GH Update Wednesday 5/19/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/19/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Claire and Lucky have a conversation in the park. Claire loves being an attorney but worries that it is too late to have a child. Claire talks about last year’s Christmas pageant at church. Lucky says that Cameron and Jake were wise men in their church’s holiday program. Claire tells Lucky that he is a “devoted” father. Claire makes a comment which Lucky misinterprets as a pick-up line. Clearly embarrassed, Claire apologizes for what she said. Lucky reassures Claire that it’s okay. Claire comments that Cameron and Jake are “sweet” kids which makes Lucky smile. Claire inquires about Lucky’s wife. Lucky hesitates to talk about Liz but mentions that his ex is a great mom. Claire senses that Lucky still cares about Elizabeth. Lucky recounts his past with Elizabeth and says that they were high school sweethearts. Lucky speaks of his and Liz’s countless breakups. Lucky admits that he was the one who stopped the vicious cycle. Claire is curious as to why Lucky and Elizabeth aren’t together now. Lucky divulges that Liz cheated on him with his brother. Claire wonders why Lucky isn’t “bitter”. Lucky speaks candidly of his downward spiral after his break-up with Elizabeth. Lucky says that fatherhood helped him get through the pain. Lucky insists that Elizabeth is a good mother. Nevertheless, Lucky is mad at Nikolas. Claire apologizes for rambling on. Claire says that if Lucky wants to have more kids, he should call her. Lucky gives Claire a puzzled look.

Nikolas and Warren Bauer are chatting at the MetroCourt restaurant. Warren would like Nikolas to leave. However, Nikolas asserts that Warren needs to drop the wrongful death lawsuit. Warren doesn’t appreciate threats. Warren reminds Nikolas that Alexis ran down his son. Warren won’t back down. Nikolas is irritated by Warren’s smugness. Nikolas maintains that he’ll make some calls. Warren reminds Nikolas that Kristina is a Corinthos. Warren speaks harshly of Sonny. Nikolas says that Kiefer beat up Kristina. Warren is adamant that his son is innocent of the charges. Nikolas warns that Kristina’s story will be corroborated by witnesses. Warren announces to everyone in the restaurant that “Alexis killed my son”. Carly walks up to the table and asks Warren to be quiet. Warren figures that he and Carly are in the same boat since they have both grieved for their children. Carly doesn’t want to compare Michael’s shooting to Kiefer’s death. Nikolas intervenes and asks Warren to drop the suit. Warren storms out of the restaurant. Carly sits down at the table. Nikolas updates Carly on the lawsuit. Carly knows that it isn’t a good idea for Kristina to get on the stand. Nikolas agrees with Carly. Nikolas fears that Kristina would be a basket case in the courtroom. Nikolas wants to protect Kristina. Carly comments that everyone is stepping up to help Sonny’s kids except for Sonny.

In Pentonville’s visiting room, Dante tells Michael that he needs to branch away from Sonny. Dante feels that Sonny is responsible for Michael’s current situation. Michael backs his father by saying that Dante is ultimately the reason he is in Pentonville. Dante admits that he shouldn’t have brought Michael home. Michael is angry that Dante used Morgan to find out his location. Michael figures that Dante is trying to help only for “damage control”. Michael tells Dante that he can stop trying to impress Sonny. Dante states that he’ll stop at nothing to have Michael released.

Sam and Jason return to the cabin after a bike ride. Sam wishes that they could drive around for a while longer. Jason tells Sam that they have no extra time. Inside, Sam makes BLT sandwiches for herself and Jason. Jason is amused that Sam actually cooked. Sam says that it is a “special occasion” since it is Jason’s “last meal” before heading to prison. Jason takes a bite of his sandwich. Sam senses that Jason doesn’t like the sandwich. They both agree that it is awful. Sam apologizes for ruining lunch. Jason thanks Sam for making his last days of freedom enjoyable. Jason and Sam speak of the scenery they saw during their bike ride. Sam is mad at herself for burning the bacon. Jason confesses that he loves Sam just the way she is. Jason thanks Sam for standing by him. Sam notices that Jason is quiet. Sam worries that Jason is having second thoughts about going to prison. Jason insists that he has to protect Michael. Jason feels torn because he has to say goodbye to Sam. Jason tells Sam about Carly’s plot to wreak havoc on Lulu and Dante’s lives. Jason asks Sam to keep an eye on Spinelli. Sam agrees to look out for Spinelli. Sam is going to concentrate on her PI business while Jason is away. Sam kisses Jason. Sam and Jason start packing. Sam wants to make sure all the windows are closed and faucets are turned off. Sam has tears in her eyes. Sam suggests going for another ride. Jason sadly informs Sam that they can’t. Jason and Sam know that it’s time to leave the cabin. Sam hugs Jason.

Patrick witnesses Steven and Lisa flirting in the hospital locker room. Patrick overhears Lisa and Steven agree to go out again. Patrick rudely interrupts. Patrick pipes in that a patient is waiting to speak to Lisa. Lisa and Steven are annoyed by Patrick’s attitude. Steven hurries to put on a shirt. Steven advises Patrick to take it up with the board if he has a problem. Afterwards, Steven pulls Patrick aside to talk. Steven thinks that Patrick is a little jealous. Patrick says that he and Lisa were supposed to do a patient consultation. Patrick admits that he’s protective of Lisa. Suddenly, Robin walks up to the nurses’ station. Steven tells Robin that he and Patrick disagree over a patient consult. Steven never mentions Lisa. Robin defends her husband in front of Steven. After Steven walks away, Robin notices that Patrick isn’t himself. Patrick admits that he has been acting like a jerk.

Luke is putting together a candlelight dinner at the Haunted Star. Luke is looking forward to celebrating his and Tracy’s wedding anniversary. Luke tells Ethan that Tracy has been feeling neglected lately. Ethan advises Luke to do a lot of “groveling” to win Tracy back. Ethan wishes Luke good luck before heading to the Quartermaine mansion. Luke asks Ethan to call when he sees Tracy. Later on, Luke gets a call from Ethan. Luke tells Ethan to get Tracy to the Haunted Star as soon as possible. Luke hears a noise so he assumes Tracy has arrived. Luke lights the candles. Unfortunately, the surprise visitor is Skye. Luke is speechless. Skye realizes that Luke isn’t celebrating the two of them. Skye brings up Luke and Tracy’s anniversary. Luke wonders why Skye remembers the anniversary date. Skye speaks of her and Luke’s connection, and adds that he destroyed that when he married Tracy. Skye doesn’t want to dwell on the “what-ifs”. Skye is thankful to have Lila Rae. Luke leans in to kiss Skye but she backs away. Skye knows that Luke really loves Tracy. Skye leaves the casino.

Tracy is locked inside a cell. Helena walks by. Tracy begs Helena to release her. Helena laughs at Tracy’s lack of manners. Tracy knows that Helena is crazy. Helena mentions that Tracy is “a means to an end”. Helena’s plan is for Luke to come looking for Tracy. Helena implies that both Luke and Tracy fit into her scheme.

Dante is walking in the park when he comes across a pregnant teenager. Dante and the young woman speak briefly. Lulu is standing there. Lulu compliments Dante on helping the teen. Lulu comments that the girl is pretty young to have a child. Dante is impressed that the teen is willing to raise a baby at such a young age. Lulu quickly changes the subject. Dante says that he and Lucky can’t find anything on Judge Carroll. Dante speaks of his visit with Michael. Dante wishes that Sonny would stay away from Michael. Dante fears that Michael will never forgive him. Lulu is optimistic that Dante will come up with a solution to Michael’s predicament. Dante continues to blame himself for Michael’s conviction.

Sam and Jason prepare to leave the cabin. They put on their leather jackets. Jason feels terrible that he has to leave Sam. Sam promises to visit and write Jason on a regular basis. Jason mentions that he’ll never “forget” this. Jason suggests coming back to the cabin after his prison release. Jason and Sam share a kiss. Jason and Sam get on the motorcycle. Sam holds on to Jason.

At the hospital, Robin confronts Steven about his spat with Patrick. Steven doesn’t say much. Robin announces that she wants to work in the AIDS wing. Steven says that the board will have to decide. Steven asks Robin about her decision. Robin wants to counsel the AIDS patients and “give back” in some way. Steven admits that Robin would be a “valuable asset” to the wing, but worries that she already has a pretty busy schedule. Robin wants to do something in Stone’s name.

Lisa is in the locker room wearing only a towel. Patrick walks in. Patrick apologizes for being so rude earlier. Patrick discloses that he is “territorial” when it comes to Lisa. Lisa and Patrick reminisce about their college days. Patrick makes it clear that he and Robin are very happy. Patrick agrees to stay out of Lisa’s love life. After Patrick leaves, Lisa smiles.

Lulu heads over to the MetroCourt restaurant to pick up lunch for Kate. Lulu runs into Carly who is looking over business papers. Lulu asks Carly how she’s doing. Carly is fretting over Jason going to Pentonville. Nonetheless, Carly is thankful that Michael will be protected. Carly worries how she will cope without Jason to talk to. Carly says that Jason will be surrendering himself this afternoon. Lulu offers to keep Carly company. Lulu says that she doesn’t have to get back to work right away. Lulu and Carly talk about Michael. Lulu swears that she and Dante are torn up about Michael’s prison sentence. Carly listens but it is clear that she doesn’t care. Lulu speaks of Dante’s run-in with a pregnant teenager. Carly realizes that Dante has no clue that Lulu had an abortion in high school.

At the police station, Claire and Dante wait for Jason’s arrival. Claire thinks that she and Dante are both to blame for Michael’s incarceration. Claire comments that Jason is late. Seconds later, Sam and Jason walk in. Jason says that he is ready to surrender himself. Dante handcuffs Jason. Jason stares at Sam.

Ethan returns to the Haunted Star. Ethan informs Luke that he can’t find Tracy. Luke mentions that Skye stopped by. Ethan says that none of the Quartermaines have heard from Tracy. Luke becomes worried when Ethan replies that the ELQ jet is still at the airport. Luke senses that Tracy is in trouble.

Tracy tries to pick the lock on the cell door. Helena shows up out of the blue. Tracy warns Helena that she’ll never get away with this. Tracy says that it is her wedding anniversary. Helena knows that Luke will come looking for Tracy sooner or later.

Lucky and Nikolas meet in the park. Nikolas wants Lucky’s help. Nikolas wishes that he and Lucky could end their rift. Nikolas blurts out that Helena is missing. Lucky doesn’t understand why Nik is concerned since Helena wouldn’t hurt her grandson. Nikolas is worried about Spencer and the unborn baby. Nikolas mentions that Helena is “plotting” something. Lucky says that he’ll have Luke contact Nikolas. Nikolas changes his mind about involving Luke. Nikolas quickly leaves the area.

Wright, the prison guard, walks into Michael’s cell. Wright makes it clear that the Corinthos name means nothing to him. Wright implies that Michael isn’t safe in prison.

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