GH Update Friday 6/4/10

General Hospital Update Friday 6/4/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli and Carly are sitting in the Metro Court Lobby discussing their plan to destroy Dante. Carly says she wants Dante to experience what Michael is going through and to that end, she wants criminal charges brought against him. She wants him to lose in badge and go to Pentonville.

Olivia and Brook are preparing a meal at Danteís apartment. Lulu apologizes for ruining the surprise by coming home early. Brook tells her not to worry about it; Dante will still be surprised. Lulu says she wishes she could be more helpful. Olivia says all Lulu needs to do is enjoy it with Dante. Lulu says she brought flowers and reveals a bouquet of Goldenrod. Olivia tells her that Dante is allergic to goldenrod.

In a visiting room at Pentonville Prison, Dante tells Jason that he has nothing to say to him. Jason says Dante can leave. Dante says he isnít leaving until he sees Michael. Jason says Dante put Michael in there. He tells him to stay away from Michael until he has paperwork for his release.

Sonny arrives at the lake house to pick up Kristina. Alexis tells him that Kristina is a little nervous about the therapy session. Sonny says he is too, but he wants to help Kristina. He tells her that they will have a problem if Dr Spaulding suggests that he is responsible for Keifer hitting Kristina. Alexis tells him that it would be best to keep the focus on Kristina instead of getting defensive and making it about him. He tells her that he is going to the therapy session to support Kristina. Alexis says she realizes that abuse is a sensitive issue for him. He acknowledges that he and his mother were abused so he knows a little bit about what Kristina is going through. Alexis says that during the process of figuring out why Kristina stayed in an abusive relationship, Sonny might hear some things about himself. Sonny disagrees. He says they are going to work through Kristina choosing to believe Johnny when he lied on the witness stand. Alexis says Johnny is irrelevant; Kristina has seen Sonnyís temper and it is very disturbing for her. Sonny says he doesnít hit women. Alexis says he calls them bitches and whores, and that is verbal abuse. Sonny says youíre either physically violent or you arenít. Alexis says that is why itís a good idea for him to work it out with her in therapy. Kristina comes downstairs. She tells her father that it is ok if he doesnít want to go. He says he wants to go so he can help her through this. The two of them leave.

In the lobby of the Metro Court, Spinelli tells Carly that they will have to time a set up carefully. Carly agrees that it would look suspicious if evidence that Dante is corrupt suddenly appears so they should do it in stages. She says they can strategically plant clues for Lucky to find.

Lulu enters Danteís apartment and tells Olivia that she gave the flowers to an old lady. Olivia and Brook reminisce about a wedding where Dante was an alter boy and had to stand next to a vase of Goldenrod. They laugh about his how he had an allergic reaction and knocked over a table, breaking the bride and groomís crowns that they were supposed to wear for the rest of the day. Olivia says Dante felt terrible about it until the groom gave him $20 and thanked him for breaking them. Olivia says Brook Lynn lit up when Dante asked her to dance that night. Brook says she was 8, Dante was 12, and he was sweet enough to pretend she wasnít stepping on his feet.

In the visiting room at Pentonville Prison, Dante tells Jason that Michael doesnít need protection from him. He says he blames himself for Michael being in there and he is trying to get it turned around. Jason says Dante wants Sonny to think he cares about Michael so Dante can get back in and build a case against Sonny.

In their cell somewhere in Greece, Luke wraps blankets around Tracy and tells her that she is burning up. Tracy coughs and tells him he is doing a good impersonation of a caring husband. He tells her that she isnít too far-gone if she can bitch at him. He yells at the guard to get help for Tracy. Tracy tells him that this is the price for his obsession with Helena. Luke tells her that he doesnít care about Helena; he only cares about her and he is trying to get her some help. Tracy starts laughing and Luke says to himself that Tracy is delirious.

Ethan enters the office at the Haunted Star and finds Lucky sitting on the desk. Lucky asks him if he has seen their dad. Ethan hasnít. Lucky says it has been a week since their dad left and he hasnít heard from him. Ethan says that unless Luke joined Tracy in Fiji, he has no idea. Lucky asks if Ethan has been too busy with his other job to pay attention. He asks how John Zaccharaís vendetta against Sonny is going and warns him that provoking Sonny could start a mob war. Ethan says he is just following the money.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth asks Steve if he plans to invest in his friendís product and he tells her he expects it to make him financially independent. She asks him to let her know when he finds out more about it. Lisa asks her why she is looking at investments when her babyís father is so wealthy. Elizabeth says she doesnít want to be dependent on him.

At Danteís apartment, Lulu tells Olivia that if Dante loves this dish so much, she should probably get the recipe. Brook says there isnít really a recipe. Lulu jokes that if the way to a manís heart is through his stomach, then she is screwed. Olivia tells Lulu that she will never have to worry about her cooking skills because Dante adores her. She says Lulu was a rock for Dante even when he was working undercover and she stuck by him when Judge Carroll made that terrible ruling. Lulu says she admires Dante for doing the right thing. Olivia says Lulu understands Dante and he will always love her for giving him her love and support when he needed it. Brook rolls her eyes and stirs the pot.

In the therapistís office, Sonny says he is there to support his daughter and help her to heal and to figure out why she felt the need to protect Keifer. He says he wants Kristina to know that she will never go out with another abusive man. Kristina says she is glad her dad came because she and the therapist have talked about how her relationship with her dad may have affected her behavior with Keifer. Sonny says he doesnít see the connection between Keifer and him. He asks Kristina if she knows that he thinks any man who hits a woman is a monster. She says yes, but it might not be that simple. When the therapist asks Sonny how he defines abuse, Sonny says it is when someone beats someone else until they are curled up on the floor. He tells the therapist that he and his mother went through that for years so he knows a little about what Kristina is going through. Kristina tells the therapist that her dad abused his wife, Claudia.

In the office at the Haunted Star, Ethan tells Lucky that it isnít unusual for Luke to take off. Lucky says it doesnít feel right this time. Lucky says Luke always says he hates the responsibility of parenthood, but he still cares about what happens to them. Ethan says Luke didnít like the idea of Ethan risking his life. He says he guesses he sent Luke packing. Lucky doesnít believe that because Ethanís situation is putting him in Sonnyís crosshairs and Luke will step in if he thinks Ethan might get killed. Ethan says Luke knows he isnít going to get killed. Lucky says Luke is worried about Lulu dealing with the fallout of Michaelís conviction, and he wouldnít desert her. Lucky says Helenaís presence should draw Luke like a moth to a flame. Maya enters the office and tells Lucky that she talked to the Quartermaines and found out that Tracy wasnít in Fiji as they thought and no one has heard from her. Lucky says this has Helenaís fingerprints all over it.

Lulu stirs the pot at Danteís apartment while Brook Lynn gives her instructions. Dante emerges from the elevator and says he smelled the Brasato au Vino while he was coming up. Lulu runs over to him and kisses him. She tells him it was supposed to be a surprise. He asks her if she helped prepare it, and she admits that she only stirred the sauce. Brook tells them that it is ready. Dante goes into the kitchen and tastes a spoonful. He tells Brook that she is an angel from heaven.

In the lobby of the Metro Court, Carly asks Spinelli if he could hack into a drug cartelís accounts and transfer money to Danteís account. Spinelli says it would be difficult, but he could do it. Carly says they would just need to make sure Lucky comes across the planted evidence and Dante will be on his way to Pentonville. Olivia walks by and overhears Spinelli telling Carly that he will not rest until the deceitful one gets what he deserves. Olivia asks who the deceitful on is.

In Michael and Jasonís cell at Pentonville Prison, Jason tells Michael that Dante hasnít made any progress with Michaelís release. Michael says that the last time Dante came to visit him he pretended to be the caring big brother, but he told Dante not to bother because their dad was going to get him out. He thanks Jason for seeing Dante in his place. Jason says he told Dante not to come back until he has the release paperwork. Michael says that isnít going to happen because Dante is just putting on an act to score points with Sonny. Jason tells Michael that sonny will always give Dante the benefit of the doubt because he is his son.

In the therapy session, Sonny says Kristina was confused and frightened in the courtroom for his trial because Keifer had just beaten her up. Kristina says she knows what she heard when he and Johnny were screaming at each other. He says he understands that he upset her. Kristina says Sonny said Claudia got what she deserved. Sonny says the prosecutor deliberately provoked him by putting Johnny on the stand and then he lied and said Sonny is an abuser. Sonny asks Kristina why she would believe Johnny over him. Kristina recalls Claudiaís birthday party and Sonny screaming at Claudia, insulting her, and calling her names. Sonny says he was angry because he had just found out that Claudia was responsible for Michael getting shot. Kristina says Johnny told her that Sonny treated Claudia that way throughout their marriage and that he was abusive. Sonny stands up and says with a raised voice that he doesnít want to talk about Johnny. Kristina tells him that he is doing it now. He says he never hit Claudia. Kristina tells him that abuse is about more that hitting. Sonny says Claudia was a terrible person who hurt everyone she met. Kristina says Sonny hated Claudia so he abused her. Sonny tells the therapist that Claudia hired a hit man who shot Kristinaís brother in error. Kristina says she isnít defending Claudia, but Sonny didnít know about Michael when he married her but he still treated her like trash. Sonny says Claudia was an unfaithful schemer. Kristina says Sonny is making excuses again. Sonny says Claudia shouldnít have been in his life. He asks Kristina what she wants him to say. She wants him to say that he shouldnít have abused Claudia. Sonny denies abusing Claudia. Kristina tells Sonny that people always cover for him when he yells or does violent things. She tells him that he flies into scary rages and makes it seem as if it is the other personís fault for upsetting him. She tells him that she thinks part of the reason she stayed with Keifer was that it felt familiar. Sonny says Keifer hit her and put her in the hospital. Kristina says she apologized for Keifer the way everyone does for Sonny. Sonny says he is nothing like Keifer. Sonny tells the therapist that she has been brainwashing Kristina. He tells Kristina they are leaving now and heads toward the door.

In their cell, Michael tells Jason that it used to kill him that his dad gave into a stranger that he had only known a few months and was going to make him the head of the organization. He asks Jason if he thinks Sonny knew that Dante was his son before he actually knew it. Jason says Dante is a great liar; he got Sonny and Jason to trust him. Jason says he didnít spot Dante as an undercover cop. Michael says it is different with Sonny. He says Sonny thought he and Dante were alike; they had things in common and Sonny saw things in Dante that he didnít see in Michael. Michael says it is probably because he isnít Sonnyís biological son. Michael says Jason was smart to decide not to trust Dante again, but Sunny wants to. Jason says it may be hard to understand, but fathers feel a connection to their kids, no matter what their kids do and no mater how long it has been since they have seen them. He says fathers love their children unconditionally.

In the office at the Haunted Star, Ethan tells Lucky that Luke was flirting with Skye and it pissed Tracy off. He says it makes sense that Tracy would run off to make Luke chase her. Luke says that would make sense if Helena were out of the picture. Ethan says Helena is only in Port Charles to see her grandson. Maya thinks Lucky wants to blame the Cassadines because he is furious with Nikolas.

In the Metro Court lobby, Spinelli tells Olivia that the deceitful one is an online game character. Olivia says she thought he was blaming Dante for the Judgeís ruling to send Michael to prison. Carly tells them both that she alone is responsible for Michael going to prison. Olivia tells her not to beat herself up over it. She says they all need to focus on getting Michael out of prison and when they do, no one will be happier than Dante. Olivia walks away and Spinelli compliments Carly on her skill at lying. She says itís a gift.

At Danteís apartment, Brook gives Dante and Lulu their plates and prepares to leave, but Dante insists that she stay.

In their cell somewhere in Greece, Luke describes a beautiful resort vacation he wants to take her on when they get out of there. She asks him how much that will cost. He says price is no object. She laughs and says thatís because itís on her dime. He tells her they could go on his dime, but flea bitten shacks on the beach arenít her style. Tracy starts coughing again. Luke yells at the guard. The guard tells him that Miss Cassadine is on her way.

In the office at the Haunted Star, Luke says Ethan and Maya donít know Helena the way that he does. Maya asks him why Helena would want to kidnap Luke and Tracy. Luke says that if he knew that, they wouldnít be having this discussion. Ethan says Helena has no reason to kidnap them. Lucky says Ethan assumes that Helena thinks like a rational person, but she is a psychopath. Luckyís phone rings to alert him that he has a text message. The message says it is from their dad saying that he and Tracy are casino hopping on a Caribbean island and they want to be left alone. Lucky says he doesnít buy it. Maya tells Lucky that if he is looking this hard for a sinister plot, it could be an indication that something closer to home isnít right.

At General Hospital, Lisa tells Elizabeth what she knows about the new drug that Steveís friend is developing. Steve comes over and tells them that he found out that the minimum investment is 100 thousand dollars.

As Sonny and Kristina walk toward the lake house door, he apologizes for losing his temper. She says she tried to warn Dr Spaulding that making him come to the session was a bad idea. Sonny says he canít understand why Kristina believes the worst of him. Kristina says she doesnít blame Sonny for what happened with Keifer; she should have left him after the first time he hit her, but she will have to learn from it. Sonny says she still believes what Johnny said about Sonny abusing Claudia. Kristina says Claudia didnít deserve the way Sonny treated her, no matter how bad she was. Sonny says they are going in circles so he is going to go and will check in with her tomorrow. Sonny leaves. Kristina makes a call and asks the person if she can see them.

Lulu and Dante sit on the couch after dinner while Brook sits on the chair. Dante and Lulu thank Brook for the meal, and she says it was her way of thanking them for helping her get the job at the Metro Court. Lulu says Carly is Lucky to have Brook. Dante and Brook proceed to reminisce about a street fair in the old neighborhood.

Jason enters a visiting room at Pentonville prison and finds Spinelli waiting there. Spinelli says Jason looks well. Jason looks at Spinelliís disheveled appearance and says he can see why Sam has been worried about Spinelli. He says Spinelli looks like he hasnít seen daylight in a long time. Spinelli says he goes to the corner grocer to get orange soda and barbeque chips every day. Jason reminds Spinelli that he has a business. He says Sam is working on all the cases and she could keep him busy. Spinelli says he has been staying occupied. Jason asks him if he means online gaming. Spinelli says he hones his skills on online gaming and that allows him to accept missions that no one else would dare to take. Jason asks him what mission he is talking about. Spinelli says he was speaking hypothetically. Jason asks him if Carly dragged him into one of her crazy plans.

Michael is shadowboxing in his cell. Carter comes to the cell door and tells him his nice moves wonít do him any good.

Ethan arrives at the lake house. Kristina lets him in and says she hopes he isnít uncomfortable coming there after what she put him through. He tells her no and asks her what is up. She tells him that she has been seeing a therapist to try to figure out why she stayed with Keifer. She tells him that the therapist thinks it might be linked to her relationship with her dad, and she thinks she agrees. She says Keifer and her dad are similar. She says Keifer was always in charge and he got mad and then apologize and say how much he cared about her and that made her feel special. She says that is how it is with her dad. Ethan says it seems as though she is making progress. She tells him that she invited her dad to a therapy session. She says it was as if they were speaking different languages and then he got up an announced that they were leaving. Ethan says it was brave of Kristina to try. She says she feels pathetic when she thinks about what a doormat she was with Keifer. He says she isnít a doormat; she is a survivor and he admires that. Kristina says she is glad that she chose Ethan to get a crush on because he told her to respect herself and not put up with anything else. She says that somewhere inside herself, she wanted that. She that even though she messed things up and she was way too young, liking him was a positive step for her.

Sonny arrives at Carlyís door. She asks him if he has news on Michaelís release. He tells her that she will be the first to know when Claire Walsh comes up with something. She tells him that Morgan isnít there but if he were there, Sonny couldnít be there. Sonny says he gets that. He says he just came from therapy with Kristina and the shrink blamed the parents and filled Kristinaís head with lies. Carly asks Sonny what he wants from her. He says he just dropped Kristina off and as he was driving, he was second-guessing himself. He says he has never fought with anyone the way that he has fought with Carly so he wanted to ask her if she thinks he ever abused her. Carly tells him she shouldnít ask questions that he doesnít want the answers to.

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