GH Update Wednesday 6/9/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/9/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In bed, Dante hands a bowl of cereal to Lulu . Dante wishes that he and Lulu weren’t social outcasts. Lulu mentions that Dante has a new neighbor. Dante assumes that it is a man who moved in. Lulu and Dante share a kiss. Lulu blabs that Brook Lynn is the new neighbor. Lulu explains that Ned is paying for the loft so Brook Lynn doesn’t have to ask the Quartermaines for money. Dante plans on visiting Brook Lynn every so often. Dante speaks of Brook Lynn’s superb cooking skills. Dante figures that Brook Lynn will have no problem cooking for him. Lulu is starting to feel “threatened”. Dante reassures Lulu that he loves her. After making love on the couch, Dante shows Lulu how to swing a baseball bat. Lulu hits a balled-up pair of socks across the room. Lulu and Dante flirt back and forth until her cell phone rings. It’s Maxie, demanding to know why Lulu isn’t at Crimson.

Brook Lynn pays Sonny a visit at home. Sonny is happy to see Brook Lynn. They hug. Brook Lynn says that her parents are out of the country. Brook Lynn tells Sonny about her new gig at the Metro Court. Sonny would like to hear Brook Lynn sing sometime. Brook Lynn announces that she moved in across the hall from Dante. Brook Lynn and Sonny sit down at a table on the patio. Brook Lynn is happy to see that Sonny has provided her favorite bagels. Brook Lynn voices her opinion about Sonny being Dante’s father. Sonny wants to hear childhood stories about Dante. Brook Lynn has no problem talking about Dante. Brook Lynn recalls her friends’ crushes on a teenage Dante. Brook Lynn says that she and Dante were only friends. Brook Lynn talks about Dante teaching her how to play stickball. Sonny pipes in that he and Dante both played shortstop. Sonny brings up the New York Yankees. Sonny regrets not going to a game with Dante, Michael, and Morgan. Brook Lynn changes the subject by saying that Dante is a terrible dancer. However, Brook Lynn praises Dante on being a gentleman. Brook Lynn brings up Dante’s graduation from the police academy. Sonny cringes so Brook Lynn stops talking about it. Brook Lynn says that Sonny and Dante are a lot alike. Sonny shows Brook Lynn a picture of his children. Brook Lynn feels bad about Michael’s incarceration. Brook Lynn can’t believe how quickly Kristina has grown up. Sonny says that Brook Lynn should stop by again to chat. Brook Lynn suggests that she and Sonny cook together at her place.

Carly is standing outside of the yoga studio. Jax walks out of the building. Carly says that she just got done with her yoga class. Jax is surprised to see Carly. Carly explains how she is trying to manage stress in her life. Jax praises Carly for going to yoga. Carly and Jax sit down on a bench to talk. Carly talks of Morgan’s fascination with boating. Carly asks Jax if it’s okay for them to get an addition to the boathouse. Jax says that Carly can drop by work to go over details. Carly suggests that Josslyn begin swimming classes. Jax agrees that it’s a good idea. Jax comments that he and Carly will be running into each other a lot.

In the prison’s yard, Jason and Michael work on self-defense moves. Michael senses that Jason won’t be around long. Michael inquires about Jason’s visit with Sam. Michael makes it clear that he can protect himself in Pentonville. Michael asks Jason how long of a prison term he has. Jason changes the subject. Michael realizes that Jason is coming after Carter. Michael worries that Jason will be put in solitary. Michael begs Jason to stay away from Carter.

On the pier, Nikolas and Lucky meet to talk about Luke’s whereabouts. Nikolas isn’t concerned about Luke. In fact, Nik tells Lucky that Luke will show up before long. Lucky mentions that Tracy is missing as well. Lucky thinks that Helena is somehow involved with their disappearance. Nikolas defends his grandmother, claiming that she is out of town on business. Nikolas doesn’t want to fight with Lucky. Lucky doesn’t back down. Lucky asks Nikolas where Luke is. Nikolas’ comment – “maybe hell”. Nikolas storms away.

In the dungeon’s cell, Tracy is getting sicker by the minute. To calm Tracy’s fears, Luke speaks of a vineyard in Tuscany. Luke rubs Tracy’s back. Helena shows up out of the blue. Luke asks Helena to get some medical attention for Tracy. Helena teases Luke. Helena wishes that Tracy was out of the way so she can play games with Luke. Luke wishes that Helena would release Tracy. Helena jokes about Luke’s Swiss doctor persona. Luke warns that Helena will die if Tracy does. Helena isn’t scared. Tracy continues to cough more and more. Tracy apologizes for being a party pooper. Tracy thinks back to her wedding in Vegas. Luke insists that marrying Tracy is the best thing he’s ever done. Luke and Tracy reminisce over their nuptials.

At the hospital, Steven and Lisa are talking about an experimental drug and its test trials. Lisa hopes to make a lot of money from her investment. Patrick shows up to assist Lisa with surgery. Lisa says that she already asked Steven. Patrick is irritated because he told Lisa he would help with the operation. Steven pipes in and offers to do paperwork instead.

Nearby, Shirley is trying to sell her jewelry to a nurse. Elizabeth intercedes and tells Shirley that she can’t sell at the hospital. Nikolas walks off the elevator. Liz tries to ignore Nik by wheeling Shirley in the direction of her hospital room. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he won’t be at the board meeting today because he’s heading to Greece. Elizabeth promises to tell Steven. Shirley is shocked to hear that Nikolas has his own island. Elizabeth is annoyed that Nikolas and Shirley are bonding. After Nikolas leaves, Elizabeth tells Shirley that she wants to be independent of Nik. Shirley doesn’t think that Elizabeth has found a middle ground with Nikolas.

Ethan and Lucky meet on the pier. Lucky asks Ethan if he’s heard from Luke. Ethan has no idea where Luke and Tracy are. Lucky fills Ethan in on his awkward conversation with Nikolas. Ethan thinks it is best for Lucky to stay out of Luke’s business. Ethan believes that Luke and Tracy want their privacy. Lucky senses trouble. Ethan figures that Lucky wants him far away from Johnny. Lucky asserts that Luke is in serious danger. Ethan is confident that Luke can take care of himself.

Diane knocks on Jason’s penthouse door. Spinelli isn’t answering. Finally, Spinelli opens the door. Diane walks into the living room and starts talking about Bernie. Spinelli is adamant that he has online work to do. Diane figures that Spinelli is upset about Jason’s incarceration. Spinelli supports Jason’s decision to protect Michael in prison. Diane senses that Spinelli is having problems with Maxie. Spinelli divulges that his relationship with Maxie is falling apart. Spinelli implies that he and Maxie are close to a break-up. Spinelli wishes that Maxie was more supportive when it came to Jason being in prison. Spinelli tells Diane that Maxie has turned to Matt. Diane defends Maxie, claiming that she was only trying to distract Spinelli from the situation with Jason. Spinelli says that he is unwilling to work on his relationship with Maxie.

Lulu is in town, walking with shopping bags in hand. Sonny brings up his chat with Dante. Lulu has no intentions of talking to Sonny. Sonny wishes that Dante didn’t hate him. Lulu says that she is reminded of Sonny’s actions everytime she sees the scar on Dante’s chest. Sonny apologizes for his actions, but Lulu doesn’t want to hear any excuses. Carly shows up. Carly plays peacemaker. Carly thinks that Lulu and Sonny can’t reach a middle ground. After Lulu leaves, Sonny mentions that Carly has a hard time with forgiveness. Sonny wonders why Carly is suddenly talking to Lulu.

At the hospital, Lisa and Patrick are celebrating over their successful surgery. Steven is happy to hear that the operation went well. Patrick asks to look at the data for the experimental drug. Lisa suggests that the three of them discuss it over dinner at the Metro Court. Steven agrees with Lisa. After Steven walks away, Patrick confronts Lisa. Patrick wants to know why Steven is joining them since Lisa promised to buy him dinner. Nearby, Elizabeth tells Steven that she wants to invest in the experimental drug. Steven is against it since Liz doesn’t have that kind of money. Elizabeth plans on opening up the kids’ trust funds so she can be independent of Nik. Steven warns that Liz could lose the money, but she’s willing to take that chance.

Dante is at home, working on his laptop. There is a knock on the door. Dante is surprised to see Brook Lynn, wearing only a towel.

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