GH Update Friday 5/28/10

General Hospital Update Friday 5/28/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu and Brook Lynn are visiting Danteís at his apartment. Dante tells Lulu that he heard Brook Lynn sing at Jakeís and that she was amazing. He asks Lulu to suggest a gig for Brook Lynn at the Metro Court.

In the yard at Pentonville Prison, Michael asks Jason if he is protecting him by going behind his back. Jason says he is sorry. Michael says he told Jason to leave it alone. He tells Jason to respect what he wants.

At the police station, Lucky tells Claire that Sonny is using her to get rid of a potential threat with the deal that he made to help her get Johnny Zacchara. Claire says Sonny might think he is using her, but is going to take him down.

Sonny, Max and Milo, have waylaid Johnny on the street. Johnny asks him if he is going to drive him out to the Pine Barrens and put him in the hole he dug for his sister. Olivia comes running up and tells Max and Milo to get their hands off Johnny.

Kristina goes to Wyndemere and asks if she can go for a ride with Spencer. He tells her she is welcome any time. He apologizes that he cannot help with Michael right now, but he reports that he expects the Bauers to drop their lawsuit soon. Kristina says Keifer was a nightmare but she misses him sometimes. He says everyone feels things that they shouldnít; he and Elizabeth do. She asks how Elizabeth is doing. He tells her that he is worried that Elizabeth works too much. He says he invited Elizabeth and the boys to live here until the baby is born, but that Elizabeth wonít even think about it.

At the police station, Lucky tells Claire that Sonny knows she is vulnerable because Michael ending up in Pentonville made her look bad. She says it made everyone loom bad. He says that Sonny is offering her a chance to help Michael that also neutralized his competition. She says she wants to stop a mob war before it starts. He asks her if she could only get one, if she would rather bust Sonny or Johnny. She says she wants to get both of them; Sonny must be aware that she could double-cross him. Lucky says Sonny probably looked her in the eye and said he had no choice but to trust her. Claire admits that Sonny was compelling, but he doesnít impress her. Lucky says he has only known two women who could go against Sonny. He says it took Carly 4 marriages and a nervous breakdown. He tells her that Diane Miller is the only woman who seems immune. Claire says she has a lot of respect for Diane. Lucky says that Sonny has a lot of good qualities and does great things in the community. He says Sonny really did have a nightmare childhood and he uses it to hook women. He says women want to save sonny. Claire says she doesnít want to save Sonny; she wants to send him to prison. Lucky warns her that she will be wading in emotional quicksand that has taken many women down before. Claire says those woman must not have seen the brutal narcissistic killer that she saw in the courtroom. She says if Sonny believes he is playing her, it will make her job easier.

On the roadside, Sonny tells Olivia that this doesnít concern her. She asks him if he thinks this will help Michael. She asks him if he thinks Dante will turn his head while Sonny roughs up someone on a public sidewalk in the middle of the day. Johnny tells Olivia that he will deal with it. Olivia tells Sonny that he is going to let Johnny and her walk away. Sonny tells Johnny to go ahead and let his girlfriend save him.

In the prison yard, Jason tells Michael that he respects him, but he canít protect him if he doesnít know what is going on. Michael says it was just a fight and Jason is teaching him how to defend himself.

At Danteís apartment, he tells Brook Lynn the story of bringing Michael back from hiding and turning him in, thinking that he would just get community service. He explains that Carly was angry with Lulu for not telling her that Michael was back in town. Brook Lynn says itís no wonder that Lulu is hesitant to ask Carly about Brook Lynn singing at the Metro Court. Dante says he thinks Lulu should ask Carly anyway. Lulu agrees to ask her.

At General Hospital, Shirley gets on the PA and announces her jewelry sale. Epiphany asks Elizabeth to take Shirley back to her room. Shirley says she wonít apologize; if she sees an opportunity she will take it. Epiphany says she will do it at her own risk. Elizabeth tells Shirley that she doesnít want to be Epiphanyís bad side. Shirley says that is fair enough, but she has let too many opportunities slip away and she will never again sit around and let her life happen.

On the street corner, Sonny tells Johnny that he always hides behind women. He tells him that he would have been dead a long time ago if not for Claudia. Johnny says Sonny is nothing without Jason, but Jason is locked up. He asks Sonny why, if he loves Michael so much, he isnít in Pentonville with him instead of Jason. Sonny tells Johnny that he will never take what is his. Johnny says he is just getting started. Olivia tells them that they are both throwing their lives away fighting over shipments in a warehouse. She says they have money and power, but nothing to show for it. She gives them three minutes to end this or she is calling 9-1-1. Olivia walks away. Johnny said he always thought he had it bad growing up with Anthony Zacchara for a father, but at least he never ended up in Pentonville for something his father did. Sonny tells Johnny that he is out of his league. Johnny says Sonny has had a good run but it is Johnnyís time now. Johnny walks away.

At Danteís apartment, Lulu says she will talk to Carly but that Carly is still upset about Michael. Dante says Lulu is very persuasive and that he is lucky to have her in his corner. Lulu says Dante has been through hell with finding out that Sonny is his father. She says Sonny should be in prison, not Michael or Jason. Dante says he is doing everything he can to get Michael out. Brook Lynn says she is going to go, but Dante asks her to stay for dinner so they can talk about the old neighborhood. Brook Lynn starts telling a story about a Roman Candle incident at a 4th of July block party when Lulu gets a text message. She tells them that Kate is having a crisis so she has to go. Dante says he will take care of dinner. Lulu advised Brook Lynn to have him order pizza. Lulu says she will be back as soon as she can and she leaves. Dante asks Brook Lynn what she is going to make for dinner.

Carly goes to visit Michael at Pentonville. When she sees his face, she asks him what happened to him.

At the police station, Claire observes that Lucky seems to know a lot about Sonnyís personal life. Lucky says he has known him since he was young because his father is friends with Sonny. Claire asks him if there will be a conflict of interest. Lucky says he doesnít have a problem building a case against Sonny as long as it is by the book. He warns her that Sonny and Johnny are both unstable and they are both good at what they do. He says Sonny has experience but Johnny has nothing to lose and he seems to have unexpected resources. Claire tells him that she will keep that in mind. She says she has to go make some calls now, but she suggests that they continue their conversation another time over drinks. He says that would be nice. She says in the park by the swings with the kids. Helena enters and tells Lucky to send his secretary back to work. Claire grins at Lucky and leaves. He asks Helena what she wants. She asks him why he wonít allow Elizabeth to move to Wyndemere.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth asks Shirley to promise to stay in bed and away from epiphany. Shirley says she isnít making any promises. Elizabeth asks her if she will stay in bed until after Elizabethís ultrasound. She says if she is late, Nikolas will lock her up in the tower at Wyndemere. Shirley says that sounds romantic. Elizabeth says it more like controlling. She tells her that since Nikolas found out the baby is his, he has wanted to run her life. She tells her that Nikolas wants her to quit her job and move into Wyndemere. Shirley says she would love to see Wyndemere. Elizabeth says she isnít missing much. Shirley says Elizabeth is. She says that if her baby's father is ridiculously wealthy and wants her and your children to live with him in a castle with servants waiting on her, she at least ought to think about it.

Sam and Kristina are walking along the sidewalk. Sam thanks Kristina for inviting her out for coffee. Kristina says she needs to see Michael to make sure he is ok and she knows Sam is going there to see Jason today. She asks Sam to take her with her. Sam says their mother would freak out if she found out, but if she agrees, Kristina has to know a few things. She warns her that it will be gross. She says she needs to stay calm and look around her so she knows where she is. Kristina says she can do that. Sam agrees to take Kristina, saying Michael will be happy to see her.

In the visiting room at Pentonville, Carly asks Michael when it happened. He tells her it was a couple of days ago and that itís no big deal. She asks him if Sonny knows, and when Michael says yes, she is annoyed that Sonny didnít bother to tell her. Michael tells her not to be mad at Sonny. Carly says she is going to talk to someone but Michael asks her to leave it alone. He says things happen in there. Carly says Michael shouldnít even be there. Michael tells her that Jason is there now and that he is teaching him to defend himself so he will be ok. Carly says Jax is doing everything he can to get Michael out of there. Michael says he knows that, and he knows no one intended for him to end up there. Carly tells him that Dante is responsible for him being in there.

Dante is in his apartment leaving a message on Brook Lynnís phone to bring mild peppers and garlic salt when he hears the elevator and figures it is her. He hangs up the phone and goes over to the elevator only to find that the occupant is Sonny. Dante says if Sonny keeps showing up like this, he will have to have him arrested for stalking. Sonny tells Dante it is about his mother. He tells him that Johnny is reckless and he will fall, and when he does, he will take Olivia with him. Dante says he appreciates Sonnyís concern, Sonny ask him if he is so busy hating him that he wonít protect his mother. Dante says he is building a case against Sonny. Sonny says he gets tunnel vision like that too. Dante says the way they are not alike is that Dante learns from his mistakes and Sonny keeps making the same ones. Sonny tells Dante to go ahead and keep hating him, but he will never hate Dante. He says they both know that Olivia doesnít deserve someone like Johnny Zacchara. Sonny leaves.

In Shirleyís room at General Hospital, Elizabeth says she canít live with Nikolas and his insane grandmother. Shirley agrees that living with Helena wouldnít be healthy, but she observes that Elizabeth is working hard to make it all Nikolasís fault. Elizabeth says she would still be with Lucky if it werenít for Nikolas. Shirley says Elizabeth isnít with Lucky and it doesnít appear that he is coming back. She tells Elizabeth to stop punishing herself for sleeping with Nikolas and focus on being grateful that she is having a healthy baby.

At the police station, Helena tells Lucky that Elizabeth is emotionally and physically fragile, she works too much, and she barely sees the two children that she already has. She says she believes Lucky is the reason that Elizabeth has shown little regard for her baby. Lucky tells Helena that he never said Elizabeth couldnít live at Wyndemere and that he actually said the opposite. She says she never dreamed that Lucky would take out his hatred of Nikolas on his unborn child. Lucky asks her if she is listening. He says he isnít taking anything out on anyone. He tells her that he doesnít get to decide where Elizabeth lives and that he is only responsible for Cameron and Jake. Helena says it us no wonder that Nikolas blames Lucky for Elizabeth's irresponsible behavior. She says Lucky resents the fact that it isnít his baby. She tells him that if Elizabeth has a miscarriage, it will be Luckyís fault. Lucky shakes his head as Helena storms off.

Kristina sits down in the visiting room at the prison. Michael comes in and says he ran into a door. Kristina says she thought he fell down the library steps or opened a cabinet and a can of soup fell on him. He asks her how she is doing. She says better than he is, and he tells her that isnít much to brag about. She asks him if their dad has seen him. He says yes. Kristina asks if their dad started yelling about killing someone. Michael says yes, but he got him to calm down. Kristina says Michael is better at that than she is. He says he has had more practice. She tells him that a lot of people are working on getting him out. She says they both know their dad should be in here instead.

In another visiting room, Carly asks Jason how Michael got his bruises. Jason says that when he arrived, Michael already had the bruises. He tells her she doesnít know who did it, but that he is teaching Michael how to defend himself. He assures her that he will help Michael get through this. Carly says she knows Jason will protect Michael like he always has. She says Michael will walk out of here and go on with his life.

Lucky goes to Wyndemere to see Nikolas and tells him that Helena came to see him. He says Helena thinks he is stopping Elizabeth from moving to Wyndemere. Nikolas thinks Lucky is, in a passive-aggressive way. Lucky wonders what happened to Nikolas. He says they were never deliberately cruel. Nikolas says he doesnít think it is cruel to want his babyís mother to live with him. Lucky says Nikolas knows what it would do to him to have his sons living there. He asks why Elizabeth would want to live there, anyway when it is full of bad memories and itís inconvenient for work. Nikolas says Elizabeth doesnít have to work, and she is only doing it because she thinks that she can win Lucky back if she drives Nikolas away. Lucky says something happened to Nikolas after Emily died, Nikolas tells Lucky not to bring Emily into it, he says he and Elizabeth had an affair and he is tired of apologizing for it. He says he has been apologizing to Lucky for years, begging for acceptance, and he even named his firstborn son after him, but he wonít apologize for who he is anymore. Lucky tells him not to turn this into the old Spencer/Cassadine feud. Nikolas says the bottom line is that he has a child on the way and he will provide for it. He says Lucky can be mad, but heíd better stay out of the way or deal with the consequences.

In the prison visiting room, Kristina asks Michael what she can do to help. He tells her not to take anything for granted. He tells her he misses Kellyís coffee and French fries. He asks her to tell Molly that the poem she sent him was amazing. Kristina says Molly wants him to start reading Alexandre Dumas. He tells her to tell Molly that he will read anything she sends him. The guard opens the door to signal that Michaelís time is up. Michael asks her to tell both of the kids that he is doing ok; he gets up, and leaves.

In the other visiting room, Carly says it is unfair that Jason and Michael are in prison while Dante and Lulu get to go on with their lives. Jason asks her if she can focus on something other than revenge. She says she canít because they destroyed Michaelís life. Jason says destroying Dante and Lulu wonít help Michael. Carly says maybe not, but it will make her feel better. Jason warns her that she will just be hurt. Carly says Dante will lose everything, starting with his badge. Jason tells her that sonny will turn on her. She says she doesnít care what Sonny thinks. Jason tells her to do whatever she wants to do but to be careful with Lulu. Carly says Lulu is worse than Dante because they were close and she sold out Michael because Dante told her to. Jason reminds her that he wonít be there to protect her and he urges her to be careful. Carly says she canít get him and Michael out of there but she can make Dante and Lulu pay.

At Danteís apartment, Brook Lynn chops tomatoes while they talk. She tells him that everyone in Bensonhurst is worried about him. She says she didnít understand all the drama behind finding out that Sonny was his father. He says it was the second worst day of his life. She tells him that Sonny was always good to her. Dante didnít know that she knew Sonny. She says her mother grew up with Sonny and he was generous and nice to her. Dante concedes that Sonny can be nice.

At Sonnyís house, Max tells Sonny that Johnny appears to be using his garage for storage. Sonny tells Max to find out what Johnny is storing and if it is worth anything, burn it. As Max heads for the front door, it swings open and Olivia storms in. She charges into the living room and tells Sony that he needs to stop before he does something that he will regret.

At Wyndemere Nikolas has the epiphany that no Spencer will ever truly accept him, not even his mother. Lucky asks him not to bring their mother into it. Nikolas says he twisted himself into knots for Lucky for years. Lucky says Nikolas let them all believe that he was nothing like his father or his grandmother. Nikolas says he let himself believe that it was better to be accepted by a Spencer than to be true to himself, but he is done deferring to the Spencers. Lucky says that some part of Nikolas has always hated him. Nikolas says he loved Lucky and tried to be a worthy brother. Lucky says Nikolas was a good brother until he stabbed him in the back. Nickolas protests that Lucky and Elizabeth were in trouble long before he came along. He reveals that Elizabeth questioned marrying Lucky. Lucky said Nikolas didnít tell him that then. Nikolas says Lucky didnít want to know. He says Lucky refused to see what was in his face. Lucky says what he refused to see was that Nikolas was screwing Elizabeth. He says that because Nikolas is his brother and he loved him he refused to see that he is a treacherous, immoral liar. He says it isnít surprising, since Nikolasís father kidnapped their mother and forced her to carry his child. Nikolas says Lucky shouldnít bring up fathers who commit rape because Lucky canít win that fight. Lucky says he isnít going to go down the same road with the Cassadines that Luke did. He says he never thought this would happen with them. Lucky turns and walks out.

Jason enters a visiting room at the prison and sits across from Sam. She tells him that she canít stay long because Kristina is outside by herself. Jason concludes that Kristina came to see Michael. Sam asks him how Michael is doing and he admits that Michael has been better. He says she looks beautiful. She says she wanted to bring him some good news but it didnít work out the way she wanted. She tells him that she applied for conjugal visits but they denied her application because they are not married.

Lulu runs into Carly on the sidewalk and mentions Brook Lynn singing at the Metro Court.

At Danteís apartment, Brook Lynn tells Dante that he could help. He tells her that if she does the cooking, he will clean up. He says she seems to know his way around the kitchen. She says he does too, and so does his father. She says her grandmother told her stories about Sonny cooking for her mother and her godmother, Brenda. Dante says Sonny is an amazing cook. He says he saw a different side to Sonny while he was working undercover. Brook Lynn says it must be complicated but Dante tells her that isnít. He says Sonny is a criminal, he has hurt a lot of people, and Dante has to put him away. She tells him that he doesnít have to put Sonny away tonight. She hands him a glass of wine and tells him to relax.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Olivia that Johnny is starting a war. Olivia says she doesnít want to hear it. She says if Sonny kills Johnny, Dante will come after him. He tells her that Dante is coming after him regardless. He suggests that she go to Bensonhurst for a while. She says that isnít going to happen. Sonny tells her that he isnít going to let Johnny keep getting in his face. Olivia concludes that Sonny will push Johnnyís buttons. Sonny tells her that if Johnny keeps doing what he has been doing, it will be self-defense. Olivia says it is a filthy business. Sonny tells her that he is going to win. He says Johnny can keep getting in his face, laughing at him and the cops can help or not, but eventually he will see Johnny dead.

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