GH Update Wednesday 5/26/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/26/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky runs into Helena on the docks. Lucky is unhappy to see Helena. Lucky inquires about Helena’s visit to Port Charles. Helena tells Lucky that he doesn’t need to worry. Nikolas walks by. Nikolas asks Helena where she has been. Helena says that she called for a launch to take them to Wyndemere. Lucky can’t believe that Nikolas is getting along with Helena. Lucky mentions that Elizabeth could be moving into Wyndemere. Nikolas makes it clear that it isn’t Lucky’s business what Liz does. Lucky feels that Nikolas is “pressuring” Elizabeth to move in. Helena butts in and defends Nikolas. Lucky won’t allow Nik to push his buttons. Nikolas laughs and says that Elizabeth is using Lucky to get back at him. Lucky doesn’t like the idea of Elizabeth and the boys moving to Wyndemere. Helena makes a joke. Nikolas believes that Elizabeth is too overwhelmed right now. Nikolas asserts that Liz can do what she wants. Lucky doesn’t believe Nikolas.

Luke is in Greece to find Tracy. Luke is posing as a Swiss doctor. Luke speaks to a guard at Helena’s compound. Luke tells the man that he needs to see Tracy Quartermaine. The guard is irritated when Luke can’t produce the right documentation. The guard tells Luke that he needs to wait outside. Luke is impatient. Luke insists that he came right from Zurich. The guard asks Luke to spell out his name. After the guard verifies the document, he turns to go inside. Luke is about to hit the guard on the head when Thor shows up, gun in hand. Thor welcomes “Mr. Spencer” to Greece.

Carly and Brook Lynn meet at the MetroCourt restaurant. Brook Lynn wonders why Carly set her up at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Carly doesn’t want anyone to know that she is in cahoots with Brook Lynn. Carly asks Brook Lynn about her chat with Dante. Brook Lynn comments that Lulu has drastically changed since high school. Carly mentions that Brook Lynn is different, too. Carly wants to know how long it will take for Brook Lynn to get Dante in bed. Suddenly, Olivia walks in. Olivia is shocked that Carly and Brook Lynn know each other. Carly says that Brook Lynn is Michael’s cousin. Olivia compliments Brook Lynn on her singing at Jake’s. Brook Lynn divulges that she’s at the restaurant to see Olivia. Johnny shows up out of the blue. Brook Lynn stares at Johnny. Johnny and Olivia walk over to the bar. Carly senses that Brook Lynn likes Johnny. Brook Lynn says that she won’t be distracted by Johnny. Brook Lynn thinks that Johnny is cute. Carly says that Johnny isn’t interested in her. Carly gets up and walks over to Johnny and Olivia. Olivia asks Carly about a new seafood restaurant in town. Carly brings up Olivia’s dinner with Sonny at the restaurant. Johnny is stunned by the news.

Lulu and Dante wake up in his bed. Lulu is startled to see that Dante is staring at her. Dante kisses Lulu. Dante confesses that he is deeply in love with Lulu. Dante suggests staying in bed. Lulu knows that Kate will be mad if she doesn’t show up for work. Lulu comments that “this feels right”. Lulu admits that she was scared how Dante would react about the abortion. Dante is honored that Lulu trusted him enough to tell the truth. Dante admires his mom, but insists that he is in love with Lulu. Dante says that he has flaws, too. After getting dressed, Lulu says that she has to go home. Dante asks why Lulu isn’t heading over to Crimson. Lulu gives Dante a strange look. Lulu insists that she can’t show up at work wearing the same dress from yesterday. Lulu wonders if Dante’s going into work today. Dante is stressing over Michael’s predicament. Lulu wishes that Dante would stop blaming himself. Dante won’t give up until Sonny is convicted and Michael is released.

Bernie barges into Sonny’s living room. Bernie is rambling on about business. Bernie is resolute that Sonny needs to go after Johnny. Sonny asks Bernie what he should do. Bernie says that Johnny doesn’t care about money or “profits” – he only cares about taking down Sonny. Sonny knows that he can’t kill Johnny right now since it would affect Michael’s release. They talk business for a while. Bernie is adamant that Johnny won’t go away. Sonny knows that Johnny hates him. Kristina walks into the room. Kristina is rude to Bernie. Bernie graciously leaves the room. Sonny criticizes Kristina on her lack of manners. Kristina feels that Sonny is doing nothing to get Michael released. Kristina worries what will happen to Michael if Jason dies in Pentonville. Kristina insists that Sonny isn’t doing enough. Kristina starts to cry. Sonny asks his daughter to “trust” him. Kristina blurts out that she doesn’t. Sonny stresses that the situation with Michael’s incarceration is “complicated”. Sonny admits that he screwed up. Kristina discloses that she used to envy Michael but not anymore. Sonny acknowledges that Alexis did everything to protect Kristina. Sonny asks his daughter not to believe the lies people are telling about him. Kristina asks Sonny to talk about his interests. Sonny confides that he likes swimming and cooking. Sonny offers to teach Kristina to cook. Kristina is irritated because she will never bond with Sonny. Kristina is worried about Michael. Kristina blames Sonny for the mess he’s made. Sonny apologizes but Kristina doesn’t want to hear it. Kristina says that she hated Claudia, too. However, Kristina emphasizes that she “can hate without wanting the person dead”. Kristina feels that no one is safe around Sonny. Kristina realizes that her father can’t fix this.

Lisa and Patrick are busy working on patient charts. Lisa walks over to Steven. They flirt back and forth. Lisa thanks Steven for teaching her how to tune and play the guitar. Lisa offers to buy Steven dinner. Steven doesn’t want beer and pizza. Patrick interrupts their conversation. Patrick pipes in that Steven needs to check out a patient’s chart. Steven walks away. Lisa is annoyed by Patrick’s interference. Lisa confronts Patrick. Lisa figures that Patrick was trying to get rid of Steven. Lisa comments that this is typical for Patrick. Patrick agrees with Lisa. Patrick and Lisa discuss a patient with bell’s palsy. Lisa brings up getting lunch at a sushi bar. Patrick wants to ask Robin to come along.

At the hospital, Robin and Liz sit down to chat. Elizabeth needs Robin’s help with Nikolas. Robin agrees to talk to Nikolas. Elizabeth wants nothing to do with Helena. Robin says that she’ll head over to Wyndemere. Robin leaves the hospital. Patrick speaks to Elizabeth. Patrick is looking for Robin. Liz says that Robin went to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas. Patrick tells Lisa that he is passing on lunch. Lisa invites Steven instead. Patrick glares at Lisa and Steven. Patrick talks to Liz about Robin’s visit with Nikolas. Elizabeth and Patrick watch as Lisa and Steven board the elevator.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas wonders where Helena has been these past few days. Helena says that she went to Greece to start a nursery for Spencer and the baby. Helena hopes that Liz will move in with Nikolas. Nikolas asserts that Helena doesn’t have a say in the matter.

Claire shows up at Dante’s loft. Claire announces that Michael has a good shot of getting released if Sonny is convicted. Claire brings up the wild scene at the Corinthos home when Johnny accused Sonny of attempted murder. Dante fears that a mob war is imminent. Claire wants to find evidence to convict Sonny. Claire figures that they can bust Sonny before he kills Johnny. Dante knows that Sonny is vulnerable since he has no enforcer right now. Dante and Claire agree that Sonny would have to kill Johnny himself.

At the restaurant, Carly and Brook Lynn discuss Dante. Brook Lynn says that she will call Dante to get him to come over. Nearby, Johnny and Olivia start arguing about Sonny. Johnny fears that Olivia wants to get back with Sonny. Olivia tells Johnny that since Sonny is Dante’s father, she has to speak to him once in a while. Johnny doesn’t believe Olivia. Johnny storms out of the restaurant.

Robin and Nikolas talk at Wyndemere. Nikolas justifies his actions to Robin. Robin thinks that Nikolas and Elizabeth were both “tortured” during their affair. Robin wishes that Nik would give Elizabeth some space. Nikolas believes that Liz is “fragile” at the moment. Robin senses that Nikolas won’t back down. Unbeknownst to them, Helena is listening from the hallway.

Lulu returns to work, carrying some lattes. Maxie comments that Kate isn’t happy about the latest Crimson issue. Lulu is in a cheerful mood. Lulu confides that she told Dante about the abortion. Lulu is thankful that Dante was so understanding. Maxie is shocked. Lulu says that Dante loves her. Maxie can’t believe that she was wrong about Dante. Lulu admits that she and Dante are still dealing with issues regarding Michael’s incarceration. However, Lulu believes in Dante.

Olivia confronts Carly at the MetroCourt bar. Olivia wants to know why Carly brought up the dinner date with Sonny. Carly plays stupid. Carly says that she didn’t realize that Johnny would be mad. Olivia maintains that Sonny’s name not be brought up in front of Johnny. Olivia thinks that Carly is interested in Sonny. Carly laughs in response. Carly asks Olivia to come to her office. Nearby, Brook Lynn makes a call to Dante. Brook Lynn claims that Olivia is at the restaurant, obviously upset about something. Brook Lynn asks Dante to come to the restaurant. Once Dante shows up, Brook Lynn says that she has something important to discuss with him.

Claire heads over to Sonny’s place. Sonny asks Claire if she found any proof in his home. Sonny offers Claire a drink but she passes. Sonny wants to give Claire his version regarding Claudia. Sonny admits that he shouldn’t have married Claudia. Sonny makes it clear that he never hit Claudia, especially since he was raised in an abusive home. Sonny suggests that Claire go after Johnny. Sonny wants to avoid retaliation at all costs. Sonny says that he wants Michael released first. Sonny offers to set up Johnny. Claire asks to hear more of Sonny’s plan.

Luke finds Tracy in the cell. Luke is concerned about Tracy. Tracy is annoyed that Luke took his time finding her. Tracy blames Luke for her predicament.

Lucky and Johnny meet on the pier. Lucky is worried that Ethan is getting mixed up in the mob. Johnny insists that he, along with Ethan, are going after Sonny. Lucky doesn’t like the idea.

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