GH Update Wednesday 6/2/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/2/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Robin is doing paperwork at home. Patrick walks by and tells his wife that he is going into work. Patrick suggests that he and Robin check out a Thai restaurant for lunch and take a walk in the park. Robin admits that she isn’t working today since she has an important meeting with the Worldwide AIDS Crisis Center. Patrick is confused since Robin never mentioned anything about the meeting beforehand. Robin wants to help out at the Stone Cates AIDS wing in the hospital. Robin senses that Patrick is mad. Patrick says that Robin isn’t making their marriage a priority. Patrick storms out of the house.

Liz is walking around the hospital when she notices signs pointing toward Shirley’s hospital room. Elizabeth walks into the room and sees Nikolas admiring a necklace. Nikolas tells Shirley that he has no one to buy for. Shirley glances at Liz. Shirley tells Nikolas that he can give the necklace to Elizabeth. Elizabeth feels that she has been set up. Nikolas says that it was by chance that he saw Shirley’s signs. Shirley can’t understand why Elizabeth isn’t smitten with Nik. Nikolas leaves the room. Shirley asks for a blanket. Elizabeth confides that she doesn’t trust Nikolas. Shirley urges Liz to give Nikolas a second chance.

Diane and Sonny talk in the Corinthos living room. Sonny mentions that he has a plan to get Johnny out of the way. Diane insists that Sonny cannot kill Johnny. Diane worries about Michael’s present situation. In fact, Diane tells Sonny to forget Johnny altogether. Sonny wants Johnny to pay since he lied about him on the witness stand. Sonny fears that Kristina will hate him because of the abuse allegations. Diane points out that Jason can’t kill Johnny since he is in Pentonville. Sonny admits that he has a deal in the works with Claire. Diane laughs at the idea. Sonny wants to set up Johnny so he can send him to prison. Diane says that Sonny is looking for excuses to sleep with Claire. Diane suggests that Sonny seduce Claire. Sonny denies that he wants to have sex with Claire. Diane doesn’t believe Sonny. Diane knows that Sonny likes a challenge. Sonny realizes that there can be no mob wars right now. Finally, Sonny blurts out that he will sleep with Claire if it helps Michael get released.

Kristina wakes up. Kiefer is standing over her bed. Kristina is speechless. Kiefer wants to go to the beach. Kristina blurts out that Kiefer is dead. Kiefer insists that he isn’t. Kristina thinks that she is dreaming. Kiefer makes a comment that Kristina should start drinking herbal tea. Kristina tells Kiefer that this isn’t real. Kristina confronts Kiefer about the abuse. Suddenly, Kiefer is wearing the clothes that he died in. Kiefer grabs Kristina’s arm. Kristina awakens from her nightmare. Molly rushes into the bedroom holding a fireplace poker. Molly asks Kristina if she’s okay. Kristina comes clean about her nightmare involving Kiefer. Kristina feels to blame for Kiefer’s death even though she didn’t cause the hit-and-run. Kristina wonders why she allowed Kiefer to beat her for months. Molly asks Kristina if she thinks Sonny is an abuser. Kristina isn’t sure. Molly does some digging on her laptop. Molly finds that there are no domestic violence complaints against Sonny. Kristina is not convinced that her father isn’t an abuser. Molly says that there is one person that Kristina can ask.

Outside, Johnny meets with Claire. Claire asks Johnny if Sonny roughed him up in public. Claire wants details but Johnny is evasive. Johnny can’t figure out why Claire cares about Michael. Johnny believes that he can’t get justice for Claudia. Johnny refuses to help Claire.

At the hospital, Matt flirts with a nurse. Patrick is in a foul mood. Matt figures that Patrick had a fight with Robin. Patrick knows that he hasn’t been supportive lately. Matt relays to Patrick that he went on a date with Maxie. Patrick thinks that Matt is crazy for getting involved with Maxie. Matt is aware that Maxie is flirting with him to make Spinelli jealous.

There is a knock on the Drake’s front door. Maxie barges inside. Maxie says that she is in crisis-mode. Maxie speaks of Spinelli’s depression. Robin listens as Maxie talks about Spinelli’s obsession with video games. Maxie wants to make Spinelli jealous. Maxie admits that she kissed Matt. Robin wants Maxie to stop thinking about Matt. Robin tells Maxie that she has work to do. Robin brings up her appointment with the crisis center. Maxie assumes that Patrick is on board with it. Robin confesses that Patrick is mad about the whole thing. Maxie reminds Robin that she should be putting her marriage first.

Tracy and Luke are stuck in the dungeon cell. Luke can’t find a way to escape. Tracy blames Luke for their predicament. Luke thinks that Helena has poisoned Tracy’s mind. Tracy wishes that Luke would have killed Helena a long time ago. Tracy asks Luke if he has a plan. Luke yells out to the guard. Tracy is grabbing at her stomach. The guard is irritated by Luke. Luke wants Tracy to see a doctor. The guard doesn’t believe Luke. After the guard walks away, Luke tells Tracy to drop the act. Luke wants to move on to plan B. Tracy has a headache. Luke realizes that Tracy is indeed sick.

Diane returns to her office. Alexis is going over paperwork. Diane speaks of her visit with Sonny. Diane says that Sonny is in a fairly cheerful mood. Alexis talks about Dr. Spaulding, Kristina’s new therapist. Alexis explains that the therapist wants to involve the parents in the sessions. Alexis worries how Johnny’s accusations will affect the sessions. Diane advises Alexis to leave Sonny out of the therapy. Diane inquires about Kristina’s progress in therapy. Alexis knows that Kristina still blames herself for Kiefer. Alexis is curious as to why Kristina kept quiet about the abuse. However, Alexis can understand that Kristina feared Kiefer would be killed by Sonny. Diane believes that Sonny would lose his temper during the sessions. Diane points out Johnny’s explosive testimony as a trigger for Sonny. Diane thinks that this is a very delicate situation. Alexis disagrees. Alexis comes to the decision to include Sonny in the therapy sessions.

Claire shows up at Sonny’s home. Claire relays that she spoke to Johnny. Sonny teases Claire. Claire wants to know if Johnny lied on the stand. Sonny wonders if he and Claire can still work together. Sonny fears that Claire believes Johnny’s testimony. Sonny is adamant that he’s not a batterer. Claire says that Sonny could be “capable” of anything. Sonny insists that he didn’t hit Claudia. Sonny badmouths Claudia, claiming that she is not a victim. Sonny brings up Michael’s shooting. Sonny tells Claire that Claudia betrayed him by sleeping with his brother, Ric. Claire knows that Sonny loathed Claudia but he can’t prove that he didn’t hit his wife. Sonny asks Claire if she’s his friend or enemy. Claire will “reserve judgment” for now.

In her hospital room, Shirley rips up her jewelry sale signs. Elizabeth walks in. Shirley senses that Liz is avoiding her. Elizabeth says that she isn’t angry with Shirley. Elizabeth admits that she isn’t getting along with Nikolas at the moment. Elizabeth doesn’t want outside forces pushing her toward Nikolas. Shirley speaks of Nik’s good manners. Elizabeth calls Nikolas “manipulative”. Shirley is worried about the baby. Elizabeth talks about the Spencer-Cassadine feud. Elizabeth says that Nik and Lucky got past their families’ grudges. However, Liz feels that she screwed it up by sleeping with Nikolas. Elizabeth claims to love Lucky. Shirley reminds Elizabeth that Lucky doesn’t feel the same way about her. Elizabeth refuses to move into Wyndemere. Elizabeth wants to raise her children on her own. Shirley apologizes for butting in. Nevertheless, Shirley points out that Nikolas is still the father of Liz’s baby.

At the nurses’ station, Lisa tells Steven that she bought one of Shirley’s bracelets. Steven wonders why Lisa isn’t wearing the jewelry. Lisa whispers that Shirley’s jewelry is hideous. Steven admits that he put an end to Shirley’s sales. They share a laugh until Patrick interrupts. Lisa senses that Patrick is sulking since he isn’t getting along with Robin. Patrick receives a call from Robin. Patrick apologizes for his earlier behavior. Robin asks Patrick to come home for lunch.

Alexis and Sonny meet to discuss Kristina’s therapy sessions. Alexis explains that Dr. Spaulding wants to include them in Kristina’s sessions. Alexis asks Sonny to be candid during therapy. Alexis wants to find out why Kristina stayed with an abuser. Sonny bites his tongue when Alexis instructs him to stay calm during the process. Alexis tells Sonny that he can’t get angry during the sessions. Sonny refuses to make any promises. Sonny backs out at the last minute. Alexis is irritated.

Nikolas is heading for the elevator when Liz stops him. Nikolas refuses to argue anymore. Elizabeth apologizes for yelling at Nikolas. Elizabeth wants to make their unborn child a priority. Nikolas is surprised by Liz’s sudden change of heart. Elizabeth doesn’t want to move to Wyndemere and refuses to take any of Nikolas’ money. Nikolas remains quiet.

Patrick returns home with a bag of food from the Thai restaurant. Robin is starving. Patrick wants to hear about Robin’s meeting. Robin announces that she’ll be going to Johannesburg, and won’t be returning until the 19th. Patrick is stunned by the news. Patrick is furious that Robin didn’t discuss it with him beforehand.

Johnny shows up at Kristina’s home. Kristina thanks Johnny for meeting with her. Kristina brings up Johnny’s testimony at trial. Kristina wants to know if Sonny beat Claudia.

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