading out of the shower room.

In the dungeon cell, Tracy and Luke talk about their fake marriage. Tracy can’t believe that she isn’t legally wed to Luke. Tracy brings up Luke’s love of money. Luke admits that he ended up falling in love with Tracy. Tracy doesn’t appreciate being misled. Tracy is resolute that she and Luke have no future. Tracy plans on burning all of Luke’s personal belongings and having a “cleansing bonfire”. Luke is hurt by the comment. Luke tells Tracy that they need a plan to get out of Helena’s cell. Nikolas walks by. Nikolas opens the cell’s lock. Nikolas asks Luke and Tracy why Helena locked them up. Tracy wants to be released immediately. Tracy informs Nik that she and Luke aren’t married. Nikolas is hesitant to release them. Lucky shows up out of the blue. Lucky says hi to his dad. Lucky says that Ethan warned him about coming to Greece. Luke speaks of Helena’s heinous plan. Luke wants to know where Helena is. Nikolas has no clue. Nikolas divulges that the guards lied about keeping Luke and Tracy prisoner. After Luke and Tracy leave the cell, Nikolas and Lucky are left alone. Lucky makes it known that he isn’t grateful to Nikolas. Lucky reminds Nik that Helena is insane for locking up Luke and Tracy. Lucky and Nikolas argue over Elizabeth. Lucky makes it clear that Nikolas ruined his relationship with Liz. Nikolas asks Lucky if he considers him an “enemy” now. Nikolas apologizes for Helena’s behavior but claims it isn’t his own fault. Lucky feels that his brother betrayed his trust by sleeping with Elizabeth. Lucky closes the cell door and locks Nikolas inside. Lucky tells Nik that a guard will release him sooner or later.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Patrick is sitting by the bar. Carly walks up to Patrick. Carly inquires about Lisa and Steven’s whereabouts. Patrick mentions that the two went for a drink. Carly senses that Patrick is irritated by the whole thing. Patrick insists that he isn’t jealous. Carly tells the bartender that the drinks are on the house. Patrick brings up Carly and Robin’s dislike of each other. Carly asks about Robin’s trip to Africa. Patrick says that Robin will be back for Father’s Day. Carly says that Lisa likes Patrick. Patrick smiles but maintains that he isn’t interested in Lisa. Carly doesn’t believe Patrick. Carly figures that Patrick is bored since Robin is out of the country. Carly points out that Lisa and Steven are getting chummy. Patrick insists that he would never cheat on Robin. Patrick says that he has grown up since Robin’s post-partum depression. Patrick apologizes for not asking about Michael. Carly says that Jason is a lifesaver for protecting Michael. Patrick confides that he doesn’t agree with Sonny and Jason’s lifestyle. However, Patrick says that Jason is “admirable” for protecting Michael in prison. Carly wishes that neither Michael nor Jason were in Pentonville. Carly receives a phone call from Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn suggests that Carly come over to her place.

Out of breath, Jason returns to his prison cell. Jason tells Michael that no one saw him leave the shower room. Jason worries that he’ll be the prime suspect in Carter’s stabbing. Jason warns Michael that he can’t say anything about it. Michael reassures Jason that he already has an alibi in place. Jason wishes that Michael wasn’t stuck in Pentonville or that he witnessed him killing someone. Jason asks how much Michael heard of his conversation with Carter. Michael knows that Jason is troubled by something. Jason feels terrible that Michael is in prison. Jason believes that he has been a bad influence on Michael. Jason brings up Claudia’s death. Michael says that he used to emulate Jason but changed his mind since entering Pentonville.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Olivia speaks briefly to a waiter. Sonny shows up. Olivia is polite toward Sonny. Sonny warns Olivia that he will be confronting Johnny at the restaurant. Olivia wishes that Sonny wouldn’t talk to Johnny. Johnny walks off the elevator. Johnny is smug toward Sonny. Johnny tells Sonny that he shouldn’t push his buttons anymore. Sonny brings up the Lopez brothers. Sonny says that he wants “peace” so Michael can be released. Sonny urges Johnny to stop his vendetta. Johnny makes it clear that he won’t back down.

Lulu is waiting inside Dante’s loft. Lulu overhears voices coming from the hallway. Brook Lynn and Carly are staging a fight. Lulu speaks on Brook Lynn’s behalf. Lulu tells Carly that Brook Lynn should not be fired from her singing gig. Lulu maintains that Dante is not romantically interested in Brook Lynn.

Dante pays Jason a visit in prison. Dante asks about Michael but Jason is evasive. Dante presents the photo to Jason. Jason won’t talk. Dante thinks that Franco is back in town. The door opens and a guard announces the warden’s arrival. The warden implies that Jason did something wrong.

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