GH Update Monday 6/7/10

General Hospital Update Monday 6/7/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Jacks home, Carly and Sonny discuss Kristina’s therapy session. Sonny says that the session was a disaster. Sonny is hurt that Kristina would believe Johnny’s version over her own father’s. Carly reminds Sonny that his actions have consequences. Sonny senses that Carly agrees with Kristina. Carly explains how she and Sonny are a lot alike – they are both “impulsive”. Sonny wishes that Carly wouldn’t be so evasive. Carly comes clean about her talk with Kristina, which took place after Sonny’s courtroom outburst. Carly says that she told Kristina that her marriage to Sonny was “dysfunctional and volatile”. However, Carly insists that Sonny would never hit a woman. Sonny thanks Carly for defending him. Carly recalls the painful memories of being married to Sonny. Carly speaks of Sonny’s anger issues and hurtful remarks. Carly is sickened that she put up with Sonny’s behavior for so long. Carly feels like she enabled Sonny’s verbal abuse. Sonny agrees that he has a “bad temper” but would never hit a woman. Sonny points out that Carly did a lot of things to push his buttons. Sonny sadly remembers growing up in an abusive home. Carly says that abuse can happen without ever laying a hand on someone. Carly asks Sonny an important question – would he want Kristina to be with someone like him? Sonny doesn’t answer Carly. Sonny walks out of the house.

At the loft, Dante and Brook Lynn share memories of Bensonhurst. Lulu feels uncomfortable as the two laugh about old times. Lulu interrupts when Brook Lynn brings up rumors that she and Dante had sex as teenagers. Brook Lynn and Dante deny that they were together. Brook Lynn says that their families wished that she and Dante would have become a couple. Dante and Brook Lynn agree that their friendship has always been platonic. Lulu laughs nervously. Dante confides that his dancing skills are terrible. Brook Lynn teases Dante about his dancing which irritates Lulu. Dante is pleased to see that Brook Lynn and Olivia made orange biscotti. Brook Lynn informs Dante that the biscotti is for Lulu. After the three sample the biscotti, Brook Lynn makes a comment about one of Dante’s old girlfriends. Lulu can’t believe what she’s hearing. Dante turns to Lulu and calls her a “goddess of love”. Lulu kisses Dante. Brook Lynn feels awkward.

Spinelli visits with Jason in Pentonville. Jason wishes that Spinelli wouldn’t help Carly with her scheme. Spinelli plays stupid about Carly’s plan. Jason knows that Carly will do everything to destroy Dante. Jason thinks it is a bad idea since Lulu could end up getting hurt. Spinelli figures that Lulu will be saved once she finds out how horrible Dante is. Spinelli adds that Carly’s scheme is a welcome distraction while Jason is in prison. Jason advises Spinelli to keep an eye on Carly. Jason asks Spinelli to have Carly visit him in Pentonville.

Carter shows up unannounced in Michael’s cell. Carter warns that Jason can’t protect Michael in Pentonville. Michael threatens to tell Jason about Carter. Carter believes that Michael won’t rat him out. In fact, Carter makes it clear that Jason will die if Michael spills the beans. Michael stays quiet as Carter leaves the cell.

Michael meets with Jax for a visit. Michael is thankful that Jason is protecting him. Michael divulges that he is no longer cocky since entering prison. Jax maintains that he is calling in favors. Michael assumes that the judge wanted him as far away from Sonny as possible. Jax wishes that Sonny, not Michael, was in prison right now. Jax tells Michael that he underestimated him. Jax wants Sonny in Pentonville. Michael talks about the horrible living conditions in prison. Jax apologizes for Michael’s incarceration. Michael begs Jax to stop his vendetta to get Sonny convicted. Michael knows that Sonny would never survive prison. Michael instructs Jax to concentrate on being a good father to Morgan and Josslyn. Before Michael leaves the visitor’s area, he tells Jax to back off Sonny.

Jason returns to his cell. Carter is lurking nearby. Carter gets Jason’s attention. Carter lunges at Jason. Jason picks up Carter’s shank and holds it against his throat. Jason threatnes to cut Carter. Carter agrees to tell Jason what happened to Michael. Carter surprises Jason by running away.

Kristina and Ethan are sitting in the Davis living room. Kristina hates therapy and wonders if it is even helping. Ethan says that Kristina needs to stick with therapy. Kristina confides that Sonny was abused as a child. Kristina refuses to get involved again with an abuser. Ethan proposes the idea that Kiefer might have been abused as a child. Kristina thanks Ethan for listening.

In Luke’s office, Maya and Lucky talk about Luke and Tracy’s whereabouts. Lucky is confident that Helena is involved somehow. Maya disagrees. Lucky wants to trace the text message from Luke. Johnny walks in and inquires about Ethan. Lucky says that Ethan’s not there. Lucky makes it known that Johnny needs to leave his brother alone. Lucky threatens to come after Johnny if Ethan gets hurt. Johnny tells Maya that Ethan likes her. Maya isn’t interested in Ethan. Lucky brings the subject back to Sonny. Lucky thinks that Johnny is using Ethan as a “shield” against Sonny. Johnny storms out of the office. Maya accuses Lucky of being jealous. Lucky is puzzled. Maya says that Lucky is trying to live up to his father’s legendary life. Maya figures that Lucky has a rebellious streak inside him. Lucky tells Maya to stop analyzing things. Maya informs Lucky that they have a hit on the text message.

Sonny shows up at the Davis home. Kristina agrees to talk to Sonny. Sonny speaks of his concerns regarding the therapy session. Sonny admits that he has a terrible temper but maintains that he wouldn’t hit a woman. Sonny tells Kristina that he loves her very much. Sonny asks if he can accompany Kristina to another session. Kristina tells Sonny that she isn’t interested. Kristina admits that their session went terribly. Kristina calls Sonny a “screamer”. Kristina asserts that she doesn’t feel the same way as Michael does about Sonny. Kristina wishes Sonny would move on and try to have a relationship with someone else, like Dante. Sonny is teary-eyed.

Brook Lynn tells Dante and Lulu that she needs to get going. Brook Lynn teases Dante about his old flames. Lulu would like to go to Bensonhurst with Dante. Brook Lynn leaves after the couple thanks her for dinner. In private, Lulu tells Dante that she can’t believe he would steal Chianti from a priest. Dante makes a comment that he will be getting a new neighbor across the hall. Lulu and Dante share a kiss. After wiping the dishes, Lulu teases Dante about his past relationships. Lulu calls Dante an “Italian stallion”. Dante reassures that he only said “I love you” to Lulu.

Sonny summons Olivia to his house. Olivia is annoyed but Sonny maintains that he wants to talk about something important. Sonny asks Olivia if she thinks that he’s an abuser. Olivia says that Dante asked her the same thing. Olivia insists that Sonny would never hit a woman. Sonny thanks Olivia for her honest opinion. Olivia reminds Sonny that she knew him as a teenager, but has no idea how he’s been the last thirty years. Olivia feels that Sonny treated Claudia unfairly. Olivia wishes that Sonny would be proactive – admit that he has a problem and get treatment.

Carly is on the telephone when there is a knock on her front door. It’s Spinelli. Spinelli blurts out that Jason knows about Carly’s scheme. Carly has no intentions of stopping her vendetta against Dante. Spinelli says that he’s still on board. Spinelli leaves the house. Brook Lynn shows up to speak to Carly. Carly asks about dinner with Dante and Lulu. Carly hands a key to Brook Lynn. Carly informs Brook Lynn that she’ll be moving in across the hall from Dante.

On the pier, Kristina is writing a letter to Michael. Kristina crumples up the paper and stashes it in her backpack. Two female classmates from Madison Prep confront Kristina. One girl accuses Kristina of trashing Kiefer’s reputation. Thankfully, Johnny shows up in time. Johnny grabs Kristina’s backpack, pretending to be meeting with her. The girls are shocked that Kristina knows Johnny. Johnny asks Kristina where they should go.

Michael returns to his cell. Jason inquires about Michael’s visit with Jax. Michael says that the conversation with Jax was awkward. Jason says that he is on Michael’s side. Jason asks about Carter. Jason relays that Carter confronted him earlier. Michael blurts out that Carter caused his bruises.

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