GH Update Tuesday 6/8/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/8/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Jacks home, Carly informs Brook Lynn that she’ll be moving in across the hall from Dante. Brook Lynn wonders how she is going to explain this coincidence. Carly explains the cover story – Ned bought Brook Lynn the loft so she wouldn’t be dependent on the Quartermaines. Carly adds that Brook Lynn’s father wanted her close to a old friend, one that is also a cop – Dante. Brook Lynn wants to check out her new digs. Carly tells Brook Lynn to keep in touch.

In bed, Lulu comments that Dante smells like garlic. Dante laughs it off. They kiss. Lulu recalls an argument with Carly. Lulu appears distant. Dante senses that something is wrong. Lulu knows that Carly has forgiven her but thinks that her own happiness was at “Michael’s expense”. Dante knows that he let Michael down. After getting dressed, Lulu apologizes for ruining the mood. Dante isn’t mad. Dante and Lulu drink beers. Dante feels that he owes Michael.

In their cell, Michael tells Jason about his dislike of Carter. Michael brings up Frank, the guard who badmouthed Sonny. Michael says that Carter defended him against Frank. Michael recalls how Carter came onto him, and how he hit Carter in defense. Jason listens intently. Michael says that he was in shock when Carter started choking him. Michael adds that Carter ran off just as Jason was settling into the cell. Jason senses that Michael isn’t telling him everything.

In the Corinthos living room, Olivia tells Sonny that he needs to change his treatment toward women. Sonny asserts that he isn’t like Kiefer. Sonny says that he only gets mad when his buttons are pushed. Sonny loves Kristina and wants to support her, but won’t admit that he’s an abuser. Sonny pours a drink for Olivia. Olivia mentions that there are other forms of abuse than the physical kind. Olivia thinks that Sonny’s childhood abuse affected his relationships with women. Olivia believes that Carly isn’t lying when it comes to Sonny’s abuse. Olivia wishes that Sonny would get help. Sonny is irritated that Olivia would think that he is just like Kiefer. Olivia urges Sonny to set a good example. Sonny insists that he isn’t like Deke. Olivia doesn’t want to hear excuses. Sonny defends his actions concerning Claudia. Olivia believes that it would mean a lot to Sonny’s children if he changed. Olivia says that Sonny might find some peace within. Sonny is teary-eyed.

On the pier, Johnny apologizes for stepping in to help Kristina. Kristina is thankful that Johnny defended her against two bullies from school. Kristina worries that she will never be in a healthy relationship. Johnny points out how smart and sweet Kristina is. Kristina figures that her two classmates will be jealous of her now. Kristina says that Johnny reminds her of Kiefer. Johnny doesn’t know what to say. Kristina apologizes for the misunderstanding. Johnny admits that Anthony hit him as a child. Kristina is speechless. Johnny advises Kristina to take her time before getting into a relationship. Johnny says that Kristina needs to heal her heart. Kristina thanks Johnny for listening. Johnny comments that Claudia was a good listener, and offered insight about his problems. They share a laugh before Johnny offers to give Kristina a ride home.

Robin returns home, dry cleaning in hand. Robin kisses Patrick. Robin is excited to see Robert in London during the layover. Robin and Patrick sit down to eat Chinese food. Patrick offers to get Emma. Robin thanks Patrick for being supportive of her decision to go to Africa. At the dinner table, Robin tells Emma that she’ll bring home a present for her. Patrick admits that he’s been a jerk lately. Robin regrets leaving her family, but maintains that she’s helping kids in need. Robin and Patrick laugh. Robin thanks Patrick for his support. Robin promises to be back before Father’s Day.

At home, Carly is on the phone with Spinelli. Carly relays that Brook Lynn has the keys to the loft, and wants to make sure that the paperwork isn’t traced back to her. Jax walks in so Carly ends the call. Jax talks of his short visit with Michael. Jax says that Michael asked him to back off Sonny. Jax confides to Carly that Michael has a better chance of release if Sonny goes to Pentonville. Surprisingly, Carly agrees with Jax that he should concentrate on Sonny’s conviction.

Kristina and Johnny return to the Davis home. They are laughing outside when Sam notices that Johnny is with Kristina. In private, Sam confronts Johnny. Johnny explains that he was helping Kristina with some school bullies. Sam fears that Johnny wants to cause a rift between Sonny and Kristina. Sam hopes that Johnny isn’t trying to seduce Kristina. Johnny is adamant that he isn’t romantically interested in Kristina. Johnny swears that he was only helping Kristina. Nevertheless, Sam makes it clear that Johnny should stay away from Kristina.

Sonny and Olivia continue to talk in the living room. Sonny feels that “therapy is for other people”. Sonny mentions his bipolar depression. Sonny wants to meet this head-on so Deke doesn’t end up winning in the end. Olivia says that Sonny needs to help himself before he can help Kristina. Dante walks in. Dante is annoyed that Olivia is talking to Sonny. Dante assumes that Olivia is defending Sonny, once again. Olivia tells her son to back off. Sonny points out that he and Olivia were talking about Kristina. Dante ignores Sonny. In fact, Dante is tired of Sonny playing the victim. Sonny knows that Dante hates him. Dante rants about Sonny’s treatment of women. Dante says that Sonny has “yelled at, intimidated, and humiliated” many different women. Dante brings up when Sonny shot him at point-blank. Sonny cringes when Dante says that Carly should have kept her children away from Sonny. Dante is thankful that Olivia made the right decision.

Sam visits Jason in prison. Sam misses Jason and vice versa. Sam asks about Michael. Jason says that Michael is doing “better”. Sam appears tense about something. Sam blurts out that Johnny gave Kristina a ride home. Jason doesn’t think that Johnny is interested in Kristina. Sam plans on keeping an eye on Kristina. Jason informs Sam that there is a “situation” inside prison. Jason says that he might not be able to have visitors for a while. Sam senses that time might be added to Jason’s prison term. Jason apologizes but Sam maintains that she’ll stick by him no matter what. They both say “I love you” before the guard announces that the visit is over.

After Emma goes down for a nap, Robin and Patrick share a kiss in the living room. Robin worries that she is missing something for her trip to Africa. Patrick reminisces about the days when they both hated each other. Patrick confides that Robin is still a challenge now. Patrick and Robin hear the taxi cab pull up. Robin is crying. Outside, Robin and Patrick say goodbye. Patrick runs in the house to answer his cell phone. Lisa wants to know if Patrick can assist with a surgery. Patrick declines the offer. Lisa says that she’ll ask Steven but Patrick quickly changes his mind.

Lulu is in Dante’s loft when she hears a noise from outside the apartment. Lulu can’t believe that Brook Lynn is moving in across the hall.

Sonny pays a visit to Michael in Pentonville. Michael is relieved that Jason has his back in prison. Sonny can't believe that Michael has stuck by him even though he has "hurt him the most". Sonny talks about Kristina's therapy session. Sonny worries that Kristina compares Kiefer to her father. Michael wishes that Sonny wouldn't give up on Kristina.

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