GH Update Thursday 6/3/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/3/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At General Hospital, Nikolas tells Elizabeth that she says she wants him to be invested in their childís life, but she wonít even let him provide for the child. She says there is more to parenting than money. He says he knows that, but love will not pay the bills. She tells him that she isnít trying to keep him from his child; she is just trying to establish boundaries. She tells him not to push his money on her or pressure her into moving in with him. He tells her that he is trying to see her point of view, but he is wealthy and the child will be too.

Lulu walks into Crimson carrying a bag. Maxie makes a face and demands to know what the smell is. Lulu informs her that Brook Lynn made dinner for her and Dante last night and she brought leftovers for lunch. Maxie sarcastically says she isnít surprised that Brook cooks, too. Lulu wonders what Maxie means by that, and Maxie says she just isnít a fan of Brook Lynn. Lulu says Maxie might have to get used to it be cause she asked Carly to let Brook Lynn sing at the Metro Court. Lulu says Maxie is acting like she is jealous. Maxie says she isnít jealous; she just isnít a fan of Brook Lynn. Dante enters and asks her whatís not to like about Brook Lynn.

the Metro Court, Carly tells Brook Lynn that Lulu asked her to hire her. Brook is focused on her PDA. Carly says she needs Brook Lynn to focus on her. Brook says she is checking her bank account because she wrote a check. Carly asks if it is going to bounce and reminds her that she will soon have all the money she needs. Brook Lynn says she is already working on getting Dante into bed. Edward walks in and says he is the last to know that his great granddaughter is in town. Brook Lynn says she was just going to call him. He asks her why she isnít staying at the Quartermaine estate with them where they can give her everything she needs.

Jason gives Michael fighting lessons in the yard at Pentonville prison. Michael stops in his tracks when Carter comes into the yard.

At General Hospital, Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he is not trying to bully her to get his way, but she must know that the child will notice the lifestyle difference when he comes to Nikolasís house. She says she thinks she can give the child a happy home. He tells her that his point is that if she doesnít take child support from him, then the child will have opportunities that Cameron and Jake wonít have. He tells her to think about how it has affected him and Lucky. She says that goes beyond money. She tells him that she wonít allow her children to be pulled into a Spencer-Cassadine feud. He tells her that part of that feud is about class. She tells him that she will raise all of her children with enough love that they can see past any differences they might have. He tells her that he is just asking that she think about accepting child support.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Edward that she just hired Brook Lynn to sing in the restaurant and that she will have a room at the hotel until she finds a place to live. Edward says Quartermaines take care of their own and that Carly has enough to deal with, with Michael being dragged off to jail. He says that is a travesty of justice. Carly tells him that Michael is ok and that Jason is in there with him. Edward asks her to tell Michael to doing everything he can have the sentence overturned. Edward tells Brook Lynn that she doesn't have to get a job. He says he knows her trust fund is still frozen but he's willing to give her a generous allowance. She asks him if he could also float her a loan. He tells her to name the amount and takes out his checkbook. He says that of course, the release of the funds is contingent upon her moving into the estate and enrolling in the university full-time. She asks if he's saying he wants to go back to school. He says she has to finish her education and he wishes she would major in business, but communications would be acceptable. Carly says she thinks four years of classes, textbooks, and lab work sounds like a great idea. She tells Brook that if she moves to the mansion her Grandma Tracy can fuss over her. Brook Lynn tells Edward that she's an artist and art is about sacrifice so she will just have to slum it at the Metro court for her food. He asks her if she will at least come visit them at the estate. She promises that she will. He tells her that his offer is still on the table if she changes her mind. He says itís a tough world, but when you are a Quartermaine, you always have family. Edward leaves. Carly tells Brook Lynn that she made a good decision. Brook says her grandfather means well but she doesn't want to have him running her life. She says she'd rather get paid to sleep with Dante.

At Crimson, Dante tells Maxie that he knows she knew Brook when she was in Port Charles before, but that he grew up with Brook and he knows she is a good person. Maxie says he and Brook Lynn may have run through fire hydrants on hot days or shared hot dog carts but that doesn't mean he knows her. She says she thinks Brook Lynn is trouble. Dante says Maxie can trust Brook. Lulu says she is with Dante on this. Maxie feigns surprise. Lulu says Brook wasnít in town during the Michael drama and she thinks it is nice to have someone around that wonít avoid Dante because of it. Dante says that is a pretty small group.

At Alexisí Lake house, Johnny tells Kristina that he saw her in the back of the courtroom the day that he testified against Sonny. He says he regrets that what he said upset her. Kristina asks him if he lied because her dad told her that he never hit any woman. Johnny says he never had any proof that Sonny actually hit Claudia; he never saw it happen and Claudia never told him about it, but he did see Sonny manhandle Claudia. He says he sometimes saw bruises on Claudiaís arms from Sonny grabbing her. He says Claudia flinched at Sonnyís words as if they were fists. He says words can be more damaging than physical abuse. He says Sonny constantly told Claudia that she was a whore and he told her every day that she was nothing. Johnny says that it is abuse when a person promises love, wins a personís trust, and then uses that personís vulnerability as a weapon against them. Kristina says Claudia did get Michael shot and she wasnít a nice person. Johnny says that doesnít make the way Sonny treated her ok. He explains that it is also abuse to make the victim feel that it is their fault. Johnny says the thing he dislikes about Sonny is that he portrays himself as a nice guy when he has caused a lot of damage to a lot of lives including her and Michael.

Michael and Jason are practicing self-defense techniques in the Pentonville Prison yard while Carter and another inmate watch from a few feet away. Carter walks past Jason and Michael and says itís good for Michael to learn to take care of himself because you never know who has your back in that place. Carter sits on a bench behind Michael.

In their cell in Greece, Luke attempts to get the guards attention to get water for Tracy because she has a fever. She tells him to give it up. He asks her if he can do anything to make her more comfortable. She tells him he can drop the concerned spouse act. He tells her it isnít an act and says someday they will laugh about this experience. She doubts it.

At Robin and Patrickís house, Robin wonders how Patrick can be upset about her having the rare opportunity to set up an HIV/AIDS clinic. He says her life is here, not in Africa. She protests that it is only for three weeks. He says that it isnít so much that she is going, but that she didnít discuss it with him. He asks her when he would have found out about it if he had been in surgery when she called. She says she just got the offer today. He thinks she should have consulted with him. She says that when she told him that she wanted to work in the AIDS wing, he flipped out. She says it is as if he wants her to minimize her HIV. He tells her not to dare accuse him of being some kind of bigot or suggest that he is ashamed of her. He says he doesnít minimize her HIV; she doesnít talk to him about it. She says he isnít open to it. He says he is right there and asks her to tell him everything and help him understand. She says she has told him many times before and for some reason he canít understand. She says she doesnít have time to tell him the stories now because she has to go. He says she is shutting him out again the way she always does. She demands to know what he wants from her. He says he wants everything, the hard parts and the good parts and short of that he wants to be asked when she wants to make a life-changing decision. She tells him that she is doing this and she is sorry if it hurts him. Patrick asks her if she thinks it is fair for her to walk out on Emma again.

In the prison yard, Carter introduces himself to Jason and asks him if he is Michaelís new cellmate. Jason says yes. Carter says it is good to have company and that the wrong cellmate could be dangerous. Carter stands up, pats Michael on the shoulder, says he will see him later, and walks away. Jason asks Michael what he knows about Carter. Michael says he met Carter in the yard and that Carter comes off as friendly, but he has a feeling that he is trouble. Michael says no, he just doesnít like the guy.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth walks down the stairs with Cameron and tells him that he did a good job in the doctorís office for his checkup. He sees something on her clipboard and asks what it is. She tells him that it is a flyer for summer day camp at the aquarium. He asks her if he can so. She says it is very expensive, but she offers to take him and Jake to the lake to feed the ducks on Saturday. Cameron says that is for babies; he wants to go to camp.

Steve and Lisa walk into the triage area at General Hospital discussing a patient. Steve receives an email on his PDA from an old high school friend. He says his friend owns a biotech firm that is about to go public with a new product. A nurse comes up to Steve and tells him that the Union Rep couldnít stay and that she said Steve would have to reschedule. Steve says he is only 5 minutes late. Lisa apologizes for keeping Steve. She says Steve would have made the meeting if Patrick hadnít left to go home to Robin.

At Robin and Patrickís house, Robin asks Patrick if he really wants to accuse her of neglecting Emma. Patrick tells her that it wasnít her fault the last time but this time, she doesnít have an excuse. She says Post Partum Depression wasnít an excuse; she was sick. She tells him that if she canít have his compassion as her husband, she would at least expect it as a doctor. He tells her not to do that and reminds her that he stood by her throughout the whole thing. He asks her why she had a family if she wanted to dedicate her life to her late boyfriend and trot around the world saving people. She says she thought her husband would support her. He says she doesnít need to go to Africa to get his support; there are people here that need her help. He tells her that she always says he is restless and that she and Emma arenít enough. He wonders why he and Emma arenít enough for him. She protests that it is just one trip. He says there will be another one. He asks her what happens when a trip lasts three months or three years. He tells her he knows where this is coming from. He says Stone is dead and she is alive and she canít pretend to live the life that he couldnít. She says she is a doctor; she helps people. He tells her that she can wrap it in noble intentions, but the fact is that she is afraid to be happy. He tells her that no matter what he does, Robin she keeps pushing him and Emma away. She tells him that he just said he wanted to talk about it and then the second she opens up his petty jealousy gets in the way. He asks her who he is jealous of. She says he is jealous of a boy that died of AIDS. He says he guesses that make him unworthy of the perfect little her. She says she guesses it does. She grabs her purse and storms out the door.

At Alexisís lake house, Kristina thanks Johnny for coming. He says he hopes he was able to shed some light on Claudia and Sonny. Kristina says she apologized to him for causing Claudia to lose her baby. Johnny tells her that was an accident. Kristina says it may be the reason Claudia did some of the things she did. Johnny says Claudia was no saint; she orchestrated Michaelís shooting and that cost him a year of his life. He admits that one day she made him so angry that he raised a hand to Claudia. Kristina asks him if he hit Claudia. He says no, you donít hit the people you love or the people who love you. He says Claudia loved Sonny in her screwed-up way, and that is why the way he treated her was so bad. Alexis comes home and asks Johnny why he is there. Kristina says she invited Johnny because she wanted to know the truth about her dad abusing Claudia. Alexis asks Kristina to leave the room so she can talk to Johnny alone. Kristina thanks Johnny for being honest. She says she is sorry about his sister and that Claudia didnít deserve the way Sonny treated her. He thanks her for saying that. Kristina leaves the room. Alexis tells Johnny that she knows how Johnny feels about Sonny and wonders if he thinks it was a good idea to have a conversation with Sonnyís daughter that could be misleading. Johnny says he didnít mislead Kristina. Alexis asks him if he just told Kristina that Sonny abused Claudia. Johnny says sonny did. He says that is Sonnyís thing; he degrades and bullies women and he will continue until people stop making excuses for him.

Dante goes into the Metro court and sees Brook Lynn and Carly. He asks Brook Lynn when the show starts. She giggles and tells him that she and Carly are still negotiating. Carly says she is sure they will work out a deal soon. Dante tells Carly that if it doesnít work out for Brook to sing at the Metro Court, she could be their new chef. He tells her about the pasta Brook made the night before. Carly is about to leave Dante and Brook to talk, but Dante says he came to talk to Carly. He tells her that he is going to go to Pentonville to visit Michael and that he is taking a book about Sicily. Brook asks him if she can go with him. Dante says he doesnít know who Michael wants to see. She asks him to tell Michael that she said hi. Dante leaves and Brook asks Carly if she is ok. Carly says Dante is the reason that Michael is in Pentonville. She tells Brook that this is the perfect opportunity for her to start working Luluís insecurities. She tells her to get in good with Danteís mother. Brook says Olivia is practically her family already. Carly says that if Brook gets closer to Olivia, she will get closer to Dante, and that leaves less room for Lulu.

In their cell in Greece, Luke wraps Tracy in blankets and tells her to sweat her fever off. He says he will have a plan when she wakes up. She dreams that she is in Federal Prison and Luke comes to visit her. In her dream, Luke tells her he bets she forgot their anniversary. She tells him it isnít their anniversary. He says one year ago today the IRS threw her in there. She says he defrauded the taxman and left her holding the bag. He says it hasnít been a picnic for him either; he has had to travel the world alone. She says he is doing it on her dime. He reveals that she has no more dimes because he sold all of her ELQ stock. He says he found a fantastic spa in Bali that has cabana girls. Then he says he has to go catch a flight to Buenos Aires and Skye hates to be kept waiting. Tracy asks him how long he is going to let her rot in there. He tells her that he hired the best criminal attorney in the world for her Alexis sashays in, Luke dips her, and they kiss. Luke lowers Alexis on the table that Tracy is chained to and proceeds to mount her. Tracy screams. Tracy awakens from her dream. Luke offers her some water. She knocks the metal cup out of his hand and tells him that he has cheated on her for the last time.

At the lake house, Alexis agrees that Sonny has a temper. Johnny tells her that the way Sonny treated Claudia at the Metro Court on her birthday was typical of the way he treated her. Alexis says she is just saying that it isnít helpful to Kristina for him to talk about that right now. Johnny says he didnít need to talk to Kristina about it at all because she saw it for herself and Alexis should too. Alexis says Johnny has his perception of Sonny, she has her perception of Sonny, and Kristina needs to form her own. He says Kristina saw enough of Sonny and Claudiaís marriage to know that what he said was the truth. Johnny leaves.

Olivia meets Brook Lynn at the Metro Court. Brook tells Olivia that she wants to do something nice for Lulu and Dante for helping her get a job at the Metro Court, so she was thinking about cooking dinner and having it ready when they get home. Olivia thinks itís a great idea and the two of them leave together.

In their cell in Greece, Luke tells Tracy that they usually have a good fight when she accuses him of cheating on her and it is a real buzz kill for her to go limp after a few rounds. She says he is dead when she gets her fight back. He asks her why she is so hostile and she tells him that she had a nightmare that the IRS threw her in jail because of his double-dealings. He says the IRS sounds like his nightmare. Tracy starts coughing uncontrollably. Luke says they have to get her out of there. Tracy says she would kill for a martini. Luke asks her if she remembers when he poisoned her martini. She says yes, and she framed him for her murder. Luke says that was the day he knew it was going to last. He tells her not to let some crazy dream throw her. She asks him if it was just a crazy dream. He admits that he might have gotten a little created with the Haunted Starís taxes. He tells her not to worry about it; he doubts the IRS will notice his fuzzy math. He laughs and says they wonít find them in there. She throws water in his face.

At the lake house, Alexis asks Kristina if they can talk. Kristina concludes that Alexis is mad that she asked Johnny about her dad abusing Claudia. Alexis says she isnít mad; she is curious about why Kristina would go to John Zacchara for information. Kristina says everyone else makes excuses for her dad, and she made the same excuses for Keifer. Kristina concludes that Alexis doesnít think she should believe Johnny because he hates Sonny. Alexis says she doesnít think Johnny was lying; she thinks he was telling the truth as he sees it. Alexis says she knows that Sonny is flawed so she isnít going to try to explain his behavior or tell Kristina how she should feel about him. She says Sonny has been asked to go to Kristinaís therapy session tomorrow. She says it is a safe, controlled environment for her to ask him directly.

Olivia and Brook Lynn enter Danteís apartment carrying grocery bags. Brook Lynn says itís great the Olivia has a key. Olivia reveals that she does Danteís laundry. Brook Lynn thanks Olivia for helping her. Olivia says it will be fun to catch up. Brook asks Olivia if her relationship with John Zacchara is serious. Olivia says they take it as it comes. Brook says she hopes Olivia wasnít offended by what she said about Celeste Tosoro and her boy-toy. Olivia says she and John really get each other most of the time. Olivia says she is glad that Brook is there because it will be nice for Dante to have someone from the old neighborhood to talk to. She says learning about Sonny has been an adjustment for Dante and it will be nice for him to talk to someone who knows where he is coming from. Brook Lynn says Dante and Lulu seem really connected. Olivia says Lulu is a great girl and she has really been there for Dante, but she despises Sonny. Brook Lynn says that is bad because Sonny will always be Danteís father. Olivia says she is glad Brook sees that and that maybe she can listen if Dante needs to vent.

In the yard at Pentonville Prison, Michael looks through the chain link fence and muses about people out there and the things they might be doing. He tells Jason that it is as if his life before prison was a dream. He says he canít be that person anymore. The guard comes out and announces to Michael that his cop brother is there to visit him. Jason tells the guard that he has a request.

At General Hospital Elizabeth talks to her grandmother on the phone. She tells her that Cameron wants to go to day camp but she canít afford it. Gram offers to pay for it, but Elizabeth tells her that she already does too much. Gram suggests that she ask Nikolas and Elizabeth tells her that Nikolas is the last person she would ask because she is trying to convince him that she is capable of raising her children on her own. Elizabeth hangs up and goes to the triage station. Steve and Elizabeth are also at the triage. Steve gets another email from his friend, Henry. Lisa says Henry must be eager to invest. Elizabeth listens intently as Steve tells Lisa that Henryís company has developed a new medication that helps rebuild damaged tendons and cartilage and that it did very well in clinical trials. He says anyone who gets in on it on the ground floor could quickly become rich.

Robin returns home. Patrick is sitting on the couch in the living room and Robin says she thought he would be back at the hospital. Patrick tells her that they were not finished. She tells him that she went to the park. She says she and Stone used to lie in the grass in the park and play a game called Future where they would imagine the life that they would never have. Robin notices Patrickís suitcase and ask him if he is leaving. He tells her that he is going with her to Africa. He says her parents were always trotting around the world saving lives so it is in her blood. He says he called Robinís mom and she agreed to take Emma, and Steve agreed to take his cases at the hospital. She kisses him and thanks him. She tells him she already called the coordinator and withdrew. Patrick tells her she should call them back and tell them that she is going. She says there is only one spot on the team. Patrick tells her to go without him this time and he will go with her next time.

Spinelli is sitting in the lobby at the Metro Court tapping on his computer trying to breach a firewall. Observing his disheveled appearance, Carly goes over to him and asks if he is ok. He tells her that the price of vengeance is dear; it is hampering relations with his non-wife. Carly asks him what ruining Dante has to do with Maxie. Spinelli says he has to be careful that Maxie doesnít get wind of what he is doing because she wouldnít be able to keep it secret. Carly tells him that he is right; Maxie would tell Lulu. She says his sacrifice is for the greater good. She says Brook will seduce Dante and expose him as a faithless pig, but it will only work if Lulu and Dante donít see Brook coming.

Lulu enters Danteís apartment with a shopping bag and sees Olivia and Brook in the kitchen. Olivia says Lulu isnít supposed to be home yet. Brook says she wanted to surprise Lulu and Dante with dinner to thank them for helping her with Carly. Lulu says it smells amazing.

Dante is sitting in a visiting room at Pentonville Prison waiting for Michael to come in. When the guard opens the door, Jason enters. Dante asks him where Michael is. Jason shrugs his shoulders and says he got him instead.

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