GH Update Friday 5/14/10

General Hospital Update Friday 5/14/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is visiting Morgan at Carlyís house. Morgan asks his father if he still likes Dante after what he did to Michael. Sonny says Dante is his son and he loves him like he loves the rest of his children. Morgan protests that Dante is a liar and a snitch. Sonny concedes that Dante made mistakes, but Morgan protests that sending his brother to prison was worse than a mistake. Sonny explains that sometimes people unintentionally hurt the ones they love. Morgan says Dante meant to turn Michael in. Sonny explains that the reason he is going to stay away from Morgan is that he wants to ensure that he doesnít hurt him. Morgan says he understands. Sonny says it might not be this year as they planned, but he will take all the kids to a Yankee game together. Morgan says Sonny doesnít have to keep promising things that will never happen.

In Jaxís office, he asks Carly if her request for him to legally adopt Morgan means she wants to stay married.

At the police station, Dante tries to find a loophole in Michaelís conviction. Lucky says that from a legal standpoint, five years with a chance of parole in two is a good sentence for manslaughter. Dante agrees, but says it is a disaster and possibly a death sentence for Michael. Lucky concurs and says that since they played a part in getting Michael into prison, they have to find a way to get him out.

Jason is in Claire Walshís office trying to make a deal to plead guilty to anything she wants as long as his sentence is identical to Michaelís and they share a cell. She asks him if he has thought about what he is asking to do and he says he has. She tells him that sending him to prison wouldnít be a problem but that getting him out might be impossible.

At Carlyís house, Morgan says he wanted to go to a Yankees game with Sonny Dante and Michael all last season. Sonny says he is sorry. Morgan tells him he understands things just turned out that way. He says he needs to stop thinking about things that will never happen. He says that at any rate, he is never going anywhere with Dante. Sonny says they can talk about that another time, but for now he wants Morgan to understand that Sonny and Carly agreed that after what happened to Michael, it is best for Sonny to stay away from Morgan for a while. Morgan says he understands. Sonny tells him that he loves him and will always be his dad. He says no matter what, if Morgan needs him, he will be there. Morgan cries. He says that after Sonny said he had to stay away from him and Michael to keep Michael safe and then decided it was unnecessary, Morgan barely saw him anymore. Sonny promises Morgan that they will go to a Yankeeís game.

In Jaxís office, Carly says their marriage is over. He asks her if she will never be able to forgive him. She tells him that forgiveness is irrelevant; Michael would not be in prison if Jax hadnít used him to try to destroy Sonny. Jax tells her that he is doing everything he can to get Michael out. Carly says she is grateful, but not to do it for her. She says with Michael and Dante gone, Morgan needs him. Jax tells her that he still loves her. She admits that she still loves him. She says the two of them can give Morgan a better life as his parents but not as husband and wife.

In Claire Walshís office, she tells Jason that people are working hard to get Judge Carrollís ruling reversed and if Michael is released, Jason will not be released too. He tells her that he will take a chance on a release date. Claire says Jason must have a lot of enemies in Pentonville Prison and that he canít protect Michael if he is dead.

At Pentonville Prison, Michael stands by the wall in the weight room as he watches the other inmates work out. A guard comes up to him and tells him that he has seen him before, getting out of a limo in front of his fancy private school. The guard says he happened to see him because he was leaving the hospital after visiting his brother who was beaten up after getting behind on his payments to one of Michaelís fatherís loan sharks. The guard says that now that Michael is here, he is his. The guard walks off. An inmate comes over to Michael and tells him that the guard, Frank likes to bully the new arrivals Ė especially the young ones. The inmate tells Michael to stick with him and he will keep Frank out of his way.

At the police station, Dante says he should have allowed Michael to talk to Diane because she could have cut him a deal. Lucky asks him why he didnít. Dante says he wanted to save his brother his own way. Judge Carroll enters the police station, goes over to Lucky and Dante, and thanks them for their work on the Corinthos case. He notices the files that the detectives have on their desks and says the Corinthos case is closed so he hopes they arenít looking for loopholes. Dante says he thinks the sentence was too harsh. Judge Carroll tells Dante not to second-guess himself; he probably saved Michaelís life by turning him in. he says Dante is a good cop, unlike Detective Spencer who seems to only uphold the law when it suits him. Dante says that he trusted the system when he turned his brother in, but his brother doesnít belong in prison. He asks Judge Carroll to reconsider the sentence. Judge Carroll says he didnít enjoy sending a teenager to a maximum-security penitentiary, especially when it could have been avoided. Lucky says Judge Carroll knows that Michaelís father has enemies in Pentonville. Judge Carroll says Michael need to see the dark side of what his father does for a living so he will understand how joining the crime syndicate would be. If Michael lives that long, Lucky adds. Dante says that a suspended sentence with community service would have had the same effect with less risk to Michael.

Judge Carroll says Michael took a human life and went along with the cover-up. He says that anything less than five years would have been irresponsible. Dante says Michael needs help. Judge Carroll tells him that Michael had more than enough opportunities to get help, far more than any other criminal that has come before Judge Carroll in court. As Judge Carroll begins to walk away, Lucky says Michael is not a criminal. Judge Carroll that spending time in prison could be Michaelís best chance to turn his life around; otherwise killing his stepmother could be the beginning of a career just like his fatherís. Dante says he hopes Judge Carroll is right. Judge Carroll leaves. Dante tells Lucky that Judge Carroll will never reverse his decision. Lucky says he just needs a little encouraging. He says everyone has dirty laundry; all they have to do is find it, let Judge Carroll know they have it, and give him a choice.

In Claire Walshís office, Jason tells her that it is only a matter of time before someone hurts Michael so he needs to get in there with him. She says that she hopes that someday she will be able to send him to prison without his cooperation, but for now, she will arrange for him to plead guilty to a Class D felony. She says she can arrange it within 24 hours. He thanks her, tells her that she is doing the right thing, and tells her to call him and let him know when and where to turn himself in. She says she believes he is doing the right thing too. Jason leaves her office.

In Jaxís office, he tells Carly that she should think about what she is asking. He tells her that he will still be Morganís stepfather. She says Morgan needs to know that at least one part of his life is secure. Jax says Morgan knows that they love him. Carly says Jax spends time with Morgan, teaches him things, and takes him places. She says he is a real father to Morgan. Jax says he will continue to be there for Morgan but if Carly wants him to adopt Morgan because she wants to get back at Sonny for what happened to Michael, then she should think about it some more. She says that isnít what itís about. He agrees to adopt Morgan as long as she understands that there is no going back. She says she wonít want to go back; she knows he can protect Morgan and keep him away from the violence so he wonít want to grow up to be a criminal. She tells him that he is a wonderful father and she wants to give Morgan something that will never go away. She says she wants to give Morgan a second chance, and as Morgan Jacks, he can grow up with a secure productive life.

In their office, Diane tells Alexis that the suspended sentence Alexis got will give the Bauers grounds for a wrongful death civil suit. Alexis jokingly asks if Alexis thinks the Bauers will settle out of court. Diane says this isnít about money; they want to generate as much publicity as they can. Alexis says the Bauers know that she didnít deliberately run down Keifer with her car. She says they want to get Kristina to say on the witness stand that she lied about Keifer beating her. Diane concurs that the Bauers will go after Alexisís child because Alexis took their child away. Alexis says Kristina is just starting to feel better and this trial will devastate her all over again. Kristina walks into the office and asks what trial they are talking about. She says she thought the suspended sentence meant there would be no trial. Diane explains that the Bauers want to sue Alexis for wrongful death. She says the Bauerís lawyer will probably call Kristina to testify. Kristina says the Bauers will make her admit that she lied about Ethan and say that it was all Kristinaís fault. Alexis tells Kristina to tell the truth. Kristina protests that she lied and said it was Ethan because she knew her father would kill Keifer. Kristina says this will never end and storms out of the office. Diane stops Alexis from going after Kristina and tells her Kristina needs to process everything for herself.

Jason goes to see Lucky at the police station. They go into an interrogation room to talk privately. Lucky tells Jason that he regrets not letting Michael go with him when he had the chance. Jason tells him that Michaelís situation is on Dante, not Lucky. Lucky asks Jason what is going on. Jason says he is going to prison. Lulu brings Dante a coffee and asks him if he has made any progress on finding a way to get Michael released. Dante tells her that Lucky has an idea, but he is in the interrogation room talking to Jason. Lulu Jason long is trying to turn Lucky against Dante.

At Carlyís house, Morgan tells Sonny that Jax will fly him to Japan for a tournament if he keeps winning at Karate. He tells him he is learning how to sail too. Sonny tells him that is great. Carly arrives home and says she didnít expect to see Sonny. Sonny tells her that he wanted to explain to Morgan that he is going to stay away for a while because he loves him and wants to keep him safe. Carly tells Morgan that he wants to talks to Sonny in private. Sonny and Morgan hug and say they love each other. Sonny says this is goodbye but only for a while. Morgan goes upstairs. Carly tells Sonny that sheís glad he said goodbye to Morgan face-to-face. Sonny says Morgan needs to know that his father loves him. She tells him she doesnít want him to see Morgan anymore. He tells her that he wont, at least not until Michael is out of prison. She says she wants him to cut all ties. He tells her that isnít going to happen. She tells him that he destroyed Michael and she isnít going to let that happen to Morgan. Sonny says Michael knows they love him. Carly tells him that Michaelís childhood was surrounded by violence and fear because of the way they lived. She says she knows Sonny doesnít want to do that to Morgan. Sonny says they already agreed that Sonny would stay away so he doesnít understand what the problem is. She tells him that she doesnít want to hurt him and she isnít trying to punish him; she is just trying to protect her son. She reveals that she asked Jax to adopt Morgan. Kristina goes to Wyndemere to see her cousin Nikolas Cassadine. She says she probably doesnít have the right to ask for his help since they arenít very close. He tells her that she can always come to him and asks what he can do for her. She tells him that the Bauers intend to make her mother pay by suing her in civil court. He says that isnít smart because that will expose Keifer as an abuser. She tells him that if she is called as a witness, she will have to admit to her stupidity and her lies. She tells her that it may seem selfish, but she feels like she is trapped in a nightmare. He tells her not to worry; he will make it stop.

At Carlyís house, Sonny says Carly always pushes things that he agrees on until it becomes something that he will not agree to. She says it doesnít matter if Sonny agrees. Sonny tells her that she will not give his son to Jasper Jax. Carly tells him that Jax has been the only stable person in Morganís life and Jax wants to do it. Sonny says he is Morganís father. She reminds him that he signed away all his legal rights. He reminds her that they both agreed that that was a mistake. Carly says she never said it was a mistake. Carly tells Sonny to look at what they did to Michael. Sonny says they will do better with Morgan. Carly says Jax is already doing better with Morgan. Sonny says Morgan is his blood. Carly says Jax has been Morganís real father; he has been the hands-on parent. Sonny says Morgan knows how much he loves him. Carly says Love is not enough; Jax can give him a better childhood than Sonny can. Sonny asks her if she thinks Morgan should lose his father immediately after losing Michael and having Dante betray him. Carly says Morgan has seen what being Sonnyís son costs. She says she wants to change Morganís last name too because he will be better off If he cuts all ties to Sonny. He tells her that she will not take his son from him. She tells him he has no legal rights. He yells that he doesnít care about the legal rights; Morgan is his son. Carly tells him that all they share is DNA. He says DNA isnít all; it is everything. Carly says she wants her son to have a normal childhood and adolescence; she doesnít want him to grow up wanting to be like Sonny. She wants him to be like Jax and he will be as Morgan Jacks. Sonny says that isnít going to happen. Carly tells him it has already started. Sonny leaves.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Jason tells Lucky about the deal he is making with Claire Walsh to be in the same cell with Michael. Lucky tells him that he and Dante are digging up dirt on Judge Carroll to blackmail him into reversing the sentence. Jason says he hopes they find something but he canít wait; Michael needs him now. He tells Lucky that he wanted to thank him for being such a great father to Jake and that he is glad that Jake is growing up safe with two parents that love him. Lucky says he is partly responsible for Michael being in prison and that he will do everything he can from his end to make it right. Jason nods and walks out of the interrogation room.

At Danteís desk, Lulu says Jason will never blame himself, Sonny, or Carly. She says Jason has no right to blame Dante for Michael being in prison when Dante was only trying to help his brother. When Jason passed Danteís desk, Lulu tells him that Carly said Dante was safe from him. He says he doesnít know what to tell her except that she chose Dante over a lot of people who love her and trusted her. He tells her that he guesses she has to live with that and then walks out. Dante asks what that was about. Lucky tells him not to worry about it. Dante is about to go after Jason but Lucky stops him and tells him that Jason is sending himself to prison to protect Michael.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas says he knows how to appease the Bauers. She says she didnít want to ask her father for help because his solution is always to kill people and she never wants to be a reason that her father commits murder. Nikolas says he takes a different approach; he just makes people wish they were dead. He asks her how she is coping with everything. She tells him it has been hard and confusing. She says that in her head she knows it was wrong for Keifer to hit her and it was wrong for her to stay with him, but she canít feel it in her heart yet. She says she still feels guilty about telling lies. She says Ethanís life could have been ruined because she was protecting a guy who hurt her. Nikolas says he thinks that is common among abuse victims. She says Dr. Winters said that too, but hearing it isnít the same as feeling it. He tells her that he understands from experience the how the head and heart can disconnect. he says that when his affair with Elizabeth blew up in his face, he was consumed with guilt. She asks him he has gotten past it. He tells her that eventually life demands that you move on whether youíve worked out your stuff or not.

At the police station, Dante tells Lulu that he is no fan of Jasonís but he is glad that he will be there with Michael. He reveals to her that he and Lucky are trying to dig up dirt on Judge Carroll and that he thinks he knows who can help them.

Jax is in his office talking on the phone when Sonny comes in and tells him that he is not going to let him take Morgan. Jax says Sonny signed away his rights to Morgan and Carly wants Jax to adopt him. Sonny says Michael is in prison because Jax went after Sonny so Jax doesnít deserve to be a father to Sonnyís other son. Jax tells Sonny that he can rant all he wants, but he knows that everything the judge said at Michaelís sentencing was true. He says Michael is where he is because Sonny taught him all the wrong things and it might be too late to save Michael, but he can sure as hell save Morgan or die trying. Sonny tells him that can be arranged.

Jason goes to Carlyís house and she says she has to tell him something before Sonny has a chance to drag him into the middle of it. She tells him that she has asked Jax to adopt Morgan and become his legal father. Jason says that is a big step. She says she knows it is. She tells him that Sonny is devastated, but Morgan loves Jax and Jax loves being a father. Jason asks her if she and Jax are getting back together and she tells him no, but she knows that Jax can give Morgan a good life and they can raise Morgan as divorced parents. She says she doesnít want Jason to think she is terrible. He says he has no room to criticize. She says she respects his opinion. He tells her that he believed that she and Sonny could give Michael a good life but he was wrong. Carly says they all were wrong. Jason says the whole thing started with him. He says he has done a lot of bad things and made a lot of bad decisions, but probably asking Sonny to be Michaelís father was the worst decision of all.

Lulu goes to see Luke in his office at the Haunted Star. He gets up, hugs her, and tells her that itís great to see her. She says she is just happy that he is speaking to her. He wonders why she would expect that he wouldnít be. Then realizes she is talking about Dante turning Michael in. He tells her she will have to deal with the fallout of standing by Dante when he made an unpopular decision. She says she is doing damage control. She asks him if he has any good dirt on Judge Peter Carroll. He says he will ask around. She reveals that Dante and Lucky want to blackmail the judge into reversing Michaelís sentence. He says that sounds promising. He asks her if it is true that Dante walked into the courtroom and announced that Michael killed Claudia. She confirms that it is true. She tells him Dante is trying to save Michael from the damage Sonny has done to his life. Luke says Sonny is who he is and like it or not, heís Danteís father and that will always matter.

In Jaxís office, he tells Sonny to go ahead and shoot him so everyone can see what a thug he is. Sonny says Jax couldnít manage to put him in prison so now he is going to steal his son. Jax tells Sonny that the larger issue is about trying to be a good parent to Morgan so he doesnít end up in prison like Michael did. Sonny says Jax knew for months that Claudia got Michael shot but he didnít say anything, and then he came after Sonny knowing what Michael had to lose. He says Michael is in Pentonville because of Jax and now Jax wants to redeem himself by adopting Morgan. He says that is the larger issue and it is not going to happen. Jax says he can give Morgan a better life than Sonny gave Michael. Sonny disagrees and says no one is taking his son away from him. Dante enters Jaxís office.

A bell rings at Pentonville Prison and Frank the guard bellows for everyone to line up shoulder to shoulder. Michael goes and stands next to the wall where the other inmate talked to him earlier. Frank goes over to Michael and says Michael thinks he can do anything he wants and that he will get special treatment because of who his daddy is. Frank says Michael will get special treatment but it will not be better treatment. He tells Michael to go line up. Michael complies.

At Carlyís house, she thanks Jason for not fighting her on her decision. Jason says it was kind of the same thing when he gave up Jake to Lucky and Liz. Carly says his acceptance seems a little too easy. He tells her that she isnít going to fight her on Morgan but he needs her to promise not to fight him on what he is going to do. He tells her that he is going to serve time in Pentonville so that he can protect Michael. Carly says she thought he said Anthony Zacchara was protecting Michael. Jason says he did make a deal with Anthony, but he doesnít trust in his ability to protect Michael because Anthony is old, crazy, and in bad health. Jason says Michael needs him to be with him. He says he will be gone as long as Michael is incarcerated or maybe longer. He tells her that he is pleading guilty to a class felony and in exchange, he will be in the same cell with Michael so he can protect him 24 hours a day.

Jasonís phone rings. When he answers it, Claire Walsh tells him that it is done, he is getting five years in Pentonville and will be eligible for parole in two years, but she cannot guarantee parole; he may be there the full five years, assuming that he lives that long.

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