GH Update Thursday 5/20/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/20/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu is at the Metro Court telling Carly that Dante would change his opinion of her if he knew that she had an abortion when she was younger. Carly tells her that she made a difficult decision at a time that she didnít know Dante. Lulu says Dante was gushing about how brave the teenage mother in the park was for sticking it out. Carly says she is sure Dante has made decisions in his life that Lulu could question. Carly assures Lulu that Dante loves her and that will not change if he finds out she had an abortion. Lulu is afraid that Dante wonít look at her the same way.

Sonny is at home talking to Bernie on the telephone. He tells Bernie to remind the congressman that Sonny paid for his campaign. He says his money got the congressman elected and now he wants his son out of prison. He tells Bernie that if the congressman doesnít do this favor, then he will have to deal with the consequences. Robin comes to visit Sonny.

At Pentonville Prison, the prison guard Frank Wright goes into Michaelís cell and tells him that it is time for his initiation. Michael tells him to stay away from him. Frank says Michaelís daddy may be powerful outside, but Frank makes the rules in here. He takes out his nightstick and tells Michael that its time for him to learn the first rule. Carter, the inmate that has been ďhelpingĒ Michael, runs over and tells Frank that he has a big problem.

At the police station after an officer has taken Jason to processing, Claire asks Sam if she is sure she wants to stay since there wonít be much to see; the officers are going to shackle Jason and put him in a van. Sam says she is staying with Jason until the end. Jason and a guard emerge from behind a door. Jason is wearing an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs. Jason asks Claire if they can speed up the process so he can get to Pentonville as soon as possible. Claire says she has to make sure the paperwork is in order. Sam says she bets Claireís superiors love this because Jason is a much bigger catch than a brain damaged 18-year-old kid. Claire tells Sam that this arrangement is Jasonís idea. She tells the officer to allow Jason and Sam wait in the interrogation room while she processes the paperwork.

At Pentonville, Carter tells Frank that the new skinheads are messing with the Verdes on cellblock 3. Frank leaves. Carter tells Michael that will buy him a little time, but that there is nothing going on in cellblock 3. He says Frank has it in for Michael, and Michael needs to figure out how to handle him if he wants to survive.

Sonny tells Robin that now Michael and Jason are both in prison. He says itís not only bad with other inmates, but with the guards too. He tells her that he is trying to use his influence to get Michael released, but no one wants to back him up with the election coming up. Robin concludes that the politicians donít want to get their hands ďdirtyĒ by helping Sonnyís son. Sonny tells her that if Michael had a different last name they wouldnít hesitate to help him. He notices Robin staring into space and asks her what is wrong. She tells him she realized that Stone was Michaelís age when he was diagnosed with AIDS. She says she has been thinking about Stone lately and that she wants to honor her memory. She reveals that the reason for her visit today is that she wanted to ask him if he would donate to a project that she is working on in the AIDS wing. He tells her that he will help her with whatever she needs. She asks him if he remembers what Stone used to tell him and he asks her if she means that he should allow himself to be happy.

Olivia goes to Johnnyís apartment. He tells her that he thought she said she was done with his dangerous shenanigans. She says she said she wasnít going to stand around and watch him and Sonny try to kill each other. Johnny tells her that Jason has gone to prison and Sonny couldnít wait to kill the protection deal that Jason and Johnnyís father had so he is a marked man. He says heíd like to spend whatever time he has left with her.

At the Metro Court, Carly asks Lulu if she really believes that Dante will judge her based on his motherís choices. Lulu tells her that whenever Dante is around kids, he feels compelled to talk about how brave his mother was to make that sacrifice. Carly says that people can feel strongly about something without wanting to impose it on other people. Lulu says she doesnít think Dante will agree with her choice or get past it. Carly thinks Lulu is underestimating Dante and how much he loves her.

Luke and Ethan are in the office at the Haunted Star. Luke tells Ethan that something is wrong. Ethan asks if disappearing for weeks or months and then returning for a loving reunion isnít what Luke and Tracy do. Luke says he does that, but Tracy does not. He says Tracy goes to a spa and calls him to rub a cabana boy in his face. He tells Ethan that he and Tracy always have a cease-fire on their anniversary. Maya arrives and says she is there to deliver a message from Edward that Tracy is in Fiji so Luke can call off the search. Luke says it doesnít make sense, but Ethan should be relieved because it buys him time before Tracy confronts him about what is missing from the till. Ethan explains that he and Maya got into a high-stakes poker game and Maya cleaned out the house.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Sam tells Jason that if they had known it would take this long, they could have spent more time at the cabin. Kristina opens the door, but an officer stops her and tells her she canít go in there. Claire says Kristina can stay for a minute. Kristina goes into the interrogation room and thanks Jason for going to prison to protect Michael.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Robin that he will have Bernie wire the money for her project into her account. Robin thanks him for his donation. He says it is a worthy cause and he wants to help keep Stoneís memory alive. Robin asks him how things are with Dante. Sonny says it is a difficult situation because Dante thought turning Michael in was the right thing to do. He says Dante assumed that Michael would get a suspended sentence and counseling but it backfired. Robin says Dante must feel horrible that Michael is in prison. Sonny tells her that Dante went to the judge to get him to change his mind, but it didnít work out. Sonny says there is a bigger wall between him and Dante than there was before. Robin advises him not to give up. She says he is Danteís father and no one can change that. She suggests that Sonny talk to Olivia, but he says Olivia hates him. She says that may be true, but Olivia knows he is a good person and she might surprise him.

At Johnnyís apartment, Olivia says she thinks he is starting to believe that the cute things he does will override her beliefs and convictions. He tells her that he loves her beliefs, convictions, principles, and the way she speaks from her heart. He tells her that he isnít trying to change her and she shouldnít try to change him. She asks him what they should do. He unbuttons two of her buttons, tells her they should meet somewhere in the middle, and pulls her into a kiss.

At the Haunted Star, Maya tells Luke that she didnít play cards with Ethan. Ethan sarcastically thanks her for backing his story. Maya leaves and Luke tells Ethan that he has met his match with Maya. He asks Ethan what really happened to the money and Ethan admits that he lost it, but he assures Luke that he will get it back. He says he got a loan from Johnny Z. Luke says that is a bad idea because Sonny is mad as hell and Johnny has a bullís-eye painted on him. Luke warns him that mob business will get him killed. Ethan assures him that he can handle it. Luke concludes that it isnít about the money; itís about the action. Ethan says he sat behind the bar for months being a good son and brother but all it got him was a kick in the teeth so it is time for a change of pace. Luke tells him that Sonny is out for blood and he is volunteering to open a vein.

Olivia and Johnny are cuddling on the couch after making love. Johnny says he thinks they found common ground. She asks him if he is happy. He says he is ecstatic. She tells him she wants him to think about all the good things life has to offer and then think about lying in the gutter, bleeding to death. He tells her he canít believe she wants to talk about that now. She says she just wants him to think about dropping his vendetta against Sonny and just let him be miserable. She says Sonny is already paying the price, but he tells her she is wrong; everyone who loves Sonny is paying the price. She tells him he knows she loves him but his hatred is changing him. She gets up.

In the interrogation, Kristina tells Jason that she, Molly, and Morgan are all grateful that he will be there to take care of Michael. She says they can write him and visit him if heíd like them to. He says that would mean a lot to him. He asks her to spend as much time as she can with Sam and keep her busy. Kristina says Michael is lucky to have Jason to take care of him and protect him after her dad ruined his life.

Carly goes to the penthouse. A disheveled Spinelli answers the door. Carly asks him if he is ok. He tells her that Jason has gone to surrender himself to the gods of incarceration. He tells her he isnít in the mood to talk to anyone. She moves dishes from the couch to the table so she can sit down and she tells him this isnít fair to anyone but he needs to snap out of it. She asks if Maxie is there. He tells her that Maxie is working and he is playing Armageddon 4. She closes his laptop. He says he hadnít saved his progress so his wizard is doomed. She tells him she doesnít care about his wizard; he needs to come out of his fantasy world. She tells him she is upset about Jason too. She says they are going to do something useful.

Kristina has left the interrogation room. Sam thanks Jason for being so nice to Kristina because she is having a hard time with all this. Jason asks Sam if she would be willing to help Kristina understand Sonny a little better. Sam tells Jason that it would be hard for her to do anything nice for Sonny right now. She says Jason backs up his love for those kids with action and sacrifice but Sonny not so much. She says Kristina has good reason to blame Sonny for this mess.

Ethan is sitting alone on bench in the park. Kristina stops and says hello. She tells him she can leave if he wants her to. He tells her that they are past all that and that he is in no position to judge anyone. She asks him if he is in trouble because of her. He tells her he can only blame himself. She asks him if she can help since she owes him. He tells her she doesnít owe him anything but he appreciates the offer. She tells him that sometimes it helps to talk about problems. He tells her that he screwed up to the tune of a large amount of money. He tells her that several options are available, but Luke discourages from working with his friend because he might end up dead. Kristina says she agrees with Luke; she would rather have him alive.

At the penthouse, Spinelli says breaking Stone Cold and Young Sir out of Pentonville is a formidable task but he is willing to try. Carly tells him that isnít her plan; she has another way to get justice. He asks her how she can get justice when Jason and Michael are wrongfully incarcerated. Carly says she wants to get payback against the person that did this. Spinelli rephrases to Carly that she wants revenge. She says she wouldnít call it revenge, but the person responsible needs to have a taste of his own medicine. She says she wants Spinelli to help her ruin Danteís life. Spinelli says he isnít sure that Jason would approve. Carly asks him what he thinks would happen to Dante if Jason hadnít done to prison. She tells him that this way, Dante lives to see his own destruction, and in the process, they protect Lulu.

Lulu arrives at Crimson, late for work. When Maxie comments on her late arrival, Lulu says she has things going on in her life. Maxie says she does too, and tells her that Spinelli has barricaded himself in Jasonís penthouse like Howard Hughes since Jason agreed to turn himself in. She says Spinelli seeps to be reverting to the cyber geek that he was when they met. Maxie says it all could have been avoided if Lulu had just told Jason where Michael was, but she had to do what Dante said. Lulu says she does what Dante says because she loves and trusts him and she thinks he did the right thing. She says it doesnít matter anymore. Maxie asks her what she is talking about. Lulu says she could lose Dante over something she did before they met.

In the park, Ethan explains to Kristina that when he thought he would have to get out of town, he borrowed a few items from the Quartermaines and pawned them. He tells her that when he went back to buy the items back, they cost twice as much as he got for them so he borrowed money from the Haunted Star. He tells her that he used some of the Haunted Starís money to finance a forgery scam, but the buyer backed out so he lost all of it. Kristina tells him that she could probably get some money from Nikolas. He tells her that is sweet of her, but there is no way that he would involve her in this. He says he has options; they just involve a little risk. She tells him she likes that he doesnít over-think things. He tells her that she is insightful for a 17-yar-old and that she is one of the probably three people who get him. He tells her he has to go but that he will let her know how things work out. She wishes him luck and he leaves.

At Crimson, Maxie tells says Dante is madly in love with Lulu and asks her what happened. Lulu says nothing happened; its just that she hasnít told him about her abortion. Maxie wonders why thatís a big deal. Lulu explains that Dante was raised super-catholic and that his mother was 15 when she had him. She says that every time the topic comes up, Dante makes Olivia out to be a superhero of motherhood because she chose to become a mother instead of taking the easy way out like Lulu did. Maxie tells her there was nothing easy about the choice Lulu made. She asks Lulu if she regrets her decision to have an abortion. Lulu tells her that she doesnít regret it; it was the right decision for her at the time, but she doesnít think Dante will see it that way.

At the penthouse, Carly tells Spinelli that Dante is just like Sonny. She observes that he talks a big game about protecting everybody in his life when he actually puts himself first. She says Dante is a user and a manipulator and is probably a womanizer too, just like Sonny. Spinelli says they have to expose Dante before he breaks Luluís heart. Happy to have something to do, Spinelli opens his laptop so he can get to work.

Ethan goes to Johnnyís apartment and tells him he has reconsidered his offer and he is all in. Johnny asks Ethan if he understands that Jason cannot protect any of them from Sonny now that he is in prison. Ethan says he is aware of the risk and is willing to take it as long as he gets paid. He asks Johnny if he understands that Ethan is only in it for the money. Johnny says Sonny wonít know what hit him.

Sonny is having dinner alone at the Metro Court. Olivia comes over to his table and asks him if he doesnít have his own restaurant. Sonny says the food is better at his restaurant but he has zero chance of running into her there. She tells him that she doesnít have time for this today. He asks her to at least hear him out. She agrees and sits down. He tells her that their fighting is a waste. He says they have an amazing son together so they should let the past stay in the past and start over from now.

At Johnnyís apartment, Johnny pours wine for Ethan and himself. Ethan asks Johnny if he is trying to get him drunk so he doesnít back out of the deal. Johnny asks him if he is having an attack of nerves. Ethan says no, he has a high tolerance for alcohol. Johnny tells Ethan he wonít be offended if Ethan doesnít drink it. Ethan asks Johnny for the details of the job. Johnny says he is going to take advantage of Sonnyís situation to ruin his life and any other jobs that Ethan has going will have to wait. He says that as his holdings increase, work will increase for him and for Ethan as well. He says Ethan might have to quit his job at the Haunted Star. Ethan says his main concern is increasing his own holdings. Johnny assures him that he will. Johnny wonders why Ethan is interested. Ethan says his main reason is the money but he also wants something to keep him from being bored. He says that the lifestyle he fell into since arriving in Port Charles has done nothing but make him a target for people to pin crimes on. He warns Johnny that he will be little help if Johnny is in a situation where he is dodging bullets. Johnny says that warehouse raid was insignificant; tonight they will drive a stake into one of the arteries of Sonnyís operations.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Olivia tells Sonny that she wonít be his bridge to Dante and that Dante is a grown man who makes his own decisions. Sonny tells her someone he respects advised him that if he wants a situation change, it is up to him to change it. He tells her that he doesnít like where they are and that heíd like them to get over it and move on. He recalls two nights before Christmas when they had dinner with Dante and says he misses that. She thinks it is a little late to go back to that. He says he hopes not. He says he realizes that she gave him the gift of being with the family he never had for one night and he would like to do that again but not just for one night.

At the penthouse, Spinelli tells Carly that he is searching the media for any print or online article that mentions Dante. He hopes it will reveal some misbehavior. As he scrolls through the articles, Carly recognizes a girl in a photograph. Spinelli says the picture is in front of a boot at the San Gennero Festival in Little Italy. Carly tells him the girl is Brook Lynn Ashton.

At Crimson, Lulu tells Maxie that Carly doesnít think will hold it against her, but it might be for Dante or for their relationship. Maxie says Dante would have to be pretty cold to dump her over that, but it wouldnít surprise her if it knocked Lulu down a few notches. Lulu says she doesnít want Dante to change the way he feels about her. Maxie says Lulu is overlooking one obvious solution Ė donít tell Dante about the abortion. She says it isnít as if Dante would have been the father and what he doesnít know canít hurt him.

At Pentonville Prison, Carter returns to Michaelís cell and reminds him that he prevented Frank from giving him a beat down. Michael thanks him again. Carter says thank you isnít the way it works in Pentonville and it is time for Michael to pay up.

In the interrogation room, Sam tells Jason that she will keep Spinelli busy with PI work. She said he could work undercover as a bartender in a strip club and that way she wouldnít have to wear those ridiculous outfits. Jason asks her if she remembers coming to his penthouse wearing one of those outfits before they got back together. She says she remembers. He asks her if she wore that on purpose. She asks him what he thinks. He tells her he thinks she looked really, really good in it. She says she was going for unbelievable-cant-live-without-this-girl hot. He concludes that it was a setup. She says it wasnít a setup, but more like a reminder of what he was missing out on. She says she was putting out feelers to see if he was still interested. He says that was never a question. They kiss. Claire comes in and announces that the paperwork is finished so its time for Jason to go. Mayor Floyd comes in and announces that Jason isnít going anywhere.

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