GH Update Friday 6/11/10

General Hospital Update Friday 6/11/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Danteís apartment, he eavesdrops while Lulu talks to Brook Lynn at the front door. Lulu tells Brook Lynn that she has issues with boundaries so they are going to set some ground rules. She forbids Brook Lynn from showing up at Danteís door wearing a towel again. She forbids her from catering to Dante. She asks her who irons a shirt that they borrowed. Brook puts on her most innocent sounding voice and says she never meant to upset Lulu. Lulu says Dante is her boyfriend and they are in love. She warns Brook not to waste her time coming on to him. Brook says it had never crossed her mind.

Carly is at Johnnyís house with a housewarming gift asking questions about his relationship with Olivia and by extension with Dante. Johnny tells her that she knows his only objective is to take down Sonny and he knows she isnít interested in getting behind that, so he asks her what she wants.

Carter is in Michaelís cell at Pentonville. Jason returns from being called away by a guard and orders Carter to get out. Carter tells Jason that his power on the outside doesnít translate there. He tells him that threats just get noticed by the wrong people. He says Jason had better check his attitude or he will end up dead. He asks him what will happen to Michael then.

Kristina is at Sonnyís house. He tells her that he asked Michael to talk to her because she trusts him. Kristina concludes that Sonny got his brain-damaged son who was shot because of him to make excuses for him. Sonny says Johnny has her believing that he is a monster but Michael knows that he isnít and he thought he could get through to her. She tells him that Michael has more important things to worry about. Sonny says it will help Michael if they can get along. She says he is using Michael to manipulate her but it wonít work. She says she has seen the way he treats people and how angry he gets. She says that the more he denies it, the more she hates him. He says Johnny is making her believe he is a monster. She tells him not to blame Johnny. She reminds him that she saw how he acted when Johnny said he abused Claudia. Sonny says Johnny is lying; he didnít abuse Claudia. Kristina says Sonny may not have hit Claudia with his fists, but he hit her with words. She reminds him that he treated Claudia terribly at her birthday party at the Metro Court, called her a whore, and said it was a blessing that her baby died. Sonny asks her how many times he has to tell her that he had just found out that she was responsible for Michael getting shot. Kristina concludes to him that Claudia asked for it the same way that she asked for it with Keifer. Sonny says that is a different situation. Kristina says she asked for it when she ditched Keifer for Ethan and she ended up in the hospital. She says Claudia asked for it and ended up in the pine barrens. Kristina starts to storm off but Sonny forbids her from leaving. He tells her that Claudia was a grown woman that took out a hit on him and got Michael shot instead. He tells her that Johnny knew about it and didnít say anything. Kristina tells him that she is aware that if Johnny had said something he would have ended up in the pine barrens too. She says she didnít say anything about Keifer because she knew what he would do. Sonny says Kristina and Keifer have nothing to do with Claudia and him. She says Keifer would get mad out of nowhere the same way that Sonny does and she learned to be careful the way that everyone does with Sonny. She says Claudia just wasnít careful enough. Sonny shouts that Claudia was a bitch. She says Keifer used to call her a bitch too. Sonny shouts that he isnít like Keifer. Kristina says he is worse. She says Keifer was just a messed up boy who hit her but Sonny is a gangster. He makes money by stealing and extortion, and he buries people in the pine barrens. He tells her that that is why he has tried to keep his family away from his business. He says there is no connection. He says she is his daughter and he loves her. She says he always says that. She says that when something awful happens it shouldnít matter that it is his fault because he loves them. She says Michael might believe that but she doesnít.

In Michael and Jasonís cell at Pentonville, Carter says Jason is just a number like everybody else except that he is a rookie and that makes him fair game. Jason says they will see. Carter says Jason doesnít know that place and he doesnít have any friends, but he does. Carter leaves. Jason asks Michael if he sees why he has to do what he is going to do. Michael asks what will happen if Carter wins.

At Johnnyís apartment, Carly says all bets are off because her son is in Pentonville. Johnny asks her if she blames Sonny for Michael being in prison. Carly says Sonny was trying to protect Michael and if not for Dante, the cover-up would have worked. Johnny says Dante had plenty of opportunities when he was working undercover to bust Sonny but he didnít do it. Carly says that was before Dante knew that Sonny was his father. Johnny says that is his point; there was always a bond between them. He says at the end, Sonny was ready to hand the business over to Dante. He says when the warrant was issued, Dante had to take Sonny down but he didnít call for backup; he believed that Sonny wouldnít hurt him. Carly says that was arrogant. Johnny adds that Dante lied twice under oath to protect Sonny and then when it seemed that Sonny was going to be convicted of Claudiaís murder, Dante threw his brother under the bus. Carly says Michael did do it. Johnny says Michael saved her and her babyís lives. He tells her that he has made it clear that he doesnít like Dante, and he asks her again what she really wants.

In the doorway to Danteís apartment, Brook Lynn feigns groveling. She tells Lulu that she is sorry. She says she can see why Lulu would feel that way but she assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Lulu says she isnít worried; she is just telling her not to show up on Dante's doorstep mostly naked, stop showing off in the kitchen, and stop going about how somebody in the old neighborhood thought she caught her and Dante having sex behind the food tent. Brook Lynn says that was a joke and she never liked Dante that way. She says she doesnít expect lulu to understand because it was kind of a neighborhood thing. Lulu tells Brook that she is in her neighborhood now and her rules are no showing up in a towel and donít show up without calling. Brook Lynn says Dante is a guy she grew up with and nothing more. She says she is thrilled that he has found someone that makes him happy. She says she is just sorry that she upset Lulu so much. She pouts and turns around to go back to her own apartment. Dante emerges from his around the corner where he had been listening. He says Lulu is sexy when she is territorial and he kisses her.

Tracy and Luke are sitting on the cot in their cell on the Cassadinesí island. She calls him a no good swindler. He tells her that her fever breaking is a miracle. She says he doesnít believe in miracles, he only believes in her money. He says that isnít true; he believes in all money. He says he is starting to believe in love again because of her. He says they didnít mean to, but they fell in love. Tracy says she believed him and it never occurred to her that they werenít really married. Luke says he knew that if he said they werenít married that she would get angry enough to fight, and it worked because her fever broke. He says they are really married and they will renew their vows as soon as they get out of there. Tracy says they arenít married so he is on his own.

Lucky shows up on the Cassadinesí island in disguise. He fakes an Irish accent when he talks to the security guard. He tells the guard he is lost and asks him if he is hiring.

In their cell, Tracy tells Luke that she is amazed that she believed him about this when he lied about everything else. He says they are married and he has the legal documents to prove it. She scoffs and says he has fake legal documents for every occasion. She gets up and yells for the guard. Luke says she shouldnít antagonize the guars. Tracy says Luke isnít her husband so he doesnít get to tell her what to do.

At Johnnyís apartment, Carly tells Johnny that she never thought abut Dante protecting Sonny; she just thought he was a hypocrite that lied to her kids and put Michael in prison. Johnny asks her to leave him out of his relationship with Sonny. She says sonny has to live with the consequences of his choices. She says Dante put two people that she loves in prison and he has to pay. Johnny asks her what that has to do with his blender. Carly gets into his personal space and in a kittenish voice says he can keep the blender if he helps her make Dante pay; otherwise she has to take it back. He laughs and tells her that unlike Dante, he doesnít drag women and children into his fights and besides that, Dante isnít responsible for Claudiaís death; Sonny is.

At Sonnyís house, he admits that he has made mistakes, but he isnít the monster that Johnny makes him out to be. Kristina says she has seen him in action. He says he would never hit any woman. She says she doesnít believe him. He concludes that instead of believing her father, she believes someone who is trying to destroy him. He tells her that she doesnít know the truth because she doesnít listen to what he is saying to her. He asks her if it matters to her that he loves her with all his heart. She says loving someone isnít just saying it, it is showing them, and he never does. She leaves.

Lisa and Steve are having dinner at the Metro Court, talking about Willie Nelson and music. Patrick comes in and sees them. He says he thought they were going to the Tinhorn. Lisa says it was closed for renovations. She invites him to join them. Steve appears annoyed.

In their cell in Pentonville, Jason tells Michael that Carter will be in the shower soon. Michael asks Jason if he canít just scare carter. Jason says Carter will keep coming after them so they have to shut him down now and send a strong message that will keep both of them safe. Michael is concerned that Jason will go to solitary or get a life sentence. Jason tells Michael not to trust anyone or take any deals. Michael says he will be fine and tells Jason to focus on Carter.

At Danteís apartment, he tells Lulu that the lawyer he met with thinks Michael has a good chance with an appeal. He says the lawyer says Michael didnít have the mental capacity to resist doing what the authority figures in his life told him to do. Lulu asks Dante what Brook put on his shirt. He tells her that it is starch. He says that in Bensonhurst mothers and girlfriends starch shirts. Lulu asks him which one Brook is. He amends his statement to include sisters and says that is what Brook is to him. He tells her that he doesnít need to get all possessive. He says he heard her yelling a block away. He tells her that he likes the way she was staking claim to her man. She says yelling isnít the way to stake claim to your man. She kisses him.

At the Metro Court, Patrick and Lisa talk about a NASCAR driver. Steve chimes in and it surprises Lisa that Steve is into NASCAR so she focuses her attention on Steve. Carly comes in and Patrick asks her to join them. Lisa rolls her eyes.

On the Cassadinesí island, the security guard searches Luckyís backpack and throws the contents on the ground. Lucky asks him again if they are hiring. The guard pulls a gun out and tells Lucky that his services will not be requires. He calls him Mr. Spencer. Lucky puts up his hands and says he doesnít know who this Spencer is; he is just looking for a train station and a little pickup work. He tells the guard he doesnít have to be so unfriendly. Nikolas walks up and asks the guard why he is holding a gun on his brother. The guard lowers his gun. Lucky tells Nicolas it is a nice island. He asks him if he knows where Luke and Tracy are. Nikolas asks him what the deal is with the disguise. Lucky says itís just a family tradition. Nikolas tells him that after Luke and Tracy disappeared, Helena did too and he honestly doesnít know what is going on. Lucky suggests that they search the place and figure it out. Nikolas says he knows the property so he can search it alone. Lucky says that he would have to trust Nikolas to let him look for his dad and Tracy alone and he doesnít see that happening ever again.

In the Metro Court restaurant, Patrick tells Carly to let him know if she needs medical testimony about Michaelís long-term damage from the coma. Lisa says she is sorry about what happened to Michael. She says no one wanted to see him go to prison and it wasnít fair for the judge to take it out on Michael. Carly thanks her and asks her what kind of verdict they came up with. Lisa says she was the only holdout with a not-guilty verdict and that if Coleman hadnít gotten himself thrown out they would have had a mistrial. Carly says that is what she thought would happen. Patrick asks Carly how she is doing. She says some days are better than others but it helps to keep busy. He invites her to play pool at Jakeís and says he has a lot of free time with Robin in Africa. Carly is impressed that Robin is off saving the world and says she may take him up on his offer. She tells him that dessert is on the house, then gets up and walks away. Steve says Carly is strong. Patrick says it was a miracle that Michael woke up from his coma and that it is terrible that after that he ended up in Pentonville. Lisa says that kind of kills her interest in dessert. Steve agrees. Lisa suggests a nightcap. She and Steve leave.

At the Metro Court bar, Carly tells Brook that ironing the shirt was a nice touch. Brook says she had a feeling that it would piss Lulu off. She says it was funny seeing Lulu getting testy and setting boundaries. She says Lulu told her not to come over without calling. Carly says she should go over without calling as soon as possible so she can make Lulu jealous. She says Dante was single for a long time so he will hate a clingy girlfriend.

Dante and Lulu are making out on the couch at his apartment. He tells her that she can stake her claim to him anytime. He asks her if her boundaries mean that he is not allowed to go next door and ask Brook for help if he locks himself out of the apartment. She tells him that he can climb up the fire escape and come through the window. He says he could have a spare key made and hide it. She says that is great as long as it is nowhere near Brook. He says he likes her jealous. She says she isnít jealous she is territorial. They start making out again.

Claire Walsh goes to Sonnyís house and tells him that one of her sources told her that Johnny Zacchara had a meeting with one of the Lopez brothers. She asks him if he has plans to retaliate. Sonny tells her that he is honoring their deal for him to help her get Johnny off the street legally, but sheíd better hurry up and find a reason to arrest him because he isnít going to stand around and watch Johnny destroy his daughter.

Kristina returns to the lake house and wonders aloud why she bothers to try having a relationship with her father when there is obviously no chance. Molly asks her what she and Sonny fought about. Kristina says that doesnít matter; the point is that when she is honest about her feelings, Sonny makes it about him and turns it into a conversation about how she doesnít respect him. She admits that she doesnít respect him. Molly asks her if that is because she thinks he is responsible for Michael going to prison. Kristina says it isnít just that. She says her dad says he loves her but that doesnít change how he acts towards other people. She says the fact that he doesnít hit her doesnít mean he didnít abuse Claudia. Molly tells Kristina not to forget that Claudia got Michael shot. She wonders why Kristina is so mad about Claudia. Kristina says Sonny never has to pay for anything. She says Sonny knew who Claudia was when he married her. She says Sonny is responsible for what happened to Claudia and he is responsible for Michael getting shot. Molly says she thinks Sonny feels bad about what happened. Kristina says that may be true, but Michael and Jason are the ones in prison. She says that is how it always is; her dad does whatever he wants and no one ever stands up to him. Kristina declares that she will stand up to him.

In their cell, Luke tells Tracy that they have to stay together to survive this. He says he never denied that he tried to swindle her out of 15 million dollars but he made the worst mistake a con can make; he fell in love with the mark. He says he tried to deny it but it didnít work. She asks him if he ever considered telling her the truth. He says he frequently considered telling her the truth or getting out of the deal, but he was afraid he would lose her. She asks him if he doesnít mean he would lose the free room and board. He tells her that is just stuff; he was afraid of losing her. He says what matters to him is that she accepts him and enjoys him for who he is; she doesnít ask him to be somebody else. He says he loves her just as she is; she is perfect. She tells him that his heart had given out and he had no reason to go on living but she saved him and he doesnít ever want to be away from her. Tracy laughs and says she canít believe what she put herself through when they werenít even married. He tells her that they are married in every way that matters and they are going to make it official when they get out of there. She tells him that she would rather spend the rest of her life in this dungeon than be married to him.

Outside the property on the Cassadinesí island, Nikolas tells Lucky that there is no way that he is allowing him to search the property. Lucky says he will never understand that Cassadine crap. He says that Tracy vanished, and then his father vanished when he went looking for her, and now Nikolas is telling him that Helena is missing too. He says that if that is true, then something very strange is going on. Nikolas says he will take care of it. Lucky says he is going to find his dad and that it would be easier if they worked together. Nikolas reminds Lucky that they arenít on the same side anymore and that he said he is finished groveling before the Spencers. Lucky says Nikolas is not the wronged party; he is the one that got his own brotherís fiancť pregnant. He asks him to let him find his father and Tracy. Nikolas says he will look for them and release them if he finds them. He says if he finds Helena, he will deal with her the way he sees fit. Nikolas asks the guard to escort Lucky off the island.

In their cell in Pentonville, Jason instructs Michael to stay in his cell while he takes care of Carter. Michael agrees. Jason says the only thing that matters is that Michael lives through this place so he can go back to his life and never look back. Jason walks out of the cell.

At Sonnyís house, Claire asks if Johnny threatened Sonnyís daughter. He tells her that Johnny is trying to turn his daughter against him. He says Claire played a part in that when she put Johnny on the stand to provoke him. He says his daughter was in the courtroom and heard it all. Claire says he canít blame her or Johnny for what Kristina saw when he went after Claudia at the Metro Court. Sonny tells Claire to take it easy. He says Johnny told his daughter that he is abusive and now she is taking out her anger that she feels towards Keifer on him. Claire says thereís more than one way to abuse someone. He asks her if she is going to lecture him about it like everyone else. He says he is tired of hearing it. Claire says that judging by that reaction, she thinks his daughter has a point.

Kristina goes to see Johnny at his apartment. She says she knows that he hates her dad and asks him if he is interested in hearing a way to make Sonny crazy.

At Sonnyís house, Sonny asks Claire if she thinks he is an abusive monster too. She says she doesnít have an opinion and she doesnít have a good track record with his children so she is stepping away from this issue. She says she apologizes if she said anything about Kristina that was out of line. She says her primary focus is shutting down Johnny. He says he should have stopped Johnny a long time ago. She tells him that if Johnny turns up missing she will remember he said that. He concludes to her that she isnít used to working with people who keep their word. He says they have a deal and he is going to help her bust Johnny. He says he is going to push Johnny until he comes after him but she had better grab him fast if she wants him off the street because if Johnny shoots at him first, the law allows him to defend himself.

At Johnnyís apartment, he tells her that what is going on between him and her father is strictly business. Kristina says he hates her father for what he did to Claudia and that is personal. Johnny tells her that she wants nothing to do with it. He says it isnít on her to ensure that her father pays for what he did to Claudia. Kristina says Johnny must know that Sonny has it in for him. She says she can help him beat Sonny. He says he canít let her help him. He asks him if he remembers the time that he pretended to be her boyfriend when some mean girls were teasing him. He says she knows he meant nothing by that. She says her father doesnít know that and he would go crazy if he thought the two of them were together.

At Danteís apartment, Lulu tried her hand at ironing. She asks him why he owns an iron. He tells her that his mother gave it to him. She says they have steamers at Crimson that are much easier to use. She looks at the shirt and determines that it looks worse than when she started. He tells her that he doesnít need her to iron his clothes, or cook for him, or bring him beer. He says that if she wanted to, he wouldnít mind if she stood around in a towel. She says she will be right back. She kisses him and walks off. Dante picks up the stack of mail on the table and opens a large manila envelope. It contains a picture of a man sprawled on his back on a shower floor with water running over him. The manís arm is extended, indication that he took the picture of himself.

At Pentonville prison, Jason goes into the shower. He takes off his shirt and wraps a sleeve around each hand. He looks in the shower stall and finds it empty. Carter jumps out from behind him and lunges at him with a shiv. Jason maneuvers out of the way and Carter goes careening into the stall. He turns around and says Jason is on his turf now. He lunges with the knife again. Jason catches his arm with his shirt and bangs Carterís arm against the wall until the shiv falls out of his hand. Carter uses the hand that is now free to grab Jason by the throat and pin him against the wall. Jason pushes him off. They start boxing. Carter has the upper hands and knocks Jason to the floor. He goes to retrieve his shiv from the floor. Jason gets up. They struggle over the shiv. Carter falls to the floor, bleeding. He looks up at Jason and tells him that Franco says hi.

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