GH Update Tuesday 5/18/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/18/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis heads over to Wyndemere to give Nikolas some papers to sign. Nikolas suggests having some lunch. Alexis declines the invitation. Nikolas confides that he chatted with Kristina about the Bauers’ civil suit. Alexis acknowledges that the Bauers filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Alexis knows that Warren is out for blood. Alexis is irritated that Kristina will be asked to testify at trial. Nikolas asks Alexis if she’s aware of Kristina’s reluctance to testify. Alexis fears that Kristina will have to relive the abuse that Kiefer caused. Alexis wishes that Kristina didn’t have to suffer for something she did. Nikolas doesn’t think that Warren will admit that his son was an abuser. Alexis wants to “stall the suit”. Nikolas is resolute that he’ll take care of it. Alexis doubts that Nik can persuade the Bauers to change their minds. Nik brings up that Warren is a mergers and acquisitions lawyer. Nikolas figures that he can offer Warren some money to drop the suit. Alexis doesn’t think that Warren would take bribe money. Alexis admits that she was negligent in causing Kiefer’s death. Alexis confesses to Nikolas that she wasn’t thinking when she hit Kiefer. Since the hit-and-run was not intentional, Nikolas stresses that the Bauers should be okay with Alexis’ suspended sentence. Nikolas will make sure that the Bauers stop harassing the Davis family. Nikolas adds that the Cassadines will not be intimidated by anyone.

Olivia arrives just as a man is leaving Johnny’s apartment. Olivia assumes that the man is doing a job for Johnny. Johnny is adamant that Sonny is going down. Johnny justifies going after Sonny because Jason is in Pentonville. Olivia feels that Sonny will get someone else to do his dirty work. Olivia is concerned that Johnny could be hurt or killed. Olivia worries that Johnny will destroy his own life. Olivia tells Johnny that she can’t stand by him. Olivia is sickened by Johnny’s vendetta against Sonny. Olivia storms out of the apartment.

Sonny meets with Michael in Pentonville. Sonny apologizes for not seeing Michael before his transfer. Sonny promises Michael that he’ll be protected in prison. Sonny relays that Jason will be Michael’s cellmate. Michael feels bad because he doesn’t want Jason to sacrifice his own freedom. Michael inquires about the deal with Anthony. Sonny asserts that Anthony is not trustworthy, implying that the arrangement is over. Sonny tells Michael that his situation is only temporary. Sonny plans on making calls to get Michael released. Sonny instructs his son to hang in there. Michael agrees to lay low. Michael asks how Alexis is doing. Sonny says that Alexis got a suspended sentence and community service. Michael brings up Morgan. Michael senses that something is troubling Sonny. Sonny blurts out that Jax wants to adopt Morgan. Michael knows that Jax loves Morgan. Michael thinks it is a good idea since Jax can give Morgan a better life. Michael makes it clear that he will pay for killing Claudia. Sonny promises that Michael will have a bright future when he is released from prison.

At the police station, Lucky can’t find any incriminating evidence on Judge Carroll. Dante is frantically searching the police database. Dante shouts out that he has found something on the computer. Dante discovers one of Judge Carroll’s old cases, where a rich young girl’s drug charges were dismissed. Dante and Lucky think that the judge was bought off to drop the charges. Claire shows up. Dante tells Claire about the case. Claire wants to help Michael. Claire asks Dante and Lucky to find concrete proof before she confronts Judge Carroll. After Claire leaves, Lucky and Dante agree that finding evidence will be hard. Lucky is disappointed to find out that the girl was coerced by her boyfriend, and this evidence came forward after the trial. Dante realizes that Judge Carroll did the right thing by dismissing the charges. Lucky wonders what to do next. Lucky is confident that he and Dante won’t find anything incriminating on the judge. Lucky implies fabricating evidence to have Michael released. Lucky asks Dante if he would consider this. Lucky feels sorry for Michael. Lucky brings up the awkwardness of shackling Michael for his transport. Lucky asks the same question – would Dante fabricate evidence? Finally, Dante answers Lucky. Dante says that he could never “frame an innocent man”. Dante mentions that he has to go see someone.

At the nurses’ station, Patrick asks Robin if she received the hospital memo regarding the new health care plan. Robin is flattered by Patrick’s flirtation. Robin informs Patrick that she has started doing consulting in the AIDS wing. Patrick is visibly surprised. Robin is beaming as she talks about her conversations with an HIV patient. Robin walks away from Patrick. Patrick heads over to the elevator. Patrick runs into an angry Matt. Matt wants to know why he is losing out on surgeries. Matt senses that Patrick is in a foul mood. Patrick talks about Robin’s obsession with reading her old journals. Matt comments that Patrick is “competing with a dead man”.

Maxie shows up at the hospital. Maxie speaks briefly to Epiphany. Maxie inquires about Robin’s whereabouts. Epiphany is annoyed that Maxie is in crisis-mode. Epiphany is not amused by Maxie’s drama. Matt intervenes on Maxie’s behalf. Matt assumes that Maxie likes him. Matt teases Maxie until she spots Robin. Maxie speaks to Robin in private about Jason’s stint in Pentonville. Maxie is worried about Spinelli. Maxie wants to help Spinelli so she suggests a distraction. Robin suggests skydiving but Maxie says that Spinelli is still recovering from his foot injury. Maxie looks over at Matt. Suddenly, Maxie tells Robin that she has an idea – Spinelli will vie for her attention. Maxie begins scheming over what “hot guy” she’ll have to compete against Spinelli. Robin cringes when she realizes that Maxie is referring to Matt. Maxie thanks Robin for the insight. Maxie walks over to Matt.

Sonny and Michael’s conversation continues. Sonny tells Michael that Jason will be locked up by tonight. The guard enters the room and declares that visiting time is over. Michael tells his father that he loves him. Sonny looks disheartened after Michael is escorted out. Sonny cringes when he hears Anthony’s voice. Anthony walks into the visiting room. Anthony speaks of the springtime and his fondness for gardening. Anthony talks about rose bulbs turning into blooming flowers. Sonny makes a joke about Anthony’s story. Suddenly, Anthony gets serious. Anthony compares himself and Sonny to the bulbs, by saying that they both have “thorns” and after the winter’s thaw, they are stronger than ever. Sonny doesn’t appreciate Anthony’s comparison. Anthony changes the subject by asking about the arrangement. Sonny says that he never made the deal – Jason did. Anthony brings up the terms of the deals – Michael’s protection for Johnny’s safety. Sonny announces that the deal is off. Anthony fears for his son. Anthony comments that Michael is “fresh meat” in Pentonville. Sonny knows that Johnny is coming after his organization. Anthony tells Sonny that Jason could die in prison. Sonny screams at Anthony. Sonny makes it clear that Anthony will not make threats about Michael. Sonny warns Anthony that he will retaliate if anything happens to Michael. Sonny leaves the room.

Ethan shows up at Johnny’s apartment. Ethan is looking for some money. Johnny senses that Ethan blew all his money on gambling. Johnny reminds Ethan that the job is still on the table. Johnny warns that things have gotten dangerous since Jason is in prison now. Ethan can’t believe that Jason is making the ultimate sacrifice to protect Michael in Pentonville. Johnny blames Dante for Michael’s conviction. Ethan asks Johnny if he hates Dante or Sonny. Ethan is only concerned about making some money. Johnny fears that Sonny will come after him now that the deal with Anthony is over. Johnny wants to destroy Sonny. Ethan thinks that Johnny has a death wish. Johnny is sickened that Sonny ruined Claudia’s life. Ethan declines Johnny’s offer. Ethan plans on finding another solution to his money problems. Ethan wishes Johnny good luck.

Claire shows up at the hospital for an appointment with Dr. Kelly.

At the nurses’ station, Lisa and Patrick talk about their successful surgery. Patrick brings up Lisa’s fascination with Steven. Lisa compliments Steven on being a “good guy”. Lisa appreciates Steven because he doesn’t have a hidden agenda. Lisa wonders if Patrick is jealous of Steven.

Matt and Maxie are eating ice cream on the pier. Matt brings up pheromones which doesn’t interest Maxie. They sit down on a bench. Matt admits that he is having a lot of fun chatting with Maxie. Maxie asserts that she is a very “happy unmarried” woman. Matt wants to know if he has a chance with Maxie.

Nikolas meets with Warren Bauer at the MetroCourt restaurant. Nikolas introduces himself as Alexis’ nephew. Warren isn’t impressed. Nikolas brings up Warren’s merger meeting. Nikolas informs Warren that the meeting was cancelled. Nikolas gives his condolences for Kiefer’s passing. However, Nikolas maintains that Kiefer abused Kristina. Nikolas wants the Bauers to stay away from the Davis family.

Lucky and the boys are in the park. Claire walks by. Lucky asks Claire if she is okay. Claire asks Lucky if Cameron and Jake are his sons. Claire thinks that the boys are “adorable.” Claire blurts out that she wants to have a child. Claire speaks of her love of being a lawyer. Claire is rambling on about things. Lucky listens intently. Claire is resolute that she wants to have children. Claire talks about her teenage babysitting skills. Claire worries that her biological clock is ticking. Lucky admits that he has always wanted children. Lucky says that our relationships with others is all that matters.

Steven returns to work. Lisa and Steven chat about their latest date. Steven heads for the locker room. Epiphany asks Lisa to check over one of Patrick’s patient charts. Lisa says that she’ll be in the locker room. When Patrick returns, Epiphany tells him where Lisa is. Steven and Lisa are having an intense conversation in the locker room. Patrick is disgusted to see Lisa and Steven flirting with each other.

Dante visits Michael in prison. Dante says that he and Lucky are trying to have the ruling overturned. Michael mentions that Sonny is doing everything he can. Dante doesn’t want Michael depending on Sonny. In fact, Dante wishes that Michael wouldn’t defend Sonny anymore.

Sonny goes to Johnny’s apartment. Sonny tells Johnny about Jason’s stint in prison. Sonny says that the deal with Anthony is over. Sonny warns that Johnny already has two strikes against him. Johnny isn’t scared of Sonny. Sonny implies that Johnny’s body will be buried right next to Claudia’s. Olivia walks in as the argument escalates between Sonny and Johnny.

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