GH Update Tuesday 6/1/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/1/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Outside, Lulu runs into Carly. Lulu brings up Brook Lynn’s singing talents. Lulu wants Carly to listen to Brook Lynn, and suggests an audition at the MetroCourt. Carly comments that Brook Lynn never mentioned this earlier. Lulu insists that Brook Lynn needs a job. Carly figures that Brook Lynn has access to Quartermaine money. Lulu tells Carly that Brook Lynn singing at the hotel would be a perfect fit. Carly says that Lulu should have been a talent agent. Carly says that Brook Lynn needs to call her to set up an audition. Lulu thanks Carly.

Dante and Brook Lynn are making spaghetti at his loft. Brook Lynn mentions that the recipe needs more oregano. Dante says that Bensonhurst women are the best cooks. Brook Lynn samples the sauce, and asks Dante to try it. Brook Lynn adds more onion. Dante says that he has missed Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn smiles at Dante. They are drinking wine as Dante brings up Bensonhurst. Dante confides that only two people like him in Port Charles – Lulu and Olivia. Dante wishes that Brook Lynn would stick around since he’d have another ally. Brook Lynn wonders if Lulu and Carly can fix their relationship. Brook Lynn says that Dante would be the “odd man out” if the two mend fences.

At Sonny’s house, Olivia is arguing about Johnny. Olivia wants Sonny to stay away from Johnny. Claire walks in. Claire assumes that Sonny just made a threat to kill someone. Olivia fibs by saying that she and Sonny were discussing Michael’s release. Claire warns that she won’t hesitate to charge Sonny with murder. Olivia says that Sonny won’t come after Johnny since it would affect Michael’s release. Olivia wants to forget that Sonny roughed up Johnny in broad daylight. After Olivia leaves, Claire tells Sonny that he has lost his mind. Claire refuses to work with Sonny if he kills Johnny.

Sam visits with Jason in Pentonville. Sam says that they can’t have conjugal visits. Sam suggests getting married. Jason is surprised. Jason hasn’t even considered marrying Sam. Sam promises that she will be there when Jason is released. Sam and Jason agree that now is not the time to get married. Jason thanks Sam for sticking by him. Jason inquires about Spinelli. Sam relays that Spinelli won’t leave the penthouse because he is in the middle of a gaming tournament. Jason asks Sam to help Spinelli find something else to do. They kiss until the guard announces that the visit is over.

In his prison cell, Michael reads a letter from Morgan. Morgan has a Yankees jersey ready for Michael once he returns home.

Maxie knocks on Jason’s front door. Spinelli won’t answer. Maxie enters the penthouse and finds Spinelli typing away on his laptop. Spinelli makes it known that he’s busy. Maxie grabs the computer and shuts it down. Maxie speaks to Spinelli about his mood. Maxie knows that Spinelli is sad about Jason being in Pentonville. Maxie suggests a distraction – go to New York City to visit an art gallery. Spinelli doesn’t want to go. Maxie threatens to get another date. Spinelli is disappointed that Maxie isn’t standing by him during this difficult time.

At the hospital, Matt inquires about a CT scan. Maya apologizes for not getting the results. Matt compliments Maya on her work ethic. Maxie walks by. Maxie wants to speak to Matt but he ignores her. Maxie won’t go away. Matt gives Maya some advice regarding the hospital. Maya maintains that Matt can’t hit on her. Maya walks away. Matt finally agrees to talk to Maxie. Maxie offers to go on a real date with Matt. Matt says that they could go to Jake’s and have a drink.

Dante and Brook Lynn sit down to eat dinner. Lulu walks into the loft. Lulu apologizes for being late. Lulu mentions that she spoke to Carly about the audition. Brook Lynn is excited to get a chance to impress Carly. Lulu tells Brook Lynn that the food is delicious. Dante says that he helped with the meal. Dante brings up an old “Bensonhurst feud” regarding the spaghetti recipe. Lulu kisses Dante. Brook Lynn is bothered. After dinner, Dante and Lulu are laughing over something funny. Brook Lynn heads for the door. Brook Lynn tells the couple that she needs to get some rest for the audition. Dante thanks Brook Lynn for the meal. Brook Lynn boards the elevator. Lulu is happy that Carly is willing to give Brook Lynn a chance.

At Jake’s, Kate walks up to Coleman. Kate asks for a martini. Coleman senses that Kate is upset about something. Kate wishes that Maxie and Lulu would set better examples at Crimson. Coleman kisses Kate. Nearby, Max and Diane are sitting at a table. Max asks if there’s any word on Michael. Diane informs Max that there are no updates. Max teases that he should break Michael out of prison. Diane realizes that Max is drunk. Max confides that he was going to get Michael a hooker for his eighteenth birthday. Diane is speechless. Max feels like he let Michael down. Max says that Michael has never had sex. Max blames himself since Michael might not be released for another five years.

Johnny is sitting at a table in Jake’s. Olivia walks in, clearly mad about something. Olivia is irritated that Sonny almost killed Johnny today. Olivia orders Johnny to stay away from Sonny.

In the Corinthos living room, Claire and Sonny argue over Johnny. Claire can’t believe that Sonny threatened to kill Johnny. Sonny says that he warned Johnny to back off. Claire doesn’t think that she and Sonny can work together now. Sonny believes that Johnny is better off dead. Sonny suggests that Johnny move an illegal shipment through the Corinthos territory, and then Claire can bust him. Sonny thinks it would be fitting if Johnny and Anthony were in prison together. Claire isn’t amused. Claire is having second thoughts about her deal with Sonny.

Carly shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Spinelli is sitting in the dark. Spinelli stands up, turns on the lights, and answers the door. Spinelli inquires about Carly’s visit to Pentonville. Carly relays that Jason is doing okay. Carly is thankful that Jason is there to keep an eye on Michael. Carly plans on having Dante pay for his role in Michael’s incarceration. Carly says that Brook Lynn will be helping with the scheme. Spinelli promises to have a full profile on Dante soon. Carly tells Spinelli that she wants to “rescue” Lulu.

Jason returns to the prison cell. Jason tells Michael that he had visits with Sam and Carly. Michael figures that his mom is concerned about him. Jason still blames himself for Michael’s situation. Michael reassures Jason that he didn’t fail him. Michael is relieved that Jason is in Pentonville. They work on self-defense moves. Michael grabs Jason’s neck. Jason is a bit annoyed.

Lucky punches a building wall. Lucky grabs at his injured hand. Maya shows up. Lucky says that he had an argument with his brother. Maya assumes it is Ethan but it’s Nikolas. Maya suggests that Lucky hit Nikolas instead of a wall. Maya doesn’t think that Lucky’s hand is broken. Lucky tells Maya that she should check out his LP collection sometime.

At Jake’s, Diane tells Max that they should go home. Max is obsessing over Michael’s arrest. Max is resolute that he won’t sleep with Diane until Michael is released. Diane asks Coleman for some vodka. Nearby, Matt and Maxie are drinking beer. Matt thinks that Maxie wants to make Spinelli jealous. Maxie surprises Matt by kissing him. At one of the tables, Johnny is adamant that he is not backing down. Olivia storms out of the bar. Brook Lynn hurries over to Johnny and sits down. Brook Lynn flirts with Johnny but he isn’t interested.

Lulu and Dante are at his loft talking about the spaghetti dinner. Lulu pours some wine. Dante kisses Lulu. Both get undressed. Dante and Lulu approach the bed.

Claire and Sonny discuss their deal. Sonny wants to stick to the plan. Sonny implies that he and Claire should have dinner. Carly walks in. Claire senses that she isn’t welcome so she hurries out the door. Carly is shocked that Sonny would flirt with Claire. Sonny explains that he is trying to charm Claire to get Michael released. Carly says that she doesn’t care if Sonny sleeps with Claire.

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