GH Update Monday 5/24/10

General Hospital Update Monday 5/24/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Carly runs into Brook Lynn in the park. Carly brings up Brook Lynn’s money problems. Brook Lynn isn’t worried because she can get access to her trust fund at age thirty. Brook Lynn admits that her parents, Ned and Lois, are furious with her. Carly senses that Brook Lynn is only scamming people for the love of the game. Brook Lynn asks Carly what she wants. Carly brings up Dante Falconeri. Brook Lynn speaks of her family’s closeness to the Falconeri clan. Carly updates Brook Lynn with the news that Olivia and Dante live in Port Charles now. Brook Lynn is taken aback when she learns that Sonny Corinthos is Dante’s father. Brook Lynn demands to know what Carly is plotting. Carly wants Brook Lynn to woo Dante. Brook Lynn makes it clear that she will not sleep with Dante. Carly offers to give Brook Lynn a free room at the Metro Court, with access to the spa and free room service. Brook Lynn is hesitant to agree to the deal. Carly says that she’ll host a cabaret night at the hotel. Brook Lynn realizes that Carly is serious. Carly asks Brook Lynn if they have a deal.

In the Crimson office, Lulu tells Dante that she is a little overwhelmed by work. Dante vents about his frustrations regarding Michael. Lulu insists that Carly isn’t mad anymore. Dante doesn’t want Michael to blame himself for his current situation. Dante thinks that Lulu is hiding something. Dante wonders if Lulu is mad at him. Lulu denies it. Dante has regrets about turning in Michael. Lulu reminds Dante that it’s too late. Claire calls Dante and asks him to stop by Sonny’s house. Dante suggests to Lulu that they meet up at Jake’s later on. Dante tells Lulu that he loves her.

Sonny opens his desk drawer in the Corinthos living room. Sonny eyes his gun just as the phone starts to ring. Johnny says that the caller is Bernie. Sonny listens intently to Bernie. Johnny is proud of himself for messing with Sonny’s organization. Sonny tells Johnny that he’s a “dead man”. Sonny points the gun at Johnny. Sonny warns that he’ll shoot Johnny. Sonny is worried that Johnny won’t back down. Suddenly, Max, Ethan, and Claire enter the room. Johnny tells Claire that he wants Sonny charged with attempted murder. Johnny says that Sonny threatened to shoot him. Johnny points out that Sonny is holding a gun. Sonny laughs in response. Sonny reminds Claire that it’s her fault that Michael’s in prison. Sonny asks Max to escort Johnny and Ethan out of the house. After the men leave, Sonny asks Claire if she’s working for Johnny now. Claire mentions that she has enough probable cause to search the Corinthos property. Sonny tells Claire that she can search his home but he is going to go see Michael.

Michael is sitting in his jail cell when Jason enters the area. The guard unshackles Jason. Michael is unusually quiet. Jason speaks of surrendering himself at the police station. Michael is distant. Jason says that Michael is very brave. Jason reminisces about the Island. Finally, Michael speaks up. Michael remembers the sandy beaches at the Island. Michael and Jason wish that the Island would always remain the same. Jason notices the bruises on Michael’s face. Michael is evasive about who hit him. Michael jokes that he’ll take the top bunk. Jason reaches out to touch Michael’s shoulder but he backs away. Michael wishes that he hadn’t confessed to Claudia’s murder. Jason realizes that he shouldn’t have covered up the murder. Jason blames himself for Michael’s predicament. Jason believes that he put Michael in prison. Jason says that Kristina, Morgan, and Molly all send their love to Michael. Michael speaks of the letters he receives from them, as well as from Carly. Jason talks of Carly’s vendetta against Dante. Michael knows that Jason loathes Dante. Michael reminds Jason that Sonny looks up to Dante. Michael doesn’t want Jason mentioning anything about the prison fight. Jason brings up a memory of Brenda, Sonny’s ex. Jason confides that Brenda hated how he was so quiet. Jason understands why Michael doesn’t have much to say right now. The guard interrupts, and says that Michael has a visitor – Sonny. Michael doesn’t want Sonny to see his bruises. However, Jason convinces Michael to see his father.

Sonny is patiently waiting in the visitor’s room. Michael enters the area. Sonny asks about Michael’s injuries. Michael doesn’t want to talk about it. Sonny wonders if the guards caused the bruises. Michael says that Jason is in the jail cell. Sonny is thankful that Michael will be protected. Michael comments that he isn’t as weak as Sonny would like to think. Sonny is concerned about Michael’s wellbeing. Michael is resolute that he can handle prison. Sonny reiterates that Michael’s conviction is only “temporary”.

Lucky and Maya speak at the hospital. Lucky inquires about Elizabeth’s whereabouts since he was supposed to pick up the boys. Maya informs Lucky that Liz left for the day, claiming that she was tired. Lucky tells Maya that it’s his turn to have Cameron and Jake for the night.

At home, Cameron and Jake are running around the living room. Elizabeth is visibly agitated. There is a knock on the door. Nikolas hurries inside. Nikolas announces to Liz that she missed her appointment with Dr. Lee. Elizabeth says that she forgot. Nik doesn’t think that Elizabeth is making their unborn baby a priority. Elizabeth is offended by Nikolas’ suggestion. Elizabeth maintains that she forgot about the appointment. Lucky shows up unannounced. Cameron runs to Lucky. Elizabeth realizes that Lucky was supposed to pick up the boys at the hospital. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she’s sorry. Lucky says that he’ll bring Cameron and Jake to daycare tomorrow. After Lucky leaves with the boys, Nikolas says to Liz that this situation isn’t working out. Elizabeth doesn’t want to argue with Nikolas. Nikolas makes it clear that Liz needs to make a change in her life.

At Jake’s, Matt and Maxie sit down at a table. Matt teases that he won’t sing karoake. Ethan and Johnny enter the bar. They both agree that the incident with Sonny was funny. Ethan is impressed that Johnny’s plan worked. Ethan asks Coleman for two shots. Coleman inquires about their celebration. Johnny admits that they are celebrating “the fall of Sonny Corinthos”. Johnny and Ethan make a toast to “danger”. Ethan stands up and turns, but bumps into Maya. Maya is irritated that her blouse is completely drenched from the drink. Ethan apologizes and offers to buy Maya a beer. Maya thinks that Ethan stole some money. Ethan comments that he found a “lucrative job”. Nearby, Matt and Maxie continue their conversation. Maxie is amazed that Matt knows so much about fashion. Maxie speaks of her trip to Milan, Italy. Maxie stands up to speak to Johnny. Johnny can’t understand why Maxie is on a date with Matt. Maxie blurts out that she is only trying to make Spinelli jealous. Matt overhears Maxie. Matt storms out of Jake’s.

Dante shows up at Sonny’s home. Claire says that Sonny went to Pentonville to visit Michael. Claire tells Dante to find something incriminating on Sonny. Dante says that Sonny doesn’t have any proof at the house. Dante admits that Sonny shot him. Claire wishes that Dante would have told the truth. Dante fears that Michael’s incarceration happened because he didn’t speak the truth about his own shooting. Dante wants to take down Sonny.

Elizabeth and Nikolas continue to argue in the living room. Nikolas wants Liz to re-prioritize her life. Nikolas believes that Elizabeth is overwhelmed and exhausted. Elizabeth is adamant that Nikolas won’t run her life. Elizabeth wishes that Nik would stop “nagging”. Nikolas insists that he wants to make sure that the baby is healthy. Nikolas suggests that Liz and the boys move into Wyndemere. Elizabeth laughs at the idea. Elizabeth’s response – “never”. Nikolas wants his child protected. Nikolas presses the issue of Elizabeth moving in. Elizabeth is disgusted when Nikolas brings up their lovemaking. Elizabeth says that she only slept with Nik because she was confused about Lucky. In fact, Liz regrets ever sleeping with Nikolas. Elizabeth wishes that the baby wasn’t Nik’s. Nikolas is stung by Elizabeth’s words. Nikolas says that Elizabeth said the wrong thing. Elizabeth asks Nikolas to leave. Nikolas reminds Liz that he has parental rights.

Jason is sitting in the cell when Warden Powell appears. The warden says that he doesn’t like Michael and Jason’s arrangement. Powell warns Jason that he better not make any trouble or Michael will get a new cellmate. Jason agrees to comply to the warden’s wishes. However, Jason has a request. After Michael returns, Jason asks how the visit went. A guard shows up and tells Michael to come with him. Jason also has a visitor. Jason sits down with Sonny. Sonny demands to know what happened to Michael. Sonny wants vengeance but Jason points out that it would only make things worse for Michael. Sonny begs Jason to keep Michael safe for the time being. Sonny relays to Jason that Johnny is coming after the organization. Sonny fills Jason in on the incident with Johnny at the house. Sonny fears that the business is vulnerable. Sonny regrets not killing Johnny when he had the chance. Jason tells Sonny that Dante sent Michael to prison, not Johnny. Sonny wants to “crush Johnny”.

Michael is being checked out for injuries in the prison’s medical room.

Elizabeth shows up at Lucky’s apartment. Elizabeth vents about her chat with Nikolas. Elizabeth feels like Nikolas has become overbearing. Elizabeth speaks of Nikolas’ desire to have her and the boys move into Wyndemere. Lucky is speechless.

Carly heads over to Crimson where Lulu is just leaving to go meet Dante. Carly confides that Lulu should stay quiet about her abortion. Carly thinks that Dante will change his mind about Lulu if he knew the truth.

Dante is checking his cell phone for messages outside of Jake’s. A woman is singing “When You Wish Upon A Star” inside the bar. Dante enters Jake’s. Dante is surprised to see Brook Lynn singing.

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