GH Update Thursday 6/10/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/10/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Luke and Tracy are in a cell on the Cassadineís island. Tracy is ill. Helena has just left after telling Luke that she doesnít care if Tracy dies. Luke yells for her to come back or send a doctor. His yelling awakens Tracy. She tells him that she remembered their wedding.

Dante lets Brook Lynn into his apartment. She is wet and wearing only a towel. He asks her why she came to his door like that. She tells him that the cable guy came while she was in the shower and he was gone when she got to the door so she chased him. Dante wonders what that has to do with him. She tells him she needs him bad.

Carly and Sonny are outside talking on a sidewalk. Carly tells Sonny that she told Lulu what she wanted to say so that she would leave, and it happened to be the truth. Sonny doesnít believe that Carly understands why Lulu took sides against her. Carly says Lulu made a terrible choice by siding with Dante, but she has caused a lot of damage herself by being loyal to Sonny.

In their cell in Pentonville, Michael asks Jason what he is going to do to Carter. Jason says he already told him. Michael says things will only get worse if Jason kills Carter. Jason says Carter has to answer for what he did.

At the lake house, Kristina is addressing an envelope to send pictures to Michael. Molly tells her about a book she is reading. She says the hero has just come home from a French prison camp and is pushing his love away, but she refuses to leave, they have a passionate fight, she slaps him, and he kisses her. Kristina tells her that it doesnít work that way and that slapping is not romantic. Molly tells Kristina that she is sorry for upsetting her and that she will get rid of the book. Skye stops by to see how Kristina is doing, but surmises by Kristinaís appearance that she is not doing well.

Ethan goes to Johnny Zaccharaís apartment and says he was in the middle of fleecing three oilmen when Johnny called and broke his rhythm. He says he lost two grand. Johnny assures him that he will make 5 times that if he goes with him tonight. Ethan asks him if guns will be involved. Johnny says he will handle the guns. He says they are going to meet with a man named Mario Lopez. He says that everyone wants in on the action now that the word is out that he swept the Trujillos out from under Sonny. Ethan says he loves that gangsters have no loyalty. Johnny says the only catch is that the Lopez brothers are masterminds when it comes to assassinations, especially car bombs and they might want to knock him off to get into Sonnyís good graces. Ethan says he has something else to do that is far away from car bombs. Johnny reminds him that he will make 10 grand. Ethan asks what the plan is. Johnny tells him that he is making him his lieutenant because the Lopez brothers have great respect for his father.

Lulu gets off the elevator at Danteís apartment and hears Dante and Brook Lynn talking quietly. She follows their voices out the front door and finds Dante kneeling in front of Brook Lynnís door and Brook standing next to him wearing only his shirt.

On the public sidewalk, Sonny says Carly is looking for someone to blame and of course, he is at the top of the list. He says Lulu betrayed her and stuck with Michael. Carly says Lulu betrayed Michael. Sonny says he doesnít believe that Carly has forgiven Lulu. Carly tells him that when she looks at Lulu, it reminds her of the stupid things she did in the name of love too. She says that in retrospect she thinks that it might have been better if she had let Michael grow up with his biological father, AJ. She asks Sonny if Michael would be in prison if he had grown up a Quartermaine. He asks her what her entire life with him was. She says it was probably the worst decision she ever made, especially for Michael. She asks Sonny after all the things she has done, who she is to tell Lulu not to love Dante. Sonny says he finds that hard to believe. She tells him that maybe she has grown up and opened her eyes. Sonny says it sounds like she regrets ever being with him at all.

In their cell in Pentonville, Jason says Carter tried to kill him so he has to make an example of him. Michael says there are different rule in prison. Jason tells him that threats will never stop if you don't stand up to them whether youíre in prison or not. Michael says Jason doesnít know who Carterís allies are and that if the guards are on Carterís side, Jason could end up dead. He suggests that Jason should wait for Carter to come after him again and then they can take him out together in self-defense. He says that if he goes after Carter with intent to kill him, he could be in prison for the rest of his life. Jason tells him that he came to prison to protect Michael and that means making sure that Carter doesnít get away with attacking them. Michael says if Jason gets caught and sent to solitary, Michael could end up with a freak for a cellmate and besides, he still has a lot to learn from Jason

In their cell on the Cassadineís island, Luke asks Tracy what she remembers about their wedding. She said it was tacky and entertaining like their life together. She says she remembers they were dressed up in cowboy outfits like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. He says she is still his Dale Evans, but this is no time for ďHappy Trails.Ē She says she remembers the minister saying that marriage is a three-ring circus: The engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering.

Maxie goes to General Hospital to meet Matt for lunch. While she is waiting for him, she overhears Patrick telling Lisa that he is going to make reservations at the Metro Court. Steve suggests the Tinhorn Grill. Patrick says he doesnít feel like Tex-Mex. He says the plan was for Lisa to buy him dinner for helping her with a surgery and they can discuss the investment with Steve some other time. Steve apologizes and says he didnít realize that he was intruding on a private dinner. Lisa says Patrick is just being a baby that doesnít want to talk about grown-up topics like investments. Patrick says he does want to talk about investments, just another night; they have plans tonight. Lisa says she is buying so it is her choice. She chooses the Tinhorn Grill. Lisa and Steve walk off. Maxie walks over to Patrick and asks him what is wrong with him. She says his body language is screaming that he just caught his girl with another guy, but that isnít possible because Robin is in Africa. She asks him what pushed his jealousy button.

In the hallway in front of Brook Lynnís apartment, Lulu asks Dante and Brook Lynn if three can play. Dante says he will be finished in a minute. Brook tells Lulu not to ask, because she is already mortified. Lulu says it might be prudent to hide a spare key somewhere. Brook Lynn says Lulu sounds like her grandma, but thanks her for the advice. She asks Dante if she can leave a key with him. He says yes. Lulu asks them if she is going to have to ask them what happened or if one of them is going to tell her. Brook Lynn recounts the story of being in the shower when the cable man came and locking herself out when she tried to catch him before he left the building. She says she was lucky that Dante was home. Dante quips that it was a choice between picking her lock and arresting her for indecent exposure. He gets the door open. Brook thanks him, says he is her hero, and tells him she will return his shirt later. She goes into her apartment. Lulu tells Dante that he is a handy guy to have around.

At the lake house, Kristina tells Skye that she felt good for the first time in a long time when Skye took her to see Ethan. She says it felt as if she could start over, but the anger keeps coming back. She wonders how she could have been so stupid to stay with a guy that hit her just because he said he loved her and then get Ethan in trouble to protect the guy that actually hit her. Skye says she has a long history of blowing up her life and then picking up the pieces. She says that she finds that figuring out what happened and how it made her feel works for her. Kristina says she is learning that in therapy. She says that every time Keifer hit her, she believed him when he said he loved her and that he would never do it again. Skye says it is sad, but a lot of women allow themselves to be abused in the name of love. Kristina says she is afraid that she will never be able to trust a man again. Skye asks her if she thinks it will happen again with another boy. Kristina says it seems that a lot of men say that they love you and will take care of you, but then they turn around and disappoint you. She says every guy her mother has been with, including her dad, has been a disappointment. She says her dad says he loves her, but she has seen him turn into a monster. She says that between her dad and Keifer, she doubts that she will ever be able to trust a guy.

On the public sidewalk, Carly tells Sonny that she tried to make a life with him and now he is dealing with the consequences of it; her son is in prison. Sonny asks him if that is his fault. Carly says that she, Sonny, and Jason are most to blame, but they didnít turn Michael into the court; Sonnyís son did. Sonny tells her that she sounds like Johnny Zacchara. He says she should have heard Johnny ranting about how Dante turned Michael in to save Sonny. Carly says she can see why Johnny would think that. Sonny asks her if she is going to side with the lying freak that claimed Claudia was an innocent victim, which is probably what prompted the judge to sentence Michael to prison. Carly says Johnny had nothing to do with it; the judge sent Michael to prison to punish them and get him away from their bad influence. She turns on her heels and starts to walk away. Sonny asks her if she is going to treat him bad and then just leave. She says she has to go see someone.

In their cell on the Cassadineís island in Greece, Tracy begins to lose consciousness and Luke shakes her to keep her awake. He suggests that they remember their vows. She says she wouldnít have married him if she hadnít been drunk. He says they are sober now and suggests that they renew their vows. She asks him if he think their current location is an improvement on their drunken nuptials in Las Vegas. He says he wants her any way that he can get her. She says she must be worse off than she thought.

At Johnnyís apartment, he and Ethan play cards while waiting for Lopez to call. Ethan suggests that Johnny call Lopez. Johnny surmises that Ethan must have a bad hand that he wants to get out of playing. He says he doesnít want to appear desperate. Ethan says Johnny shouldnít let his opponent set the pace and dictate the terms, just like in cards. He says that is why he won the past 11 hands. He says that if they werenít friends, he would fleece him. He says Lopez is going to walk all over Johnny. Johnny lays down his cards and proclaims, ďBlackjack.Ē Ethan says Johnny is cheating now. Johnny says that maybe he knows exactly what he is doing. Ethan proposes that they let the cards decide. He says if he wins, Johnny will call Lopez. Johnny says if he wins, Ethan will keep playing until he begs for mercy. Ethan selects a card; itís a king. Johnny selects a six and agrees to call Lopez. He tells Ethan that if they go kaboom he will blame Ethan in the afterlife. John makes the call.

Kristina goes to visit Michael at Pentonville. He tells her that Jason is teaching him self-defense. She says that is a more useful skill than the advanced math she is learning in summer school. She gives him the letter and pictures that she had intended to send in the mail. She tells him that she is starting to realize how messed up she is. She says she let Keifer hit her because she never had a positive male role model in her life. He asks her what about their dad. She says that when she was younger, their dad didnít spend much time with her and then as she grew older she saw how twisted he is with women. She says the women in their dadís life are never good enough, and Keifer was the same way. Michael tells her that their father mentioned that she is mad at him. He asks her if she can give their dad another chance.

Sonny goes to visit Jason in Pentonville. Jason says Michael is ok and that he has been teaching him self-defense. Sonny thanks him and says Michael will need that in there. Jason says Michael is changing right before his eyes. He says Michael is really smart and he absorbs everything. He tells sonny that Michael has processed all the ugliness and violence that they thought they were protecting Michael from his whole life. Sonny asks Jason if he has talked to Carly. Jason tells him she came once. Sonny asks Jason if he doesnít think that is unusual that Carly isnít coming on a regular basis. He asks Jason if something is going on. Jason says Sonny should ask Carly. Sonny says he knows Carly is up to something and it canít be good if she is avoiding Jason.

In their cell on the Cassadineís island in Greece, Luke tells Tracy that peopleís lives flash in front of them just before they die, so the fact that she canít remember their vows means she isnít dying. She asks him why they should renew their vows. He says that the second time will be the charm and it should be something she will remember. He tells her that he treasures his memories. He tells her that in spite of their scams and fights, they always stand for each other. He says he thinks it is worth commemorating by re-doing their vows. Tracy relents and agrees. Luke gets down on one knee and tells her that she has transformed his life, and not with the money and possessions because none of that would keep him with her if he didnít want to be there. He says it is her humor, her intelligence, her feistiness, and her heart that she tries to hide. He says she makes his lie worthwhile and she is the reason that he gives a damn. He says he loves her with all his heart. Tracy tells Luke that she always too pride in bring difficult, hard to handle, and hard to please but he outdoes her every time. She says he knows her heart. She tells him that she loves him with all heart. Tracy starts coughing and has to lie down.

At General Hospital, Patrick tells Maxie that he is trying to manage while Robin is in Africa. Maxie tells Patrick that he has to get his much-needed female attention from somewhere, so why not an ex girlfriend. Patrick says Maxie knows he loves Robin. Maxie tells him she never said that he didnít, but nothing is more dangerous than a man who feels abandoned. Matt comes out and jokes to Patrick to get his hands off his date.

Steve and Lisa return to the triage, and Lisa tells Patrick that he was right, three is a crowd, and Patrick shouldnít have to go to a restaurant he doesnít like. She suggests that they all look at the investment specification specs on their own and she will go to dinner at the Tinhorn with Steve.

At Danteís apartment, Lulu tells him that she got the rest of the day off so she has 18 free hours. He tells her that he has to make that 17 hours because he has a meeting with a lawyer that specializes in clients with diminished capacity. Lulu says Michael is lucky to have a brother that would move mountains for him. She says she will be there when he gets back. Dante gets on the elevator and leaves.

In the visiting room at Pentonville, Michael says he supposes he has seen a side of their father that Kristina hasnít seen. Kristina says that is because he grew up with him. Michael says Sonny still loves her, he hates what Keifer did to her, and he hates that she thinks he is abusive. Kristina says she saw what Sonny did to Claudia and Michael did too. She says that maybe Michael can accept it because Claudia got him shot, but it is hard to look the other way when you have been on the receiving end of someoneís fist. Michael says their dad isnít perfect but he loves them and he would never hurt her. Kristina says their dad has a terrible temper and he hurts people all the time. She says when Sonny blows up and does something awful it is always someone elseís fault. He tells her that he isnít asking her to turn the other way but if she gives Sonny a break, he may surprise her. He asks her if she will try with their father. She tells him that he wouldnít be in prison if not for their dad.

In the other visiting room at Pentonville, Sonny tells Jason that he saw Carly today and that she is working on something. Jason says that maybe Carly needs some room. He tells Sonny that Carlyís first visit was traumatic after seeing Michael. Sonny says Carly gets emotional and she acts out. Jason agrees but he says she is doing the best that she can. Sonny says he doesnít need Carly being a loose canon. Jason says he knows, but Carly wonít do anything to make things worse for Michael. Sonny reveals that Carly blames him and that she said he was the worst choice that ever happened to Michael.

At General Hospital, Patrick surmises that Lisa and Steve must be serious for her to blow him off like that. Lisa admits that she likes spending time with Steve but scoffs at the idea of being serious. Patrick says that is good because Steve isnít her type. Lisa says her palate has matured.

Matt and Maxie are sitting on chairs in the hospital lobby. Matt tells her that Patrick is crazy in love with Robin, so much that he almost went to Africa with her. He says a man that would do that wouldnít have an affair. Maxie tells him that he is oblivious. She says Robin and Patrick have had bumps in their marriage and it only proves that nesters and players shouldnít be married because it is in the playersí nature to cheat. He tells her that she is just projecting onto Robin and Patrick. He says Patrick isnít the one who is cheating; she is.

As Ethan is walking down the street, he runs into Skye, who tells him she was going to call him later. She says she spoke to Kristina and she is trying to deal with everything that has happened to her. She says she is concerned because Kristina said she didnít know if she could trust another boy. She says she thinks it would help Kristina if he talked to her and gave her some positive reinforcement. He says he sees her point and tells her that he wouldnít want to see Kristina go through her life thinking every guy is a potential abuser.

Kristina returns home and Molly apologizes again. She says she will never mention that book again. Kristina says she isnít mad at Molly; she is mad at herself and her dad. She says she hates what Sonny did to Michael. She says when she visited Michael today, he tried to convince her that Sonny is a nice guy and that she should be nicer to him, but she knows Sonny put him up to it. Kristina says Michael is in prison because of their fatherís lifestyle but he isnít angry at their dad. Kristina says she is mad enough for both of them and she is going to stand up to her father.

In their cell in Pentonville, Michael tells Jason that he is surprised by how angry Kristina is at their father. He says that when he tried to convince her that he isnít that bad, she just got madder. Jason tells him that sometimes people are hard to talk down when they are emotional. He says Michael canít tell Kristina that she is wrong to feel what she feels; all he can do is listen, and let het her know that he loves her. He says Kristina will eventually figure it out for herself. Michael concludes that he should handle Kristina the way that Jason handles Carly. Jason laughs. A guard comes to the cell door and tells Jason to come with him. Carter lurks outside the cell when Jason leaves.

In their cell on the Cassadinesí island, Luke tries to keep Tracy from falling asleep. He tells her that if she stays with him, he will do what he should have done years ago. He says no more Vegas weddings; if she stays with him, he will marry her for real. Tracyís eyes pop open and she asks him if they were never really married.

Lulu opens the front door of Danteís apartment to Brook Lynn who is returning Danteís shirt. Lulu observes that Brook washed and ironed the shirt. Brook Lynn says she couldnít bring it back a wrinkled mess. Lulu tells Brook that she likes her, but this is pushing it. The elevator arrives, Dante hears the conversation, and he quietly finds a vantage point to eavesdrop. Lulu tells brook that locking herself out of her apartment, finding an excuse to show up naked on Danteís doorstep and the whole domestic goddess angle will not work. Lulu says she is with Dante and she isnít sharing.

Johnny is in his apartment talking to someone on the phone. He tells the person that Sonny is hot aware that he has lost another supplier but he expects that Sonny will be pissed. He hangs up to answer the door. Carly is there with a housewarming gift. She asks him if he is alone or if Olivia is there. He says he is alone. Carly tells her that she has heard that he is not on the best terms with Dante.

Kristina goes to Sonnyís house. He says she looks pretty. She says she went to visit Michael and he told her that Sonny loves her and isnít abusive. Sonny says Michael knows him well. Kristina says Sonny canít stand to hear the truth about himself and now he has Michael, who is in prison because of him, fighting his battles for him. She says it doesnít matter because she knows the truth; he is abusive. She says he will never change because he canít even admit he is wrong.

Michael is sitting on his bunk in his jail cell, looking at the pictures that Kristina brought him. Carter reveals himself in the open door. Michael springs to his feet and puts up his fists. Carter snickers that this will be fun. He comes in Michaelís cell and the door closes behind him. He says he likes a challenge. Michael tells him to get out. Carter says he doesnít think so. He says the guard that took Jason away owes him several favors so no one is coming to save Michael. He reaches out to grab Michaelís wrist. Michael twists him around and pushes him away. Carter says that was good but not good enough. Carter puts up his fists. The cell door opens and Jason is standing there.

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