GH Update Thursday 5/27/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/27/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Brook Lynn are at the Metro Court. She tells him that she came to Port Charles to get away from her Bensonhurst family drama, and half the neighborhood is here. Dante tells her Ronnie Dimestico is here too. He asks her what he wanted to talk to him about. She says that when she was talking to Carly, his mother came downstairs with her young boyfriend. Dante tells her that was John Zacchara. Brook Lynn says Carly mentioned that Olivia had dinner with Sonny and Johnny stormed out, and then Olivia went nuclear on Carly for mentioning Sonny in front of Johnny.

Lucky and John are on the docks. Lucky says it sounds as if Johnny is trying to bait him. He says heíd hate to think that Johnny was accusing him of being on Sonnyís payroll. Johnny observes that people either love Sonny or hate him. He asks which type Lucky is, or if he is an objective cop.

At Sonnyís house, he and Claire discuss their arrangement to work together to take down Johnny Zacchara.

Jason and Michael are in the yard at Pentonville Prison. Michael tells Jason that each gang has its on turf in the yard. He points out ďthe brotherhoodĒ that controls the white gang. He says they say who they can use and when they can use them. Jason tells Michael to hit him.

At General Hospital, Epiphany is helping Lisa with scheduling an operating room and nursing staff. Patrick asks her what she has. She tells him car vs. motorcycle. Patrick says it looks like a good opportunity for them to work as a team, but she tells him she already has Steve scrubbing in on it.

At the Metro Court, Brook Lynn asks Dante if Olivia is alright. He says they all had a difficult patch but she is alright. He says Sonny is not above using Olivia to get to him. Brook Lynn says itís good that Olivia isnít very pliable. Dante says Olivia is human and Sonny is the great love of her life and the father of her only child. He says that most of the time Olivia sees Sonny as the piece of garbage that he is. Brook Lynn concludes that Dante is not a fan of his father. He says Sonny personifies everything that he is against. He tells her that Sonny murdered Lieutenant Poletti and that day he vowed to dedicate his life to getting guys like Sonny off the streets, only to find out that Sonny is his father. Brook Lynn says itís like some kind of cosmic joke.

On the docks, Johnny observes that as Lukeís son, Lucky grew up with a healthy distaste for the law but yes, he became a cop. He says he grew up with Sonny as an uncle figure and turned to him when he fell out with Luke. Lucky asks Johnny what makes him think he knows him so well. Johnny says Lulu told him about Luckyís history with Sonny. He says Lucky had a cozy little arrangement with known criminals and now he is sworn to keep them off the street. He says Lucky is tough to read. Lucky tells Johnny that when he spends too much time dissecting other peoplesí motives, his mind goes haywire with conspiracy theories that make reality easier to live with. He says that for example, his sister Claudia got a kid shot in the head, but he has turned her into a victim and practically made her a saint. He says Claudia is the reason for everything Johnny does. He asks Johnny if it clarifies things for him to say that Sonny is a mobster and Johnny is too and that if Johnnyís quest for revenge results in a mob war, Lucky will go after both of them.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Claire that he got burned by trusting law enforcement when he believed that Dante would choose his brother over his badge. He says Claire is all about career advancement and he is a better ďgetĒ than Johnny is. He says he shouldnít trust her, but he has to for Michael.

In the prison yard at Pentonville, Jason goads Michael to hit him. He pushes Michael. Michael takes a swing, Jason moves aside, then grabs Michael by the neck and pins to the wall. When he releases Michael, he says Michael reacted out of anger and that will make him easy to beat. He Michael needs to shut down, detach, watch the other guy, and let the other guy make the mistakes.

In the cell where Helena has been holding Tracy, Tracy wonders where Luke has been. He tells her that he was told she was in Fiji lounging with cabana boys. She asks him if he wasnít alarmed that she missed their anniversary, presuming that he remembered their anniversary. He asks how he could forget the happiest day of his life. She suggests a nudge from Skye. He tells her they will deal with that later and asks what happened. She tells him that Helenaís boy-toy chloroformed her as part of her psychotic game with Luke. She says Luke got her kidnapped and she will never forgive him.

On the docks, Lucky says the more of Johnny he sees the better he likes Sonny. He says Sonny is a businessman who does what he needs to do to move toward a goal. He says Johnny doesnít see the big picture; he just wants to make Sonny pay now, and he is pulling Luckyís brother into it. Johnny tells Lucky that he has not twisted Ethanís arm. He says Ethan doesnít like the straight-and-narrow as much as Lucky does. Lucky tells Johnny that he will not let him make the city into a warzone and he wonít let him destroy Ethanís life.

At the Metro Court, Brook Lynn asks Dante how the rest of his family feels about Sonny being his father. He tells her he has avoided talking to them about it. She asks him if he and his Ma are still close after everything. He says he was angry at first that she didnít tell him about Sonny when she found out that he was working undercover. He says his blood still boils sometimes, like when he saw them having dinner together, but she is his mother and he loves her. Lulu walks in and Dante asks her if she wants to hang out. Lulu says she can sit with them until Kateís food is ready to take out. Brook Lynn says she is going to go. She gets up and goes just far enough to eavesdrop unseen. Lulu sits down and says Dante looks pensive. She asks him if he is alright. He tells her he is just concerned about his mother but it is nothing to worry about. Lulu tells him she is a genie and he has one wish so he should make it count.

At General Hospital, Patrick tells Lisa to make sure to keep it professional. She asks him what he is talking about. He tells her that she is throwing the Chief of Staff a bone because he has the hots for her. She asks him if he is for real. He tells her that she knows he is the best surgeon. Lisa says everybody knows what a brilliant surgeon Patrick is, but this patient needs a trauma surgeon and that is Steveís specialty. She says she will ignore his accusation that she would endanger a patient to further my personal agenda because she knows it is his ego talking. Steve comes up with X-rays in his hands and he tells Lisa that he wants to keep an eye on a trouble spot during the surgery. She asks him to show her, and they leave the triage. Patrick accesses the computer. Robin comes up and asks him what is wrong. He tells her that the Chief of Staff is stealing his surgeries instead of pushing papers because he has something to prove. Robin says Steve does both. She says Steve managed a full surgical schedule when he manages the ER in Memphis. She says Steve is just as talented a trauma surgeon as Patrick is a neurosurgeon. She tells him to stop acting like Steve is taking surgeries from him just to impress the ladies. Patrick says that is exactly what he is doing with Lisa Niles. Robin asks him if Lisa said Steve bullied his way into her OR. He concedes that Steve was Lisaís first choice. She says that is probably because Steve was better suited for the patient. She asks him why he is taking it so personally, and he asks her if she would like it if Lisa started taking things from her.

In the dungeon where Helena has been holding Tracy, Tracy tells Luke that Helena said she and Luke define each other. Luke says Helena was playing with Tracyís head. Tracy says she wouldnít know; she is just a pawn to be thrown in dungeons. Luke says he should have realized. Tracy agrees that Luke should have realized that she is his wife and that she was missing for day, one of which was their anniversary. She says he might have realized if he had taken his eyes off Skye. When he doesnít respond, she concludes that he slept with Skye.

Skye meets Jax at the Metro Court Bar. She asks him how his trip to Washington went. He tells her that his political connections agree that Michaelís sentence was too harsh but they are reluctant to help Sonnyís kid. He tells her that they said that if Sonny were convicted of another crime, the door would be open for Michaelís release.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Claire that he didnít see himself as a father but when it happened, Michael was the best thing that ever happened to him and then having the rest of his kids changed him completely. He asks Claire if she has ever thought of having children and she tells him that she would like to have kids someday in the distant future. He tells her that he hopes it happens for her someday. He says that you get to feel a deep connection with someone more vulnerable who depends on you. He says that he hopes she never feels the agony of watching her son get hauled off handcuffed from court and not being able to sleep from wondering what hell he is going through. She tells him she really is sorry about Michael. He says he knows she is but that it isnít just Michael; itís everyone that cares about Michael. Dante blames himself, Carly is angry and anguished, and Jason going to prison to protect Michael. He tells her that Michael is the only thing that matters so he canít deal with Johnnyís antics. He tells her that he would love to kill Johnny but he is going to so the smart thing by working with her. Claire tells him that he will help him take Johnny out of circulation but asks him to do her a favor and not bother with the father of the year crap next time.

In the prison yard, Jason gives Michael fighting tips. He says Michael has the advantage of being young and looking weak and vulnerable. Michael asks Jason if he is trying to say he looks like a victim. He asks him is he thinks he would just stand there and not fight back. He says Jason has no idea how hard he fought. Michael walks away. Jason turns around and sees the guard, Frank watching.

At General Hospital, Patrick tells Robin that it is easy for her to joke about his bruised ego because she doesnít have any doctors to compete with drug protocol. She concludes that thatís because her specialty in research is unworthy of competition. He says he didnít mean it that way, but asks her to imagine that Lisa became interested in research and started taking her cases away from her. Robin says she canít imagine Lisa doing research and she resents his implication that she has never experienced competition in her field. She tells him that she doesnít believe Steve is competing with him any more than Lisa is competing with her. He suggests they say she is wrong for the sake of argument.

In the prison yard, Jason goes over to the bench where Michael is sulking and tells him that he has survived things that would crush most people. He says he is just trying to teach him some things that will help him survive in here. He says looking young is an advantage. He tells him that when he started working for Sonny, people underestimated him because he looked like a kid, and he would use that to his advantage. Michael concludes that it is like camouflage.

At The Metro Court bar, Jax says he wonít deny that he wants Sonny in prison. He says Sonny is a danger to his own children, he keeps wrecking their lives, but they still love him. Skye reminds Jax that he already tried to send Sonny to prison and it didnít work out very well.

Dante goes to the police station. Ronnie sees him come in, follows him to his desk, and asks him what he turned up at Sonnyís house. Dante says he didnít find anything. Ronnie says Claire should have called him in on it. Dante asks Ronnie if he is suggesting that Dante canít be objective. Ronnie says that is exactly what he is saying. Dante says he is more motivated than anyone else to take down Sonny because Michaelís chances for release will increase when Sonny is behind bars. He says he doesnít care about Sonny; he cares about righting the wrong he did to Michael.

Lulu is walking to Danteís apartment with several bags of groceries when she runs into Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn gladly offers to help.

In the cell, Luke tells Tracy that he didnít have sex with Skye. She says he is a liar. He tells her that he doesnít cheat on her anymore; she has ruined him for other women because she is the full package and he doesnít want anything less. He tells her that their anniversary was important to him because he wanted to celebrate that drunken day in Las Vegas that began his transformation. She says he is not transformed; he still lets Helena jerk his chain. She says he could have been rid of Helena years ago but instead, he brought her back to Port Charles because he is addicted to the psychosis. She tells him that Helena was right; he does need her to define him.

At General Hospital, Robin tells Patrick that there will always be people who would walk all over him to get ahead, but Steve isnít one of them. He asserts that Steve is using his position as chief of Staff to push him into second position as a surgeon. Robin says Steve isnít taking anything from Patrick until he starts performing neurosurgery. Steve and Lisa come in and invite Robin and Patrick to join them at Jakeís for celebratory drinks.

Lulu and Brook Lynn go into Danteís apartment and put the grocery bags on the counter. Brook Lynn says the apartment is amazing. She asks if it is affordable or if Sonny helped. Lulu says she is sure Sonny would offer money if he thought it would help, but it wouldnít. Brook Lynn asks if Lulu lives here too. Lulu tells her that she lives with Maxie, but she is here as often as possible. She says she and Dante both work a lot but they make time for each other. Brook Lynn says she is happy that Dante found someone that makes him happy. She says Dante told her that Lulu has a good relationship with Carly and she could use some help with her.

At the police station, Lucky tells Dante that Johnny Zacchara told him that he is going up against Sonny so it looks like a mob war might be brewing. He asks Dante is he learned anything during his undercover investigation that could help. Dante says that with business, Johnny is logical and detached, but if you push his buttons, he is as nutty as his father. Lucky says Johnny worries him more than Sonny does because Johnny seems to have a death wish and doesnít care how much collateral damage he causes. Dante says heíd love to get one more mobster off the street, but Sonny is a priority.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Max that they canít have a war because anything that makes news about violence in Port Charles will mention Sonny, and Michaelís chances of being released from prison will be slim. He tells him that he made a deal with law enforcement. He says they will give Johnny a reason to come after Sonny and then when Johnny makes his move, the cops will arrest him. Max asks him if he made this deal with Dante. Sonny says he made the deal with Claire Walsh and he thinks she is on board, but there is only one way to find out.

Dante arrives home. Lulu gets up and greets him with a kiss. She tells him that if not for Brook Lynn, his groceries would not have made it home. Dante thanks Brook Lynn. Lulu tells Brook Lynn to go ahead with the question she was about to ask. Brook asks Lulu if she could talk to Carly about getting a job at the Metro Court. Dante says he heard her sing at Jakes so he thinks itís a good idea.

In the prison yard, Michael asks Jason if he wants anything from the vending machine. Jason says he is going with him. Michael points out that Jason can see the machine from there. When Michael goes to the vending machine, Frank tells Jason that he saw the fight class he gave Michael. He reminds him that the warden said if they have any trouble from Jason, he would go to Solitary. Jason says he isnít looking to make any trouble but he wants Franís cooperation to keep it that way. He asks Frank who beat up Michael. Frank says he doesnít know; it wasnít on his watch. Jason presses rot information about who has been hanging around Michael or messing with him. Michael returns and yells at Jason to respect what he wants and leave it alone.

At the police station, Claire tells Lucky about the deal she made with Sonny. She says Sonny thinks they are backing off him. Lucky tells her about Sonnyís track record of charming prosecutors and warn her not to let the hunter be captured by the game.

Johnny is walking down the street when Sonnyís car pulls up, Max and Milo get out and restrain him, and then Sonny gets out and tells Johnny he is going to make him beg for mercy.

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