GH Update Tuesday 5/25/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/25/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Carly heads over to the Crimson office to speak to Lulu. Carly doesn’t think that Dante will react well when Lulu comes clean about her abortion. In fact, Carly is convinced that Lulu’s teenage abortion will be a “deal-breaker” for Dante. Lulu doesn’t know what to do. Lulu wants to tell Dante the truth. Carly reminds Lulu that Dante is a strict Catholic. Carly tells Lulu that she deserves happiness in her life. Lulu decides that she will play it by ear.

Brook Lynn is singing at Jake’s. Brook Lynn notices Dante enter the bar. Ethan and Johnny are smitten with Brook Lynn. Maxie notices that Dante is staring admiringly at Brook Lynn. When Brook Lynn finishes her song, everyone claps. Brook Lynn rushes over to Dante and hugs him. Ethan and Johnny are shocked that Dante knows Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn tells Dante that Lois lives in London now. Dante inquires about Brook Lynn’s music school. Brook Lynn and Dante reminisce about Bensonhurst. Maxie rudely interrupts. Maxie makes it clear that Dante is already taken. Everyone is shocked to find out that Brook Lynn is a Quartermaine. Maya pipes in that she is one, as well. Maya and Brook Lynn shake hands. Dante asks Brook Lynn why she’s in town.

Elizabeth shows up at Lucky’s apartment. Liz apologizes for the unexpected visit. Elizabeth announces that she needs Lucky right now. Elizabeth vents about her argument with Nikolas. Elizabeth feels like Nik is hovering too much. Lucky figures that Nikolas feels “entitled” to the baby. Elizabeth says that Nik offered for her and the boys to move into Wyndemere. Lucky insists that he’ll stand by Liz’s decision to move in with Nik. Elizabeth is shocked by Lucky’s reaction. Lucky says that Elizabeth can do whatever she wants. Elizabeth is disappointed in Lucky.

Michael returns to his jail cell. Michael has a black eye. Michael asks Jason how his visit with Sonny went. Jason says that he never mentioned Michael’s fight. However, Sonny assumes that Michael’s bruises were caused by a guard. Michael admits that some of the guards aren’t impressed by the Corinthos name. Michael wishes that Jason didn’t have to sacrifice everything. Jason says that he and Sonny talked about Johnny Zacchara. Jason tells Michael that he isn’t to blame for his own incarceration. Jason doesn’t have any regrets in going to prison.

Skye shows up at the Haunted Star. Skye updates Luke about Tracy’s whereabouts. Skye says that Tracy is not in Fiji, and that she missed the planned ELQ meeting. Luke senses that Tracy has been kidnapped. Luke is mad at himself for not seeing the warning signs. Luke believes that Helena wants to punish him. Skye doesn’t want Luke to jump to conclusions since Tracy has run away before. Luke is fairly sure that Tracy is in trouble. Skye is impressed by Luke’s undeniable love for Tracy.

Tracy is stuck in a cell. Helena tells Tracy that Luke has grown tired of his wife. Helena doesn’t think that Luke will show up. Tracy disagrees, and compares Helena to a witch. Helena implies that something bad will happen to Tracy if Luke doesn’t find her. Tracy jokes that Helena should add some fiber to her diet. Helena laughs in response. Helena is happy to make Luke’s life miserable. Tracy asks to be moved to a nicer place. Helena makes a comment about rats crawling around the cell. Tracy wants to be treated better. Tracy brings up Liz’s unborn child.

Lulu shows up at Jake’s. Lulu hugs Brook Lynn. They are happy to see each other. Dante thinks it is funny that Lulu knows Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn is surprised to hear that Dante and Lulu are a couple. Brook Lynn agrees not to dish any dirt regarding Dante’s past. Lulu smiles nervously. Brook Lynn asks Lulu how she ended up with Dante. Brook Lynn teases Dante about his cheesy pickup lines. Lulu admits that Dante was persistent. Dante reveals that Sonny is his father. Brook Lynn doesn’t admit that she already knows. Brook Lynn changes the subject by joking about Lulu’s teenage crush on Dillon. Lulu is visibly agitated by the mention of Dillon. Dante hugs Brook Lynn before he and Lulu leave the bar. Brook Lynn asks the bartender for a drink. Johnny pipes in that he’ll pay for it. Olivia shows up out of the blue. Olivia quickly puts her arm around Johnny. Brook Lynn and Olivia chat about Bensonhurst. Maxie interrupts. Maxie wants to catch up with Brook Lynn. Nearby, Maya and Ethan have a conversation. Maya thinks that Ethan is stupid for getting mixed up in the mob. Ethan insists that the job pays really well. Ethan adds that he loves the thrill of adventure. Maya isn’t impressed with Ethan so she quickly leaves the bar. In private, Maxie tells Brook Lynn that Olivia and Johnny are in love, implying that Brook Lynn can’t break them up.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Jax and Claire talk about Sonny. Claire says that Jason made the ultimate sacrifice to protect Michael. Claire wants to know if Jax made any calls. Jax says that his contacts are reluctant to help since Sonny Corinthos is involved. Jax adds that his business acquaintances would be more likely to help if Sonny was convicted. Claire wants to take down Sonny.

Jason asks Michael about the prison’s schedule. Michael says that they have a 5 a.m. wakeup. Michael speaks of the chores that all the prisoners take part in – laundry, dishes, and even bathroom duty. Michael cringes at the thought of cleaning the bathroom. Jason inquires about free time. Michael says that after dinner, the cell doors open for a while. Michael looks uncomfortable talking about this. Jason says that he and Sonny wanted a better life for Michael. Jason didn’t think that Michael would end up in prison. Jason says that the other prisoners are dangerous. Jason wants to teach Michael some self-defense moves. Michael is surprised since he thought Jason wanted him to lay low. Jason replies that Michael isn’t a child anymore. Jason tells Michael that they will start tomorrow. The lights go out in the cell. Michael heads to the top bunk. Jason gives Michael an extra pillow. Jason reassures Michael that they’ll get through this.

Liz returns home and finds Nikolas waiting inside. Nikolas is mad since he just read an accident report claiming that a hospital patient kicked Elizabeth. Nikolas can’t believe that Elizabeth isn’t worried about the baby. Liz claims that the incident wasn’t serious. Elizabeth wants to be left alone. Nikolas implies that Elizabeth doesn’t care about the baby. Elizabeth is offended that Nikolas would say such a thing. Nikolas figures that Elizabeth wants the baby to be Lucky’s. Elizabeth denies the allegation. Elizabeth warns Nikolas to stay away. Nikolas is resolute that he won’t back off.

Claire heads over to Lucky’s apartment. Lucky comments that the kids are sleeping. Claire apologizes for their talk in the park. Claire divulges that she wants to build a case against Sonny. Claire says that Mac gave her Lucky’s name. Claire begs Lucky to help with the case. Claire is curious as to why Lucky claimed a conflict-of-interest in the Corinthos case. Lucky says that it is personal, and refuses to talk about it. However, Lucky asserts that he has no problem taking down Sonny. Lucky fears that Claire will lead an “obsessive personal vendetta” against Sonny. Claire promises that she won’t become fixated on sending Sonny to prison. Claire is adamant that she won’t break the law. Lucky agrees to work with Claire.

Carly goes to the MetroCourt restaurant. Jax says that Claire updated him on the situation in Pentonville. Carly knows that she has to learn to adjust. Jax informs Carly that Morgan’s adoption papers are almost ready. Jax wonders what will happen next. Carly has no problem telling Jax that they should move forward with the divorce.

Lulu and Dante return to the loft. Lulu is unusually quiet. Dante senses that something is wrong. Dante says that he’ll stop talking about Michael. Dante brings up Brook Lynn. Dante wishes that he would have known Lulu when she was a teenager. Lulu is hesitant to tell Dante the truth. Finally, Lulu admits that she has a huge secret to share. Dante says that his feelings for Lulu won’t change, one way or the other. Lulu speaks of her crush on Dillon Quartermaine. Through tears, Lulu recounts how she ended up pregnant by Dillon, and later had an abortion. Lulu knows that Dante is against abortion. Dante surprises Lulu by saying that he loves her even more now. Dante says that Lulu made a difficult decision, and that she “followed her heart”. Lulu is relieved that Dante isn’t mad. Lulu thanks Dante for being understanding. Lulu hugs Dante.

Brook Lynn meets with Carly at the MetroCourt restaurant. Brook Lynn relays that she spoke to Dante. However, Brook Lynn is mad that Carly never said that Dante is with Lulu. Brook Lynn assumes that it will take some time for her to break up the couple. Carly says that she is willing to offer an incentive. If Brook Lynn can get Dante into bed and take some photos, Carly will give her fifty-thousand dollars.

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