GH Update Monday 5/17/10

General Hospital Update Monday 5/17/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Sam is searching the Pentonville State Prison website when Spinelli walks into Jason’s apartment. Spinelli notices that Sam is focused on her laptop. Spinelli assumes that Sam is checking out Pentonville’s visiting hours to see Michael. Sam blurts out that she’ll be visiting Jason there. Spinelli is visibly confused. Sam updates Spinelli on the situation – Jason will plead guilty to a felony, therefore allowing him to share a cell with Michael. Sam knows that Jason will do anything to protect Michael. Spinelli is against the entire thing. Spinelli believes that Jason is vulnerable in Pentonville. Spinelli feels that Michael would have a better chance surviving prison than Jason. Spinelli fears that Jason will die in Pentonville.

At the Jacks home, Jason gets a phone call that the arrangements are set for his prison sentence. Carly is saddened that Jason has to go to prison. Jason relays that he will be giving himself up tomorrow afternoon. Carly wishes that Jason didn’t have to sacrifice himself. However, Carly knows that Jason wants to help Michael. Carly and Jason hug. Carly is relieved that Michael will be taken care of in prison. Carly wonders how she can ever repay Jason. Jason tells Carly not to worry. Jason wants to be pro-active in protecting Michael. Jason feels that this is the only way that he can really watch over Michael. Jason asks Carly for one thing – “don’t do anything crazy”. Carly knows that Jason won’t be able to fix any messes she gets herself in. Carly makes it clear that she will be making Dante and Lulu pay for what happened to Michael. Jason wants Carly to reconsider her decision. Carly feels that Dante and Lulu are responsible for Michael’s conviction. Jason reverts the subject back to Michael. Jason says that he broke a promise to Carly by saying that Michael would always be protected. Carly asserts that Jason has never let her down. Carly looks forward to the day when Michael returns home, with Jason right behind him. Jason and Carly have a tearful goodbye. Jason tells Carly that he loves her. Through tears, Carly tells Jason the same.

In his prison cell, Michael is reading a letter from Kristina. In the letter, Kristina speaks of missing Michael. As Michael finishes reading, an inmate steps inside the cell. The prisoner says that Michael made a big mistake. Michael is puzzled. The inmate gives some helpful advice to Michael about the other prisoners as well as Frank, the guard who dislikes Michael. The prisoner reassures Michael that he has allies inside prison. The inmate adds that Michael should lay low for the time being. The prisoner tells Michael that he’ll talk to him later. The man walks out of the cell.

Dante shows up at Jax’s office just as Sonny and Jax are arguing about Morgan’s adoption. Sonny is thankful for the interruption. Sonny figures that Dante will side with him. Jax blurts out that he’ll be adopting Morgan. Jokingly, Jax offers to adopt Dante, too. Dante tells Jax that he isn’t interested. Dante wishes to deal with Sonny on his own terms. Sonny can’t believe that Dante isn’t defending him. Dante believes that Sonny hasn’t learned anything from Michael’s conviction. Sonny insists that Jax’s marriage to Carly is falling apart. Dante feels awkward being in the middle of a tense conversation between Sonny and Jax. Sonny asks for Dante’s opinion. Dante admits that Jax adopting Morgan would be best for everyone involved. Sonny is seething. Dante says that he is worried about Michael. Dante wants Sonny and Jax to work together to get Michael released. Dante asks Jax if he was able to find anything incriminating on Judge Carroll. Dante urges Sonny and Jax to team together. Jax says that it would help if Sonny put an end to all illegal activities for now. Sonny doesn’t trust Jax. Dante comments that Sonny is being stubborn. In fact, Dante assumes that power is all that Sonny cares about. Dante thinks it is wise for Jax to adopt Morgan. Sonny is resolute that he won’t lose another child.

Lulu and Luke have a chat in his office. Lulu bluntly asks her father where his loyalties rest. Luke isn’t sure if he likes Dante or not. Luke reminds Lulu that Dante has been lying since his arrival in Port Charles. Lulu points out that Dante was only doing his job. Luke worries that Dante is too good at deception. Luke calls Sonny a “one-woman man”. Lulu doesn’t like Dante being compared to Sonny. Luke mentions that Dante could be “using” Lulu. Lulu defends Dante. Lulu brings up Luke and Laura’s love story. Luke sees the similarities.

Jason returns to the penthouse. Jason finds Spinelli alone in the living room. Spinelli says that he knows about Jason going to Pentonville. Spinelli wants Jason to reconsider. Spinelli suggests that Jason make a call to Diane. Jason is adamant that he needs to protect Michael at any cost. Sam runs down the staircase. Sam has a duffel bag in her hand. Sam tells Jason that she has a surprise for him. Sam leaves the penthouse. Jason advises Spinelli to take care of himself. Spinelli is upset that Jason won’t be around.

Dante is sitting in his loft when Ronnie shows up. Ronnie arrives with beer and pizza in hand. Ronnie instructs Dante to turn off his laptop and stop obsessing over Michael. Ronnie relays that Jason will be entering Pentonville to keep an eye on Michael. Ronnie senses that Dante is still blaming himself for Michael’s situation. Ronnie mentions that the police will have a better shot of convicting Sonny now that he has lost his enforcer. Dante doesn’t care about what happens to Sonny. Dante is concerned over Michael’s release from Pentonville. Ronnie thinks that Dante is making excuses. Dante justifies his actions by saying that Michael is his only concern. Ronnie points out that Michael doesn’t need Dante’s help – Jax and Edward are busy calling in favors. Ronnie adds that Jason is looking out for Michael, too. Ronnie wishes that Dante would get back to his old life. Dante feels responsible for Michael’s predicament. Lulu walks in. Ronnie is thankful since he figures Lulu will talk some sense into Dante. Ronnie doesn’t want Dante defending Sonny. Ronnie warns Lulu that Dante will not stop obsessing over Michael until he’s released. Ronnie storms out after Dante asks him to leave. Dante apologizes to Lulu but maintains that his brother’s freedom is all that matters right now. Lulu kisses Dante. They talk about Sonny. Dante worries that Ronnie is right. Lulu says that Dante is “conflicted” right now. Dante thanks Lulu for being understanding. Dante is on a mission to get Michael out of Pentonville.

At home, Carly is interrupted by the doorbell ringing repeatedly. It’s Sonny. Sonny makes it clear that Jax will not be adopting Morgan. Sonny wishes that Carly would “drop the fight”. Carly laughs when Sonny makes claims that he’s a good father. Carly brings up Kristina, and implies that Sonny would have had Kiefer killed. Carly blames Sonny for Michael’s conviction. After citing examples of how Sonny is a terrible parent, Carly tells her ex that he is to blame for everything. Carly feels like Sonny has never put his kids first. Sonny becomes enraged when Carly says that Jax is doing everything to protect Morgan. Carly believes it is a curse to be a Corinthos. Carly admits that she made a mistake in getting involved with Sonny. Carly emphasizes that Sonny’s life hasn’t changed one bit. When Carly mentions that Jason is stepping up, Sonny loses it. Sonny thinks that Carly blames him for not going to prison instead of Jason. Carly says that Sonny “doesn’t deserve Morgan”. Sonny feels that it will kill him if he can’t see Morgan. Sonny accuses Carly of being selfish.

Jason and Sam get on his motorcycle. Sam puts on a helmet. They are laughing as they speed down the street.

Luke summons Lucky to his office. Luke wants Lucky’s opinion of Dante. Lucky says that Dante is a likable guy. Luke worries why Dante became a cop in the first place. Lucky confides that Dante’s relationship with Sonny is complicated. Lucky knows that Dante wants Sonny in prison. Lucky speaks of Dante’s obsession over getting Michael released. Lucky knows that Dante was shocked by Judge Carroll’s ruling. Lucky tells Luke that Dante is a “good guy”. Luke hopes that Lucky is right because he doesn’t want Lulu getting hurt. Lucky senses that Luke is really referring to his situation with Elizabeth. Lucky doesn’t want to talk about Liz. However, Lucky divulges that he is over the anger and the hurt, and wants to move on with his life. Luke brings up Cameron and Jake. Lucky says that he is still the boys’ father but would like to avoid Elizabeth at all costs.

Liz shows up at Wyndemere. Nikolas is surprised to see Elizabeth. Elizabeth apologizes for their strained conversation earlier in the day. Elizabeth has doubts about Nikolas’ commitment to fatherhood. Nikolas is offended by the accusation. Elizabeth confides that she doesn’t want her child to be a Cassadine. Nikolas maintains that he won’t “give up claim” to his child. Elizabeth feels like Nik won’t even listen to her. Elizabeth doesn’t trust Helena. Nikolas justifies his reasons for allowing Helena to stay at Wyndemere. Nevertheless, Liz feels uncomfortable around Helena. Elizabeth brings up Helena’s “fixation” on the baby. Nikolas senses that Liz is still in love with Lucky. Before Elizabeth can answer, Nik says that he won’t back down from knowing his kid. Nikolas suggests finding a compromise to their situation.

Carly and Sonny continue to argue in the Jacks living room. Carly feels that Sonny loves Dante more than his other children. Sonny denies it. Sonny calls Carly the “queen of deflection”. Sonny is adamant that Jax will never adopt Morgan. Morgan walks in as Sonny raises his voice. Morgan asks his parents to stop fighting. Carly and Sonny both apologize to Morgan. Morgan is sobbing. Sonny has an emotional talk with his son. Sonny admits that he didn’t protect Michael and Morgan. Sonny says that Jax can give Morgan a better life. Sonny gets teary-eyed when he tells Morgan goodbye. Sonny stands up and Morgan runs to his dad. Morgan hugs Sonny. Sonny walks out. Carly consoles a devastated Morgan.

Jason and Sam arrive at a cabin. Jason comments that it is nice. They both reminisce about their vacation in Hawaii. Sam tells Jason that she wants this cabin to be theirs, if only for tonight. Jason suggests forgetting about tomorrow and focusing on the present. Sam and Jason share a passionate kiss. Jason thanks Sam for the cabin, as well as for accepting his decision to help Michael. Sam says that she would never make Jason choose. Jason feels sad that he has to leave Sam. Jason apologizes for forgetting Sam’s birthday. Sam is surprised when Jason says he has a present for her. Sam is touched when she opens her gift – a compass necklace. Jason says that the compass is a “reminder” – a promise to find his way back to Sam. Sam says that she has a gift for Jason, as well. Sam takes off her shirt. Jason hugs Sam. Sam sobs in Jason’s arms. Hand in hand, they head for the bedroom.

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