GH Update Friday 5/21/10

General Hospital Update Friday 5/21/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is having dinner at the Metro Court restaurant. He asks Olivia to sit down and join him. She tells him that if she joins him for dinner, they will start out by having a nice conversation about the old neighborhood and then he will say something about Dante that pisses her off and then she will be compelled to remind him that he shot her son. He reminds her that Dante is his son too.

At the Penthouse, Spinelli is searching the Internet for dirt on Dante. Carly recognizes a girl in a photo with her arm around Dante as Brook Lynn Ashton. Spinelli says the girl looks smitten. Carly says Dante looks oblivious. She says that apparently all roads lead to Bensonhurst. She says Brook Lynnís mother, Sonny, Olivia, and Kate all grew up in the old neighborhood so naturally Brooklyn and Dante would have grown up knowing each other, but the question is how well Brooke wanted to know Sonnyís bastard son.

In an interrogation room at the police station where Jason is waiting with Sam until he is transported to Pentonville Prison, Mayor Floyd has told him he isnít going anywhere. Sam tells Jason to be patient; she is sure Claire will straighten it out. Jason says he doesnít have time for this, but Mayor Floyd says they arenít operation on Jasonís schedule. Sam tells the mayor she doesnít understand why he is preventing Jason from going to prison when that is what he has wanted for so long. Mayor Floyd says when Jason is incarcerated, he is going to make sure it stays that way. He tells Jason that the prison system is not a hotel that he can check in and out of at will. He says he wonít let Jason slip out on a technicality if Michael Corinthos gets early parole. Jason tells the mayor that it is already in motion for him to be processed into Pentonvillle tonight. Dante enters the interrogation room and asks what the hold up is. Mayor Floyd says Jason will be in Pentonville soon enough and for a long time, but he will be sent there on a proper conviction.

In Michaelís cell at Pentonville, Michael tells Carter that he appreciates that he stepped in when the guard, Frank was about to work him over, but he doesnít owe Carter anything. Carter says Michael is still thinking as if he is on the outside. He says that in the joint, nobody does anything for free and that for every action, there is a reaction. He touches Michaelís hair and Michael recoils. Carter says he made and action just then and Michael had a reaction, but not the reaction that he had hoped for. He grabs Michael by the neck, pins him against the wall, and tells him that it isnít about doing his time; it is about surviving it.

In the interrogation room, Mayor Floyd says he is holding Jason there until the Port Charles District Attorney has had a chance to review the plea bargain with the Federal Prosecutor. He says Port Charles may have some charges to add. Jason says he is a dangerous felon and the sooner he is off the streets the less chance that he will hurt someone. Dante tells Jason that he will take him to the transport van. He asks the mayor why he is trying to drag it out. The mayor says incarcerating a mob enforcer for a class-D felony is a joke. He says he needs something with a lot more years. Dante asks Sam if Claire Walsh knows about this, and Sam informs him that Claire is on the phone working on it. Mayor Floyd says that in the meantime, the Port Charles Police Department has a good holding cell. Jason says he canít wait. Mayor Floyd says they may be there for quite some time. Mayor Floyd leaves the holding cell. Jason tells Dante that he needs to get to Michael now. Sam asks him how long the mayor can hold up Jasonís transfer. Dante says maybe a week. Jason frantically says Michael doesnít have a week. Sam tells Jason that Michael is smart and he knows to keep his head down so he will be ok until Jason gets there.

Meanwhile at the Pentonville Prison, Michael tells Carter to chill out. Carter lets Michael go and says he was just trying to help. He says he likes Michael so he only tossed him against the wall. He says if he didnít like Michael, then Michael would have a shank in his gut. He says give and take goes a long way in Pentonville. Michael punches Carter in the face and leaves his cell. Carter asks him where he is going to go. He tells Michael that he will collect on that debt and he walks away.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Olivia tells the server that she will have her usual and what Sonny is having. Sonny says now they can talk and enjoy each otherís company. Olivia asks him who said she enjoys his company. He says he says so. He tells her that she might not always enjoy his company but when they do connect, it is on a soulful level. She tells him not to get carried away. He tells her that they were young when they fell in love and were not hiding behind the barriers that life can throw around the heart. She says sometimes itís almost painful to remember how they were when their love was new but even then, he had a darkness about him. He says it was from all the beatings that he had to watch and take and even though he couldnít release his feelings against Deke, that doesnít mean he didnít have them screaming to come out. She agrees that Deke set him on a course. She says he is the devil with the dimpled smile, so Sonny smiles. He asks her what her excuse was, and she says rosaries. She tells him that Father Butler rained rosaries on her head for little things. She says she needed to cut loose or at least deserve the rosaries and there Sonny was. He tells her that she wasnít just along for the ride; she knew how to instigate. He asks her if dinner with him is so bad.

At Crimson, Maxie tells Lulu that she and Dante are not very popular right now so they need each other if for no other reason than to have someone to eat with. She says she doesnít see the point of Lulu bringing up baggage that isnít even an issue if it is only going to drive a wedge between them. She says if Lulu thinks Dante will react badly to finding out that Lulu had an abortion, then Lulu shouldnít tell him about it. Lulu says honesty is a priority for them and it is preventative because secrets have a way of coming out at the very time that they can do the most emotional damage. Maxie says it is a nice theory, but she doesnít know how practical it is. Lulu says Maxie is right about her and Dante not having friends right now and she concludes that Danteís reaction would be worse if he found out from someone else so she has to tell him.

At the penthouse, Carly tells Spinelli that she wants a complete profile on Brook Lynn and asks him to see if he can find any more pictures of Brook Lynn with Dante. Spinelli tells her that he doesnít see how Danteís old friendship is relevant to her plan. Carly tells him that the past has a way of catching up to people and she is just going to give it a nudge in the right direction.

At Crimson, Maxie says Lulu has the right to decide what to do with her deep dark secret. She says if Lulu feels that she must tell Dante, then she should pick the right setting. She suggests the Metro Court. Lulu says she isnít going to tell Dante about her abortion in public. Maxie says Dante wouldnít be able to make a scene. Lulu says Dante should be able to make a scene if he wants to. Maxie says Lulu should at least test the waters first. She asks lulu for her opinions on two dresses. Lulu asks if she has to dress a certain way too, but Maxie informs her that the dresses are not for her. She says she wants to inspire passion without being too obvious. Lulu says Spinelli doesnít care what Maxie wears. Maxie says she isnít dressing for Spinelli. Lulu wonders what Maxie is up to. Matt enters and Lulu asks him if he is there to see Kate. He says he is here to see Maxie and then tells Maxie that her message was intriguing but not enlightening. He asks her if he should wear a suit. Lulu corrals Matt into Kateís office so she can speak to Maxie privately. She tells Maxie that she should be at home with Spinelli because he must be freaking out about Jason going to prison. Maxie says Spinelli is beyond freaking out; he is depressed and she needs to shake him out of it. Lulu asks hot Matt fits into it. Maxie reveals her plan to go out with Matt to make Spinelli jealous. Lulu tells Maxie it will backfire, and then she leaves.

At the penthouse, Spinelli tells Carly that Brook Lynn lives in an apartment in Bensonhurst and her parents, Ned Ashton and Lois Cerullo are out of the country. He says Brook Lynnís music career is stagnant and she has had trouble with the law, most recently credit card fraud. Carly wonders why a girl with a Quartermaine trust fund would be involved in credit card fraud. Spinelli says Brook Lynn wonít have access to the trust fund assets until she turns 30. Carly says that is perfect and gets up to leave. Spinelli asks her what she is doing, but she only tells him that she will let him know soon.

Mayor Floyd is talking on the telephone at the police station as Dante watches him through the window from the interrogation room. Dante tells Jason and Sam that he will go and talk to the mayor. Dante goes to the area where the mayor is. When the mayor hangs up the phone, he informs Dante that Jason will stay at the jail in the Port Charles police station until the district attorney reviews the deal that Jason made with Claire Walsh. Dante say they could that way but then he would feel to release information to the press about Madam Dalana and Mayor Floydís visits with her hookers for years while his wife was still alive.

IN the interrogation room, Jason asks Sam if she has anything with her that can get his handcuffs off. She asks him if heís thinking of tearing up the room. Jason tells her that if he causes enough problems, Mayor Floydís bosses wonít care what he wants. Dante returns to the interrogation room and informs Jason that a guard will be there in a few minutes. Jason wonders how Dante managed to achieve that. Dante says he just reminded the mayor of some embarrassing information and the mayor realized it is an election year. Dante tells Jason that he can go to Pentonville and protect Michael while he is in there and then, when they are both released, Dante can send Jason back for good.

At Crimson, Matt asks Maxie if this is a date. She tells him it is definitely not a date. She says she needs an escort to a cocktail reception at the Natural History Museum. She says Crimson is doing a shoot there. He asks her what exhibit, and she says one of the people halls. He corrects her that they are Culture Halls. She says Brazil. He tells her he doesnít see any parrot feathers. She asks him why he would see parrot feathers. He tells her that he exhibit is on South American feather work on hats and capes. She asks him how he knows that and he informs her that he has seen it. She says she canít picture him walking around museums. He tells her it is a great place to meet smart women. He tells her she will like the exhibit and that it is very colorful. He selects a red and white strapless dress from the rack and tells her that one would be prefect. She asks him why itís perfect and he says he just likes it. She tells him she doesnít want to clash. He says she wonít clash; she will look perfect there and in SoHo afterwards. He says they can continue the South American theme and go to Club Rio for drinking and dancing. He tells her that an Oncology patient recently taught him to do the Rumba. Maxie tells him that she has to meet Kate after the reception. He asks her to throw caution to the wind and go out for a night.

In the interrogation room, Jason wonders what is taking so long. Sam says sheís never seen anyone so anxious to go to prison. He tells her that he is so focused on Michael that he takes her for granted because she is so strong and independent. She tells him he doesnít take her for granted. She tells him she will be strong until he comes back to her because she believes in what he is doing for Michael. He tells her he will miss her. She says she will miss him too. They hold each other. A guard comes in and tells her to step away from the prisoner. He shackles Jasonís feet. Sam leaves the interrogation room and cries in the lobby. The guard escorts Jason out.

Lulu goes to Jasonís penthouse. When Spinelli opens the door, she tells him he can slam the door in her face, but Spinelli says she is welcome there. Lulu goes inside and says she came to see how Spinelli is doing. She looks around and concludes that he is not doing so great. Spinelli says he feels as if he has no direction and Jasonís incarceration has just begun. She says she is sorry for his pain. He tells her that he understands that she was torn between her concern for Michael and her loyalty to the duplicitous detective. He says that her choice to keep from Jason her knowledge that Michael was in town could not have been made lightly. She tells him that it was a terrible choice to make and she is living with the consequences. She says she loves Dante and that means taking his side regardless of the cost. Spinelli says that unfortunately, the cost was not just to her but to many and most of all, Michael.

Dante enters the Metro Court restaurant and sees Sonny and Olivia sharing a meal and conversation. He walks over to him and asks in a demanding manner if they are enjoying their dinner. Sonny says they are, and invites Dante to join them. Dante sits down and asks Olivia if her chicken was good. She says it was delicious. He sarcastically says that is great. He tells Sonny that he wonders what slop Michael is eating in Pentonville while they are enjoying this good food.

At Pentonville, a bell rings. A guard orders everyone to go to their cells for lockdown. Michael reluctantly goes into his cell and Carter loiters just outside the still-open door.

At Crimson, Maxie tells Matt that she doesnít want to give him the wring idea. He asks her what the meaning if her sudden attention toward him is. She changes the subject by asking him if he hurt his wrist patting himself on the back. He tells her he saw a guy beating his dog and they got in a fight when he told the guy to stop. He says afterwards he found a nice home for the dog. She says she is surprised that he is an animal lover. She agrees to let him take her to the reception but warns him not to be sleazy because anything he says or does will be a reflection on her, and she is a reflection on Kate. He says he will be a perfect date at the reception if she will have a drink with him at Jakeís tonight Ė unless Spinelli will blow a gasket if he finds out. She tells him that she and Spinelli trust each other; he knows he has nothing to worry about, especially not from Matt. He tells her he will see her at Jakeís, and then he gets on the elevator and leaves.

At Jasonís penthouse, Lulu tells Spinelli that he hopes he believes her when she says that Dante didnít think Michael would get any jail time. She says that based on his knowledge of the system as a cop, Dante believed that Michael would get a suspended sentence. Spinelli says Judge Carroll used Michael as a scapegoat to punish the people who covered up the crime. She says Judge Carroll knows that Michael didnít intentionally kill Claudia and that it should have been considered self-defense. She says Dante feels terrible about it and he is working day and night to get Michael released. Spinelli says he hopes Dante is successful because Michael isnít tough enough to survive in prison. He says luckily Michael will have Jason to protect him but he wonders who will protect Jason. Lulu asks what he means. Spinelli says Michael will be set free, but Jason will not. He says the authorities will have no incentive to let Jason out when they have wanted him in prison for years. She says she thought they matched Jasonís sentence to Michaels. Spinelli says they said that to appease Jason but now that they have him in custody, they can let him hang. Lulu says that would be awful. Spinelli says it wonít be her concern since she has made it clear that her loyalties lie with the one who has deceived so many. She says Dante hasnít deceived her. Spinelli says not yet.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Dante asks Olivia if she is so gullible that she canít see that Sonny is using her to get to Dante. He says Sonny feels guilty for creating the events that led to Michaelís imprisonment, so how he wants to redeem his good father image by fawning over Dante. Sonny tells Dante that it is just dinner. Dante says it is Sonny trying to manipulate Olivia but it wonít work because Dante wants nothing to do with Sonny unless he is arresting him. Sonny says he knows it will be a rocky road. Dante says it is a dead end street and he wonít sit back and watch Sonny use Olivia. He tells Olivia he thought she was smarter than this, and then he gets up and walks away. Sonny tells Olivia that it seems like the more he tries, the worse everything gets.

Brook Lynn is in a park ordering a pretzel from a vending wagon while Carly lurks in the foliage and watches. Brook Lynn looks in her purse and then pretending to be surprised, she tells the vendor that her wallet is missing. She says her purse was open and someone must have stolen her wallet. The street vendor tells her she can have the pretzel and soda. He gives her ten dollars to get home and says people ought to be ashamed of themselves. Carly emerges from the bushes and says that is the truth; it seems there is a thief on every corner these days.

In his cell in Pentonville Prison, Michael tells Carter to leave him alone. Carter says Michael doesnít want to piss him off so he should check the attitude. Michael says he just wants to do his time in peace. Carter tells Michael that most of the inmates would stuff Michaelís dead body into a laundry sack just to send his father a message, but he is just trying to look out for him and be his friend. Michael says he doesnít want any friends. Carter says if itís not him, itíll be someone else, and at least he likes Michael. The bars slide to close on Michaelís cell. Carter tells him it is only a matter of time, and then he walks away.

In the park, Carly tells Brook Lynn that it has been a long time. She gives the vendor money to cover Brook Lynnís items. She asks Brooklyn if she has everything now that she has her pretzel, soda, and subway fare. Brooklyn asks what she is doing in the neighborhood. Carly tells her that she came looking for her. Brook Lynn says she canít imagine why.

Dante goes to Crimson to see Lulu. He tells her about Mayor Floyd trying to railroad Jason going to Pentonnville. Lulu is surprised that the mayor didnít want Jason to go to prison. Dante explains that the Mayor wanted to hold out for a harsher sentence, so he stopped him with the threat of blackmail. He tells her that he then went to Metro Court to see his mother because she has a way of making him feel better when he feels like crap, but he found her having dinner with Sonny. Lulu asks why his mother was having dinner with Sonny. He says his mother is vulnerable to their wonderful, tragic past and Sonny knows how to use it to get what he wants.

At the Metro Court, Sonny asks Olivia if she still wants to have dessert. She says that what Dante dished up was plenty. Sonny says she shouldnít let Dante affect her mood, but she doesnít know how to do that because Dante is her son. Sonny says that doesnít mean he gets to dictate her emotions. He says she canít let her grown son affect how she lives her life. She says she knows, but this is difficult for Dante. She says Dante is not ok with Sonny being his father. She tells him that Dante wasnít always like this. She says he was a cheerful child and she has never seen this kind of animosity in him. Sonny says that if Dante wants to be free of his anger, he should deal with Sonny directly so he can get rid of it and move on. Olivia concludes that Sonny has it all figured out. She says Sonny figures out the scenario that works best for him and then keeps pushing until he gets it. She asks him what about everyone else. She gets up, throws her napkin on the table, and storms off.

Sam goes to the penthouse and is flooded with memories of Jason. She sits on the couch and cries. Spinelli asks her if Stone Cold is incarcerated now. She nods and cries. He sits beside her and puts his arm around her.

Michael is alone in his cell at Pentonville, lying on the bottom bunk when a noise startles him. Carter walks up and Michael asks him how he got out of his cell. Carter says he had someone open it. He says that he has been telling Michael that friends are key in there. Michaelís door slides open and Carter goes into Michaelís cell. Michael stands up and says the door is supposed to be locked. The door closes behind Carter so they are locked in Michaelís cell together. Carter starts to walk toward Michael.

In the park in Bensonhurst, Carly tells Brook Lynn that she needs some help with a project, but first she needs to know why a Quartermaine granddaughter needs to scam for a pretzel and subway tokens. She reveals that she knows about the credit card fraud too. Brook Lynn tells Carly that she doesnít have to answer her questions. She tells Carly to get to the point and tells her what she wants and why Brook Lynn should give it to her. Carly says she wants cooperation. She says she has a lot of money and she can give Brook Lynn some. She says she can even make the credit card fraud charges go away.

At Crimson, Dante tells Lulu that it kills him to see how vulnerable his mother is to Sonny. Lulu says Olivia sees Sonny for exactly what he is. Dante says it isnít that clean. He says Olivia gets sentimental with Sonny because he is the father of her only child. Dante says Olivia didnít need sonny. He says she had the courage to have a child at 15, effectively giving up her life so Dante could have his. Dante says Olivia could have taken the easy way out and had an abortion, but she took the lonely, unpopular choice of raising him on her own and he thinks she did a good job of it. She says he doesnít need anyone to tell him he is wonderful. He says it sounds better coming from her. He tries to kiss her but she turns her head. He asks her what is wrong.

Sonny goes home and finds Johnny Zacchara sitting in his living room in the dark. He asks Johnny which guard he has to fire. Johnny says it isnít the guardís fault; he knows all the ins and outs of Sonnyís house because his sister used to live there. Sonny says Johnny is trespassing so he could shoot him. Johnny says he could, but it would be too late. He says Sonnyís phone should ring at any minute. Sonny looks at the phone and says it isnít ringing. He goes over to his desk and gets his gun out of the drawer. He tells Johnny that he made a fatal mistake by coming there. The phone rings and Johnny tells Sonny to answer it because it is Bernie and he has news that wonít be good.

Jason arrives at Pentonville.

In Michaelís cell, Carter says it pissed him off when Michael punched him. He says now he has hard feelings. Michael tells Carter to go back to his own cell. Carter tells Michael not to talk. He says Michael owes him more than he did before and it is time for him to pay up. Carter starts to back Michael against the wall.

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